Blazing Glory Ch. 09


Blaze himself had found his place under the sudden occupation of 'cabin boy' for the Red sisters. He learned it was to be a vast part of his payment to the pirates for this sea excursion aboard the Crimson Dawn. Much of his time was spent amongst the pirate crew in tending to repairs and upkeep of the ship. Bardok and he often talked about the life at sea as a pirate. Blaze loved hearing the harrowing tales of fighting enemy pirates and sea monsters that the Red pirates came across. Other duties included bringing the Red twins their meals and cleaning of their quarters. He didn't really mind the hard work as he preferred it to doing nothing and only being able to think of the sway of the sea. But Nadine was another matter...

The cheerful catwoman was oddly no longer cheery. Whenever she saw him, she was clearly nervous and made it a point to stay away from him. Nadine looked like she wanted to tell him something, but was clearly unsure. Despite his confusion, he kept his distance from her respectfully in order to not trouble her further.

It was on the fourth day of the sea journey when things began to take a turn he would never have imagined. He was standing at middeck when he saw Nadine striding determinedly to the rear door leading to the cabins and the Captains' quarters. Clarissa opened the door and stepped outside and blinked when Nadine slipped by her to go inside. The pirate woman stood there for a moment before shrugging and striding to over where Blaze stood at the railing. Leaning against it, the half-lycan beauty stared out to the sea.

"Enjoying the trip so far, Blaze?" she asked with a knowing smile, her blue eyes looking to him then.

"Now that my stomach is no longer doing somersaults, it has been quite enjoyable. I don't mind the hard work either as it helps pass the time with the fellow crew mates."

"Yeah. A hardy bunch you can count on to kill for you in a moment's blink but good fellas to enjoy company with over a flask of rum," she laughed with a shake of her head.

"True enough. But I've noticed how they keep their distance in ways of respect. Like they don't wish to become too close," he stated. Clarissa's smile faded as she looked back to the sea. Blaze swallowed as he feared having gone somewhere he shouldn't have. But she gave him a small bitter smile that dispelled such thoughts.

"Part of that is simply respect for their leaders. The other is because they know I've been dealt a hard blow by someone I loved and thought loved me in return."

Blaze leaned back against the railing and frowned, "I'm sorry to hear that."

"Bah!" she dismissed with a wave of her hand. "No need to feel bad for me. It hurts still but I'm over that bloody bastard. He was our second-in-command. I made the mistake and took him in as my lover when he expressed his own desire. Turns out the sea hog was just using me for his own pleasure until he tired of me. As my trusted lover, he gained command of a few ships and their crews. That was when he left me to start his own pirate legacy to satisfy his lusts."

"So who is this pirate?"

"Jason Hawkeye," she spat with disgust before glancing sideways to him. "You and everyone else would know him as Captain Blackblood."

Blaze nearly fell backwards overboard into the water. He looked to her in complete shock. "The Blackblood? Of all the tales I've heard, he's been your greatest rival and enemy. And you're telling me you two were lovers?"

She grinned to his stunned expression before nodding, "Aye. And myself and Marissa have had numerous run-ins with him ever since. Hairy battles on the open waters to say the least. But in one I had the distinct pleasure of slicing the bastard's left hand clean off in a sword fight. But things went to hell before I could finish him and both sides had to withdraw. He's assembled quite a fleet since then."

Blaze nodded in agreement. Few pirates were as notorious as Red and one of those was Blackblood. While Red was infamous for ingenuity, tactics, and ferocity... Blackblood was known for much worse reasons. Cruel didn't beginning to describe him in the stories as he pillaged sea villages, killing all of the innocent people brutally after having all of the women raped in front of the restrained men. He took delight in the plight and suffering of others with no ounce of remorse. Many called him a beast, but others said he was human enough. Just so evil that his blood was icy black, hence his given name.

Blaze frowned and turned about to study the horizon, "Well I hope whenever you meet him again, you send him down for the long drink." Staring off as he did, he didn't notice the pleased smile on her face and odd look in her eyes.

Down in the interior of the Crimson Dawn, Marissa had a different look in her pretty blue eyes at that moment. Staring down at the map spread across the large desk, she carefully calculated their position they should be at compared to the positioning of the stars she'd observed the night before. Tonight she would check the positioning again to confirm her estimates. Her gaze averted from the map when she heard a small knock on the door of her cabin.

"Come," she answered.

Expecting her sister, Marissa was honestly surprised when it was Nadine of all people who opened the door and slipped through shyly. The catwoman kept her gaze turned away as she softly closed the door behind her. The half-lycan standing behind the desk frowned as she could tell something was obviously bothering Nadine. She had observed that something might have been over the last few days, but it seemed her troubles were now rising with the high tide and had to be addressed.

"Good eve' to ya Nadine," the pirate began.

Nadine's golden eyes rose to look to Marissa before blinking out of her thoughts. The catwoman managed a small smile and nodded her head in greetings returned. She slowly made her way towards Marissa as if afraid out the outcome that was the purpose for this visit. Marissa smiled in assurance to the catwoman as she stepped out from behind her desk, map forgotten and moved towards the chairs.

"Please have a seat and tell me what's on your mind," the pirate said as she sat down. The demure catwoman sat down next her. Nadine sat there for moments gazing down at her furry hands gripping her knees nervously. Marissa let the lycan have her time as it would all come out eventually. Sure enough those golden eyes looked to her with the fire of determination in them.

"I need to know," Nadine whispered softly, her voice trembling with the tumult of emotions running through her. "I need to know what it was like for you... and your family in the past. I want to have children with Blaze someday and I need to know what those half-lycan children's future will be like through what your life has been."

Marissa couldn't help but lean back into the chair, expecting something else entirely. She was completely caught off guard by this request. Images of her life in the past flashed through her mind in a dizzying blur. Some images she had long since shut away from her memory forever resurfaced among them. When she shook her head to clear her mind, she saw the black-furred orange-striped catwoman staring at her with those big golden eyes expectantly.

"Please?" Nadine said pleadingly. Marissa sighed and nodded that she would.

"Just be aware that you might not like what you hear for an answer," the notorious pirate stated as she rose. Marissa walked over to open a chest to pull out some flasks and glasses wrapped in silk before closing it. She sat back down at the table with what she retrieved and unwrapped the fragile glasses before filling them with the dark wine from the flask. Handing the lycan one, she leaned back with her own filled glass and swirled the liquid about as her gaze drifted back into memory.

"What can I say to begin with," Marissa started with a sigh, "other than that it wasn't a perfect fairy tale. Father met my mother, a puma lycan in one of the open market places of Kozue. Father fell in love instantly with her at first sight. Upon his flourishing compliments, she found him amusing and kind before eventually retuning the same feelings. Neither cared for the strong distaste both human and lycan races held for interracial breeding at the time. All that mattered was how deeply in love they were with each other."

Marissa took of sip of the wine to wash away the bitter taste in her mouth of what she knew would come. She eyed the catwoman over the glass's rim listening politely before continuing. "Both were eventually found out in their relationship shortly after we were born. They didn't make any attempts the deny it nor could they, with my and Clarissa's appearances. There was the chance we could have come out appearing pure lycan. But instead we almost came out looking pure human."

Marissa sighed as she gave a flick to her cat ears, "There was no helping this characteristic standing out. But they weren't ashamed of us nor didn't try to hide it from the others. Besides, we young girls didn't understand why people scorned us like the plague. We thought we were perfectly normal. We soon learned otherwise."

"The humans came after you didn't they?" Nadine sniffed, shuddering at some thought or memory Marissa wasn't aware of.

"No," the pirate laughed with a bitter smile, "The lycans did...."

"No!" Nadine spurted loudly in protest, shaking her head in disbelief.

Marissa nodded in affirmation, remembering well that day with all those eyes staring at her with such disgust and hatred. "Oh yes, Nadine. It's not just humans that form intolerant mobs filled with evil hatred. That day I and my sister would have been lynched until our last breaths were choked out before they would tear our corpses apart. Such vile hatred and want of our deaths... Simply because I was who I was! Nothing more! I was living being just like them yet they saw me and my sister as lower than they and passed judgment that I must die! They even brought their own lycan children to witness our deaths and learn..."

Her vision began to blur as she gripped her glass tightly almost to the point she had to calm herself lest she shatter it in her hand. "That is until my parents stepped in. Mother backed us into the house with the mob advancing. At her pleas, Father eventually caved in and grabbed the both of us, escaping out the back door while Mother fought them off to give us time to flee. I can remember her cries of rage before her screams of agony..... We later came to find out by some sources that they tore her apart.... Fucking bastards ripped her apart until nothing was left.... But she at least took as many as she could down with her."

Marissa took a moment to wipe her eyes and her mother's screams from her mind. She took a long drink from her glass, nearly emptying it before setting it down on the table. The pirate looked up in surprise when she heard the sob. Tears dripped from the raging rivers of sadness coming from the catwoman. Nadine's shoulders trembled violently as she buried her face into her free hand as she openly wept then.

"Nadine," Marissa quickly leaned overly to touch the catwoman's arm. "Please don't be like this. I don't hate you because you're a lycan."

Nadine shook her head violently as she sobbed. "It's not that. I... I'm just so ashamed of my people. Ashamed that they were so despicable. That they took so much from you by becoming true barbaric animals! Marissa, I'm so sorry for what they did. Please forgive my people... our people."

Marissa gave the furry woman a genuine smile. "Already have, hon. We also learned that many lycans not involved were angered at the injustice of my family's tragedy. It changed their attitudes towards interbreeding and soon spread to become accepted by many. I've heard even humans have grown more tolerable of other races by learning to accept the differences they have within their own race. So your children with Blaze will not face the same cruel hatred that we did. But I tell you this so you know there are still those out there that refuse to accept this change in mindset and may try to bring harm to you and your family..."

The tiger-striped catwoman nodded and wiped her eyes, giving Marissa a grateful smile. Seeing Nadine was better now, Marissa leaned back into her chair once again. "But Father took us to the only life he knew where we would all become accepted. The life of the free on the high seas as a pirate. He didn't like the thought of bringing his daughters into a profession he was joining to help us along. But he knew eventually we would always face such prejudice and would need to learn how to survive. What better way to do so then amongst the outcasts of society known as pirates? Outcasts have an understanding of each other and that is why my crew respects Clarissa and me so much."

"But yes, that is a summary of my life. Sorry if it was a tad bit short but I was never one for telling odysseys," she finished with a laugh before winking to her lycan companion. "Times have changed since then and with things being more acceptable these days, I think it is fine. So go ahead and have some kiddos with that cute guy out there. He seems like something special that all you ladies caught on quickly. I think I'm beginning to understand it myself..."

"Yeah, he's something special alright," Nadine smiled brightly before rising and embracing Marissa. "Thank you, Captain Red."

The half-lycan laughed and hugged her back. It wasn't long after Nadine was gone and she'd rewrapped and placed the cleaned glasses back inside the chest when Clarissa came inside. Closing the door quietly behind her, her twin leaned back against it. Her sister then looked at her with a serious look.

"We need to talk, sister," she stated.

Marissa smiled knowingly in return. "About a certain young man?"

Clarissa's full lips quickly spread into that mischievous grin....


Blaze blinked as he heard the knock at their cabin door. He had just entered after finishing his work for the evening and had been about to pull off his shirt. He glanced to Kendra who simply shrugged that she hadn't been expecting anyone either. Opening the door, Blaze blinked as he stared at the barrel of a hairy muscled chest. Looking up at the big man in front of him, he couldn't help but grin.

"Evenin' Bardok!" he greeted the big pirate.

"Evenin' Blaze," the big man answered with a broad grin. "Don't worry, matey. I'm not here ta give ya another job. I be here simply ta tell ya Captain Red wants ta see ya in her quarters right now."

Blaze could only blink again before nodding that he would go to see them. Satisfied, Bardok pat his shoulder before striding off. The young human looked over his shoulder to see Kendra already in bed and waiting for him. With a grimace, he told her the news. Kendra's eyes looked at him knowingly as she gave him that small smile that she only gave to him. The demoness said she understood, which kind of surprised him. She was never really one to be happy going to sleep by herself with her arm not about him.

He sighed as he closed the door behind him and looked to it regretfully. He had seen that hunger in her eyes growing again. But now the 'cabin boy' had been summoned away from a wonderful night of romping about in the sack with the most gorgeous woman in the world. Grumbling to himself, he turned about and moved up the stairs. When he reached Captain Red's door, he knocked in announcing himself.

"Come," two female voices said in unison.

Blaze opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He looked up to see both half-lycan beauties staring at him. The two of them leaned back against the desk with their hips resting against the edge. They were both wearing their trademark red pirate longcoats as they had their arms folded across their chests. He would have been unable to tell which one is which if not for Marissa's slightly more reddish blonde hair and Clarissa still wearing her red bandanna across her forehead. He swallowed at the unusual stern look on their faces.

"Reporting as ordered," he stated as he stood before them.

"Sit," Marissa stated with a nod of her head towards the large leather couch on the one side of the large room.

Wondering if he had done something wrong, Blaze sat down hoping they weren't going to make him walk the plank like he'd heard pirates do. The gorgeous twins regarded him silently for a few minutes before they shared a look. He couldn't help but think of how remarkably beautiful they were. And those cat-like ears sticking out of their manes of blond hair was a uniquely attractive feature.

Clarissa looked to him with a frown, "Blaze, it seems that you're not doing enough work around here..."

"And," Marissa cut off his question, "we've decided to give you a task that is more than worthwhile in paying for this trip on the Crimson Dawn..."

He was stunned and looked back and forth between the pirate sisters as they both stood up from the desk. Blaze's eyes fell clattering to his feet and rolled away, or at least they would have if they could! The twins in simultaneous mischievous grins unfolded their arms and dropped their longcoats away at the same time. Two perfectly identical raging-cock-inducing bodies in all their nude glory were revealed to him.

Perfectly smooth female bodies were drunk in by his eyes. Smooth taut bellies drawing eyes up to firm breasts capped by bright pink nipples. Their mounds were shaved and clearly aroused as they dripped with wetness. They were the equivalent of him in female form. Toned feminine bodies honed by a pirate's life that would have any man screaming with desire. In fact, Blaze very well thought his cock was about to rip through his pants with the hard-on he had now!

"Wow..." he mumbled dazedly.

Clarissa laughed and grinned to her sister with a knowing wink. Both smiled to him as they strut with a pirate sway over to the mind blown warrior. The two lovely naked twins sat on him, one on each leg as they cuddled up close to him tantalizingly. Their hands roamed up and down his chest as they purred sexily to him.

"Come on Blaze," purred Clarissa, her hand feeling his chest. "Give us what we need... What we desire..."

"Take us Blaze," Marissa cooed sensually as her hand slid down to grasp his hard dick through his pants squeeze. "We're all yours and you're all ours... Let's have some fun together this night."

"Get to know Captain Red REAL well," they whispered together into his ears.

There is a Heaven!!! Blaze thought he was going to die from the mother of all nosebleeds when these two hot twins clearly said they wanted a good screwing. Who was he to deny the infamous Captain Red?

"AYE CAPTAIN!" he answered enthusiastically. The sisters laughed as their hands gripped at his clothing roughly, making short work of pulling them off and tossing them away. Two pairs of blue eyes looked down as they hummed pleasantly.

"Nice 'sword' Blaze," Clarissa winked as both sisters slid down between his lap. She looked to her sister as she grasped his cock. "You brought him into our lives sis. You get first taste!"

Marissa chuckled and glanced up to Blaze with a seductive smirk. Ever since that day she'd bumped into him in the hall, she'd wanted to take him. Lowering her head, her tongue flicked out to boldly swirl about that flared cockhead. Moaning softly, she grasped his cock and ran her tongue along the underside from bottom to top in long lapping strokes. She smiled knowingly, pleased to see the young man's eyes close and fists clench from the pleasure.

Never one to let her sister get all the fun, Clarissa nudged her way in with a grin as her hand grasped his balls and fondled them expertly. The hot naked twins acted as one as Marissa took his rock hard dick into her mouth at the same time Clarissa ducked in to lick his nuts before taking one into her mouth.

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