She walked home from a long day at the center, her lab coat billowing in the breeze as she edged closer towards her house. She could see only two cars in the driveway, telling her he was home. Sara's beautiful eyes flashed as she only imagined what her friend was going to do to her that night. She quickened her pace walking to the door and quickly inserted her key into the lock knowing he locked it on purpose to get to her. As she entered the house, she was about to drop the folders and books in her arms when she paused. She could smell the aroma of candle wax and incense as she allowed her senses to take over for her vision. She slowly placed her day's work down on the nearby stoop where she always kept her paperwork and slowly removed the lab coat.

She was in her purple dress at this point as she followed her nose into the den. There, she could see the shadow of her lover waiting for her. She couldn't see his mouth, but she could feel the smile through the candle lit darkness. As she moved closer, she remembered what his last instructions were and stopped again.

"Strip," the command was. She slowly undid one button at a time until her purple dress was opened and she slowly allowed her arms to drop to allow the dress to fall to the floor. There she stood before her shadowed master, clad in only a black pair of thong underwear and her heels. As she stood there wondering what was to happen next, he breathed a little louder just to get her more on edge.

"I want your panties off," he said in an amused tone. Sara slowly bent down and slowly removed her panties and allowed them to fall down her legs. Her shaven slit was then visible to his sight. She stood there, her nerves shaking as he stared at her through the darkness.

"Sit on the lounge chair." The green fabric covered lounge chair was right next to her. She sat there as his dark shape rose from the chair he was sitting in and moved towards her. As she sat, she wondered what she was going to be doing tonight for him. She reasoned in her head that her friend was new to the dominant/submissive style of roleplay and was enjoying allowing him to learn by experimenting with her. As she smiled to herself for the fun she was having, she could feel his presence closer to her.

"Show me your hands." This was a new one to her. She presented her wrists to her and quicker than an eye blink, her wrists were cuffed together. He was using the cuffs that were connected by a long chain that time. Sara's curiosity was piqued. It was then that he took a dark piece of fabric and covered her eyes.

With Sara's vision removed temporarily, she was curious to what he was up to. That question was answered when she felt a pair of lips on her neck. The lips didn't belong to her lover though because they were soft and lacked his tell tale goatee. It wasn't long until she could feel her wrists being lifted by the cuffs above her head. As the lips on her neck continued to kiss and lick , she could feel a second presence close to her around her exposed chest. Those hands felt like her lover's as his hands betrayed his masculinity. His hands slowly moved across her breasts and slowly pinched her nipples to erection as the pair of lips slowly brought themselves to her lips and kissed hers. It was with that kiss she recognized her friend and she could feel herself at ease.

Her lover then began to suck her nipple slowly as her female friend started to whisper French phrases in her ear. Her lover's tongue began to lick in the valley between her breasts as she began to shudder slowly. Her friend's hands began to rub her shoulders as she kept whispering, kept prodding her in French to let go. Sara could feel herself edging closer to her boundary as his tongue started licking down her abdomen. She could sense her friend moving as her lover stopped his tongue from moving for a bit.She could feel herself alone for a minute it seemed, but she desperately needed to be touched, to be tended to.

She could feel the breeze of the door opening as she could start to make out the sounds of people arriving. This made her nervous for a moment because she was unsure of what her lover would do to her at that point. She made a hard no on inviting strangers to their little games, so she suddenly felt betrayed until she smelled a familiar perfume close to her face. It was one of her best girl friends and as her kiss reaffirmed her lover's commitments to her, she felt the kiss of another friend from her other cheek. Her hands were still secured above her head and beginning to tire from being up there so long. She could feel her lover's hands grabbing the chain and putting her arms in a more natural position on her abdomen for that moment. Sara could hear the sounds of the removal of clothing and of quiet whispering as her girlfriends were talking about the setup her lover had done. It wasn't long until Sara heard the sound of buzzing coming towards her. She could feel her lover's hands on her thighs spreading them apart as some soft plastic buzzing thing began to rub over her engorged clit. Sara forgot herself for a moment and moaned loudly before she felt a familiar pair of legs straddle her face.

Sara was still blindfolded, but she could recognize the scent and touch of her Asian friend from earlier as her head was brought close to this woman's privacy. Her friend began telling her in French what to do as Sara's tongue snaked out of her mouth and made contact with her friend's exposed spot. Sara could feel the skirt her friend was wearing over her head as she began to lick as if her continued existence depended on it.

Meanwhile, Sara could feel the buzzing slowly insert into her own wet pussy. Her lover's hands were still on her thighs spreading her apart as this toy was slowly inserted inside her and pulled slowly out partially. Sara was in the process of being teamed up on and her mind had many processes to factor at once. She was already imagining in her mind the scene she was in the middle of. The vision brought her closer to climax as her friend near her face began to softly moan from Sara's tongue. It wasn't long until Sara's face was covered with her friend's climax. She could feel her friend slowly slide off of her before she felt her friend's lips on hers, their tongues rubbing together as they shared a tender moment.

By that time, Sara's lover slowly released her thighs as Sara could hear his bones creak slightly as he rose from his place. The vibrating toy was slowly removed as Sara started begging for it to stay in for her release. Sara had been so close to climax a few times that night and just wanted to release. It wasn't until she felt her lover's hands that she quieted herself. She could feel how he was pushing her over until her breasts were mashed against the lounge she was one. She was picturing that he placed her in a modified hands and knees position until her sex was in position for whatever his devious mind was planning.

Sara then felt a pair of feminine hands on her rear as an equally feminine tongue was slowly licking her inside thigh. This sensation distracted her senses as a presence began to make itself known near her rosebud. It was gooey and began to flow inside of her as it cooled. Sara began to anticipate the excitement as she felt her quim getting licked and her anus getting prepped. It wasn't until she felt a pair of hands pulling her face up by her hair that she felt his desire. She could smell his male musk close to her nose and his fluid seeping from his member hardened by the activities thus far. She slowly opened her mouth to obey as she could feel a hard plastic plug inserted into her anus. It wasn't until she could feel it vibrate within her that she began picturing it in her mind as his member slipped inside her mouth. She knew what he was going after.

Sara could feel the vibration inside her ass as her mouth was used by her lover. Then there was the furious licking on her clit as someone's tongue was fucking her clit like a small cock. It wasn't long until Sara could feel a second tongue licking her from behind as her lover's dick grew within her mouth. She could hear him breathe hard as his hands released the grip on her hair and placed themselves on the back of her head. Everytime she concentrated on his dick in her mouth, the plug in her ass would buzz. If she concentrated on her ass, her clit would betray her thoughts on the two tongues. If she thought about the tongues, his dick would pulse in her mouth. She enjoyed the prospect of being used like this.

It wasn't long until she felt the wave of climax overtake her as she came all over the tongues of her aggressors. They moved in time to see her knees buckle and collapse onto the lounge. This brought his dick out of her mouth as she lay there exhausted. Her lover rolled her over and untied her blindfold as she focused on him at that moment. She could see his crooked smile and his member poised above her mouth as he smiled at her. She looked up and saw her friends on their knees before him as he began to stroke his cock for them. Sara then slowly took a place near them, her hands still cuffed together as her lover started to concentrate on finishing his performance for these four ladies. The Asian friend was at his immediate right and she began to caress his balls with her tongue as the other two began to lick the head of his cock almost daring him to fire. It wasn't long until he did as the two in front took the brunt of it before he aimed it at Sara's beautiful chest. The Asian friend took it in her hand and began to suck on it to drain it completely before she and Sarah began to lick the remnant off the other two friends' faces. The lover sat in the lounge as he watched these four girls clean themselves off before Sara came over and cuffed him.

"It's your turn now,"she said as she covered his eyes with the blindfold and had the girls help her place his arms as hers was on the hook above the lounge. She loved the thought of what happened, but now it was payback time.

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