Blazing Glory Ch. 09


Blaze nearly blew his wad right then and there! Full feminine lips encased his cock and balls as the two sisters sucked vigorously. Marissa's head bobbed up and down his length slowly as her cheeks hollowed with the suction driving his teeth into a grinding frenzy. Marissa released his cock from her glorious mouth with a wet pop and smack of her lips before she grinned to her twin.

"Bloody hell he tastes great, Clarissa! You try too!" she chuckled.

Blaze simply groaned in response as Clarissa eagerly hopped up and took his length into her mouth. The blonde beauty hummed pleasantly as she began to, unlike her sister, move her head back and forth rapidly on his rod. The cabin was soon filled with the sound of her wet slurps. Dear Stavros he wasn't going to be able hold out much longer at the rate of her lips on him moving so fast with such incredible pleasure.

Clarissa released him with a gasp for air and grinned to her sister, "Right once again as always dear sister... I can't wait to have him in my pussy!"

They shared a grin, understanding each other as twins only can before they both looked up to him as they licked the precum from the sensitive head. Their tongues danced about his flared head so much so that he simply caved in and soared on wings of bliss to the afterlife!

Hearing him grunt, the half-lycans purred as cum spurted out in thick jets to spray their faces and into their mouths. The cat-eared beauties wiped the cum off their faces and sucked it off their fingers like it was a delicacy. They looked to each and grinned before leaning in to kiss each other passionately and swap his cum on their tongues! The sisters swallowed and broke the hot kiss to look at a stunned Blaze staring at him with his mouth hanging wide open.

"What? Can't handle a sisterly kiss?" Clarissa chided as she licked her lips.

Marissa laughed and lightly socked her sister's shoulder. "We both love each other as sisters and we take care of each other. A pirate's life is hard, especially in finding someone trustworthy enough to that extent. We've learned the hard way to only trust each other as sisters and take care of each other as such."

"Besides," Clarissa chuckled as she rose to close his open jaw with her finger and a hot kiss. She pulled back and purred. "It's not like our incest is so wrong since we can't have kids together."

Blaze could only blink and nod. It had been incredibly arousing seeing two beautiful women kissing each other like lovers. But what confused him was that he found it even more exciting as they said. They were sisters. So taboo! His dick still at full strength was proof of that!

"Bloody hell," Marissa moaned with need as she eyed his meaty rod, "I need that cock in me now!"

Marissa pulled Blaze up to his feet as she stood and kissed his lips hungrily, pressing her body firmly against his. Breaking the kiss with a wink, she moved onto her hands and knees on the couch, presenting him with her shapely ass and offered cunny. She looked over her shoulder to him and purred invitingly.

Blaze smiled back and moved up behind her. Both of them grew tense when he pressed the head to her entrance. Marissa let a low groaning hiss escape as she felt that cock pushing into her wet cunt. It felt so damn good! It felt like he was filling her so much. She thrust her hips back against him, half screaming as she impaled herself fully onto him. When she opened her eyes, she looked up to her sister. Clarissa smirked down to her and winked, having positioned herself to sit on the armrest with her legs spread wide.

"Can't be letting you have all the fun!" she purred as her hand slid down to spread her pussy lips.

Blaze looked up in time to see Marissa chuckle and lean forward to slide her tongue up and down her sister's slit. Clarissa tossed her long bright blonde hair back with her head as she moaned her sister's name. Her back arched, displaying those firm tits of the toned pirate goddess. Clarissa's hands seized Marissa's ears and forcefully pulled her face into that juicy pussy with a lustful cry.

Blaze remembered himself now as he felt cunt muscles squeezing around his cock. Shaking himself out of the incestuous lesbian inducing trance, he gripped Marissa's shapely hips as he pulled back and thrust back home deeply into her. The half-lycan in his grasp gasped a half scream into her sister, making the other scream as well with the vibrations into her sensitive pussy.

"Oh gods! Yes! YES! FUCK MEEE!!!" Marissa cried out before hungrily latching onto her sister's cunt, delving her tongue down deep inside to taste her juices.

Clarissa's hands squeezed her own tits as she moaned nonstop at the incredible sight of her sister getting fucked by the young stud. She nearly squeaked in sexual euphoria as her sister's tongue dove deeper into her, driving her closer to cumming. Her fingers pinched and pulled on her hard pink nipples as she winked to Blaze.

Marissa groaned throatily into the hot pussy as Blaze drove harder into her cunt. She couldn't believe how damn hot her body was feeling. It felt as if she was on fire and his beautiful cock was the poker stoking the flames in her loins! By the Deep Blue she was going to cum! Her firm breasts swayed slightly with the powerful thrusts of the pounding her pussy was receiving. She would yelp occasionally when that meaty sword brushed up against her clit. Blinking with the idea, she grinned as she took her sister's clit into her mouth and suckled hard while her tongue flicked over it repeatedly.

Blaze gripped the couch suddenly with one hand as Marissa's muscles seized on him and she shuddered violently, her scream muffled into Clarissa's pussy as her orgasm tore through her. Her twin hissed as she humped her sibling's face, the intense vibrations of that scream about her clit giving her a crushing climax to flood her juices into Marissa's lapping mouth.

The young man gasped as he managed to hold on from blowing his load too early with that milking cunt of Marissa. The pirate woman looked back to him with her wet face with a loving look and smile. She pulled off of him before she yanked Clarissa down off the armrest onto the couch below her.

"Your turn, dear sister," Marissa purred down to her twin. Clarissa was now below her and lying on her back. Marissa muffled any response as she planted her hips down on her sister's face, pressing her freshly fucked hole to Clarissa's full lips. She moaned as Clarissa eagerly began to delve her tongue inside her before looking over her shoulder to Blaze with a wicked grin.

Blaze could only grin back as he spread Clarissa's legs and put his cock to her entrance. With a single thrust, he buried his cock into the familiar wet warmth of wonderful half-lycan pussy. He heard the muffled scream of passion from her as Marissa gave a throaty purr, grinding her hips onto that probing tongue.

The three lovers filled the cabin with moans and screams of ecstasy. Blaze's hips worked to rapidly thrust that impalement into the writhing nude female body, bouncing Clarissa's firm tits up and down as he fucked her. Clarissa could only continue to scream her encouragement while feverishly licking and sucking the juices out of her sister. Marissa's sweet ass moved with her hips as she sexily humped her sister's face, breathing heavily as the sweat dripped down her chest and face.

Blaze leaned over the squirming pirate beauty he was piercing with his sword and gripped those beautiful firm tits. He kneaded the smooth orbs to elicit more frantic groans from Clarissa as he pumped in and out of her. Marissa's hands ran through her hair before she tossed it about with the shaking of her head, her body beginning its rapid decent towards the fiery pleasure of climax.

"Suck it! YES! TONGUE MY PUSSY SISTER!!! I'M GOING TO CUM ALL OVER YOUR SWEET FACE!" the normally cool and collected half-lycan began screaming as her hips rode Clarissa's face until she tensed and flooded that mouth with her flowing honey.

The intensity of her climax charged the air and Blaze could no longer hold back. With a grunting roar, he slammed into Clarissa's wet gash all the way before letting lose with his second torrent of creamy jizz. The svelte beauty below him felt his cum filling her cunt and began thrashing about wildly as her body reacted with the lust of knowledge that it was dear Blaze cumming inside her. Her howl filled the cabin as Marissa was raising herself off. Clarissa's orgasm tore through her body with such force that she was left breathless as she coated his wonderful rod thickly.

Blaze pulled out of that gripping hole with a loud wet pop as Clarissa lay there in a fucked-me-damn-good blissful state. His body was sweaty and he gasped for breath after the exertion of it all. Marissa purred softly as she moved over her recuperating sister to kiss him hotly. His arms wrapped about the older woman as he returned the kiss with equal passion.

"You're doing great lover," she purred after breaking the kiss before tweaking his nose affectionately. "Now take a breather as me and Clarissa do something to raise your sails once more."

Blaze could only nod as she lightly pushed him away from the couch. He backed away and sat down in one of the chairs as Marissa moved over her twin, trailing kisses up a beautiful body identical to hers. The two sisters locked lips passionately as they parted their lips to let their tongues caress the other's in a forbidden dance. They both sat up together now as they kissed each other passionately, at times nipping and suckling at the slender neck of their sibling. Their hands busily roamed over their taut bodies, caressing breasts and rubbing aroused puffy cunt lips.

The young man soon felt his dick coming back to life as he witnessed the half-lycan sisters pleasuring each other like experienced lovers only know how. Blaze watched the infamous pirates scoot close to each other, interlocking their legs and pressing their wet mounds against each other. The blondes threw their heads back and groaned as they began to rub their pussies together!

Blaze nearly died from blood loss there as all blood rushed to his now massive erection! Marissa and Clarissa's long hair was tossed about as they began to lewdly hump their hips together. The smell of wet feminine sex filled the cabin along with their growing arousal and cries. Both twins stared lustily into each other's eyes as they pleasured each other.

"That's it, Marissa! Harder sister! HARDER!" Clarissa hissed, rolling her hips about to make their pelvis bones rub more against their budding clits.

Marissa hissed in response as she licked her grinning lips, her hand reaching to grope her sister's tit. "Oh fuck yes! Come on sis! Splash my twat with your cum!"

The women groaned as their pace increased while they ground against each other more frantically. The pleasure seared through their bodies as they sprinted toward mutual sisterly orgasm. Their large firm breasts bounced about as their bodies shone with a fine sheet of sweat. Two pairs of blue eyes rolled up as two identical bodies thrashed as the sisters came at the very same time together.

"YEEESSSSS!!!!" Marissa screamed, shaking her torso and tits about in the climax.

Clarissa shrieked as she whipped her hair about as she shook her head violently, her juices splashing out of her pussy to mingle with her sister's own release. "FUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!"

When they came down from the heights of sisterly pleasure, they both looked to Blaze. The twins began chuckling as they saw the young man sitting there in a drooling daze. Clarissa purred as she untangled herself from her sibling and got onto her hands and knees on the couch. She lowered her torso to rest against the cushioning with her ass presented high in offering to him.

"I've always been told I have a nice ass," Clarissa purred to him. "Come take what many have desired but never had!"

Marissa blinked in surprise down to her sister as she offered her anal virginity to Blaze. The young man snapped out of his hypnotic state and moved with swiftness to Clarissa on the couch. She watched that cock head still wet with bodily juices press against the sweet star of her sister's ass before it pushed inside. Clarissa looked up to her sister with eyes widening and mouth opening in shock that turned swiftly into amazement. Marissa herself watched in lustful awe as more and more of the pale cock slid into that ass, wishing it was her own.

Blaze groaned as Clarissa's ass was incredibly tight as he entered it. It was slow going as she had to slowly accommodate him as he took her anal virginity. When he was fully into her, Clarissa was shaking her head in pure disbelief and mumbling incoherent words of ecstasy as she was spread wide.

"Dear... fuck... oh gods... fuck it... YES!... SO damn... BIG! Stretching!" she gasped out before finally unleashing a scream. "FUCK MY ASS BLAZE!!!! GOOOODSS YEEEEEESSSS!!!!"

Marissa's eyes grew wide as her sister's eyes went wild like an animal as she thrust her hips back into Blaze's to meet his first thrust into her ass. Little shocks of pleasure suddenly became big shocks of blissful ecstasy with each resounding loud slap of hips meeting Clarissa's firm rear. Marissa didn't even realize two of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as she longingly watched her sister get ass-fucked.

Clarissa buried her face into the cushion and unleashed a muffled scream. It felt so damn unbelievably wonderful! He was so deeply inside her and she burned with pleasure inside to where he reached with that cock. She had known it would be great letting him take her this way, but it was turning out so much better than expected! Damn she loved this young stud and what he was doing to her! Her body was tortured by racking bouts of bliss as she thrust back against him with wild abandon. She could care less about pirate pride as she grunted like a needful whore, encouraging him to go harder and faster before professing her love when he complied like the wonderful man he was.

"BLAAAAAAZZZZEEEE!!!" Clarissa unleashed in a primal animal roar as her body climaxed. The orgasm was so fierce that she couldn't breathe again. She couldn't bloody breathe any more as her cum squirted out of her twat and her ass muscles clenched at his throbbing tool.

Blaze gasped as her clenching as muscles took him within a hair's breadth of cumming again. So close in fact that he wouldn't have been surprised if a little hadn't leaked out into Clarissa's beautiful ass. The beautiful blonde collapsed down fully onto the couch as if she had just fought an entire war and was now finally able to get some rest. His still hard cock slid out of her ass as she fell to lie on the couch in post-orgasmic naked beauty. By the way his ears were still ringing from her orgasmic roar, he didn't doubt she was completely exhausted.

He grunted when hands violently seized his shoulders and pushed him back roughly. A gasp escaped him as he landed roughly on his ass on the couch before looking up. He swallowed deeply as he saw Marissa staring down at him with an animalistic hunger in her eyes. Her cat-like ears twitched with a tense wave of sheer lust and desire burning within her eyes to mate with the man in front of her. He was staring at a puma looking down at him from the branches in the jungle. And he was the prey!

Marissa hissed as she looked down to him before she slid herself into his lap, crushing her lips into his in a wild kiss. Her tongue caressed his lips with hungry swipes before she pulled back, looking down to him in all her naked pirate glory. A pirate with the eyes of a beast mad with hunger! The beast unleashed!

"I need it too Blaze," she hissed. "I've never been taken in the ass either. But seeing... Seeing you and my sister like that... I want it... More than all the treasures of the sea in this moment, I want you to fuck my ass into afterlife!"

He nodded up to her, understanding the desire that must have arisen watching her twin go insane with the pleasure of being taken anally. Wordlessly, she gripped his dick and pointed it upwards. With a sure sense of animalistic instinct, Captain Red guided it to the star of her ass and lowered herself down until it began to slide in. Marissa's eyes closed as she hissed with slight pain as she continued lowering herself slowly upon that hard rod, her anal virginity gone. After a few tense minutes, the half-lycan pirate sat fully impaled upon him. Her eyes held that wild look still but now also contained amazement.

Blaze meanwhile was struggling to keep a hold of himself from coming too soon and infuriating a pirate in the state she was in. But it was so tight inside her! Her ass muscles clenched at him like Clarissa had. He'd been barely able to withstand that and now had to endure a twin experience of walking the knife's edge.

Reddish blonde hair wet with sweat was flung back as Marissa looked to the ceiling and screamed as she began to grind her hips. Her pink nipples stood out as hard as pebbles upon her firm round breasts. It burned oh so wonderfully fucking good! She gasped as she fell forward and braced herself up with her hands on his shoulders. Her deep blue eyes never left his now as she wickedly began to rise and slam her hips back down on him.

Blaze's cock was driven in and out of her puckered asshole as she drove the groans she wanted to hear out of him. The half-lycan rode his cock with wild abandon for a number of minutes that seemed to last for a blissful eternity until he began to gasp rapidly. Through her own loud shrieks, her pointy ears heard his words loud and clear.

"Going... to... cum!" he rasped.

"NO! NOT IN MY ASS!" she roared as she pulled off of him and slammed back down, plunging that thick long cock into her waiting pussy. She hissed in venomous lust as she glared down to him through her dangling sweaty locks of hair. "Cum in my cunt you sweet scurvy dog! Just like you did to my sister! Fill my womb with your spunk! I want your seed in me NOOOOW!!!!!"

Unable to withstand it any more, he cried out and thrust up into her twat as he unloaded spurts of cum into Captain Red's hot steamy depths as she ordered! The naked pirate riding him went absolutely nuts as she suffered nearly the same fate as her twin sister. Her breath simply wouldn't come until she finally managed an ear-splitting shriek.

"CUM!! CUM IN ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! BY THE DEEP BLUE I LOVE YOU!!! FUCK ME! USE ME!! MAKE ME YOUR DAMN CUM BAG!!!" she screamed in hysterical orgasmic insanity.

Blaze was already complying as she ground her squirting cunt over his dick that pumped loads of cum into her. The pirate woman collapsed against his chest as she fiercely kissed his lips in exhausted thanks. His arms wrapped about her as she held him close, both gasping to regain their breath. They both blinked when they heard clapping and looked to see a recovered Clarissa grinning broadly as she applauded.

"That was incredible you two," Clarissa purred as she slid over on the couch cover to cuddle up with them.

Marissa laughed softly and kissed her sister gently, "You should have seen yourself with him too, dear sister."

All three of them chuckled before the two ladies rose and helped Blaze rise up with them. Together, the strong women helped a nearly exhausted Blaze over to their bed. After all, he had cum three times after great physical exertion of pleasing the two women twice.

"I really should try to get back to Kendra," he mumbled tiredly. "She'll be expecting me to be back."

"Don't worry about that, Blaze," Clarissa said with a chuckle and kiss to his cheek.

Marissa nodded to him with a smile. "Before this, we had a quick talk with Kendra and she understood. It surprised us that she was fine with us having sex with you, but after more talking we knew her feelings about this."

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