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Blind Love


Suzy has been totally blind since birth. She is pretty and small built, but with full, pert breasts. Although she is twenty years old she looks younger because she is less than five feet tall and her face is not care worn or troubled.

I met her when I was doing some voluntary driving work. I was detailed to pick her up from her parents home and take her to her occupational therapy centre. She was chatty and friendly. I enjoyed her company. When we got to talking about her life I discovered that she spent most days in really boring activity making basketware. She was full of life and energy that was going to waste and she had never had a proper boyfriend.

After driving her two or three times over a month, I started to make sure that I was available when I knew that she would require driving and it did not take long before I persuaded her to tell the therapy centre that she had a medical appointment so that I could take her out for a few hours.

That really started it. I drove her to a deserted car park in some woodland that I know well and invited her to come for a walk with me. I held her hand to guide her along the paths and she obviously like it. We sat down on some grass and I put may arm around her and kissed her. She didn't resist at all. After a few moments of gentle kissing we became passionate. When she was very excited I caressed her breasts outside her clothing and placed her hand on my very stiff prick. She was groaning with desire, but I stopped it on that occasion and took her back to the centre.


So! What about me? I am 52 years old. I have enough money to make me comfortable after running my own business for many years and then selling it. Unfortunately, my wife of a long time left me for a younger man who might one day provide her with even greater wealth. At my age and not being the world's greatest looker, I have been lonely since then and I am determined that no other woman will take me for the huge amount of money that she has and leave me distraught. Apart from all that though, a man is a man and I want a sexual partner as much as any other.


After that first kiss and cuddle, Suzy was desperately keen to try some more. We created frequent reasons to get off to the woods and made the very most of them. Her experience had been limited to fumblings with blind boys that she met at her special school and none of them had been at all satisfactory. She had never had full sex although one of them had put his dick in her mouth once. Due to surprise she pushed him away and that was the end of it. However, she found it quite exciting and frequently repeated the event in her mind when she was masturbating, which she did very frequently. Once she had told me this I obviously let her have a taste of mine and she didn't take much training before she had a beautiful sucking technique, enjoyed swallowing cum and was brilliant learning to take me right down her throat.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she was deeply in love with me and I really wanted to set up home with her and take things on a lot, lot further. I had expected problems with her parents because of the age difference, but the truth was that they were delighted to discover a respectable man having such an interest in their daughter and they were happy to visit me at home. They had a few qualms when she started staying overnight, but being of full age they couldn't do anything other than tell her to take care and we soon set up home together.


We fucked conventionally, of course, but I made sure that she only had an orgasm with my prick in her throat. She had been used to wanking for a long time and all I had to do was work her clit with my fingers at the right time and I could get her to a climax every time I came into her mouth or throat. It made her love cock sucking and that was just fine with me.

Although I gave Suzy a lot of love and affection, I have to confess that I never told her how good she was at cock sucking. She was worried that with all my life experience and long marriage I would be disappointed with her inexperienced efforts. The boasts of the kids at school and the occupational unit had made her think that they were wildly adventurous although it was probably all fantasy. The truth was that I was having better sex than in the whole of my life, but I was happy to go along with her belief and tell her that I would train her to get her up to the necessary standard for us to have a happy life together.

She was really pleased with this idea. She had really enjoyed her initial cock sucking training and she got a lot of security out of training because her whole life had really been being trained how to cook safely, get around satisfactorily and so on. I decided to push it just a bit further and said that the training would only really be effective if she was punished if she fell below standard and I was amazed when she replied that she agreed completely. Her Daddy had spanked her whenever she did something wrong and it was only because of that that she had kept out of trouble and danger until now. With a little further questioning it turned out that Daddy had used his hand, belt and a cane on her bare ass whenever he felt the need right up until she came to live with me. I was absolutely gob smacked, but I never let on and said that was absolutely right and proper of him although she would have to understand that learning to be a good wife was a lot more serious than the lessons of childhood and she might have to expect a little more serious chastisement from me than her father had given her. She looked just a little worried, but agreed readily.

I had a lot of plans and one of my first actions was to make arrangements for Suzy to have a guide dog. At the dog training centre they were a bit surprised when I insisted that the dog had to be male and with his balls intact, but they never questioned it at all and said that it would not be any problem. There were none ready trained that fitted my requirements, so I agreed with them that I would buy a pedigree labrador puppy and present it to them for training. We would be able to take delivery in twelve months. I selected a gorgeous golden puppy whose parents were large, very healthy looking dogs. Suzy had never had a dog and always got around with a long stick and another human being on most occasions. She absolutely adored stroking and cuddling the puppy before we handed him over for training and she couldn't wait for him to be back with us. We had to name him before he went for training. He is 'Muff'.


Anyway, back to the training. I set a rule that Suzy must suck me off before she ever got out of bed. In addition to this, I would take her in the mouth whenever I wished and she was required to swallow all of my cum on every occasion. She would be punished if she failed meet the rules completely including the spilling of any cum or failing to take me completely as I wanted. The very first morning after the rules had been set, she hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom before climbing back in beside me. As she went to cuddle up to me I snapped harshly:

"On your knees on the floor for ten strokes of the belt."

She gave a little squeal and turned her head up to me mumbling "why?"

"Why Master" I replied. "And you know why. You got out of bed without doing your duty"

Realisation crossed her face and she dived her head to get my prick in her mouth, but I pulled her back by her hair and ordered her onto her knees. Without any further hint of resistance, she jumped out of bed and got on her knees with her head to the floor. Legs slightly parted and her ass high. It was quite obvious how her father had done things and I don't think that it was just about discipline. I took a leather trouser belt from the wardrobe, doubled it in my hand and gave her one firm whack across both buttocks. She barely flinched and called out "one" in a clear, firm voice. I asked her why she had called out the number and she said that if she didn't her father would not count it and she would get more than he had said. I replied that this was quite correct and that she must do the same for all the punishments she would get from me. I gradually increased the force of the blows over the next four or five strokes until she was crying and calling out a little as each stroke raised another brilliant mark on her ass.. Still she kept up the counting. She kept in position too, until after the last stroke had been counted when she fell in a sobbing heap on the floor and clutched her hands to her scorching bottom.

I ordered her back into bed and gave her a throat fucking until I came a huge load into her mouth and she convulsed in an explosive orgasm. When she had swallowed my cum and licked me clean I turned her round to kiss and lick her burning buttocks while I worked her clit to a further series of intense orgasms.

That little lesson was very effective. Most mornings I woke to the sensation of my prick swelling in Suzy's mouth. If she needed a piss in the night, she would suck me gently so as not to wake me too suddenly until I eventually shot my load and she could go to relieve herself. Whenever I woke first I would just tap her lightly and she was down on me immediately.

Of course there were times when she gagged or coughed and sometimes she spilled a little. I warmed her ass on each of these occasions and she learned very quickly. Once when I was giving her a hard throat fucking on the bed she choked and threw up on the bed clothes. It was obviously not her fault except that she had to learn to conquer her gag reflex and relax her throat under all conditions and she hadn't yet got to that stage. Anyway I didn't like being interrupted or having the sheets soiled, so the punishment was a bit harder than usual. I ordered her onto her knees with her body upright and her hands clasped behind her back. I picked up the cane from its home on my bedside cabinet and gave her a good hard one across the tops of her tits after telling her that she was going to get six of the cane. She obediently cried out "One Master" although the blow was clearly a shock and tears came immediately to her eyes. The welt on her tits was beautiful. Within a few seconds I gave her another one just the same. Her tits bounced wildly and they were swelling with the bruises from the cane. She managed to call the number, but her voice was faltering with the pain.

I decided to put the next one across her belly, which caused her to bend sharply forward with the shock. Because I had not told her where I would hit and she could not see what I was doing, she had no idea what to expect next other than that there were still three more strokes to come. She straightened up without me needing to order her and knelt ready for the continuation of her punishment with tears running down her lovely cheeks. I aimed directly at her nipples and got her tits right on their front. She gasped as it took the wind from her lungs and the reddened, swollen and striped tits swelled a little more. Suzy screamed with this stroke and only just managed to call out the number.

I went and took a sip of water and then poured a little from the glass over each of her breasts.. I am not sure why I did this. I don't know whether the cooling would have been soothing at all, but I had a bit of a recollection that wet skin stung worse when it was spanked. I don't think I really wanted to hurt her any more than I was already doing, but who knows. I put the next one on her belly again. I angled it differently and it left a kind of wide cross mark. She didn't even bend this time. She called out "five Master" quite clearly and firmly. She knew that the end of her punishment was close. Her final one was again across the top of her tits. There was a little splash from the wet skin and a loud squeal before Suzy managed to call out "six Master" before clutching her breasts and curling up crying.

I admired, kissed, cuddled and caressed those bruised and swollen breasts for well over two weeks before the marks had faded into a general discolouration. Suzy could not see any of this of course, but she could feel the welts and the changes in the shape of her swollen tits. It hurt her a lot, but she loved the attention that she got. Each day I told her about the changes in the colour of her tits. Colour doesn't have any real meaning to her, but she knows that it is a big part of the sighted world and she was fascinated that her body could present a different picture to me each day as it went through shades of red, purple, black, brown, yellow and even green. Because of the cross on her stomach I called her my hot cross bun, but she said that was not right because she was not cross. She was grateful so I called her torrid tits instead.

On one occasion she got to giggling while she was sucking me and nipped the end of my dick with her teeth. It wasn't much, but I yelled out and told her to prepare herself for punishment. She would be taught that the genitals are sensitive and to be treated with loving care. This was going to be a serious punishment. Apart from the little accident with the teeth, cock sucking is a serious business. She must learn to give it every bit of her attention and she does not laugh with my prick in her mouth. I shaved her cunt completely free of all pubic hair and told her that she was going to get a cunt whipping. To build up the tension for her, I made her stay naked in the bedroom while I went out and bought some thin leather strips from a local horse tack shop whose owner is a very good friend of mine. Luckily he was in and while the girl was cutting the thongs to my requirements, I went and had a chat with him. He knew about my new relationship although he had never met Suzy and I told him that I needed a pussy whip for a bit of discipline and I was going to make one up. He said that there was no need for me to do it. He knew exactly what I required and he would make it up himself. When I asked him how long it would take he said it would be about an hour and he would drop it round to my place to save me waiting.

It was obvious that he wanted to see Suzy and I decided that I would let him, so I set off back home. My mind was racing. I had never involved anybody else in my love making and certainly never discussed anything like it with Suzy. When my wife took a lover I had fantasised about what she did with him, but I had never had any group sex or watched other people making love except in porno films. My mind was racing. Did I dare to involve my friend and if so how?

By the time I got home I had made up my mind that I was going to involve Peter, but that I would take it very carefully. Suzy was very anxious. She was tearful and asked what position she must take for her cunt whipping. I put her on the bed and demonstrated how she must lie on her back, lift her legs up so that her feet are above her shoulders and grasp her ankles so that she holds her legs straight with the feet as wide apart as possible. She did this, displaying her cunt and ass beautifully. While she was in position I explained that I had ordered the whip to be specially made for her punishment and that the craftsman would be delivering it shortly. When the doorbell rang, she was to answer the door, naked as she was now, and invite the whip maker in.

Suzy made no reply as I explained what she was to do. Her face showed fear and an inability to know how to respond. I took her in my arms, cuddled her and kissed her passionately. I whispered gently into her ear that she knew she must be punished to make her perfect in our relationship and that I would protect her always from coming to any harm. She was going to be given a painful cunt because she had hurt my prick and the man who had been kind enough to help her by making the instrument of her punishment would get to see the beautiful recipient of his craftsmanship.

The tension eased from her body and she kissed me back with obvious, hot excitement. I felt her cunt and it was soaking.

When the doorbell rang, Suzy was already waiting and she opened it immediately, standing back from the door as she did so. I stood a few paces behind her and watched the face of Peter. He let out a silent whistle as he looked at the naked beauty standing before him with her bald cunt still pink from its earlier shaving and her own excitement. I called out "come in" and he quickly did so, closing the door behind him. Before he could say anything I said "Welcome to our home Peter. Suzy wishes to thank you for coming and for helping her with her training."

Peter took the whip from his pocket. It was an amazing sight as he stood before Suzy looking her up and down, with his prick as stiff as a ramrod pushing his trousers out like a tent. He is a powerfully built man standing more than six feet three inches tall and he looked a giant peering down on her small, slim figure.

"Suzy will take the whip and lead us to the bedroom"

Suzy put out her hand in response to my words and Peter placed the whip in it as she said "thank you Master" and bent her knees in a little curtsey. I had not taught her this and wondered where it came from, but I liked it. Suzy made her way to the bedroom and I gestured to Peter to come with us. Nothing was said.

In the room, I took the whip from Suzy's hand and instructed her to get into position. I examined the whip, which was a light device with six thin leather thongs as I had ordered. What I did not expect was that the handle was also in leather and shaped like a fairly large dildo. It was soft, but firm to handle. The thongs were about two feet long. I struck the whip into the palm of my own hand and told Suzy that twelve strokes would be appropriate for her offence.

Without any further delay, I brought the whip down directly on the oozing pink lips of her cunt. She called out "one Master" and her labia immediately reddened with deeper coloured marks on her pubic mound where the ends of the whip bit in to the flesh. I continued without pause, delivering six strokes all around the same area before I slowed the pace and spread the strokes a little onto the very tender inner thighs. By ten strokes she was screaming as each one fell and the whole of her cunt area was brilliantly reddened and ridged with welts. Despite this, Suzy was still hanging onto her ankles and and calling out the strokes. I turned to Peter who was transfixed. Gazing at Suzy's punished pussy, he realised that I was looking at him and broke his reverie. I passed him the whip and and indicating 'two' with my fingers, I stood aside and gestured to him to take my place to complete the punishment. He hesitated for a second, but when I nodded to him in encouragement he raised his arm and brought the whip down. He got a direct hit on the swollen cunt lips and Suzy's ass leapt off the bed as she screamed and called out "eleven Master" Peter smiled with enjoyment at having the opportunity to do this and looked to me again. I smiled back and nodded that he should carry on with the last stroke. He raised it a little higher than previously and gave her the final one dead centre and I saw some of the whip strands enter right inside her. She thrashed around in pain letting go of her ankles as she called out the final stroke number. I took the whip from Peter, thrust the dildo like handle fully home into her throbbing cunt and told her to wait where she was for me to return.

I took Peter downstairs where we had a cup of tea. I thanked him for his excellent work and asked him how much I owed him. He said that I must be joking, he would have paid a lot to come and see and do what had just happened and I was very welcome to the whip with his compliments. He said that he hoped that it got a lot of use and gave plenty of pleasure. Without making any offers about why, I said that as a very good and long time friend I thought that it was time he visited sometimes. He realised from my tone and what we had just done that there might be a bit more on offer than a drink and a chat and he said that he would love to come around. I made an arrangement for a week ahead and showed him to the door.

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