Blindfold Trick


Jack found a speedy and regular rhythm that he enjoyed, and it seemed his mother did too. He was sliding in and out of her more easily each time, even though he could feel her pussy growing tighter and tighter as time went on. His cock twitched and thrashed inside her.

Jack looked down at his mother's face, part hidden by the blindfold and muffled by the impromptu gag. Her mouth hung as open as the gag would allow, desperately drawing breath. She grunting in time with each thrust, each time 'David' pounded against her hips and grinded into her clit. Now that Jack was nearly about to cum, the lust for his mother was turning back to aggression and anger. Each thrust became an attack against her, which she loved none-the-less, being that she had no idea what was really going on. It went from love-making to fucking to banging a slut. He really wanted her to know what he'd done to her. It could make finally cumming all the more sweet.

If he'd had the gift of hindsight it's unlikely he would have done what he did next, but passion and logic never go hand in hand. Jack put his finger under the material of the blindfold and, feeling all-powerful and dominant, lifted the whole thing off of her head.

Immediately Kate looked up at the person fucking her with deep, lustful, wanting eyes. Shadows and sweat cast from her brow could tell anyone the heights of ecstasy she was caught in. It only took a split second of realisation however for her to see 'David' was actually her son Jack. Her eyes widened as she gasped for breath. Jack grinned down at her sinisterly. Kate looked down her naked, vulnerable body to look at his cock burying itself and reappearing between her legs. She froze in panic, in sheer disbelief. Amazingly, Jack was undeterred. He continued pumping into her like a horny mutt.

Kate began thrashing her legs around, trying to kick her son off of her. She screamed through the gag, desperately trying to shout. Her panties strapped her tongue down in her mouth so her 'No's came out as slurs and spitting like a crazy woman. She threw her head back and forth while Jack continued fucking her soaked pussy. Her pubic clenches now made out of fear than from arousal. The panties restraining her wrist against the headboard strained and stretched as she tried to break free, but it was a futile effort. Jack found the franticness of her movement a real turn on. He sat more upright and grabbed her legs, holding them firmly in each hand. It felt natural to lean forward with them so her knees bent. Jack pushed forwards, keeping a firm palm on the backs of each of her thighs so her knees were pushed up to her stomach. Kate still kicked her shins about but Jack was in no danger or being hit.

"'ack! 'ACK!" She yelped, unable to say her son's name properly. She felt so helpless seeing her son's tensed up body pinning her down, with no chance of escape. Jack spread her knees so he could make eye contact, without stopping his attack on her snatch.

"You're a great fuck, Mom!" He cried. Kate's lips began to quiver upon hearing those words. She turned he head and her fighting became less intense.

"Your tits are amazing too, you know." Each slam into her made her breasts fly up her body violently. Jack could hear her begin to sniff. He saw a tear or two roll down her cheek too as she bit fiercely into her gag. The taste of her juices now only added to her shame. That along with her muffled, crying objections let Jack know he'd broken her.

"Come on, Mom. You loved this 5 minutes ago." Jack teased, "I can still feel how wet you are, you slut!" This prompted Kate to thrash around some more in vane, screaming into her panties.

"I'll show you how to have a good time." Jack told her. He slowed down his relentless fucking and let go of one of her legs, placing his hand on top of her thick pubic hair. He used his thumb to flick and caress her moist clit. As soon as Kate felt this she jerked up again, kicking him with her free leg. Jack was able to his elbow to keep it away form him.

"You fucker, you little fucker!" Is what Jack assumed his mother was trying to yell, but chose to ignore whatever it was.

"I'm gonna make you cum." He told her. Kate just kept kicking and slurring and foaming at the mouth, enraged as her son played and teased her. After a little while Jack could feel her pussy begin to clench again. He felt his dick going in and out with the same ease it had before.

"I knew I'd get you wet, you filthy cunt!" he cried victoriously. He pumped himself into her again, faster and faster, feeling her pussy clench and spasm around him. Putting his whole weight on top of her, he placed his head next to hers, ready to take both of them to orgasm. He unfastened the panties tied around her head and let them fall loose, thinking he'd hear her climatic screams.

"Jack! Jack!" Kate yelled, "Please! Please stop!" Jack was breathing heavily in her ear, ignoring her pleas.

"Please don't! Don't cum! Don't make me cum! We can't do this!" She cried, tears streaming down her face. Jack knew her pussy and her mouth were telling two different stories. Her snatch welcomed his every thrust as good as any whore's.

"Oh god... Oh god... no..." Kate sniffed. Jack felt it as her pussy grabbed and milked his cock, quivering uncontrollably. Kate involuntarily wrapped her legs around her son as he continued fucking and playing with her cunt. The headboard creaked and buckled as she writhed around, still attached.

"No... Please stop... Jack... Bastard..." She now moved around in the heights of orgasm rather than fighting, although the violent movements were the same. Her hips writhed underneath him.

"You just came, you fucking cunt!" Jack yelled into her shoulder. He felt his cock spasm and twitch before finally unleashing streams and streams of thick cum. They shot deep inside his mother, painting her insides with his seed. He was balls deep inside her and she could feel every spurt. It extended her own orgasm every time she felt him shoot up inside her pussy.

"Don't... don't speak to me like that.... Stop... please..." She pleaded, while using her legs wrapped around him to keep him in place. Slowly Jack's levels of pleasure began to fall. Kate's pussy relaxed and unclenched from around his dick. Jack collapsed on top of her while she remained stuck. They both struggled to draw breath quickly enough.

"Get off... Get off me..." Kate screamed, "You fucking bastard! You prick!" Now greatly satisfied, Jack clambered off of her. Their sweaty skin stuck together slightly as they pulled apart. His dick started to lose its hardness and slid out of her violated snatch.

"Untie me! Untie me!" his mother demanded. Jack was coming back to his senses but still wasn't done yet. He looked down at his cock, covered in her excitement and his jizz.

"Look at the mess here!" He smiled. For one final insult he picked up a nearby pair of clean black lace panties and proceeded to wipe his messy dick all over it. It left white trails all over the lace. Once he was clean he scrutched them up into a ball and stood next to his mother.

"Open up, mom!" He laughed.

"Fuck you!" She screamed. Jack grabbed her face with one hand and pushed her cheeks in, forcing her to open her mouth. He then forced the newly messed panties into her mouth. Her yells and protests did little to stop him. Kate was treated to the familiar taste of her labia juice and now Jack's semen.

"Umph!! UMPPHH!!!" Were the only noises she could make with the lace stuffed in her mouth. Jack laughed at her, cementing her total humiliation. After a few moments she managed to tongue the underwear out of her mouth before unleashing a verbal tirade of expletives at her son. Tears replaced by visceral anger.

Jack stood next to the bed, watching her kicking about, livid at him. The power he held over her was intoxicating. Jack was not quite ready to let her go yet...

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