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Blondie Loves It


CAUTION: This is not the usual story I write of affectionate interaction among women and men. It is a story of an abusive, using relationship that happens to be between a black man and a white woman. If this kind of thing bothers you, you probably shouldn't read it. The story is strictly a work of fiction, and is not meant to be a representation of a typical or customary relationship, either interracial or otherwise.

It was late Friday night, and Cora Lee Wilson sat in the bar nursing her glass of white wine. She had been watching the door for the last half hour, but none of her regular gentleman friends had walked through it. The more she watched, the more she wished one of them would come in and accompany her to her apartment a little way down the street. Other men had spoken to her, and she probably could have left with one of them, but Cora Lee had certain wants and needs, and refused to have anything to do with a man who might not be willing or able to satisfy them. She was aware that the idea of the super-hung black stud was a myth, but she also knew there were such men, and she was waiting for one of them.

The door opened again, and Cora Lee grinned with elation when she saw who entered. It was Calvin, who would have been her first choice of man, if she had been in a position to make such a selection. He saw her too, and strode, across the floor, scowling at her all the way. She felt especially good when she saw the look on his face, because she loved him the most when he was in a mean mood.

The newcomer took the seat next to Cora Lee, looking down on her from his height of well over six feet tall. "What you doing here, Bitch," he asked.

"Just waiting for you, Calvin. What do you want to drink?" She smiled up at him, admiring the coarse features of his black, almost purplish face, his dreadlocks, and his large, muscular body. Cora Lee was already eager for that big body to be sprawled on top of her that night, and the sooner the better. .

"Scotch. A double. You know fucking well what I want to drink."

Calvin looked down on the pudgy, 45 year old baby-faced blonde. He didn't have any affection for her at all, but she would buy him drinks and was good for some fun sometimes, particularly when he was in a pissed off mood. That night was one of those times. He was thirty year old, and it was obvious he was never going to amount to much, and Calvin was ready to take his frustrations and general pique out on her.

Cora Lee paid for the drink, the most expensive Scotch the bar carried, using a twenty dollar bill, and said nothing when her companion took the change and stuck it in his pocket. After he drank it and washed it down with the small glass of soda, she smiled at him again and finished her glass of wine. "Do you want to go to my place with me?" she simpered.

"Yeah. Okay."

In the warmth of the bar, Cora Lee had pushed her red wool coat back off her shoulders, but she pulled it back up and shrugged into it. Calvin watched and, when he saw he was ready, he turned and walked out the door, not holding it for her. Once on the sidewalk, he waited until she was beside him, before starting to walk in the direction of her small apartment, letting the fat white slut keep up with him as best she could with her short, plump legs and high heels.

At their destination, she unlocked and opened her door, closing it and securing it again when she and Calvin were inside, with neither of them saying a word. Cora Lee helped her man off with his jacket and hung it and her own coat on the hooks on the back of the door, and sat down to remove her red pumps. He had come to the bar from the factory where he worked on the swing shift, and was still wearing his blue jeans and gray shirt. Calvin's rough work clothing contrasted with her pink blouse and red skirt as much as his very dark skin did with her pale, almost pasty complexion.

"Do you want another drink?" she asked, getting the bottle of expensive Scotch from the kitchen cabinet when Calvin nodded his head, and pouring him a generous glassful. Cora Lee didn't want the man getting too drunk to fuck her, but she wanted him to be high enough on the liquor to give her what she thought of as a good time.

When Calvin set the glass on the kitchen table after taking a swallow, Cora Lee came up in front of him and patted his crotch. "I hope this is going to be nice and big and hard for me tonight," she told him, smiling warily up at his face.

He pushed her hand away, roughly. "I'll tell ya when, Bitch." Calvin took a second drink of the expensive Scotch, while Cora Lee waited. The third time he raised the tumbler to his lips, he drained it and set it back on the table. He was ready then, and Calvin grabbed Cora Lee by her bare arm. "Let's go, Bitch," he instructed her, leading the blonde toward the door that knew led to the bedroom, the only other room of the apartment.

With Calvin sitting on the edge of the bed, Cora Lee stood over him unbuttoning his shirt. When she was done, he let her pull it off him and hang it over the back of a nearby chair. Still fully dressed, she got to her knees between his legs, untied his work shoes and pulled them and his socks off, pushing them under the bed where they would be out of the way. With those preliminaries done, Cora Lee eagerly reached forward to unbuckle his belt. Until then, Calvin had done nothing to either help or hinder, just letting himself be undressed but, when she started peeling his pants down, he raised her ass to let her pull them all the way down and off.

Before going any further, Cora Lee gazed raptly at the big bulge she could see in his jockey shorts. It was her main reason for inviting the man to her apartment, and she removed his last article of clothing the same way as she had taken off his pants. With her lover sitting naked on her bed, waiting for her to start licking and sucking his cock, she held it lightly in her hand. It wasn't completely hard yet, but her mouth would take care of that.

Before that, however, Cora Lee had to get herself more comfortable. Moving quickly, her agile fingers opened the buttons on her blouse and she shucked out of it and tossed it aside. Her bra, with the clasp in the front where she could reach it easily, quickly joined the blouse, leaving her breasts free to sway enticingly in front of Calvin. He was not enticed by the fat, white globes, but he would fondle them later, not in loving foreplay, but roughly, the way Cora Lee wanted.

She unbuttoned the flap at the waistband of her skirt and pulled down the zipper to let the cheap garment fall and crumple around her calves and knees. Later, she would remove it and be naked but, for the time being, Cora Lee just wanted to be able to reach her pussy with her fingers. In anticipation of what would be happening soon, she was wet there, and she found her clit and started rolling it around between folds of her labia. With her needs temporarily taken care of, she leaned forward to take care of the needs of the big, black cock that awaited her.

It was almost fully hard, and long and too thick for Cora Lee to take the shaft into her mouth, but she was able to lick the underside, and take the head between her lips. With contempt, Calvin looked at the pudgy white face with the pink tongue that was laving his cock, and decided he was ready to fuck. He leaned forward, roughly took hold of Cora Lee's big tits and, using them as handles, pulled her up and onto the bed. It hurt, but she joined him eagerly, letting her skirt slide off the rest of the way.

"If you're not gonna suck me off, get up here so I can fuck you," Calvin ordered.

That was what she had been waiting to hear, and Cora Lee reached over and picked one of the extra large condoms off the top of the nearby dresser and showed it to Calvin.

"Yeah, okay," Calvin agreed. He was well aware that he was not the only man who sometimes fucked the fat bitch, and he didn't want to take any chances on STD or AIDS.

After opening the packet, Cora Lee stood on the floor again and rolled the condom onto the big black cock that was hard and ready for her. She didn't know who else Calvin might have been fucking, and didn't want to take any chances either. Cora Lee also didn't want to get knocked up and have to get an abortion, if she could help it. There hadn't been any foreplay, and she knew there wouldn't be any, but her pussy was already wet enough to take Calvin's shaft all the way inside her. After peeling off her panties, she mounted the bed once more and got to her hands and knees in the middle, with the pillows that she would need later piled under her waist. Ready and eager for what was about to happen to her, she waited for the studly man to start shoving his monster cock into her.

Calvin got behind her while she reached back and spread her pussy lips. Doggy style was the only position he would ever use to fuck Cora Lee because of his dislike for her. It wasn't enough for him to refrain from fucking her or drinking her liquor or taking her money, but it was enough that he didn't want to use the missionary position, and he was too macho to use any other. Resting one hand on her fat ass and guiding his cock with the other, he rubbed the tip in her wetness to spread the lubricating juices. When it was ready, he thrust it into her, almost pushing her forward onto her face and wedging the head of his cock inside her dripping hole.

Already moaning in pleasure from the way her pussy was being forced open, Cora Lee regained her balance and braced herself for the nest thrust. When she felt the big cock surging into her, she fucked back to meet it, and the noises expressing her pleasure were even louder, as almost half its length was buried inside her. Cora Lee's pale body began writhing from the exquisite pleasure, with her hips swiveling, driving her knees into the mattress, as if her legs were a pair of pistons. Knowing he no longer needed to guide his cock, Calvin put his other hand on the blonde's ass for leverage, drew back slightly, and drove his thick shaft into her again and again, until its entire length was imbedded in the place where they both wanted it.

Pain, alternating with pleasure, throbbed out from Cora Lee's pussy and reverberated through her body. Both sensations came from the same source - the big cock that was stretching her open, expanding her love channel and cramming her pussy the way she loved so much. As good as it was already, she knew it was about to get better, for herself and for Calvin. His hard, black cock was one of the two things she liked about the man.

With its entire length buried inside the white woman's cunt, Calvin no longer had to use his hands to hold her ass for leverage, so he was able to put them to what he considered better use. The next time he drove into her , when he felt her fucking back to meet him, he drew his right hand back and slapped her hard on one of her fat ass cheeks, leaving a crimson blotch on the sallow skin.

When Cora Lee felt the hand slapping her ass, which she had expected, she screamed in pain, although she actually relished it, almost as much as she did the big cock in her pussy. That was the other thing she liked about Calvin, who was her favorite among the men who frequented the bar where she had been waiting. The pain radiating from her buttock immediately evolved into pleasure, and her pussy gushed more lubrication.

Feeling the sudden increase in the slickness of her cunt, Calvin smiled to himself. He knew she liked it, but he didn't slap her for that reason. He enjoyed inflicting pain on her, maybe even as much as she enjoyed receiving it. They were made for each other and, the next time he drove his cock into her, he swatted her other ass cheek with his other hand, producing the same results. He continued ramming his cock in and out of the bitch's cunt and slapping her blubbery ass. Some of those times he used one hand; sometimes he used the other and occasionally he smacked her with both at once, and he watched in delight as the skin of both her big buttocks changed color from almost translucent white to solid, bright red.

Cora Lee loved everything about the fucking she was getting, especially the pain that was being inflicted on her pussy and ass. The only thing that concerned her was that Calvin not hit her on the face, because it might be hard to explain the hand prints that would stand out so much against her fair skin. As long as the marks of abuse were not visible to anybody, she could enjoy herself freely, and she was certainly doing that. Everything that Calvin was doing to her felt so good that she could feel her first orgasm of the night approaching, and every time his cock plunged back into her or his hand landed on her soft skin, the glorious event drew closer.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Cora Lee whimpered in time to the cock ramming into her pussy. From the exquisite pleasure the fucking and spanking were providing, her body started writhing on the bed. And she kept fucking back to meet the thick shaft that was jamming into her, and her hips continued swiveling.

When Calvin heard the sound and saw the increased movement, he smiled, and started hitting the slut even harder. He knew Cora Lee was getting close to cumming. Although he didn't give a shit how much fun she had, he did relish the feeling of power it gave him when a woman had an orgasm from his pounding his cock in and out of her.

"Faster, Honey. Fuck me faster." As if to punctuate her request, Cora Lee started thrusting her pussy harder and faster back against the hard body that was slamming up against her.

Not because she asked, but because he wanted to make her cum, Calvin started driving his cock harder and faster into the woman's cunt. Her moans and sobs and whimpers of painful pleasure increased too, and Cora Lee arched her back and lowered her face to the mattress. To avoid making too much noise when she screamed from the pain and, especially, when she reached her orgasm, she muffled her mouth with one of the pillows.

The change in position made her pussy an easier target for the man to ram his cock into, and she was able to reach up with one hand and start fingering her clit. Knowing he wouldn't even consider doing such a thing to help her cum, she didn't ask Calvin to fondle the swollen morsel. Cora Lee's other forearm was still resting on the mattress, and she pushed back from it to continue meeting the brutal thrusts of his cock.

Abruptly, but not surprisingly, Cora Lee started cumming. "Oh! Oh!" she cried out joyously, even with her shout muffled by the pillow, and the movements of her body became wilder and more strenuous.

When he saw how active the slut's movements were, Calvin feared she might fall over, and that his cock would be hurt when she did. Although it meant that he had to stop swatting her ass, he held onto the blonde's hips with both hands to hold her upright. Over and over, he rammed his cock into her, pulling her against himself, while her muffled cries of intense pleasure kept time with his thrusts. He could tell he had a long way to go before cumming, and he would keep fucking her until that happened.

Cora Lee climaxed, jamming her pussy back against Calvin for a final time, before her body relaxed completely, and she fell forward, ending up with the pillows under her belly holding her pussy in a position to still be a good target. He moved his knees slightly and continued driving his cock into her cunt, without stopping and just as fast as he had been doing. She lay with the pillow under her belly, whimpering from the combined pain and pleasure of his cock and the burning skin of her ass, while she recovered from her first orgasm.

It didn't take all that long, and Cora Lee struggled back to her knees. Wanting to be able to fuck her better and resume hitting her, Calvin let the bitch get back into position. The next time he rammed his cock into her, he slapped her again, this time on her thigh. Her ass was already a hot crimson and, after a few minutes, her formerly white thighs were just as red.

She adored getting fucked by a long, thick, black cock, and she loved the pain of being abused by its wielder almost as much. In Calvin, Cora Lee had the perfect man to do both. The Scotch she had given him was not enough to make him too drunk to get an erection, but it was enough to keep him from cumming until after a long time. She expected to have another orgasm before that happened, especially since he had started swatting her thighs, inflicting pain on a different part of her body.

The slut's fat ass was already so bright red that he could hardly tell if he was hitting her or not, which was one reason Calvin had decided to switch to her thighs. They weren't as flabby as her butt, and he could swing more freely anyhow. Calvin continued ramming his cock in and out of her cunt, enjoying it, but wanting to cum, especially since the bitch already had. It was fun, but he didn't know why he was taking so long to get his nuts off.

Cora Lee hoped he would take even longer, at least long enough for her to climax again. Every plunge of his cock into her pussy and every open-handed slap brought her just that much closer. She fucked back to meet his hard thrusts, moaning from the combined pain and pleasure, which were the same thing for her anyhow.

For almost ten minutes, they continued like that, fucking quietly except for Calvin's grunts as his cock plowed into the cunt in front of him, and Cora Lee's sighs and moans as she once again approached ecstasy. Her body had begun swaying from side to side, and she seemed to be in peril of falling over. Finally, Calvin felt his climax approaching, welling up inside his groin, and he stopped swatting the fat white bitch so he could concentrate on the approaching eruption, and to hold her upright. When she felt the change, Cora Lee was elated, because her second orgasm of the night was just seconds away.

Once again, his hands clutched her hips as he pounded his cock into her cunt. She rammed back against him, sobbing and whimpering from the excruciating sensations that flooded her body. She still had her face pressed into the mattress, so Cora Lee reached up to her pussy and started fondling her clit.

Oh! Oh!" she cried out joyfully, as she started cumming.

Calvin did nothing different, except starting to ram his cock into her even faster, although he was still worried about her toppling over. The fat slut did just that, after screaming in ecstasy, but she fell forward. He let her go, never pausing in the thrusts of his cock into her, until the volcano that had built up inside his groin erupted. He shot a big wad into the king-sized condom he was wearing, and kept ramming into her cunt. Twice more, he ejaculated, before sprawling on top of her, tired and satisfied, at least for the time being.

They lay in a happy pile, the full lengths of their naked torsos together, but with no affectionate cuddling, and no whispers of endearment. After a while, Calvin's cock softened enough to slip out of Cora Lee's dripping pussy and, a few minutes later, she crawled out from under him. The well-fucked blonde slid off the bed and looked lovingly at the man who had just brought her to a pair of great orgasms. Her pussy was throbbing and sore from the big cock that had stretched her so much, and her ass and thighs were crimson, and so painful they radiated heat. Sexually, it had been a perfect night for her, and she hoped it wasn't over yet. Cora Lee wanted Calvin to stay with her for the rest of the night, hoping he would wake up in a few hours and fuck and beat her some more, and do it again in the morning before taking his departure.

"That was just wonderful, Honey. Do you want another drink?" she asked, turning and limping out to the kitchen to get it, without waiting for an answer.

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