tagIncest/TabooBlackmailing Sister in Law Ch. 01

Blackmailing Sister in Law Ch. 01


I’d been very attracted to Tina for some time now. She wasn’t much to luck at but she had a fantastic sense of humour and a great pair of tits. They were at least a D cup. We hadn’t really become that close even though I had been married to her sister, Karen for about 18 months. We exchanged pleasantries; had a little joke with each other every now and again, but never became really close.

One day I had finished work early. My wife, Karen was at work till late and Tina’s husband was also at work. I decided to walk up to Tina’s house for a chat and a coffee as I was at a loose end, and anyway I couldn’t stop thinking about those fantastic tits. Her kids would still be at school so there would be no interruptions.

I approached her house; her car was parked in the drive so I knew she was in. She never goes anywhere without her car. I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. I knocked again but still no answer. I peered through the kitchen window and saw her coat hung up and the coat hanger. I went back to the door and tried the handle. The door opened and I walked in. I walked into the kitchen and into the living room but didn’t see her. I heard noises coming from upstairs, like furniture moving. I thought she must have been cleaning so I slowly walked up stairs.

As I reached the top of the stairs I heard a soft groaning noise coming from her bedroom. I gently and slowly walked to the bedroom door. The door was slightly open. I looked through the gap in the door and saw Tina’s reflection in the dresser mirror. There she was naked, back arched, head tilted back.

I moved back away from the door excited and curious. Her husband was at work so who was the lucky person underneath her. I went back to the door and peered again through the gap. This time she was on all fours being fucked doggy style. I pushed my head in further to see if I could get a glimpse of her new lover. My cock was straining against my pants; I was so turned on watching Tina getting fucked by………her stepson!

Tina was 31; her stepson had just turned 18. Gary, her husband had been married before and brought his son to live with Tina and himself when they got married 10 years ago. Now, near enough after his 18th birthday he was fucking his step mom. She was loving it. Her eyes screwed closed and panting like a thirsty dog. Her tits swung back and forth as her stepson fucked her from behind. I went back down stairs through the door and home. Back home I headed straight to the bathroom to jerk off, thinking of Tina’s fantastic tits swinging back and forth.

For weeks I jacked off thinking of Tina being unfaithful with her stepson, till I decided I was going to have some fun with her myself. I volunteered one morning to help her grocery shopping. I needed stuff from the shops as well so I suggested I hitched along with her for company. We did the shopping and went back to her house to unpack. I carried all the groceries in from the car into her kitchen. Tina unpacked the bags and put the groceries away. She was wearing a short black skirt; a white blouse and black high-heeled shoes.

Her long blonde hair was tied in a bob at the back of her head. She opened the refrigerator door to put the dairy products away. It must have been cold when she opened the refrigerator door because as she closed it and turned round her nipples had started to poke through her bra and blouse.

“You cold Tina?” I jokingly asked.

“Why would I be?” she sternly replied.

“Just asking.” I answered.

“I called up her a few weeks ago but couldn’t find you. Your car was parked outside but no answer at the door.”

“What day was that?” she asked.

“Tuesday morning. I had finished work early and thought I’d have a walk up.” I replied.

“Erm, Tuesday. Yes Tuesday I popped out to the post office. You must have missed me. Lots to do, People to see.” She nervously replied.

“Don’t you mean PEOPLE to do, Lots to see?” I counted. “When I came up here that Tuesday I tried the door. To my surprise it was open. I heard noises coming from upstairs so I went to investigate. You must be mistaken Tina. You were in and so was Brandon, your stepson.”

“YOU BASTARD!” She shouted. “Wait till I tell Karen and Gary about this.”

“You won’t tell them Tina will you. You don’t really want your whole family knowing you are fucking your stepson do you?” I answered.

Tina went very quiet, dropped to the floor and started crying.

I knelt down beside her.

“Don’t worry Hun. I wont tell anyone. It will be our little secret ok?” I said trying to comfort her.

I moved my face to her neck and softly kissed her. I moved my hand to her to her shoulder and pulled the blouse from her skin. My lips kissing her neck and shoulders.

“No Way” she shouted. “Not a chance in hell are you going to do that to Me.”

“Tina, the way I see it is you don’t have an option” I smiled.

I pushed her to the floor and pulled apart her Blouse. Tina began crying more and more. Her tits bounced in the bra as she juddered. I pulled her up against me and unfastened the bra. Her breasts were so soft and firm. She lay down slowly as my mouth went to her nipples. My mouth slowly kissing and licking one, while my hand gently caressing the other breast.

Tina’s sobbing slowly turned into heavy breathing.

“Please stop Neil. PLEASE. Anything but this.” She begged.

“It’s either this or D.I.V.O.R.C.E. hun” I replied.

My mouth and tongue swapped from nipple to nipple. My hand slipped down her side and unfastened her skirt. I slid down her body and pulled off her skirt, leaving her lying there in only her panties. She moved her hands to cover her breasts.

“Now now, you can make this easy or hard. It’s up to you.” I told her and my hand slipped into her panties.

“Not on the floor then. Let's go to the bedroom. Please not here.” She sobbed.

We both stood up and headed upstairs. Tina slowly walked into her bedroom and sat on the bed crying.

“Take the rest of your clothes off and lay back” I ordered.

Tina slowly removed the rest of her clothing. She slipped out of her skirt and threw that to the floor.

“I said ALL of your clothes,”

Very slowly, Tina removed her panties and bra and gently dropped them to the floor. She looked so sexy. Her breasts rose and fell as she started to breath deeply with nervous anticipation. I removed the rest of my clothes and climbed onto the bed.

I run my tongue along her legs, up her thighs, across her pussy and around her stomach, finally resting onto her nipples. I began slowly sucking those large nipples of hers, occasionally biting them to provoke a response from Tina. My fingers ran up and down her thighs and around her shaved pussy, gently rubbing up and down her pussy lips.

Within minutes of my fingers probing her pussy I could feel her getting wet and her nipples getting hard. I looked up to her face. Her head was slightly tilted back and her eyes were closed. The expression on her face wasn’t that of worry now but of pleasure.

I slid down the bed and buried my face between her thighs. She gave some resistance but not much. I replaced my fingers with my mouth and tongue, licking and sucking her pussy lips and her slowly hardening clit. Her legs began to part on their own free will as I ate her pussy. My tongue, gliding up and down her pussy lips, over her clit produced gasps of air from Tina. I looked up from her pussy to see her tweaking her nipples.

I quickly slid two fingers deep and hard into her pussy. Tina let out a small cry, and carried on playing with her nipples. I slid my fingers in and out faster and faster, fucking her with them. Her hips moved in time to my fingers as she quickly started gasping for breath.

“Faster, faster” She whispered as I furiously fucked her with my fingers. “Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!” she replied as I honored her wishes, my fingers covered in her juices, feeling nice and safe and warm deep inside her.

She let out a loud gasp as she came over my fingers. I removed my fingers and licked the juice from them. I took hold of her and turned her onto all four. Bringing her hips towards me I drove my cock deep into her pussy. She gasped for air as I brought her hips fully onto my cock. Tina arched her back as my cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. I looked again into the bedroom mirror to see her eyes tightly closed and her tits swinging back and forth.

“Fuck me harder you Bastard” She cried. I increased my tempo in reply. “Yes, Yes, YES”

I thrust my hips to meet hers as I felt myself tingle and about to cum inside her pussy. I slowed myself to make sure every drop was entered into her. She slouched onto the bed as I released my cock from her wet pussy. Her hands slid down the bed and she started to finger herself to her second climax.

I turned her over onto her back and brought her head up, forcing my cock into her mouth. She gagged a little but began to suck me hard again.

My ass felt a little jolt as she sneakily forced her finger into my ass.

“Neil likes it when I do that” She laughed.

“Well what’s good for the goose?” I replied as I turned her back onto all 4s and slowly pushed my cock into her ass.

“NO, No not there” She begged.

It was too late. My cock was in her ass fully, slowly sliding in and out of her. Her protests suddenly turned to submission as my cock pleasured her ass. Slowly I pushed my cock in and out of her ass. Little gasps for air from Tina encouraged me as I sensed she was enjoying it.

I could feel myself about to cum a 2nd time but I didn’t want to cum in her ass. I pulled out of her ass, crawled up the bed and lay on my back. Taking hold of the back of her head I brought her down onto my cock. She opened her mouth and took in my cock. Her head bobbed up and down, faster and faster as I started to gasp for air. I took hold of her head again as I came hard into her mouth. She gagged and coughed a little but swallowed and licked the cum away from her mouth.

I closed my eyes and let go of her head. She collapsed beside me licking her lips.

I looked over to her and gave a cheeky wink. I stood up and got dressed.

“I hope I don’t catch you again young lady,” I warned.

“I do,” She said with a smile.

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