tagRomanceBlizzard of (Com)Passion

Blizzard of (Com)Passion


"Now tell me, Robert… is this how you thought you'd be spending your Thanksgiving holiday?" Snuggling as close to him as she could, Kathleen rested her head on his bare chest. Outside the hotel suite, the blizzard that had shut down the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport continued to howl, and occasionally rattled the window. But as far as they were concerned, that ill wind had brought some good after all.

"Kathleen," he replied, running his fingers through the naked woman's shoulder-length auburn air, "I've never pictured having any holiday turn out like this. And certainly not this… how should I say… sensual."

"Oh come now," she said, propping herself up on one elbow. Thickening her natural Irish accent, she added, "Ye've truly never had a dusky Irish lass invite ye to her hotel room for a hot night of unbridled passion? Come now, don't ye be fibbin' to Kathleen here!" Overcome with laughter, Kathleen O'Malley once again laid her head on Robert Camden's chest. The chest-chuckles that rumbled in her ear gave her a special comfort, one she'd not felt in years. Even more than the exquisite and exotic feelings she'd felt and shared with Robert, that comfort told her that for tonight, for this moment, everything was as it should be. It also told her she was truly free to live again.

"Kathleen," he replied, "I honestly can say that before today, I've never had a woman invite me to her hotel room, let alone a 'dusky Irish lass' such as yourself. Nor have I spent an evening – or any part of the daytime, for that matter – in such an intimate way. As wonderful as this has been… part of me is still not believing it's happening. It's like something from a fantasy."

"What sort of fantasy would that be, dearie?"

"Well, not one a gentleman would admit to." Looking down, Robert saw her face turn toward him, lit in a pale ethereal glow from the hotel's outside lights, reflected off the snow swirling outside the open-draped 9th floor window. Seeing the question on her face, he continued, "I think you know what I mean, hon. Stories you normally find in bad magazines, or locker room bragging sessions with guys who've never actually been there."

"But you're there now, dearie," she said, a leering smile creeping across her face. "You're very much there now. And if I'm not mistaken, you're having the time of your life." To accentuate her point, Kathleen started slowly twirling a fingernail around the outer edge of Robert's left nipple. "Ohh," he gasped as her lips clamped around the newly aroused nipple. "Woman, you are evil."

"Of course, my dear. After all, I'm a woman." Seconds later, they were giggling as Robert pulled her upwards on the bed. "I'll let you in on a little secret," she said once they were face-to-face. "The ladies share those stories as well, and have man of those same fantasies. The contents of the story might be a wee bit different from the guys', but the end result is the same – hot, naked, wild, passionate sex! It's just that we're more reserved and demure in how we present the stories."

"There's one big difference, though. This is no fantasy, Kathleen; we're very much two flesh-and-blood people, sharing some very unexpected yet very special and powerful passion. And if you had told me before I left Pittsburgh yesterday morning that I would be spending my thanksgiving afternoon and night having 'hot, naked, wild, passionate sex!' with a beautiful woman I had met at the Minneapolis airport, I would have said you were out of your gourd! Then again, this day and this weather have been totally and completely insane."

"Don't knock a little insanity every now and then, dearie. After all, if we don't go a little crazy once in a while, we'll all go crazy. And besides… if this weren't meant to be, then it wouldn't have happened. It certainly wouldn't have happened between us, nor would we have come together in the way we did." Placing her hands behind his head, Kathleen kissed Robert deeply on his mouth. For several minutes, the only sounds in the room were soft moans as lips sealed against lips and hands re-explored the bodies of companions hungry for passion and lust. When their mouths finally parted, each needed a few seconds to catch their respective breaths before speaking. "Yes, Robert, this was meant to be. I do honestly feel God meant for us to come together, to heal each other."

"And Dylan?"

"Yes," she said, a wistful smile of relief coming to her face. "And Dylan…"

* * * * *

"Hello, Dylan? Can you hear me?" Pressing the cell phone to her right ear, Kathleen covered her left ear with her other hand to block out the cacophony around her. "Ah, hello love, there's a bit of a problem. I'm calling from the airport in Minneapolis. My flight to Boston is delayed by at least several hours, and it may be cancelled. What's that? What happened? Dearie, this whole area got hit by a freak blizzard. Hell, my flight from Kansas City barely made it here." While listening to the phone, she nodded politely to the young man sitting next to her. "Yes, love, we'll talk about that when I get home. But when my flight left Kansas City, the airline said there was only light snow here, and at worst there would be a minimal delay. By the time the captain said things had gotten terrible, we were starting our descent into Minneapolis and couldn't turn back." Glancing at the young man, she saw a wincing grimace cross his face; she figured she might ask him about that later. "I know, honey. I always come prepared in case I get stuck somewhere overnight on one of these trips. Now don't you worry…"

In the seat next to her, Robert Camden had just started dialing his own cell phone when the PA system suddenly blared, "Your attention please, your attention please. Northwest Airlines regrets to announce the further delay of flight 489, non-stop service to Tucson, due to the current weather conditions. At this time, we are expecting a departure time of 7:20 p.m. Please be advised, however, that changes in the weather may cause further delays or even cancellations. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding in this matter. Again, the departure of Northwest airlines flight 489, non-stop service to Tucson, has been delayed until 7:20 p.m." Looking down as this watch, he stifled a loud complaint. What had been called a one-hour delay 30 minutes ago had now become a five-hour delay. And that's if they can actually fly, he said to himself. Accepting the notion that griping wouldn't change anything (and that he had booked himself on the earliest flights he could get), Robert continued dialing his phone.

"Hello, dad? Yeah, I'm stuck in Minneapolis right now… the weather has FUBAR'ed everything." For several minutes, Robert nodded his head in a sing-song fashion and drummed his fingers on his right thigh as dad lectured him about when and where to travel. He had long ago learned that when dad was wound up, just let him keep talking; any interruption would simply re-boot the lecture. "Hey, dad, I can't talk too long or I'll use up my cell phone battery. Listen, they've just announced that my flight won't be leaving for another five hours at the earliest, and the way this storm looks I may not fly at all today. So don't come out to the airport until you know my flight has left Minneapolis okay? Yeah, I'm scheduled on Northwest flight 489. If there's any changes, I'll call and let you know. Give mom a hug for me, okay? Thanks. Bye!" Ending his call, he waited for a few seconds before sighing. "Thank good ness that's done for now."

"Problem relative?"

"Uh, yeah." Robert was startled not only by the question, but by the soft, Irish-sounding accent of the questioner. It added to the allure of the auburn-haired, stylishly-dressed woman in the next chair. "Yeah, I was… talking with my dad. He tends to, well, lecture a bit if he thinks I'm doing something wrong."

"Like traveling during a blizzard? Yes, I just got the same treatment from my family. Bloody hell, it's not like I was checking the Minneapolis weather when I woke up in a hotel room in Kansas City this morning. Okay, now," She said, seeing a smile come to his face. "What's that smile all about?"

"Oh, just that I had the same thought about my flight this morning from Pittsburgh. Can I ask where you're going?" Robert changed the subject because he didn't want to admit that he was finding the woman more and more attractive with each word. Always wanting to make a good first impression, he didn't think that acting like a teenager and going ga-ga over the unknown lady (who was clearly an astute business woman, from both her bearing and her attire) would be the polite thing to do. Besides, she was by far the most pleasant person he'd found in the throng of people crowding the terminal, and he didn't want to screw up a good conversation.

"Oh, I'm going home to Boston, wrapping up a business trip. And a successful one, until now. I hope I won't be getting there too late. What about you?"

"Going to Tucson. My parents retired there a few years ago, and decided that this Thanksgiving would also be a family reunion. By the way, I'm Robert Camden."

"Kathleen O'Malley," she replied, gently taking his hand. Feeling the softness of her skin, it was all Robert could do not to shudder, or stammer a reply. "Relax, dearie, I don't bite." She delivered the line with a soft laugh, which was enough to get Robert chuckling. They laughed together for several seconds, until interrupted by the trilling of Kathleen's cell phone. "Hello? Dylan, my love, yes… no, no change here, still waiting… yes, yes, like I said earlier, I'm prepared in case I get stuck here overnight. Now don't worry, love, I'll let you know when I'm on my way. Toodles!"

"Your husband?"

"Yes… and I bet he's as much of a worrier and lecturer as you claim your father is." On hearing she was married, Robert actually relaxed. Knowing he couldn't let his hormones do his thinking, he was actually somewhat relieved; he knew now that his brain would be the one talking instead of his dick, and this short-term friendship had much less chance of being screwed up.

"Your attention please," a female voice boomed over the PA system. "Your attention, please. Northwest Airlines regrets to announce the delay of flight 27, non-stop service to Boston, due to the continuing inclement weather. Flight 27 is now scheduled to depart at 8:20 p.m. However, due to the weather, further delays or cancellations are possible. Northwest Airlines thanks you for your understanding, and we apologize for the inconvenience."

"Oh, bloody hell," Kathleen muttered as she pulled out her cell phone and dialed. "Hello? Dylan, love! Listen, they just announced a major delay on my flight. And the weather is looking more and more ugly, so there's a chance I won't get home tonight at all. Look, if I do make it, it's going to be really late, so I'll call for an airport shuttle. What's that? Hang on… okay, go ahead…" She spent about a minute jotting down notes before saying, "Okay, love, I'll let you know as soon as I find something out. Toodles!" putting her phone and mini-notebook back in her purse, she turned to Robert. "So, it seems we both have some time to spare before flying out." Taking a few seconds, she seemed to weigh a decision. "Would you possibly care for a drink?"

"Actually, ma'am," he stammered, "I was thinking of grabbing a bite to eat." Not expecting any sort of invitation from the beautiful woman sitting next to him, the offer of a drink nearly floored him. Regaining some of his composure, he continued, "At least while the restaurants, or what passes for them here, still have some food."

"Okay, let's see if we can combine both food and drink. And I'm certainly not old enough to be your mum, so cut out the 'ma'am' stuff. Call me Kathleen, okay, Robert?"

"Okay… Kathleen. Let's see about something to eat…"

* * * * *

"You know, Kathleen," he said, running a hand over her naked breast, "If I were a suspicious person, I would say you meant to get me drunk in the airport bar!" As his other hand reached between her legs, "but now I know better. I know just how special of a lady you… are… ooooooohhh… yes, don't stop…" While fondling and probing her pussy, Robert suddenly found Kathleen massaging and teasing his cock into yet another erection. "Or perhaps… you were hungry for something besides Chinese food?" His answer was feeling Kathleen's mouth surround and slide over his now-erect member. Even through the condom she had put on, Kathleen's tongue ministrations were proving more than tantalizing. "Oh, yeah… yes… oh, My, Kathleen… don't stop!" As he said this, Robert's hips began to move, and had soon matched Kathleen's rhythm as her mouth slid up-and-down his erect member. In short order, Kathleen's mewls of tasty pleasure were being drowned out by Roberts moans of impending orgasm. Those moans became louder as Kathleen's hand began enjoying Robert's balls. Then, feeling a fire erupt deep inside him, Robert orgasmed with a ferocity he'd not thought possible. The only thing that kept Kathleen's mouth from being filled with his cum was the condom he had insisted on.

Sliding back up to face him, she whispered in his ear, "you're beautiful, my dear." As she lay halfway covering his body, Kathleen ran her left hand over the right side of Robert's chest while gently kissing his mouth. Then she wrapped her arms and legs around him, wrapping him in a protective cocoon as the orgasmic tremors ran through him. "You're beautiful, passionate… and a lot tastier," she chuckled, "than the Chinese food concession at the airport."

"Thank you," he said with a sigh. "I would hope I was tastier than that dreck they were selling in the 'food' court on the airport concourse…"

* * * * *

Robert listlessly picked at his Chinese food combo plate. He and Kathleen had agreed to first get something to eat, then go to the bar for a "nightcap" of sorts. The food, though, was proving less that appetizing.

"What's wrong, Robert?"

"I've certainly had much better tasting Moo Goo Gai Pan," he replied before taking a sip of Pepsi. "And the Mongolian Beef isn't anything to write home about, either."

"Best eat up and ignore the taste, dearie. It may be the only food you get for a while, especially if this weather keeps up." Over the previous half-hour, the storm had grown even more intense. Those people still willing to look out the windows (fewer and fewer were) could see snow readily collecting on airplane sings and drifting against landing gear and aircraft tugs. Along with that, fewer and fewer ground crews could be spied around the aircraft. With a glance at the windows, Kathleen speared a chunk of chicken stroganoff and egg noodles. "If they do close the airport, there's going to be a run on the food concessions. In fact, I'm surprised they haven't –"

Kathleen was cut off by a male voice booming over the PA system. "Your attention, please. Due to the increasingly inclement weather, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Authority regrets to announce the closure of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. It has been determined, between current and forecast weather conditions, that it is no longer safe to conduct airport operations and continued flights from this airport. We will resume operations as soon as it has been deemed safe to do so. In the meantime, we request your patience and cooperation as everyone deals with this weather emergency. Once again, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Authority regrets to announce the closure of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport due to the extreme weather conditions. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this situation and ask for your continued patience and cooperation. Thank you." Halfway through the announcement, Robert stood up from the table.

"And where are you going?"

"Beating the rush," he said as he walked off.

"Make it quick, please!" she called after him. When he returned with a closed take-out food platter, Kathleen was on her cell phone. "Yes, dear, it's what I was afraid of. They just closed the airport… no, they didn't say anything about when it might re-open, but I suspect no planes are flying out of here before tomorrow." Motioning for Robert to take his sheet, she continued, "Now Dylan, my dear, it's not like I can control the bloody weather! I'll probably have to stay here at the airport, though I'm going to try for a hotel if I can. I'll call you as soon as I know anything about my flights. Love you, dearie. Toodles!" Tucking her cell phone in her purse, she said, "Robert, can you watch my travel bag again? I'm going to use the ladies' room, then get some more food for later. Judging the situation, it could come in handy."

"I'll see you in a few minutes." As she walked off, Robert dialed a number into his cell phone. "Hello, Dad… yeah, they just closed the airport, for who knows how long. Unless I can get an early flight out tomorrow, I may just have to return to Pittsburgh. I don't have a way of extending my vacation time… Yeah, the weather screwed everything this time around, I'm afraid. Don't worry; I'll get out there to see you when I can. Make sure everyone else has a fun visit, and give 'em all my love. If something changes I'll let you know, but I don't see anyone flying out of Minneapolis before tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, and maybe later than that." Taking advantage of a long question from his father, Robert took another bite of his so-so Mongolian beef. "Well, dad, I'm sitting in a food court at the main terminal. Looking out the window, I can barely see the nearest plane through the swirling snow. Something tells me you'll be seeing reports of this storm on CNN or The Weather Channel over the next few days. Okay, I have to go before my battery dies. Like I said, give everyone my love and my regrets, and I'll get out there as soon as I can. Take care, dad!" Hanging up the phone, Robert thought to himself, the way this crap is going, I won't be going to Arizona until March. Maybe I can catch a spring training game or two then…

"Gads," Kathleen said as she sat down with her own carry out food box. "That ladies room was dreadful. I hope I won't have to go again anytime soon."

"Was it dirty?"

"Oh, it was plenty clean, at least for now. No, the dread came from the ladies in there. They've just announced the airport closure, and already some of them are getting bitchy with each other. I fear a few nasty tempers flaring before the night is over."

"Just as good I'm not going to the ladies' rest room anytime soon."

"Oh, you bloody letch!" Kathleen laughed. Robert smiled, grateful that she was a lady who seemed to maintain her humor in bad circumstances. Over the last few hours, he was regretting her marriage; in another situation, he would like to have gotten to know her much better, possibly even dating the attractive lady. He was enough of a realist, however, to understand that she was a married woman whom he was meeting in a chance encounter, and that was that. His thoughts were interrupted by the trilling of her cell phone. "Hold that thought, Robert. Hello? Hello, Carl… yes, I'm stuck here in Minneapolis due to a blizzard." After another bite of her chicken stroganoff, she replied, "yes, I can imagine how your phone might be ringing off the hook. Listen, if you can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it. And you've got all my rewards programs, right? Good. Okay, call me if you learn anything."

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