Blazing Glory Ch. 01


Sitting down and resting his back against a tree trunk, he sighed in defeat. This didn't make sense. These guys just came out here before stripping themselves naked, laying down and simply die? It didn't make sense. Rubbing his temples from the growing headache he was getting, Blaze sat there relaxing while pondering it over.

"Stay the hell away from me you bastards!"

His head snapped up in surprise as he heard the shout from nearby. It was soon followed by a high pitched scream that made him cringe. Leaping up to his feet quickly, Blaze ran towards the sound of trouble as fast as his legs could carry him. He damn near broke his neck as he slipped on a moss-covered rock at one point but continued to bound forward. As he grew closer to the shouting voices, he quickly slowed down and drew down into a crouch. He should attack with surprise rather than all out attack in a brave, but fatally stupid rescue attempt. As Blaze crept forward, he peered over the bush in front of him and saw the situation clearly. He was quickly in shock.

It was her!

The exotic dancer from the night before was there with the same clothing except she now also wore a black choker about her slender neck. Over her sleeveless vest she wore an open black leather jacket with long sleeves and the collar raised to stand upright. Damn she looked so sexy! Shaking his head clear, Blaze then noted she was surrounded by four men. The looked oddly familiar. The image came to him quickly as he remembered these four sitting at the table next to him last night! They were slowly closing in on her with lecherous grins and rubbing their crotches.

"No need to scream sweety. We just want to sample the goods you advertised to us last night. I wouldn't mind having those pretty little lips around my cock," chuckled one man with a crooked nose.

The biggest of all them might as well be a damn tree trunk himself as he laughed at his companion, "You can have her mouth for all I care. I just was to fuck the hell out of that sweet ass of hers!"

The look of sheer terror on her face made his blood boil. Blaze could never recall a moment in his life to that point when he had ever been that pissed off. He would die before they tried to rape her! His hand quickly reached back towards one of his swords to attack with. His hand only made it halfway before what happened next absolutely confounded him.

As quick as lightning strikes from the storm, her demeanor changed. Those soft vanilla lips turned up into a very wicked smirk. She even laughed softly to herself. Her four assailants experienced the same reaction as Blaze and stopped advancing. Reaching up with a slender hand, she brushed her soft bangs away from those green eyes as she looked at the men. "My, my. Aren't we such big brave men assaulting a little lady like me. Whatever am I to do?"

The man with a scar down across his eye shook off his surprise finally and advanced towards her, "You're going to shut up and getting the fucking you deserve you damn cock tease!"

The dancer simply laughed as that very raised arm dropped to her side. "You're all fools!" Unfortunately for the attackers, they did not see as Blaze did the long blood red whip that dropped out of her coat sleeve. Her hand seized the whip handle. In a flash she had spun herself around. The rest of the whip followed just as quickly in a wide circle before filling the air with a deafening crack. The sharp crack caused Blaze to winced and close his eyes for one moment. When his eyes opened again, he couldn't believe what he saw.

In an almost graceful slow motion before his eyes, four human heads sailed upwards into the air in a rolling motion. The heads were soon follow by great fountains of blood spewing upwards from the headless shoulders. The forest around them wasn't so green anymore as the surrounding vegetation was sprayed with red blood. Both bodies and the still grinning heads fell to the ground with sickening thuds. The brutal efficiency and swiftness of the slayings surprised him. The dancer cracked her whip again to flick the blood coating it away. She shook her head in disgust as she coiled the whip at her hips and her wings flapped gently. What the fu-!? Wings?

His jaw swayed gently to and fro as it hung wide open from what he saw. Bat-like wings that were black as night spread out from her lower back. Another pair of smaller bat-like wings, red as blood, donned each side of her head like a crest. He couldn't believe it! No wonder this woman was this very vision of his dreams and that of every man to see her. No wonder why she was pure seductive perfection in movement and looks.



Kendra Tansanee sighed in plain disgust down at the four corpses surrounding her in the forest clearing. These idiots had never had a chance against her. Men! Always thinking with the damn head between their legs. But then again, that was the very reason she had come to Aidan. Plenty of thoroughfare travelers to satisfy her sexual cravings and their life energy to live upon. Aidan was just big enough for plenty of prey to live upon but small enough to where the government of Quinlan wouldn't be concerned about it. Just a killer amongst the rabble of this small outlying city to them for all they cared.

Kendra smirked and licked her delicate lips as she remembered the fun she had experienced last night. She always enjoyed dancing at the Frisky Mare, truthfully. Getting lost in the rhythm of the songs and shedding her clothes in a dance of pure seduction that no other race could match. All the lust that emanated from the room with those hungry eyes excited her to the point of climax many times. Then there was always one of the audience to get 'lucky' with the most famous dancer in all of Aidan. Kendra always loved a good fucking after an exhilarating dance. The poor fools had the best lay of their lives until she took the life energy she needed from them.

Big Papa had been kind of enough to give her a room at his establishment for free and protect her as best he could. Her long soft hair swayed gently as she shook her head. Apparently his protection could only go so far as these dead men found her on one of her strolls in the woods. Their mistake. The city guard would be in an uproar about this mess now. Maybe she had better lay low for a few days now, she thought.

Muttering a curse at these bastards for causing her trouble in the near future, she turned to go. With a startled cry, the succubus was yanked from her feet by a mass a vines she had been unaware of creeping up from behind. Other vines quickly lashed out to restrict her movements as they wrapped about her limbs and wings in a powerful hold.

"What the hell!?" she cried as she found herself suddenly ten feet above the ground and facing a tree. All of the vines were coming from this one tree. The bark along the tree suddenly opened into a large glaring eye. Two thick vines whipped up to her hips and firmly yanked them halfway down her legs. Her smooth pussy and tight brown ass was now exposed to the hot afternoon air. Blinking in startlement, Kendra looked to the tree again only to see a hard two-foot long cock extending outwards and was as thick as her damn leg.

"You filthy piece of shit!" she yelled at it. She had thought it was going to try and devour her, but obviously it wanted some fun first. She could kill the tree by fucking it and taking all of its life energy in the process, but that damn big cock looked like it would hurt like hell. Not to mention the splinters! That very thought entering into her mind made her eyes pop wide open in fear. Kendra began to struggle as much as she could, managing to break a few vines to. But there were always two vines ready to replace the one she broke.

The two thick vines darted between her legs and rubbed themselves against her pussy, causing the succubus to moan slightly. Her fighting weakened slightly as she felt her cunt start to get wet from the vines. Still she struggled as the vines lowered her farther and farther down to that monstrous tree-cock. Her eyes opened wide with another low moan when she felt one of those green vines slide suddenly against her clit. She tried to flap her black wings but they felt as if chained in steel.


Kendra's green eyes opened as she felt herself falling now towards the ground as the sound of more snapping vines filled the air. She cringed for the harsh impact of the forest floor beneath. She felt the strong arms of someone else catch her instead. That arm then wrapped about her lower back to balance her to her feet. Opening her eyes, she looked up to the face of a man that was staring defiantly towards the tree monster. For some damn reason, he looked familiar to her.

She gasped as she was suddenly dropped on her ass. Well she never! He's asking for it now. Rubbing her ass before pulling her pants above her naked rear, she shot the man a dark look. That look quickly disappeared as she saw the vines holding the struggling man up in the air. That ugly eye glared at him angrily. It was pissed of being deprived of a good forceful fuck.

Why the hell was he risking his life for her? Didn't he know what she was? It didn't look like he was likely to find out as more vines encased his body. She could see he was in obvious pain as those vines slowly started to crush every bone in his body. She wondered if she should help this man for a moment. Why should she? He had obviously jumped in without thought of consequences and found himself way over his head. His problem, not hers. His legs were kicking about, but she saw now he was kicking at his right heel persistently. His raised boot finally flew off, leaving a small knife sliding out of the opening into the air. Before it dropped to the ground, the man lashed out with his left boot to kick the knife.

Kendra could only watch in utter disbelief as the knife spun in its flight towards the tree. The tree monster looked just as surprised right before the blade of the knife blade sunk deeply into its eye. Either this man was a masterful fighter or the luckiest dumbass she'd ever seen! The tree shook suddenly in silent, terrible pain at the hot pain searing through it from the knife.

"Look out!" a yell startled her. She looked up just in time to see the warrior hurtling toward her with eyes wide and hollering.



Blaze groaned from the pain in his head. His head lay on something warm and soft. Was he home lying in bed, head in pillow? Had the crazy journey really been just a dream? He wouldn't be surprised. There was no way a woman that beautiful could truly exist. Opening his eyes, he found himself looking right at the succubus. No dream then! She was rubbing her head and glaring at him with one delicate brow raised. He glanced about taking in their situation after the tree had tossed him away in its blinding pain. They were a good distance away on the ground after the impact had sent them both flying away.

Warm and soft? What in this forest could possibly be like that? As thoughts came together, he saw the reason behind her glare. This was no pillow!

He jumped backwards in surprise, "Oh shit! I am so sorry. Believe me I was not trying to sneak a feel, please!" He stumbled further backwards. This succubus was going to kill him for sure after being on her big firm tit like that. Blaze cringed as she began to move, waiting for that quick death she seemed quite apt to dish out. Blaze remained tense as the succubus slowly (and sensually as always) rose to her feet. Those green eyes gazed into his searchingly while she remained silent a few moments.

The succubus then smiled slightly at him as she said, "I know you now! You're the man who dropped out of his chair last night!"

Blaze could only gape at her in shock and total humiliation as she chuckled softly, "Well, I thank you for.... 'saving' me from that monster. I guess I owe you one now."

He finally regained his composure. "I can understand the need for those stalkers to be killed before they did anything to you, but you're the one behind all the other needless murders aren't you?" he said angrily as he reached for his sword now.

She regarded him still with an amused smile and folded her arms beneath her large breasts. "No need to guess there, right? Yes, you are correct on one part. I am responsible for their deaths. But you're wrong in how they were needless! You know what I am. A succubus needs the sex to survive. To draw life energy into herself to exist and not wither away till death comes. I needed them to live myself. Besides, they seemed not to care after the good fucking I gave them."

She winked and dropped an arm so her hand could rest upon that shapely hip. "So, do I get to know the name of my hero or not?"

"The name is Blaze."

"Well then, Blaze, pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Kendra Tansanee. Now before you try to do anything, let me suggest something to you."

"Go ahead, then."

Her amused smile grew a little more and she glanced back in the direction of Aidan through the woods. "You come along with me back to the Frisky Mare and there we will discuss this little messy situation we find ourselves in and resolve it," she said before looking back to him with a glare that froze his breathing, "But if I even hear a whisper or even the beginning of you trying to tell anyone what I am, I'll kill you. I can easily fly away quickly while leaving you as a bloodstain for the guards to wipe up. Or, if you choose, I can kill you right now if you don't want to come along."

The image of him with his head sailing off his shoulders flashed through his mind before he nodded that he would go back with her. He sighed while letting go of his blade hilt, not sure of how to get out of this sticky trouble. Her wings now folded up and disappeared to leave the gorgeous human woman standing there now. Kendra smirked a little before turning to walk back to the village with a sour-mooded warrior in tow.

Little did he know how 'sticky' this mess would truly become......


True to his word, Blaze did not cause any trouble as they entered the city with the sun setting behind them. He made sure to not even make a peep of a sound so as not to set her off. Besides, he couldn't speak if he wanted to. The gentle sway of her long hair and the swing of that shapely ass as she walked was like the flute to the cobra. And the cobra was wide awake in his pants and hypnotized indeed! As they walked through the darkening streets of the city, he was amazed at how many catcalls and whistles that came their way. A few even called him the fucking luckiest bastard in the world to get some of that ass. Little did they now how unlucky his situation was or if they did, they wouldn't be hooting and hollering so much at the woman.

The comments seemed to run off Kendra like water on a beaver's back. She paid no attention to anyone or thing except moving towards the Frisky Mare. She simply walked on. Simply? What the hell was he thinking? Even Kendra's walk had a seducing quality to it. The succubus was a walking aphrodisiac to every male and even many a female. After what seemed a blissful eternity of watching those cheeks rolling about, they finally reached the Frisky Mare and made their way inside. Blaze didn't miss the envious glance the bouncer gave him before they entered.

Big Papa came up to Kendra with a broad smile and gave her a big fatherly hug. "Kendra, I was getting a bit worried about you. You're not gone so long normally. You like making an old man like myself worry don't you?"

Surprisingly to Blaze, he saw Kendra give a small smile in return and hugged the man back. "Of course not! I just went outside the city limits for a walk in the woods. I needed some fresh air is all."

"I see you've met one of our newest customers, Kendra. I believe he was quite taken with your dance last night," he said with a chuckle.

Kendra glanced back to Blaze with a thoughtful look before she gestured to him with her arm. "Actually, if not for Blaze, I wouldn't be here safe and sound as I am now. Four customers from last night found me out in the woods today. They were going to rape me and more than likely kill me. But Blaze happened to be in the area and came just in time to save me. He killed those horrible men before they could even touch me."

Big Papa's eyes were wide at this point in shock before looking to him gratefully. So grateful, you'd think Blaze had saved this man's very own baby girl from a terrible death. A wave of guilt washed over him. He hadn't killed those men or saved her. Kendra killed them easily and saved herself. He couldn't take credit for something he didn't do. It just wasn't right. He opened his mouth to tell the man otherwise when he saw Kendra give him a dangerous look and a small shake of her head.

Blaze swallowed what he was about to say before nodding in affirmation with a forced smile. Silently he was praying his head was still firmly attached to the rest of him. The old man beamed at him and clapped him on the shoulder with a big meaty hand.

"I knew you were a good lad! I can never repay you for what you've done for us, but at least let me say you can stay and eat here as long as you like, whenever you like!" Big Papa said with a joyful laugh.

"You're too kind, but thank you sir," Blaze said and respectfully bowed to the tavern owner. When he rose, he saw Kendra give an approving nod before she made her way over to the stairs leading to the next floor above.

"Well, I'm exhausted and going to go rest for the remainder of the night. Good eve' to you," he said to Big Papa.

The old man said his partings as well before Blaze turned to quickly catch up with Kendra. He didn't want her to think he was babbling about her secret. Climbing the stairs, he reached the second floor quickly, but Kendra was nowhere to be seen in the narrow hallway. Arms of steel suddenly grabbed him and pushed him firmly against the door to his own room. Gasping for breath as he felt the strong arms press forcefully on his chest. Opening his eyes, all he could see was green eyes mere inches from his.

"Now listen to me clearly, Blaze. So far this little arrangement has worked out well so far for both of us. I have a dance to do tonight. Get yourself some food and rest in your room until I am finished. I will tell you when we can meet to discuss what will happen next. But until then, don't you dare run to any guards and think screaming out what I am in the middle of my dance. Nothing will save you from me if you do. Am I clear?"

Even though he felt like he was encased in iron, he managed to nod that he understood. "Don't worry. I wouldn't wish to destroy the old man's heart by revealing to him what you are. You seem to like him a bit as well. It wouldn't be right to destroy what you have."

Those steely green eyes softened a bit as did her powerful grip on him. Those vanilla tiers then raised slightly in a small, genuine smile to him. She leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek that sent wonderful shivers rolling down his spine. If only his lips had been where that cheek was! She pulled back as her arms let him go. She regarded him for a few moments before she said, "I don't say this really that much to begin with, but..... thank you."

And with those words, she quickly turned and hurried down the stairs to get ready for her dance. He stared after her for a few minutes as he thought about all that had happened today. A strange, scary, and wonderful day all in one. With a sigh, he opened the door into his room and await what the Fates had in store for Richard Thorburn and the succubus Kendra.


Just a little over an hour later, Kendra slid into the soothing hot waters of the bathtub in her room. Big Papa had been really kind to go out of his way to give her something to relax in after dancing as much as she did. It was exquisite for a small city such as Aidan. The tub was inlaid into the marble surrounding it with a series of dainty steps leading up to the tub for ease of stepping in. It must of cost him a fortune, but he insisted that he had plenty of money still. It was his way of thanking her.

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