tagErotic CouplingsBless Me Father, For I Have Sinned

Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned


Mike looked at his watch reluctantly. It was Sunday evening, 5:15. He promised he would be at the church at 6:00 for Mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. His best friend, Dane had spent the past year converting to Catholicism and tonight he would finally be accepted by the church. He had met a lovely Catholic girl and wanted to be able to have the church wedding that she dreamed of, this night was so important to Dane.

Mike had never really been a church attendee. Of course he believed in god and held his faith; he just didn’t feel the need to sit through a boring two hour sermon to prove it. He was willing to endure it this once to support his friend. He went to the closet and thumbed through his wardrobe for something church worthy, finally deciding on a pair of khaki dress pants, a burgundy shirt and a tie. With little enthusiasm he got into his car and headed to the church.

He came across a small fender bender, which had slowed traffic a little. He glanced nervously at his watch; hoping he wouldn’t be late. When he arrived at St. Mary’s he slid into the closest available spot in a very crowded lot and trotted to the door. He had a few moments to spare but he wasn’t sure where the fellowship hall was located. He entered into a dimly lit corridor and saw an angel standing at the water fountain. She was about 5’3” and very petite. She had deep blue eyes had blonde hair that cascaded in beautiful waves a little past her shoulders. She was fair skinned and had rather large breast for such a small frame. Her nicely shaped legs peeked out from a pastel pink, flowered sun dress. He walked up to her.

“Can you tell me how to get to the fellowship hall? I am running kind of late.”

She noticed his some what unhappy look and smiled. “First time? Well it’s down the hall to the left, you can’t miss it.”

“Thanks” he replied. He started to walk away when she started to speak again.

“I don’t really care for these things either to tell you the truth.”

“Huh?” he questioned.

“Well my mom is super religious and has always guilted me into coming. I’ve had all this catholic stuff crammed down my throat since I was little, even went to a catholic school.”

“I see” he replied.

“I guess she wanted to bring up the perfect little catholic school girl.”

He wished he could have stayed and talked to this beautiful woman but he was already late. He apologized and excused himself to go find a seat. He entered the fellowship hall and looked around. It was a very large room filled with pews and parishioners. In the back there were a few confession booths and a baptismal fount. There was a large center aisle covered in soft red carpet leading to beautifully carved pulpit. There on the stage sat his best friend along with a few others, probably being welcomed as well. Be hind him was a large crucifix and a beautiful stained glass window. He took a seat in the last pew near the center aisle. He sighed in boredom; what could he do to amuse himself for the next hour or so? It was hard enough when he had a box of tissue and a good dirty magazine.

A moment later; the beautiful girl who had helped direct him took a seat in the pew directly in front of him next to a woman he assumed was her mother. She was to his right a few people and she turned her head and noticed him and smiled. Man she was hot!

Some organ music started and everyone in the congregation raised from their seat and flipped the pads to kneel on into place. Mike followed their example and watched for what do next. Everyone kneeled and took out their bibles or borrowed one of the churches. The song that started to play was completely unfamiliar to him, but he mouthed made up words anyway. His eyes fell on the gorgeous blonde who was singing in a beautiful angelic voice. Her full mouth was opened in an “O” shape as she belted out a lovely note. His imagination started to run away with him and he envisioned this beauty on her knees before him, with her mouth in that beautiful shape; wrapped tight around his dick. Little beads of sweat formed at his brow as he stared at her picturing her head bobbing to the sound of the choir. He felt his penis shudder and stiffen a little. He looked at the solemn face of Jesus on the large cross at the front of the church and thanked God that he had worn baggy pants.

When the song ended everyone arose and sat in the seat in silence as the Father began his sermon about the sacrament of marriage. His words became a blur as images of this stranger flooded his head. She glanced over her shoulder, made eye contact with him and smiled sweetly. She brushed her hair behind her ear, and then averted her gaze back to the preacher. In the next half hour she glanced back several more times; her gazed focused on him longer each time. Again the organ started up and she kneeled again in prayer. He couldn’t help his thoughts of her caressing his penis with her soft mouth, moaning in pleasure; sucking him dry. He felt himself stiffen again and tried to think of other, erection reducing things. He continued to stare long after the music had stopped, unnoticeably. He could feel the throbbing of a full fledged hard on at this point. She turned and looked again, wetting her lips as if licking freshly spilled cum from them. Was she making a pass? Or was it his imagination in overdrive.

He was snapped back to reality by a sharp tap on his left shoulder. A stern elderly woman was trying to hand him a collection plate. He clumsily pulled a $1 from his pocket, placed it in the bowl and passed it along. The alter boys came and collected the plates and he chuckled at the thought of preachers; pants down and alter boys. He thought to him self, now I am really going to hell! His mind raced with another vision of her this time on all fours while he rammed his hard cock into her over and over. He felt like he was about to pop with excitement. He wanted to go home and console himself with a nice Playboy. He saw the girl turn to her mother and quietly speak.

“I feel a little light headed; I’m going to get some air.” She shot him a shy smile before she headed away.

He thought for a moment and decided to follow her. Maybe they could exchange numbers or something. He turned to see where she had gone but she was nowhere in sight. He looked around, confused. She couldn’t have vanished into thin air. He leaned his elbow against the wall by the confession booth and let out a sigh of desperation He felt a slight tugging at his belt loop behind him and he spun around startled. There was the blonde pulling at him from the side of the confessional. She raised a slender finger to her lips.

“Shh!” she whispered, and pulled him inside and closed the door.

She didn’t give him a chance to speak just forcefully pressed her lips against his. They pulled away from each other and stared: face to face, stranger to stranger. Their lips came together again in another passionate kiss. She tasted so sweet and he continued to explore every crevice of her mouth with slow flicks of his tongue. She felt his hard penis poking into her mid section and pushed her body away from his. She stared deep into his eyes and reached a small hand down the front of his pants and grasped his dick firmly. Her eyes widen at it’s size and he gasped a little as she silently caressed it’s shaft. He sat down on the bench inside the small confession booth and unzipped his pants, letting his penis free of it’s restraint. He quietly gazed at her and slid his hands up the inside of her dress. She had nice, tight legs that led up to a curvy hips and a thin waist. He could feel her dampness through her soft silk panties. He grasped the material between his fingers and glided them down over her thighs. She held his shoulder for balance and stepped out of the small pink panties.

With those out of the way he rubbed his hands over the soft hair of her pussy, which was getting wetter by the minute. He inserted a finger and gently flicked the small nub between her legs. She let out a small almost inaudible moan. Mass was still in session, they would have to be very quite. He pushed his finger, quickly followed by another into the deep warmth of her pussy. Her face twisted in silent pleasure and when it got to be almost too much she tried to pull his hand away. He held one hand against her back to hold her steady and felt little trickles of sweat running the length of her spine. He forcefully kept his hand in place until he felt her body shudder with its first orgasm. He pulled out his hand gently and licked her taste from his fingers and smiled. She leaned in to kiss him tasting the sweet mix of his lips and her pussy. Using a hand wet with her excitement he cradled each of her butt cheeks and pulled her into his lap. He held one hand behind her back while he used the other to line himself up underneath her. When he felt the tip of his penis, wet with pre-cum slid into her, he gently pushed her shoulders to slide her down the full length of him penis.

A few feet away sat dozens of devoted Catholics hanging on every word of the preacher. She quietly slid up and down slowly, and then more quickly, trying not to creek the wooden bench. They were both building up to an orgasm and it was getting harder to maintain absolute silence. She whimpered in frustration and with a hard thrust she bit lightly into his shoulder to keep herself from screaming out. Mike heard the preacher call his friends name to welcome him to the church but his was too distracted to listen. Signaling that Mass was coming to an end, the organ started up and the room filled with the loud sound of lots of voices. She let out a moan of pleasure, masked by the noise of the choir.

Mike lifted her with his arms and stood. He carefully propped her against the wall of the confessional and pushed with all he had. She tried to keep her voice down but found it impossible to contain her moans of pleasure. Her back banged quietly against the wall as Mike grunted and thrust his hips into her. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and grinded his face into her chest. She felt his grip tighten on the underside of her thighs as he let out an orgasmic gasp. She felt a burst of sticky warm cum between her legs as his body convulsed in bliss. He caught his breath, lowered her onto her feet and kissed her deeply. They straightened their clothes making sure everything was back in place. Cautiously they peeked from the wooden door of the booth. People were starting to exit the church and they carefully merged into the crowd. Mike looked around for his friend Dane.


He spun around to see Dane running over to him.

“Hey there. Congratulations! Nice Ceremony” he lied. He hadn’t paid attention to a moment of it.

Dane asked concerned, “Are you ok? You look a little flushed!”

“I’m alright, just a little warm in these clothes.”

Dane took his hand, “There is someone I want you to meet. It is my girlfriend’s best friend. She is going to be our Maid of Honor.”

Mike followed behind Dane when he saw Dane’s fiancée Amy. He said hello and waited to meet her friend.

“Katie!” she yelled to someone behind him.

Mike turned and looked into the beautiful blue eyes and familiar face of the girl he had just had wrapped around him.

She smiled sweetly and offered her hand. “Nice to meet you!” she said.

“Likewise” Mike said bewildered.

Katie gave him a little wink; it would be their little secret.

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