tagErotic PoetryBlindfolded



My lips are hungry to say your name
in this darkness.
Loud enough so that you can hear and feel
the soft vibration of the word against your ear,
Your hair slightly moving as my mouth brushes across the sensitive skin of your earlobe.
Yet quiet enough so you lean in,
eager to hear me say it again...
To pull me toward you.

I can feel your tender touch on my skin and it makes me afraid to breathe.
Your fingertips are exploring my innermost being.
I am torn between wanting to give in and yet... holding back.
I barely move, afraid the spell will be broken.

My fingers weave themselves through your hair, feeling thickness.
I can hear your heart beat.
I can feel you without touching you.
Your presence so strong it makes me tremble...
the blood rushing to my head.

You can't see my eyes but I know you see what is behind them.
You sense my hesitation yet only gently coax me in your quiet way,
Driven on by the sensation of darkness...eagerness,
to unfold the blindfold that hides me underneath.

I can feel your fingertips slip inside of me.
They enter me with ease, sliding into wetness you have caused.
I moan quietly as you feel my darkness...
The velvet walls closing in on you, tightening around the much longed for intrusion.

Your scent intoxicates me, sensuality coming off of you in waves,
That has somehow found me.
The nearness of you causes my nipples to stiffen, tightening, aching...
To feel your skin pressed against them.

The closer I lean in, the more dangerous it becomes.
The fire of your skin is like a magnet, making it impossible for me
Not to want to feel the heat emanating from you.

My nipples burn as they bury themselves in the wiry curls of your chest.
Your erection throbs against me.

The passion is deafening, but no words need to be spoken, so it is not necessary to hear.
We just feel...
Our bodies acting of their own volition.

I take you in my hand, feeling the length of you against my palm.
Wetness touches my wrist and I can hear you say my name,
The 'K' punctuated by an invisible cloud of warm breath...
From your mouth hovered above my own.

Lips find one another, locked.
A tender kiss that lasts in this moment of stillness,
With only your fingers moving inside of me and my hand stroking you,
Savoring the feel of your veins
and warmth against the softness of my palm,
My fingers wrapped around you.

Come with me you whisper, briefly removing your lips from mine.
Let go, you urge.

You find the swollen bud, the secret to my femininity,
Hidden between a soft thatch of curls.
I hear the sharp intake of air, as your breath catches,
Overcome by my hidden darkness.

You expertly pull and encircle.
A small cry comes from me.
Your fingers pressing the button,
As the shutter clicks,
Capturing the moment in time when I am uncovered.

You crush your mouth against mine,
and we moan together,
Your fingers drenched,
closed in on by my tightness,
Muscles contracting around you.
Hot liquid kissing my hand and thigh, leaving a trail of warmth on my skin,
As you pulsate in my hand.

Our hearts beat rapidly, in unison
and we lay in quiet darkness,
Overcome by what just happened.

I feel your eyelashes flutter against my cheek as our faces press close,
Our bodies still, your fingers inside of me yet,
My hand clasped around your base.

We dare not move...
In the darkness we have uncovered what otherwise may not exist.

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