tagNon-Erotic PoetryBlame the Hippies

Blame the Hippies


Blame the Hippies

I heard something
the other day...
it was pretty strange..
what people say.
It concerned the state
of the good old USA...
here and now,
this very day.

Folks were asked,
what they thought..
the reason for..
the way it's got..
To my amazement
after what was said,
I'm still trying to figure
it out in my head....

People blame it all
on the nineteen sixties..
and those long-haired freaks,
the fuck'n hippies..
The ones who believed
in peace not war..
they wanted very little,
and never ask for more..

People claim we
started downhill then,
the hippies are blamed
for the shape we're in..
The drugs, the music
the war protest..
that's where it all
started, or so they guess...

They said that the teachers
in our schools...
are now made up
of those hippie fools.
lots of things changed
because of them,
they say that's were the trouble began.

When corporal punishment stopped
being a tool..in school
they claimed it just wasn't right or cool.
Parents can no longer,
spank a child..
And all of this because
of the flower child..
The music was way too loud
blasting over that crazy crowd..
like Hendrix and the Grateful Dead..
and because of this..
they messed up their head..

Peace and Love
they liked to preach..
and now it's them
in our schools, that teach...
Smoke'n their pot
and taking LSD..
Fucking things up!
For folks like you and me..
They didn't believe in having fights,
and everyone wanted equal rights
Women pushed forward,
while men pushed back..
and somewhere, it seems,
everybody got off track.

The hippies are old now,
their hair's gone gray...
and no one listens much
to what they say.
They left their mark on history...
changed a few things
for you and me.
But I can't blame them
for the world's woes..
I believe it's just the way
it sometimes goes..
maybe it's the fault of the goverment..
which is full of people
that are somewhat bent..
Greedy and twisted,
they don't care..
but who am I to say
what's right or fair?

But I'll tell you now,
just between you and me..
I don't think it's because
of a long haired Hippie...

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