tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlindfolded & Naked

Blindfolded & Naked


"Can you see anything?"

"No, nothing."

"Not even a little bit of light?"

"No its pitch black."

"Ok, good." Sammi tightened the blindfold around my eyes anyway for good measure and slapped my naked butt firmly. She spoke to her roommate Jenna, "Ok we're gonna turn the slut around 10 times so he has no idea where he is." My name is Brian, but Sammi says that I'm too weak of a person to be deserving of a real identity.

My world started spinning around, faster and faster. I heard Sammi and Jenna giggling as the spinning caused my butt to jiggle and my dick to bounce. I'm in great shape; I have a lean but muscular, athletic build and am slightly over six feet tall. Unfortunately I have quite a small penis, something Sammi and her friends would never let me live down. I do have a great ass though, one that all the women in my life have loved, although none as much as Sammi. She never would let me forget that it was a little on the large side, however, always telling me that it was phat with a P-H.

Sammi and Jenna took turns spinning me and throwing me violently around the room, grabbing at my ass and dick every chance they got. Within moments I had no idea where I was. What I didn't realize was that while they were spinning me, Sammi had opened the door to her dorm room and casually put me out into the hall way of her all female dorm building. She had thought it out so well that she had allowed me to wear one piece of clothing: socks. I had thought at the time that she was trying to be nice, allowing me that one piece of clothing to keep warm in the frigid air conditioning in the dorm, but I would soon find out that she had done so to make sure that I couldn't tell the difference between the floor of her dorm room and the one in the hall.

Unaware that I was standing in the hall way of an all girls dorm, completely naked and blindfolded, I waited patiently for an order. All I heard was a door slam right in front of me.


"You can take off the blindfold now my slutty little boy toy," her voice was muffled and I realized it was coming from being a door. I took off the blindfold and immediately realized where I was and turned bright red. I was completely naked in the hallway! Thank god the hallway was empty.

I started freaking out, "Sammi! You have to let me in! You can't do this to me, anyone could see me here, I could get in trouble!" The only response my pleas got out of the girls was constant shrieks of laughter.

A door opened down the hall. 'Fuck!' I thought. "Sammi! Let me in!". I recognized the girl's voice from down the hall. Thank god, it was Becky from down the hall. At least she had already seen me naked before and was unlikely to get me in trouble or something. She saw me and started cracking up.

"Is that you little dick?" she called me by one of the most humiliating of all my nicknames, "Oh my god, Megan you have to come see this. Remember the slut I was telling you about.."

A girl who I did not know, presumably "Megan" emerged from Becky's room and started laughing too. "Oh my god, it really is tiny!" The two girls starting walking towards me.

"Sammi let me in!" More laughter, this time from both inside Sammi's room and out in the hall way.

"Oh I wouldn't expect Sammi to be doing you any favors, little dick," Becky said, "here Brian meet my friend from back home. Meg this is little dick, little dick-Megan."

Megan gave me a a huge grin and started speaking to me in a patronizing tone, "Why hello there," she spoke to me like I was a three year old, "well I've heard so much about you little dick, I'm just glad to see for myself how true the story is. I have to say, that has got to be the smallest cock I have ever seen."

"Well it's a little cold in the hallway.." I tried to defend myself.

"Especially when you're naked!" Becky exclaimed and slapped my bare ass.

They continued on making fun of my penis size for about five minutes, all the while groping my dick and ass and calling me a slut. Finally, they had to go to wherever their destination was and they moved along. Megan assured me that she would love to see more of me in the future.

Sammi was still showing no interest in letting me back into the room. This was insane, it was 1 o'clock in the morning on a school night, I needed to go back to my dorm!

I heard speaking from inside her room. "Hello? Oh Rosemary, I'm so glad I caught a hold of you." Rosemary is a slightly overweight southern woman who works for the campus police, patrolling the dorms and class buildings late at night. She was very friendly. Sammi must be on the phone with her. "Yes there is a problem.. oh you're in my building? Great.. Yes there is a naked boy outside my door and I can't get him to leave.. Can you come take care of it?... No don't worry about back up, you won't need it... He has a tiny dick, its impossible to be intimidated by him..."

to be continued

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