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I thundered through the shadowy alley, paying little mind to the cast of unsavory characters lining its walls. I paused on the other side trying to ascertain which direction I should follow. It was dark and foggy, and I had managed to lose sight of the voluptuous redhead, but I could still hear the sound of her clicking frantically on the pavement in the distance. After a brief moment of deliberation I was able to pinpoint the direction, and I headed after her.

It was nearly 4 a.m. on a foggy Tuesday night in the middle of Atlanta. The streets were virtually abandoned, except for the occasional vagabond, prostitute or lifelong criminal. In other words, the type of people who would notice a well dressed man chasing after a beautiful girl, but were unlikely to interfere. They were the type of people who were used to running from the cops instead of calling for their help. I suspected that several of them considered mugging me, but some instinct they didn't quite understand convinced them otherwise.

I ran past a crumbling apartment complex and turned a corner just in time to catch a fleeting glimpse of my target. She darted across the street and began to cut through a vacant lot. I realized that she wasn't running haphazardly. She had a destination in mind, and I suddenly knew what it was. More importantly, I knew a more direct path.

I slowly crossed the empty street and turned down another shady alley. I briskly walked past the crack houses and vacant lots, making my way back towards the park and a nicer part of the city. The tenements gradually became nicer and finally I stopped in an alley next to a large brick townhouse. I sat patiently in the shadows and was shortly greeted by the sound of footsteps growing near. I stood and flattened myself against the brick wall and watched anxiously as Sophie approached on the sidewalk next to the main street. She didn't even notice me in my dark hiding place, a careless mistake I thought. She passed by and with one quick, graceful movement I darted out from my hiding place and seized her from behind.

She wheeled around to face me. Her bright emerald eyes were blazing with surprise. "How did you...?" she started to ask.

I flashed her a wicked smile. "I anticipated where you were going, Love, and I took a short cut."

She stared at me flabbergasted, trying to process my words. Finally she just flashed me a coy smile and pushed me away playfully. "Oh Darien," she pouted in her distinct British accent, "You are no fun. I wanted you to chase me. I wanted to get your blood pumping."

I took her hand and drew her near to me. "My blood is already pumping," I responded. "It's been absolutely boiling since our meal." I leaned Sophie up against the brick wall and pressed my body against her, allowing her to feel the pulsing member inside my tight leather pants. I could tell she was still enjoying the afterglow of our dinner as well. Her normally, pale white skin now had a pinkish glow about it, and her flesh was warm to the touch. I could feel her heart racing. Her lips were blood red, and with good reason. She flashed me a seductive, toothy smile, and I noticed her long canine teeth still displayed some red streaks--the last remnants of the feast we had shared earlier. I briefly flashed back to the two young lovers who had taken an ill-fated stroll through the park. Their lifeless bodies would undoubtedly be found in the coming days, but the police would just assume them to be the victims of robbery. I had taken all of their valuables and would put them in the chest where I kept the goods of all my victims, saving them until they could be turned into cash without drawing attention.

I leaned forward and gently kissed Sophie's lips. There was a sweet hint of our earlier meal on her breath, and it caused my heart to start pounding in my chest. "It's been to long," I whispered. "I've missed you, Sophie."

"I know, my love," she answered, "But I'm here now." I stepped back and gazed at her—a picturesque vision of loveliness. She stood five and a half feet tall, with a voluptuous, curvy figure. Her most noticeable feature was her long, curly red hair. Along with her pale skin and bright green eyes, it made her look like an indescribable goddess. I had been captivated by her looks from the moment I first saw her in a small London nightclub nearly two years earlier. I suspected every man who had encountered Sophie during her brief adult life felt the same way. She had been indescribably beautiful as a nineteen-year-old mortal. In the two years since The Change she hadn't aged a day, but she had become even more radiant. Her porcelain flesh and vibrant eyes had adopted a glow that made her inconceivably mesmerizing to man and woman alike. The young couple in the park had found out just how dangerously intoxicating she could be.

She stood gazing up at me, taking in my own ageless beauty. At a little over six feet tall, I easily towered over her. She reached up and ran her slender fingers though my long, dark hair, pushing it back to expose my pale face. "So," she began, "We've already dined, and we've already played. What do you say to going inside and having a proper reunion?"

I flashed her my own bloodstained fangs. "As you wish," I replied. We left the dark alley and climbed the steps in front of the large brick townhouse. I turned my key in the lock and moments later we stood inside the large edifice. The main room was decorated with numerous pieces of expensive, antique furniture, but that wasn't our focus at the moment. We rushed to the back of the house and down the small stair case that winded its way beneath street level to the cellar below.

The room had no windows and was pitch black, but neither of us minded. Our gift allowed us to see extremely well in the dark. Nevertheless, I went to a corner and ignited each of the candles in the large candelabra, giving us a touch of light. Aside from the candle stand there was only one other piece of furniture, which sat in the center of the room. The floor was covered with thick red carpeting. All four walls and the ceiling were covered with black velvet tapestries.

Sitting in the center of the room was my most prized possession. Perfectly distanced from each of the walls sat a massive sarcophagus. It was nearly eight feet long and wide enough for two adults. The exterior wood was stained black and covered with ornate carvings. The lid stood open, revealing an interior that was lined with luxurious satin. The pillows and mattress were covered in the same material. The material was a shade of red that matched the carpet perfectly. They both matched the streaks that were now fading from my teeth. They were the color of the sweet nectar that Sophie and I needed for our survival.

The entire home was filled with expensive pieces of furniture, most of which had been around for hundreds of years. The various homes I owned around the world were equally posh. Still, in my mind, all of it together did not compare to the value of that sarcophagus. Inside its confining walls I had been born into the dark life, when at 23 years old I had been enchanted by the enigmatic temptress, Alana. Nearly ten years had passed since I had been discovered by the gorgeous vampire, sitting alone in a small bar in New Orleans. I put up little resistance when she invited me to her home; once there she had easily seduced me into the coffin. I had laid there naked, as if in a trance, as the raven-haired beauty made love to me. WHEN I climaxed, I felt the sharp prick in my neck as she began to consume my nectar. She had nearly taken my life, but in the last instant Alana guided my teeth to her own neck, instructing me to drink of her. I obeyed, and thus the Change commenced.

I'd slept through the entire next day, and woke as the sun was setting. Alana had vanished, and I'd not seen her since, although I heard from others that she was still out there somewhere. She didn't give me any instructions or advice. The only thing she left me was the box where my creation had taken place. In that box I had spent the first month of my new life, trying to come to grips with what had happened, and trying to understand my new powers and urges. I left only to feed, and the first few times that had been quite a debacle. Eventually, I gained comfort with the new me and adopted my new life with vigor, but I kept the sarcophagus with me. It felt like a part of me, and was the only place I felt truly comfortable when I slept. Over the years, many a young ingénue had spent the last moments of her life with her naked body sprawled across the slippery red satin mattress as I satisfied my hunger and my lust. It was on that same mattress that I turned a young English barmaid into a lust-filled animal eight years after my own Change.

Now I stood watching as the former barmaid crossed the small room and leaned against the massive black box. I was filled with lust as I began to anticipate what was about to happen. Sophie was dressed in black knee-high boots, a tight black leather skirt, and a white button-down peasant's blouse with a ruffled collar. The elastic neckline was pushed down, exposing her soft, sexy shoulders and ample cleavage. It looked like her breasts would spill out at any moment.

My cock stiffened inside my leather pants. I recognized the familiar longing that Sophie always caused to well up inside me. It had been that way since I first saw her serving drinks to a group of rowdy Englishman, wearing a short black velvet dress. She was just a girl, completely unconscious of her own raw sexuality. It had been easy to convince the naïve girl to leave with me after her work was done. My thick dark hair, chiseled body and masculine beauty had always been popular with the ladies, and the art of seduction was one of the many gifts that came with the Change. It had been easy to talk her into visiting my London flat. Once inside, I had stripped her of the short velvet dress and the lacy black bra and panties beneath it. Her body was even more spectacular than I had imagined. I led her to the coffin and we had made love and as we climaxed, I bit her neck and began to dine. I had never intended to share my dark gift with her. I had planned on making her just another meal, but something changed as we made love. I couldn't pinpoint the exact cause. Perhaps it was her unparalleled beauty that I felt I could not destroy. Perhaps it was the lithe way her body moved as she satisfied me; I knew it would never grow old. But mostly, I think it was the way she acted. Once bitten, women were powerless to resist, but you could always feel the fear rising up inside them as the end drew near. But with Sophie it had been different. There had been no fear, even as she reached the brink of death. At the last moment I used a fingernail to draw my own blood, and Sophie had drank eagerly.

The first few months had been complete bliss. Sophie fed without any signs of guilt or remorse from the first day. Perhaps it was easier for someone who had a guide and was not left to figure things out alone. We traveled the world and our love of the hunt was only topped by our insatiable lust for one another. But, gradually Sophie became more independent. She would disappear for days at a time. Days turned into weeks. At one point, I had not seen her for a month, but our reunion had been glorious. This last time, she had been gone for just over six months before popping up in my native town. And now here she was again, in my basement, nonchalantly leaning against the dark bed where I had created her, and where we had made love hundreds of times since.

I was snapped out of my reverie by the sounds of Sophie's voice. "I love to explore the world, my Love," she said, "But no matter how far I roam, I can never escape the hold this bed has over me. I never sleep quite so well as I do inside its bosom. How can I persuade you to give it to me?"

"You can't," I answered flatly. "I'll never part with it, my dear. Besides, if I gave you my bed, you may no longer feel the need to visit your creator."

Sophie stood up and quickly crossed the room. "That simply not true," she said defiantly. As she spoke she slid her hand across the front of my pants, gently outlining my engorged phallus. "You know it is much more than the bed that I yearn for" she said with a seductive smile. My preternatural senses allowed me to smell her arousal. Slowly, I leaned forward and brushed her lips with my own. Once again I tasted a hint of our earlier feast. It only aroused me more. I wrapped a strong arm around Sophie and pulled her tightly against my firm body, crushing her soft breasts against my chest. I ground my swollen phallus against her groin. She let out a short groan, which evolved into a growl. We were both hungry, but it wasn't blood we were after.

We slowly made our way to the great casket. With each small step, our hunger grew more rampant. Sophie slipped her hands between our bodies and deftly opened the buttons on my black silk shirt, exposing my well-toned hairless chest and abdomen. I had already managed to discard my black snakeskin boots. I effortlessly lifted Sophie so she was sitting on the edge of the macabre bed. She cast her own boots aside, then watched as I slowly removed my tight leather pants. I rarely wore underwear, preferring the feel of the rough leather against my cock, so my iron shaft was instantly exposed CHANGE 'AS' TO 'WHEN' as I slid the pants down. Sophie licked her lips as she gazed upon my engorged rod. It looked like an ivory tusk protruding from my body, the same pale white color as the rest of my flesh. I stood naked before her for a moment, loving the way she admired my Adonis-like body. Then, in one graceful move, I leaped into the sarcophagus.

As always, the cool, slick satin felt marvelous against my nude body. Sophie slid into place next to me and we embraced immediately. I started probing the inside of her mouth with my tongue, using the tip to trace along her sharp killing teeth. I dropped the zipper on her skirt and rapidly worked the tight garment down her muscular thighs and off her body. I cast it out of our dark bed and onto the floor. She was wearing a nearly transparent white lace thong. It did little to hide the thick patch of red pubic hair that I loved so much. I reached inside her underwear and slipped a long, slender finger inside her pussy. It was unbelievably wet, as always. Sophie growled softly in my ear as I began to probe her nether regions.

"I'm aching to be inside you, my Love," I whispered.

"Not yet, Master," was her reply. She pulled away from me and sat up. I lay looking up at her as she teasingly opened her blouse and cast it aside. A flimsy white lace bra barely concealed her D-cup tits. I could see every detail of her erect strawberry colored nipples.

Sophie slowly arranged herself so she was straddling my legs. She took my 8 swollen inches of manhood in her hand and began to stroke it. I growled pleasurably in response. "Put that between your lips," I said in a demanding tone. Sophie smiled in response, showing she was eager to oblige my request. She leaned forward, almost causing her creamy orbs to spill free their confinement. Sophie took the head of my hard cock and slowly guided it between her pouty lips. She slid up and down its length slowly one time, gently grazing it with her fangs. She gave it one quick suck, giving me a brief flash of the bliss she could provide. Then she sat up and flashed me her most seductive smile.

"Is that what you want me to do, Master?" she asked with mock innocence. She always acknowledged me as her master during sex, even though she was usually the one in control. It was part of the inexplicable power she'd always had over me since the first time we made love. I responded to her question with an angry growl, which caused Sophie to giggle like the schoolgirl she had been when I first took her innocence away. She leaned forward and again wrapped her lips around my throbbing penis.

She took my length into her mouth, and then started pulling back, allowing my long cock to slide in and out of her lips. Her teeth roughly grazed against my sensitive flesh. I lost control almost immediately. I placed my hands on the back of her head and twisted them into her red curls. My hips started moving involuntarily as I began to fuck her face. Sophie looked up with her vibrant green eyes and started to suck harder. She placed a hand beneath my balls and started to rub my perineum, knowing how much I liked it. My breath started coming out in short, harsh gasps, and I grunted and growled fiercely. I felt my testicles contracting a roar escaped my lips. My cock exploded, sending my creamy gift into Sophie's mouth. She drank of it as eagerly as she had the young lovers in the park. Sophie continued to suck until I released every last drop. Then she cleansed my cock with her tongue and laid down beside me.

I kissed Sophie softly, offering my gratitude for her services. The kiss quickly became passionate, and I rolled to my side and pinned her against the casket wall. One of the many gifts accompanying my Change had been extraordinary virility. The sun wouldn't be up for another hour, and we intended to make full use of that time. I grinded my hips against Sophie's as we kissed. All ready I could feel my cock turning back to steel.

I slipped my hand between Sophie's smooth thighs and into the gusset of her panties. She cooed with delight as I traced out the edges of her velvety pussy and wrapped her hand around my bulbous cock head. She rapidly brought it to its full glory. "Fuck me, Master" she pleaded.

"Not yet, my Love". I buried my face between her soft tits and bit into her bra. My sharp fangs severed the material and the harness flew apart violently, spilling out its load. Her large reddish nipples were very erect, and I sucked one into my mouth, savoring its texture. I nipped it gently with teeth, causing a single droplet of blood to slowly roll down her bosom. Sophie moaned with delight as I slipped two fingers inside her pussy. Her hips gyrated in response and the room was filled with the slurping sounds of her sex. I watched as the bright red droplet rolled off her breast and across her flat stomach. I was fascinated by the life-giving liquid, as always. I lapped it up with my tongue just before it reached her naval, then resumed sucking and fondling her orbs.

Sophie was beginning to respond to my touches. Her body was writhing about on the slick satin mattress. I recognized the telltale sings of her approaching orgasm, and I fingered her harder, bringing her towards the edge. Her soft strokes on my cock turned to violent tugs. "Please," she moaned in my ear, "please fuck me now." For once, I had the upper hand in our relationship, and I didn't intend to relinquish it. I started to withdraw my fingers from her vagina. Sophie growled angrily and grabbed my wrist, forcing me back inside her. She held my hand tightly with one arm as she started humping my fingers. She let go of my cock and used the free hand to rub her clit. In a matter of seconds she had pushed herself to the brink. Sophie cried out passionately as she orgasmed. Her body shook uncontrollably and her pussy clenched at my fingers. Then she kissed me passionately and we licked her juices from my hand. "Now we fuck" she demanded.

"Yes, Love," I responded.

Sophie got up on her knees and grabbed the edge of the casket. She arched her back, sticking her ass up into the air. I snapped her thong off with one quick rip and positioned myself behind her. My cock was throbbing again, and it was eager for another release. I slipped two fingers inside her vagina and opened a hole for my bulbous cock head. We both quivered with anticipation as I lined up at her entrance. "Give it to me!" she hissed with a wicked grin.

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