Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned Ch. 4


The other ladies got out of the pool and went to the hot tub. They all stood there as they unclasped their bra's and removed them. This made Nicole a little nervous because she really didn't want to take her bra off in front of strangers. Then all of the ladies puled their wet panties off. Nicole gasped when she saw the other ladies bushes. Just then Mandy dropped to her knees and hooked Nicole's panties in her thumbs and pulled the wet material down her legs. "Look ladies" Mandy said. All eyes turned towards Nicole. The other ladies looked and then smiled. "We have a new member tonight ladies" Mandy said. Nicole was surprised that the other ladies bushes were trimmed into hearts just like hers. Just then Mandy reached up and unclasped Nicole's bra. Mandy pulled the dainty material from her and Nicole quickly got into the hot tub.

As Nicole sank into the hot water she said "I cant believe I just let another lady undress me completely in front of other people. "Oh hunny we are all so close in here we really don't care" Brandi said. Mandy sank into the hot tub and snuggled up close to Brandi Mandy poured all of the girls a glass of champagne and they had a toast. "To our new member" Mandy said. The girls lifted their glasses and touched them and then began to drink their champagne.

Soon Nicole began to feel a little tipsy so she set her glass down. Nicole closed her eyes for a few moments and then opened them. Right across from her Mandy and Brandi were holding each other and kissing each other. She watched as Mandy caressed Brandi's breast as it was slightly above the water line. Sylvia and Tina continued to make small talk like there was nothing happening right next to them. Nicole's eyes returned to Mandy and Brandi as she saw their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. Nicole closed her eyes and tried to think of something else because the champagne and the bubble jets that were hitting her pussy were beginning to have an effect on her. Nicole knew her pussy was opening and becoming wet.

Nicole closed her eyes and imagined that her breasts were being caressed and kissed. Nicole opened her eyes and realized it wasn't her imagination . Sylvia and Tina were actually caressing her breasts. Nicole could see that Mandy and Brandi were still lost into each other. Tina raised her face to Nicole and kissed her softly on the lips. Then she kissed her again but Nicole froze. Finally on the third kiss Tina flicked her tongue across Nicole's lips and Nicole responded by opening her mouth slightly. Tina continued to flick her tongue across Nicole's lips and finally Nicole slid her tongue out far enough to touch the tip of Tina's tongue. It was a soft sensual kiss that heated up quickly when Sylvia sucked harder on Nicole's nipple. Nicole opened her mouth farther and allowed Tina's tongue to explore her entire mouth. Tina began to slide her tongue over Nicole's teeth and roof of her mouth. Sylvia continued to suck and bite at Nicole's nipples.

Nicole opened her eyes long enough to see Mandy sitting on the edge of the hot tub with her legs spread and her feet still in the water as Brandi began tonguing her wet pussy. Nicole closed her eyes as she was so lost in what was happening. She couldn't believe these other women were having such an effect on her. Nicole knew she was attracted to Mandy but these other women seemed so desirable also.

Suddenly Nicole felt her body being hoisted out of the hot tub as Tina and Sylvia pulled her naked body up and onto the edge of the hot tub. As they turned Nicole sideways Sylvia slid up enough to let her breasts hang down onto Nicole's face. As the soft skin of her naked breasts slid across her face, Nicole tried to resist. Nicole could feel Sylvia's hard nipples brushing her cheeks, nose, and lips. Finally Nicole gave into the temptation and opened her mouth to kiss Sylvia's breast just as she felt Tina's tongue slide across her toes. Nicole was really turned on and she couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to have her toes caressed by another woman's tongue. But it got even better when Nicole glanced down and watched as Tina opened her mouth and sucked on one of her toes. The feeling was immense as it seemed like there was a wire that ran from her toes to her pussy. As Tina sucked and licked Nicole's toes, Nicole felt the same feeling in her burning pussy.

Nicole was now hungrily lapping at Sylvia's older breasts. She even reached up to cup Sylvia's breasts. She was amazed at how soft they were as she began to lightly caress her hard nipples. Nicole held Sylvia's breasts so she could suck both of her nipples into her mouth at the same time. Nicole knew Tina was done with her toes when she felt her warm wet tongue sliding up her leg. Nicole glanced down and her eyes met Tina's. The glazed over look in Tina's eyes told her that she was going to lick farther up her leg. Suddenly Sylvia's breasts were removed from Nicole's face and replaced with Sylvia's leg. Nicole realized that Sylvia swung her leg over her face so she could offer her something else. Her pussy.

Nicole was only slightly nervous as she had never seen another ladies pussy so closely. Nicole looked at the neatly trimmed heart as it moved closer and closer to her face. Nicole could see how aroused Sylvia was as there was pussy juice running down her inner thighs. Just then Nicole realized that Tina found what she was looking for when she felt her tongue lick her wet pussy lips. Nicole gasped as Tina continued to lap at her wet opening. Nicole watched as Sylvia lowered her glistening parted pussy lips to her mouth. Nicole stuck out her tongue and touched Sylvia's pussy lips. The salty taste was intoxicating as she tongued another ladies pussy for the very first time. Nicole adjusted her tongue and licked Sylvia's wet slit from bottom to top and then back down again. She was mimicking what Tina was doing to her. As Nicole continued to lick Sylvia's slit she could hear Sylvia begin to moan softly. Suddenly Tina slid her tongue up into Nicole's depths and Nicole herself let out a deep moan from the pleasure she was receiving.

Nicole glanced over and saw something that she never thought she would see live. Mandy had on a strap on dildo and was fucking Brandi. Brandi's legs were wrapped around Mandy's waist as Mandy pounded Brandi's pussy. Nicole moaned loudly and returned her lips to Sylvia's pussy as Tina began flicking her tongue across her clit. Sylvia began to rock her hips gently on Nicole's face. Nicole found her clit and began to lap at it softly. Nicole herself began rocking her hips as she felt the tingle in her toes that indicates that she would be cumming soon.

Sylvia began to pant and squeal as Nicole continued to concentrate on her clit. Nicole could feel Sylvia getting wetter and she knew that her face was about to get flooded from another woman's pussy for the very first time. Sylvia began to scream as her pussy began to convulse. Nicole could feel Sylvia's pussy clamp down on her tongue and squeeze. Nicole continued to lap at Sylvia's clit. Just then Nicole felt her release as the tingling sensation that started in her toes was now racing through her entire body. Nicole began to hump her hips and pussy on Tina's face as Tina continued to suck hard on Nicole's clit. Sylvia took over as she began to rub her pussy on Nicole's face. The pungent smell of an older woman's pussy being rubbed on her face was intoxicating and Nicole began to cum again. This time it was stronger. Nicole screamed loudly but her scream was muffled from Sylvia's cunt as it was plastered on her mouth. Again Nicole began to probe Sylvia's wet hole with her tongue and it didn't take long for Sylvia to reach orgasm again. Nicole humped Tina's face harder and harder until her orgasm finally subsided.

Tina moved up and Sylvia slid off of Nicole and Tina lifted her leg over Nicole and straddled her face. Nicole saw the neatly trimmed bush of Tina move closed and closer. She saw Tina's pussy lips as they hung down completely wet and exposed. Finally Nicole stuck out her tongue and tasted her second pussy. There was a definite difference in taste between the two women. The younger Tina tasted less salty. Nicole had no choice but to give Tina the same pleasure that Tina gave to her. Just as Nicole sank her tongue into Tina's pussy Nicole could feel her legs being lifted. Nicole was startled and stopped licking Tina's pussy. Nicole felt her legs being pulled up towards her head and they were parted open. Tina sank down harder onto Nicole's mouth and began to grind her swollen pussy all over Nicole's face.

Nicole was getting scared but suddenly a strange tingling sensation over took her body as she realized that two of the other women were holding her ankles and gently sucking on her toes. Nicole returned to lapping at Tina's tasty cunt. Suddenly she realized something. Something was poking at her pussy. Nicole tried to squirm away but she was helpless as Tina sat on her face and shoulders pinning her arms underneath. Suddenly Nicole felt something beginning to slide into her pussy. Nicole remembered the strap on dildo that Mandy was wearing and began to panic. Nicole tried to kick her legs free but she had no luck as Sylvia and Brandi continued to hold them. Nicole was helpless as Tina continued to smash her cunt on her face. Just then Nicole felt the device pressing against her hymen. She tried to scream but her cries were muffled in Tina's cunt. Tears began to run down her cheeks as she heard Mandy laughing loudly as she pressed the dildo in farther. "Pretend this is your daddy" Nicole heard Mandy say. "Just close your eyes and pretend I am your daddy who is taking your cherry" Mandy said as she continued to laugh. Nicole winced in pain as she felt that fine membrane tear away. Nicole began to sob as Mandy continued to sink the strap on dildo in farther and farther until it was completely inside of her. Nicole felt the uncomfortableness of the fake cock since she had never had anything that far inside of her before.

Mandy began to slowly withdraw the device until only the tip was still inside of Nicole. Then she pressed the cock back in until it disappeared again. Slowly Mandy began to fuck Nicole as she lay helplessly trapped under Tina. Tina continued to grind her pussy on Nicole's face and began to shudder as she came. Nicole wasn't even licking Tina's pussy but Tina still continued to flood her face with her pungent pussy juice. As Mandy continued to fuck Nicole, Tina continued to hump Nicole's face. Suddenly Nicole felt a strange feeling. Her pussy began to tingle. Nicole stopped struggling to get away and started to enjoy the sensations she was having. She began to feel the tingling in her toes again as she realized that Sylvia and Brandi began to suck on her toes again. Nicole opened her mouth and began to lick Tina's pussy again. This time Nicole lapped at it hard. She was so turned on and felt so wonderful that she never wanted this feeling to end. Nicole found Tina's clit and sucked on it. Tina threw her head back and screamed "I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming." Tina's pussy exploded and juiced ran down Nicole's cheeks as she came violently on her face. Tina panted and moaned until the spasms in her pussy ended.

Tina slid off of Nicole and Nicole finally saw what was happening. Mandy crawled up between her legs as Brandi and Sylvia continued to force them up hi over her head. Mandy lowered her head and kissed Nicole full on the mouth tasting Tina's pussy juices as she kissed her. Mandy still had the strap on dildo inside of Nicole as she continued to kiss her. Nicole felt something soft and realized that Sylvia and Brandi lowered her legs and placed them on Mandy's back and ass. There was no more force now. Nicole was not being forced as she was completely in control of herself. If she wanted to get up and leave then this was her chance to do it. Instead Nicole kissed Mandy back hard and wrapped her legs around Mandy in a loving kind of way. Mandy began to thrust her hips up and down. Nicole couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to get fucked. Nicole now began to thrust her own hips to meet the thrusts of Mandy. The fake cock began to pick up speed as Mandy started to fuck Nicole a little faster. Moans began to escape Nicole's lips. "Pretend this is your daddy fucking you baby" Mandy whispered. "Oh god Mandy I'm gonna cum" Nicole shouted. "No baby, this is daddy" Mandy whispered again. Just then electricity flew through Nicole's body as she exploded in orgasm. "Oh daddy" Nicole screamed. "Oh god daddy fuck me harder" Nicole screamed as she envisioned her father between her legs fucking her. "Oh god daddy I'm cumming" Nicole screamed as she rocked into a second orgasm. "Oh ddaddyyyyyyyyyy" Nicole screamed as jolts of electricity raced from the tips of her toes all the way to the back of her head. She tingled all over. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh daddy yeah" Nicole moaned softly as her waves of passion began to subside.

Mandy withdrew the fake cock from Nicole's now non virgin cunt. Nicole just laid on the floor for a few moments recovering. The other ladies began to clap and congratulate her for her lay. Tina reached down and held out her hand. Nicole took her hand and Tina pulled her up to her feet. Tina hugged her and kissed her cheek as she whispered "congratulations." Nicole kissed Tina's cheek back and thanked her. The girls all headed into the sauna and sat down. As the five women sat there naked they began to perspire. Mandy said "you have been initiated Nicole, you are now a member of the Lonely Heart Club."

"Baby" Mandy said to Nicole" I know you were saving yourself for your dad but we are here to help you." Nicole had a puzzled look on her face as she quickly scanned the faces of the other sultry ladies. "When the time comes for you to make love to your father you want to know what your doing." You don't want it to be all awkward and weird."

"You want to be able to enjoy it and make love without having to think too much about what to do and how to do it" Mandy said. "Plus, we all have experience with family" Mandy said. Nicole's eyes opened wide as she looked at Mandy then the others. "What do you mean" Nicole said as she looked first at Mandy's breasts then up to her eyes. "Every one in here has had an experience with incest" Mandy replied. "Really," Nicole asked?

"Sure, Me and my brother have been fucking for a long time now."

"Sylvia has done both her son and daughter. "Tina has an ongoing relationship with her father while Brandi has been fucking her twin sister."

"So we are all here because of that reason."

"We get together to act out fantasies and have fun." Mandy said. "Well girls," Sylvia said, "I'm heading to the shower." One by one the ladies took showers. Nicole sat there sweating and reflecting on the wonderful fuck she just experienced. Soon it was Nicole's turn to take a shower. When the ladies were all finished they exchanged hugs and kisses and began to leave. Mandy and Nicole were the last two there. They waved as Brandi drove off and then they closed the door and sat down.

"Are you all right with what happened" Mandy asked Nicole. Nicole smiled and nodded her head. "Fuck yeah, it was a blast plus you do have a point" Nicole said. "If that was my dad Fucking me tonight you were right, it would have been weird."

"I got a lot of the weirdness out of me tonight" Nicole said softly. "So, I taught you how to suck cock and now I have begun the teaching process of fucking."

"You have a lot to learn yet Nicole" Mandy said. "I am looking foreword to it too" Nicole responded. Nicole looked up at the clock and it was almost ten o'clock. "I have to get going" a disappointed Nicole said to Mandy. Mandy walked Nicole out to her car and shut the door as Nicole sat down. Nicole rolled the window down and looked up at Mandy. "Thank you Mandy, I had fun tonight." Mandy lowered her head inside the window and placed her lips on Nicole's. She kissed her softly three times on the lips as Nicole kissed her back. Mandy opened her mouth and Nicole did the same as they shared one final wet kiss. "See ya at work in the morning" Mandy said. Nicole smiled and started her car. Nicole pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home.

Nicole reflected on what just happened on the way home and she understood that she needed to become an experienced lover if she wanted it to be perfect between her and her father. She knew that her dad was experienced and she realized that she needed that same experience too. She pulled into the driveway, parked her car and went into the house. Quietly she disrobed as to not wake her father and slid into bed. From the exhaustion from her first fuck, Nicole fell asleep almost instantly.

The following day at work Nicole felt ashamed about what happened the night before. That shame was soon erased from her mind as Mandy continued to talk to her about it throughout the day. Days were passing and Nicole was becoming comfortable at her job. Nicole continued to ask Mandy questions about how she found out the other ladies had incestuous affairs. The more Nicole heard of the stories the more her own wanton lust for her father grew.

After another hard day at work Nicole returned home. She showered and tried on the new lingerie that Sylvia brought to her at work. Nicole stood there admiring herself in the mirror. Not realizing that her father was now home Nicole opened the bathroom door to go to her room. There was Steve standing right in front of her. Nicole froze as her heart began to pound. Thoughts raced through her mind as Nicole stood there barely covered in sexy clothes that were designed to turn even the prudest of men on. "Oh my god, is my dad going to take me right now?"

"Does he like what he sees?"

"Am I turning my dad on right now" Nicole thought to herself? Steve's eyes scanned up and down his daughter's body as she was clad only in a white teddy that was open breasted. Nicole could feel her nipples stiffening as her father continued to stare at them. Nicole's legs were clad in white stockings and garters and she had on white five inch platform heels.

Nicole tried to nonchalantly walk past her father to go to her room but she stumbled from the heels she was wearing and fell right into her father's arms. Nicole could feel his strong muscular arms and hands grab hold of her to prevent her from killing herself. In the process Steve's arm brushed against Nicole's breasts and nipples. Nicole moaned softly from his touch. Steve got his daughter to an upright position before he spoke. "I like your outfit sweetie but isn't it a little too risqué?"

"It was a present daddy from one of the clients at work" Nicole said softly as she realized that her father now had a bulge in his pants. "Lets go watch television daddy" Nicole said to her father as she walked past him. It didn't dawn on her until she was walking into the living room that her ass was completely exposed to her father's gaze as the teddy only contained a g-string.

Nicole sat on the sofa as Steve turned on the television. Nicole knew that her father had to be as turned on as she was at the moment. Here she was sitting on the sofa only a couple feet away from her father with her breasts completely exposed. Every inch of flesh of her legs was exposed clear up to her hips. As they began to watch a sit com, Nicole could feel her father's eyes scanning every inch of her nearly naked body. As a funny scene ended Nicole looked up at her father as she laughed. Steve laughed too but Nicole could tell it was a fake laugh. She saw it. She saw the tremendous bulge in her father's pants and she knew she had him hooked. Nicole began to wonder what would happen if he tried to take her right now. Nicole wanted her father badly but she knew the girls at the salon were right. She needed to be broke in better. She needed more experience.

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