tagGay MaleBlessed Trinity Ch. 01

Blessed Trinity Ch. 01


Blessed Trinity - Chapter 1: The Father…

It soon became apparent that Adam still had the thoughts that had plagued him for so many years. Wracked with guilt he had joined the priesthood following the demise of his short-lived marriage to the daughter of his father's boss.

On his wedding day he had prayed that the brief moments he had spent eyeing the young cannon that had aided the Bishop in the ceremony had been due to his thinking about his forthcoming nuptials and not how good looking the young man was in his cassock. Adam had tried to push the memory of his stiffening cock out of his mind as he had recited his vows.

6 months later, and the realisation that his marriage was just a sham, brought about by the endless social climbing of his father, Adam found himself at the gates of St Marks Seminary in the foothills of Tuscany. As he looked round for one last time, at the world he felt had tormented him for so many years, a feeling of peace washed over him, and yet a frown began to appear on his chiselled face. Turning he placed, his strong masculine hand against the warm stone of the gatepost. Flexing his long artistic fingers he caressed the stone, committing each sensation to memory.

It was a warm, spring day, and the sun caught his blue eyes, blinding him. A shout from the seminary caused him to spin, towards the sound allowing the breeze to tousle his shoulder length ebony hair.

"Adam, my son. You're on time. Was it a long journey?"

The sun caught on the gold threading, of the bishop's cassock, radiating across his animated face. Adam looked up, nodding slowly to the question, and meeting the Bishop's outstretched hand, with his.

It was so nice to see a familiar face, and all of Adam's anxieties, began to diminish. Adam followed the bishop into the large marble floored hall, his footsteps echoing throughout the building.

"Father Leo, there is an important call for you, form Rome." Adam looked around to see a young novice hurrying towards them across the hall.

"I must take this call, Adam."

The bishop turned to the young novice.

"Nicholas, please conduct Adam on a tour of St Mark's, and show him to his cell. Adam I will be seeing you for dinner in the main dining hall later tonight."

With that, the bishop hurried away to his call.

Adam turned to Nicholas, to find the young novice openly appraising him. The blond hair, blue eyes, and youthful physique, made Adam blush. This was exactly what he thought he was getting away from. He dare not look below Nicholas' waist.

"Want to see some more then?" Nicholas asked teasingly.

This was doing no favours, to Adam's obvious predicament. What should he answer? He was sure the young novice was simply offering an extension to the tour. Without waiting for an answer, Nicholas had turned on his heel, and was walking towards the stairs, at the back of the hall.

Adam ran to catch up, and collided into the back of the novice, who had stopped at the entrance of the second floor.

Adam felt his breath expel from his body, as his chest impacted with Nicholas' back. Instinctively his hands reached out to grip Nicholas' side, to steady him. As realisation suddenly swept over him, the blushing renewed.

"I am so sorry. I tripped. I couldn't help it. I…" Adam realised he was still holding on to the young novices' side. As Nicholas' gaze lowered to follow Adam's he smiled and taking Adams hand in his, gave it a friendly squeeze before continuing down the corridor.

"Room 428. This is your cell, and from the looks of it you have a message from Cardinal Montaigne." Nicholas pointed to the monogrammed cream envelope tucked halfway under the door.

Adam bent to retrieve the envelope, and his tight arse in his dark blue denim jeans, caused Nicholas to smirk, licking his lips, whilst running his hands along the front of his cassock. His cock began to stiffen as Adam straightened up, opening the envelope and entering the room.

Dear Adam,

Welcome to St. Marks. Please attend your induction interview at 21.00, in my study,


Cardinal Montaigne.

"Cardinal Montaigne! Wow!" exclaimed Nicholas, pressing against Adam's back whilst reading the note over his shoulder.

"The Cardinal never conducts induction interviews. You are really lucky. Bishop Leo must have been impressed with something, to have the Cardinal conduct the interview."

The blond boy, smiled at Adam, his cheerful face lessening the sting that Adam felt at his words.

"I don't know the reasoning behind it" Adam stammered, watching Nicholas close the door, and sit on the single bed.

His mind began to reel as Nicholas stretched arching his back towards the ceiling.

"What time is it?" enquired Adam.

"20:30." Nicholas replied looking at his watch. He looked up at this man who seemed lost in his thoughts.

Adam moved towards the small wooden wardrobe, with his rucksack, and opened the doors. It was bare. As the door swung open, the long rectangular mirror, on the inside, moved capturing the reflection of the young novice who was now sprawled across the bed. As Adam studied the reflection, Nicholas parted his cassock revealing a hard, uncut, cock.

Stifling a moan, Adam stared transfixed to the scene unfolding, in the mirror before him. As Nicholas tentatively stroked his hardening cock, his eyes were drinking in the vision of Adam's taut arse. Fantasies began to flood the mind, as his hand gripped the 10-inch length of his cock, in ever quickening strokes.

As the image of the young novice, closed its eyes, in ecstasy, Adam became increasingly aware of his growing erection. His hand unwittingly moved over his straining prick, as Nicholas moaned. Adam felt a rush of desire.

Time stood still, as the two men were enveloped in sexual tension. The strokes were becoming faster, and Adam began wrestling with the desire to be taken by the attractive, toned, moaning novice, writhing on the bed. He watched becoming more aroused, his cock now the hardest he had ever known. He could feel the pre-cum rising up from his sack towards the tip of the head.

"Fuck me, fuck me father!" moaned Nicholas, causing Adam to turn around, his throbbing cock pressing against his now uncomfortably tightened jeans. With a loud moan, Nicholas' pointed his engorged cock towards the figure of Adam, as it erupted, spraying his hot, milky, cum over the floor at Adam's feet.

Nicholas let out one final groan, and lay there for a split second in total euphoric bliss. His eyes opened seeing Adam and locking his gaze. With a groan Adam unconsciously stepped towards the bed, lust burning through him.

Nicholas smiled and the chime of his watch shattered the moment.

"Fuck! It's 21.00; we're going to have to run. The Cardinal hates to be kept waiting." Stated Nicholas straightening his robe.

Grinning he dragged Adam out of the sex drenched room, and up to the Cardinal's study on the fourth floor. Knocking smartly on the door, Nicholas turned towards the now nervous looking Adam, and patted his arse, before disappearing down the corridor.

"Enter!" a deep voice resounded through the wooden door.

Adam took a deep breath, and pushed open the door, stepping onto the deep claret carpet. The room was fragranced with Frankincense, and pine from the logs burning in the stone fireplace. The cardinal sat behind an imposing mahogany desk, and on seeing Adam, rose, striding towards him.

Adam was stunned to see a tall, dark haired Adonis approaching. As the Cardinal drew closer, he was able to discern the finer details of the man's features. Dark brown eyes, slightly greying temples, and a strong masculine jaw, led his gaze down to a wide muscular chest, and tapering waist.

They shook hands, and Adam was pointed towards two chairs beside the blazing fire.

"Pleased with your decision to join us?" enquired Cardinal Montaigne, as they took their seats.

Adam could only nod, as he found his seat obstructed by a bible and cassock.

"Ah yes" said the Cardinal. "That is your cassock. Unfortunately they are made to a universal size so it may need adjusting." Adam felt himself scrutinized before the Cardinal continued. "Actually if you would allow me I could measure you up now and the adjustments would be done in time for Morning Mass"

Recalling Nicholas had been naked under his cassock, Adam assumed this was the norm. Comfortable in the presence of the Cardinal, Adam removed his leather jacket, and white shirt. The Cardinal ran his eyes over the young man's slightly tanned, defined chest. Realising that any sudden movement could confuse Adam, be panted softly, and his eyes followed Adam's hands undoing his belt to his jeans. The buckle opened, and his hands opened the top button, leading to the zip of his trousers, which fell to his ankles. He stepped out of them, and the white boxer shorts gripped to his tight arse, and erect cock.

As he removed his boxer shorts, the Cardinal leapt up, and reached out for the measuring tape by the side of his chair. The dark pubic hairs that surrounded the boy's cock were trimmed and drops of pre-cum glistened on the tip of his quivering head.

Kneeling at the boy's feet, the Cardinal proceeded to run the tape up the inside of the young man's athletic leg. As he reached the inner thigh, Adam noticed the front of the cardinal's robe was tenting. The sensation of the Cardinal stroking his inner thigh caused Adam to tense and as the Cardinal's hand brushed past Adam's swollen balls, Adam shuddered and moaned.

Cardinal Montaigne moved the tape measure up past Adam's waist to his shoulder. Their eyes met.

"There needs to be some alterations Adam." Whispered the Cardinal. His hot breath caressed Adam's neck as the Cardinal turned Adam around. Leaning into Adam, on the pretence of measuring the broadness of Adam's back, Cardinal Romario Montaigne, rubbed his swollen cock against Adam's bare arse.

As Adam moaned and pressed back against the Cardinal, Romario whispered in his ear,

"I think you are going to be very much at home here in St Mark's. We are one big happy family. I am sure Nicholas made you feel welcome, but it is my duty to now make you feel one of us."

With that, the Cardinal removed his robe. Adam could feel the man's huge erection pressing against his back. The Cardinal ran his large strong hands down the sides of Adams body, eliciting another moan from the young man and causing him to lean into the Cardinals touch. Kneeling until his head was level with the boy's tight arse the Cardinal spread the shivering boys cheeks. Blowing gently on his exposed butt the Cardinal leaned in and licked the entire length of Adam's crack.

At the touch Adam groaned and his muscles spasm in delight at the intrusion of the Cardinals tongue. He began to pant as the Cardinal began to lick furiously around and then in his ring. Involuntarily Adam's hands began to clench as his eyes closed in pleasure. The sensation of the hot wet tongue slipping over and into his ring made his breath catch. His stomach tightened as his cock already hard began to thrash.

A cry of surprise escaped Adam's lips as the Cardinal pulled them both to the carpeted floor. Falling sideways and taking Adam with him the Cardinal kept up his furious onslaught on the boy's exposed ring. The fall to the floor had left Adam on his side facing the Cardinals engorged cock and as the Cardinal sucked on his arse Adam saw a drop of pre cum ooze from Cardinal Romario's cock. Adam was fascinated by the jewel anointing the Cardinal's cock and without thought stretched out his tongue and flicked it over the tip of the straining cock in front of him.

Romario stiffened, as Adam's tongue left a hot trail across his throbbing cock. Quickly so as not to distract the young man, Romario returned to orally stimulating the boy but shifted his attention from Adam's tender young ass to lick from his ring and suckle on his swollen ball sack.

As the Cardinal's hot mouth engulfed Adam's balls he moaned loudly. All thought left his head, he began to operate on instinct alone and plunged his mouth over the twitching cock before him. Roaring Romario fought back the urge to thrust into Adam's mouth. Reaching round Adam he gripped the young man's thrashing cock and began to stroke it. Muffled moans came from Adam as he tugged on the boy's cock, still sucking on the now tightening sac.

The insistent tugging of the Cardinal caused Adam to inhale sharply sucking the Cardinals cock deep into his throat. As Romario groaned Adam increased the pressure on the object in his mouth. His tongue rippled over the shaft and massaged the underside of the head. Adam moaned amazed as the cock in his mouth began to swell even more.

Romario felt his balls churn as the dark haired head of Adam pumped up and down on his cock, he knew he was close to losing it and there was still one more thing to do. Without warning, the Cardinal rose to his knees pulling his cock from Adam's mouth. The young man moaned at the loss as his mouth emptied coating Romario's cock liberally in his saliva.

Adam had no time to assess the situation as he felt Romario gently but insistently pushing his face to the carpet. As his arse raised Adam felt the Cardinal resume his sucking on his ring while his hand returned to Adam's pulsing cock.

As the pressure in his balls threatened to explode them, Adam tensed feeling the head of the Cardinal's cock against his ring. Feeling the boy tense the Cardinal stroked his sides and back whispering "Relax Adam, it will hurt a little and then I promise you the pleasure will begin." The soothing quality of the Cardinal's tone and the gentle stroking relaxed Adam and with a thrust the Cardinal shoved his hot hard cock past the boy's entrance.

Adam screamed at the intrusion. He was flooded with a burning pain and tears flowed freely from his clenched eyes. The Cardinal remained motionless inside the young man allowing him to become accustomed to the cock filling his arse. Panting as the pain subsided Adam felt as the Cardinal began to slowly push into him. As each inch of the Cardinals cock entered him, Adam screamed out, his butt tightening around the intruding object. The clenching of Adam's arse around his cock was driving the Cardinal crazy with lust and he wanted nothing more than to ram his cock into the tender young hole in front of him.

Maturity and genuine feeling for the young man however held him motionless once he was completely buried in Adam. Remaining inside Adam, Romario leaned over the boy encircling him in his strong muscular arms. As the boy's sobs diminished Romario teased his nipples trailing kisses down the sensitive side of his neck. He nibbled at the boy's neck causing Adam to moan, his fingers stroking down the boy's body to his softening cock.

With the pain finally subsiding Adam became aware of the pleasurable stroking his quickly stiffening cock was receiving. As the pleasure increased instinct again took over and he pushed back against the Cardinal. The cock in his ass rasped against him, the tip flicking against his inner gland, triggering a rush of intense sensation. Still the Cardinal remained still enjoying the growing feeling in his cock as Adam humped against him. Increasing his movements against the Cardinal, Adam gave himself to the pleasure growing inside. The friction of the cock filling him was creating shooting arcs of extreme pleasure to rush through his body every time it grazed across his prostate. The Cardinal increased his strokes on Adams enlarged cock and caressed his balls. With the touch of Romario's hand to his balls Adam groaned out loudly and began to frantically hump back driving the Cardinal's huge cock deeper into him.

Romario's body stiffened at Adam's increased movements. The pleasure was overwhelming and with a throaty roar he gripped the boy firmly around his hips. Driving himself into Adam he began to call the boy's name over and over. At each cry Romario drove himself faster and harder into Adams tight hot hole. Romario's hand increased the pressure on Adam's hips as he felt the boy tightening around him.

The soft moans from the boy wove a melodic counterpoint to Romario's groans as they both rushed towards climax.

"Oh my God" Adam screamed as his entire body slammed back against the Cardinal and his balls tightened flooding his cock with cum. The Cardinal's cock rubbed hard against his gland and Adam's cock finally exploded shooting hot cum all over his chest, thighs and the floor. As he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum, his ass clenched gripping the Cardinal tighter and tighter.

Romario could take no more and a scream was torn from his throat as he hilted Adam, his cock pouring hot sticky cum filling the boy's tight tunnel. Holding Adam until his cock softened Romario stroked the young man beneath him. As his cock slipped out he turned Adam to face him. The young man was beaming his eyes still glazed with euphoric delight.

With a smile Romario lowered his head and kissed Adam, his tongue sliding into the boy's hot mouth. Adam returned the kiss eagerly and as Romario pulled away he whispered…

"Welcome to the Priesthood. Es Spiritus Sancti"

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