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Blood Mistress


I would like to thank every one who gave feed back for my first story Enchantment of the Shadow Realm.
I'm not really trying to win any contests. As long as I have a small cult fan base I will be gratified. I hope you enjoy this poem. I have not written poetry since high school and I am a little rusty but I really enjoyed writing it and I'm sure at least a few people will enjoy it. The main reason why I am writing this note is to tell any one who might be following my work not to be surprised when to genre I work with changes. I have other desires to express besides my lust for transsexual vampires. And there is a far more morbid and gruesome side to my imagination non of you have even glanced at yet. Enjoy

Red lips.
Face deathly pale with a dominant expression.
Her in control.
Her long hair flows with the wind singing raven black.
Her blue eyes stare into my soul as she informs me.
I belong to her.
Her black dress.
Supports an ocean of cleavage.
I want my face to swim I want her skin against mine.
I want so many things that are only hers to give.
I won't get my reward if I don't obey my mistress.
Chocker around my neck.
She pulls the leash.
And leads me to her bedroom.
I lay on the bed and click of steal restrains me.
She shows me her vampire teeth in a hungry smile.
She undresses.
I feel the warmth of her body before it even touches mine.
Naked Tits.
Hover above my face.
Hard pink.
Pointy nipples.
Inches away from my lips.
Oh how she loves to tease, but not as much as she loves to please.
She pleases herself.
Stroking her own fat dick.
Making me want.
Her precum.
A flood of skin.
Her breasts pour down and over flow in my mouth.
She smiles as I suck contently.
Then she did something wonderful.
She nursed my mouth with the warmth of her motherless breast milk.
Was a question I did not ask.
She sprays her milk all over my cock.
She suck.
Her tongue.
It caresses.
With restraints still in place, she lets me take her into my mouth.
Irresistible cock.
And it was in my mouth.
A secret desire hidden in the shadow of privacy.
Now it was a reality.
With yummy precum, oozing out of a long.
Her eyes glow red as they star into mine.
Do it!
I want it!
She sunk her teeth into my neck and drained the red fluid that is my life source.
As she pulls away blood dribbles down her chest.
She rubs it into her breasts.
A flood of blood and skin.
Blood soaked tits pour down and over flow in my mouth.
She smiles as I suck contently.
I turn around.
I push my ass against her cock.
And I beg.
Beg to be fucked.
You fuck me.
Oh god you fuck me!
Your balls sap against my body.
Your cock throbs in my asshole.
And our bodies shack the bed as you fuck me.
Don't stop.
Fuck me harder.
I need to feel you coursing in and out of me.
Sweat drips down your face.
Sweat drips down your tits.
The same sweat drips down my back and into my asshole.
Cooling the bridge of your smooth rod.
As it stretches me open.
And caresses my prostate.
Oh god!
I'm going to cum.
Please let me cum mistress.
Let me cum.
She grants permission as she explodes.
Filling me with white.
Delectable cream.
It drips out of my ass.
She allows me to use my tongue.
To clean all the nectar.
Off her long hard trophy of a cock.
She didn't let me stop.
Until it was perfect.
Thank you mistress.

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