tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailing Becca Ch. 01

Blackmailing Becca Ch. 01


Albert Mason was a 61 year old farmer. He had a skinny frame,graunt looking face and stood at just over 6 foot tall. His hair was grey around the sides and he was completely bald on top.

He had lived alone ever since his wife Mavis died 20 years ago, since then he cut a lonely figure only really seeing his oldest son Trevor and a few of his farmer mates now and again.

Albert didn't have any interests, he spent most of his day working. When he wasn't working he liked nothing more than masturbating over porn mags and films. His sex drive was incredibly high and he could often wank 4 times a day.

Alberts son Trevor had recently moved in with his girlfriend Allison, who he had been going with for 2 months, Albert was going around theirs for dinner tonight, at their house which they had just bought.

Allison and Albert had met a few times briefly but this was the first time that he was meeting her properly.

That night Albert got to his sons house at half past 5, knowing dinner was going to be ready at 6ish.

Albert as always didn't really put any effort in his apperance, he just washed his hands quickly. Standing on the door step still in his dirty old work clothes he rang the doorbell.

The door was opened by a teenage girl.

"Hello you must be Albert, i've heard lots about you. Come on in." Said the young girl.

Albert just stood on the doorstep for a moment eyeing up the teenager from head to toe.

She was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. Her hair was a light brown colour and it trailed half way down her back, her eyes were a hazel colour. She was 5 foot 4 tall with D cup breasts and a slim size 10 figure. With her tan coloured skin she was as perfect a woman that Albert had ever seen.

"W..w who are you." Stuttered the old man.

"I'm Becca allisons daughter, sorry about my clothes i've just finished college for the day." Chatted the girl, while finding it hard to believe that the old man had put in such a small effort.

She was still in her college uniform, the uniform was a white blouse with the top two buttons undone and a tiny black skirt which showed off her slim tanned legs.

"Fuck me, no need to be sorry." thought the old man as he followed her into the house his eyes glazing at Beccas amazing arse which her skirt only just covered.

Albert could feel his cock starting to get erect just looking at this beautiful girl.

Albert exchanged small talk with Allison, Becca and Trevor for about five minutes before deciding he could wait any longer he needed a wank right now.

"Where's your toilet i'm busting for a wee?" He asked.

"Upstairs, first door on the left." Answered Allison.

Running up the stairs the old man could wait no longer. With his trousers around his ankles he started pumping his cock at a frantic pace.

"Aaaaaaaaarrghhhhh." Groaned the old man as he shot his load all over a tissue he had pulled out of his pocket.

He headed back down the stairs a relieved man. Trevor and Becca were now sat at the table and Allison was dishing up the dinner.

"Where am i sitting?" He asked.

"Right next to me." Responded Becca, Albert sat down next to the teenager.

He noticed the teen had crossed her legs and it had coursed her skirt to hitch high up her leg, nearly showing her knickers. "Just abit higher." Thought the old man.

Over dinner Becca had expained that she was training to be a maths teacher and that with summer fast approaching she would need a job during the holidays.

"How old are you Becca,if you don't mind me asking love?"

"I've just turned 19." Becca replied.

Albert then thought of a plan to get close to teenager.

"Have you ever thought about working at a farm? I could pay you 100 pounds per day for helping me around the place,if it's money your after." Stated Albert.

Albert then explained the kind of jobs he'd expect Becca to do for him at the farm.

"I would definately be interested for that kinda money, but i only wanna work monday to thursday if that's ok." Becca said.

"Not a problem." Was the responds from Albert.

After a while discussing it they were in agreement that Becca would work on the farm for a month during the holidays starting a week on Monday.

That night when Albert got home he had to have another wank over the lovely Becca, he couldn't believe he was going to be working so closely with such a gorgeous girl.

"Take that you fucking tart." He moaned while pumping his hard cock, imagining he was fucking the teenager.

The next week flew by for the old man and before he knew it was Monday morning.

Alberts doorbell rang, it was Becca stood at the door with no make up on, her hair slapped back in a ponytail. She wore an old lumberjack style shirt which were tucked into a pair of tight blue denim jeans.

She still looked gorgeous thought Albert.

"Come on in love, we will have a cup of tea and i'll show you what youe duties are."

As Becca walked into the house the smell hit it her straight away it was awful. "When was the last time he cleaned the house or himself." She thought realising he was wearing the same clothes as he did when they met last week.

The carpets were badly worn, there was about a weeks worth of pots in the sink and the whole place badly needed redecorating.

Albert explained her jobs to Becca, they were all fairly simple jobs which didn't really need doing but it meant he would get to see her most days, which made him very happy indeed.

Every chance the old man got he would grab Becca by his her hips and slide his cock against her lovely pert bum ang sometimes glide his hand over her arse cheeks making it appear to be an accident.

Becca thought nothing of these incidents she just presumed she was in the way. These little incidents now had Albert masturbating up to 8 times a day when he was working with Becca.

He was desparate to fuck his worker but knew there was no way a girl like Becca would ever look twice at an old man like himself.

Then one day during one of his many wanks over her, he had an idea of trapping her into sleeping with him.

There was a big farmers meeting happening next week which local farmers would turn up to with their families, for some drinks and a buffett meal at a posh local hotel.

The next morning as Albert and Becca sat having their daily cup of tea and chat Albert mentioned the farmers meeting and that every year he would turn up alone.

Becca felt sorry for the old man, having to turn up every year while all the other farmers had their wives, girlfriends and kids with them.

"Where abouts is this meeting?" Quetioned Becca.

"Some posh hotel called The Oasis." Replied Albert.

"Oh my god, i know that place i've always wanted to go there. It's the poshest place for miles." Said Becca.

"You can come if you want to, you've have to stay over though as it's too far to drive back after a few beers." Explained Albert.

Becca thought about it, she had always wanted to go, but not with Albert, he was a grubby old man. Just as she was about to say no, she see his face. He looked so happy that she might say yes and he had paid her well for doing some easy jobs, so she decided to say yes.

It was now Tuesday and the meeting was on Saturday night, so Albert decided to put his plan into action.

The next day Albert popped into town and purchased a cctv system and paid good money for the company to fit it that day after Becca had finished work.

He placed 250 pounds in a cupboard in the living room knowing it was in full view of the cctv.

It was now Saturday, Becca was hard at work when Albert called last tea break, they both sat around the table having a bite to eat.

"What are you wearing tomorrow Becca?"

"Not sure yet i will have a look around town tomorrow." Answered the teenager.

"If you go in the cudboard in the living room you will find 250 pounds, take that and get yourself a nice outfit with that."

"Thanks for the offer but i can't done to much for me already Albert." Said Becca.

"I insist, called it a bonus for all your hard work you have done." Responded Albert not taking no for an answer.

"Ok only if your sure." Becca said.

Becca then walked into the living room opened the cupboard door. The money was quite well hidden and she had to have a good rummage about to find the money.

Becca reentered the kitchen with the money now in her pocket.

"Thankyou your the best." A delighted Becca hugged Albert.

As soon as Becca had finished her shift Albert checked the cctv footage, it was perfect, it made it look as though Becca had stolen the money.

"Perfect the old man said to himself.

Saturday had now arrived and Albert was sat in a taxi outside waiting for Becca to come out.

After 2 or 3 minutes Becca appeared.

"Fucking hell." Albert heard the taxi whisper.

Becca walked down her garden path, she wore a black strapless dress, which hugged her magificent body and stopped just above her knees. She decided not to wear a bra as the dress was strapless and she wore a pair of sexy black silk knickers. Sexy but classy. She looked a million dollars.

Becca had left her hair down curling it loosly.

As she sat in the back of the taxi with Albert. Albert couldn't take his eyes off her tits,they looked huge.

After about a 30 minute taxi drive they arrived at The Oasis Hotel. It was beautiful thought the teenager, by far the poshest place she had ever been in her life.

They entered their room, there was two bedrooms Albert said he'd let Becca have the biggest room.

They entered the main hall where the event was taking place, Becca was a little surprised to see it had a dancefloor and music, not what she was expecting at all.

They sat down and had a bite to eat, Becca had already had three glasses of champagne which wasn't a good idea as she wasn't a big drinker, but Albert was talking to his farmer friends and she was a little bored so she had to pass the time somehow.

By 11 o'clock Becca was now very tipsy and on the the dancefloor, every bloke in the hall was staring at the pretty teenager.

On the dancefloor, dancing Beccas tits were boucing all over the place. Three teenage lads had already tried unsuccessfully to chat up the sexy teenager.

Albert told Becca that he was going to the room and that he would see her in the morning. Becca said she would be up in ten minutes.

Albert raced into the hotel room, went straight into Beccas bedroom and set up a camcorder in the corner of the room out of sight. He then put his dvd of Becca taking his money into the dvd player in Beccas room.

Ten minutes later Becca entered the room.

"Albert, your in the wrong room silly." A tipsy Becca said.

"I don't think so love." Pressing play on the dvd player.

"What is that your watching? Why have you got a film of me in your cupboards?" She asked.

"Well it's like this it looks like you stole that money from me, only you and i know otherwise so if i report the crime to yhe police you could be in serious trouble, probably go to prison." Explained Albert.

"B..b..b why, i've always been nice to you."

Albert removed his pants and trousers, to reveal his 8 inch cock. It was the biggest cock Becca had ever seen.

"what are you doing you filthy old pervert." Screamed Becca.

"Lift your dress and show me your panties and i won't show the police the tape." Bark Albert.

"Please don't do this to me i'll do anything, but please nothing like this please." Begged the girl

"Lift the dress now bitch i wanna see your panties, i want ask again." Demand the old man, wanking more and frantically.

Defeatly she slowly lift her dress up praying he would change his mind. Her dress was now up to her hips revealling her sexy black panties.

"Very sexy, now your tits please get them out for me." Asked Albert nearly begging.

Becca decided the quicker this ordeal was over the better, even if she was starting to get strangely turned on by this grubby old man wanking as she showed him her panties.

With her pussy starting to get moist she decided to have abit of fun and tease the old man.

"You wanna see my big titties old man?" She teased.

"Please, please your titties please get them out for me, please i'm begging."

Feeling in complete control slowly Beccas hands moved up her slim body, finally reaching the top of her dress.

"You definately wanna see my tit?" She teased him.

"Yes, yes please." Begged Albert, while removing his pants and trousers.

Finaly scooping she D sized breasts from her dress squeezing them together.

"You like my tits old man?" Becca giggled.

"I'm cumming, you sexy bitch." Groaned Albert as his cum squirted everywhere.

Scooping her ample tits back into her dress Becca snorted.

"I can't believe you made me do that you vile old pervert you make me sick."

Becca was just about to open the door when Albert leapt off the bed, trapping Becca against the door she was just about to open.

Alberts rock hard cock was now pressing against her dress covered ass, his right hand had now wandered up the front of her dress and was rubbing her moist cunt through her knickers.

Pulling Beccas hair, forcing her to look into his lust filled eyes.

"Your pussy's soaking, i knew you enjoyed watching me jerk off you whore." Whispered Albert slowly licking her face.

Becca couldn't deny it' her pussy was soaking, maybe it was the alchol but she was incredibly turned on after watching the ugly smelly old man toss himself off, what was wrong with her she thought to herself.

Becca let out a quiet moan as Albert slammed two of his grubby fingers into her pussy.

With his fingers cicling and fumbling inside her aching cunt Becca was now pushing her ass against his throbbing cock. Releasing her hair he scooped one of her large breasts out of her dress, twisting and pinching her nipple he began kissing her perfumed scented neck.

Becca now panting heavily, pleaded one last time.

"Please let me go i won't tell anyone, i don't want this." Groaned Becca.

"Your cunt's telling me otherwise." Expained the excited old man, as he inserted a third finger into her pussy.

"aaaaaargh." Groaned Becca.

Turning Becca around she was now facing the old man, his mouth dropped onto her exposed tit. Biting hard onto the now erect nipple.

With her body now betraying the gorgeous teenager, she started grinding onto his three fingers, her juices dribbling down his fingers.

Beccas hand now had a firm grip on his old cock, wanking it frantically, hoping he'd cum before she lost herself completely.

Removing his fingers from between her legs, lifting them in front of her lips, he wiped her juices all over her lips.

"Taste your juices, slut." He ordered.

Becca began to lick and suck her juices off his dirty old fingers.

"On the bed now."

Defeated Becca walked over to the bed and laid down on her back.

"Spread your legs." Commanded Albert.

The teenager laid on the bed, with one breast still exposed and slowly spread her athletic legs.

Laying inbetween her legs Albert took his large, solid nob, nudged her knickers to one side and rammed it hard into her cunt. Pulling it nearly all the way out before slamming it back into her, as he repeated this motion over and over. Becca was now writhering in ecstay.

"Faster, faster you old twat fuck me harder." Begged Becca, now in desparate need of an orgasm.

Rolling Albert onto his back, Becca took the base of his cock.

"Now i'm gonna fuck you senseless." Teased Becca, lowering herself onto his cock.

"Arggggggggghh." Groaned Becca as his manhood filled her soaking pussy.

Becca started grinding her pussy as hard and fast as she could while Albert groped her ass.

Fondling her tits Becca felt an orgasm building up.

"Give it to me aaaaaaaaarrgh." Moaned Becca as she had an earth shattering orgasm.

Almost immediately Albert came to,shooting his dirty old spunk all the way up her cunt.

"Aarghhh, i'm cumming you fucking little whore, take my cum.2

Jumping off the old man Becca ran into the bathroom to clean herself up. Reentering the bedroom a few minutes later Becca found Albert fast asleep.

Collecting her things and taking the dvd out of the player Becca left, "sucker" she thought walking off, smiling to herself.

In the morning Albert, checked the dvd player seeing it had gone, as he expected.

Smiling to himself he went over to the corner, laughing to himself his new footage was perfect, clearly showing him and Becca fucking each other senseless. "I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this." He thought to himself.

Any suggestions of what to do next with Becca will be greatly recieved.

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