Mandy stretched her long, golden legs out before her. Her toes were painted a shimmering hot pink. Her legs were newly waxed, and she ran her hands over her thigh, feeling the soft skin.

Mandy loved feeling pretty. She had endless lip glosses and eye shadow for every occasion. Her peachy golden skin didn't need foundation or blush. Her hair, a long thick tangle of blonde waves, only desired a tiny amount of foils to accentuate the natural toffee, honey and golden tones.

The only thing that niggled Mandy was her breasts. They were small, perky handfuls. Strictly A-cups. Her best friend Paula's breasts were bountiful, large masses that spilled from her tight t-shirts.

Mandy gazed down at the way she filled out her polka-dotted bikini. She was petite, with small fragile bones and a tiny waist. Her legs were long. She was told her best feature were her eyes. They were light blue, with dark navy rings. But the guys went wild when they saw Paula in her bikini, and Paula knew it.

Adjusting her large sun-glasses, Mandy searched for Paula along the beach. She was bouncing in the waves surrounded by three guys and Mandy's uncle, Aiden, all ogling her. Mandy wasn't jealous. Not really. Although she couldn't see what Aiden saw in Paula. He was in his third year of architecture, and was back in town for the holidays to work for her father's building company. He was three years older than their eighteen. Paula hated cracking a sweat and books and loved Hollywood gossip and fashion magazines. (Admittedly, so did Mandy.) Aiden read action thrillers and ran marathons. The only thing they seemed to have in common was Paula liked to fuck anything that had a heartbeat and a penis, and Aiden had both.

Right then, Mandy hated being a virgin more than anything. She didn't want to be a virgin, but she was choosy. Lots of guys liked her, but while she was interested, she wasn't over the moon interested. She knew what her classmates called her behind her back. Virgin Mary.

Maybe the reason no guy had gotten more than a feel of her breasts had something to do with how they compared them to her Uncle. Aiden was tall and athletic with broad shoulders. He wasn't overly musclely or bulky, but healthy and fit. He had cut his longish dark brown hair to a short crop. He had chocolate brown eyes flecked with gold that made girls melt. But what Mandy liked best was his smile, teasing and mischievous. Just thinking about it did strange things to her belly.

Sighing, Mandy tossed her magazine onto her beach bag and sat up, brushing the sand from her hair. Rising gracefully, she pulled on brief white shorts and headed for the soda bar. A cool, long drink would do wonders just now.

She hated how Paula flirted with Aiden, and watching it made her irritable and snappy. Paula had been in love with Aiden for ever, probably since Paula and Mandy were fifteen. At first it had been amusing, but in the last year or two, it had become downright annoying listening to Paula go on and on about him for months after each college break. Only this year, her grandparents and Aiden's parents were visting relatives in England and rented out their house for the summer. Aiden was staying in Mandy's house, giving Paula unprecedented access to Aiden and his penis.

Mandy bought herself a watermelon and pineapple juice with lots of ice before slowly wandering back along the white sand. The beach was fairly crowded, and she waved at people she knew and occasionally stopped and chatted.

As she got closer to their beach towels, her mouth went dry. Aiden stood there, dripping wet and wiping his body down with a towel. His wet board shorts clung to his muscular thighs, and the sunscreen made the water bead on his skin.

"Hey," he said. She managed a weak glimmer of a smile.

Aiden had arrived that morning, a day earlier than expected. Her father had been at the hardware store, and her mum outside gardening. She heard a knock on her closed bedroom door, and opened it. Her heart almost fell to her knees.

Aiden had looked her up and down with that lop-sided smile, and asked her "You still a virgin?"

Mandy had blushed, glared at him and slammed her door. She was sliding her feet into sandals when he pushed the door open and leaned against the door jam, arms crossed.

"Where're you headed?"

"Paula is picking me up. We're going to the beach."

"Mind if I tag along?"

"Why not. Paula would love it." She smiled sweetly at him.

He quirked an eyebrow. "I thought she would have gotten over that by now. Hasn't she got a boyfriend?"

"Something like that. But I think you're the one that got away."

Aiden laughed. "So what you're saying is, if I want her to leave me alone, I have to fuck her?"

Mandy stiffened, turning her head to gaze up at him. "You wouldn't, would you?"

He considered her silently for what seemed an age. "Would you care if I did?"

"Of -- of course not. Do what - who - you want." She turned away and pretended to rummage through her beach bag where it rested on her bed. Mandy couldn't look at him. "Paula should be here any minute. You better hurry if you want to come." She sounded like her mother. They both knew Paula would wait for him.

"I want to come," was all he said, before leaving her. Mandy let out a breath, her hand resting against her jittery belly.

Mandy stood before Aiden now, hotly aware of all that bare skin and the powerful urge to slide her hands over it.

"Just what I wanted," Aiden said, his large hand closing about her wrist which held the cup of juice. He lifted the rim to his lips, and took a large swallow. Because of his height, the movement drew her close so that her breasts brushed up against his arm. Heat rose in her cheeks as she practically leapt back. She dug her elbow in his stomach for good measure.

He clutched his belly, falling to his knees before her. "You've maimed me."

On his knees, he only had to raise his head to gaze upon her nipples poking at her bikini top. She crossed her arms, holding the juice in the valley between her breasts.

"Stealing drinks is a maimable offence."

Whatever Aiden was about to say was lost because Paula arrived, all bouncy and wet and dripping in her tiny black string bikini. Sometimes Mandy hated her best friend.


When Mandy woke the next morning, she felt tired and grumpy. She couldn't get Aiden out of her mind, and her body was all jittery and tense. The thought of taking the edge off while he was in the house, however, seemed strangely wrong. Not like it was cheating, but close.

Drying off with a fluffy towel after her long shower, she pulled on a clean pair of striped boy shorts and a pink cotton bra and ran a comb through her hair. Her skin was still slightly damp and pink from the shower and the steam in the air, and the material clung to her as she pushed open the door and walked along the back hall. She didn't worry about clothes, knowing her parents wouldn't be back for hours. Aiden always went to the gym with a mate in the mornings, and she might not see him until midday.

Just as that thought crossed her mind, she saw him. Mandy froze, not sure what to say or do. Aiden stood in the kitchen, his gym bag dropping to rest beside his feet. He could see her clearly through the archway on the far side of the dining room that led to the hall.

His eyes widened slightly, fixing on her breasts covered by the flimsy fabric for what seemed an age, before dropping to the cotton boy shorts that rested low on her hips. She knew without looking that her underwear left little to the imagination. Her bikini was probably more skimpy, but Aiden seeing her in her underwear added a layer of intimacy that made her throb between her thighs.

She saw Aiden swallow hard. It was then she noticed the way he strained his pants. Her eyes widened, before she quickly glanced away. What did that mean?

"Amanda," he murmured. A blush started at her breasts. She quickly crossed one arm over her breasts and slapped a hand over the juncture of her thighs. On a cry of embarrassment, she backed away and quickly headed along the hall toward the back stairs and her bedroom.

He caught her arm just before she reached the first step, swinging her around and drawing her up hard against him. His mouth landed on hers, hot and demanding and oh so good. He crowded her, his hands cupping her face. She moaned as his tongue thrust into her mouth, his hips grinding against her. One hand slid over her cotton pants to clutch her bottom, dragging her even closer.

"You're driving me mad. The way you look at me..." Heat quivered between her thighs. He was hard and heavy where he pressed against her belly. Fingers dragged her bra strap down her arm, exposing the swell of her breast to his interested gaze.

"We shouldn't do this. Even though I'm adopted, you're still my uncle," she murmured, trying to insert reason where there was none. Her head tipped back as he kissed her throat, the damp valley between her breasts.

"I don't care. I've imagined you, this, a thousand times. The thought of another guy touching you almost kills me."

A secret thrill rushed through her. He lifted her up, carrying her back along the hall. She wrapped her legs around his hips, silently urging him on.

Mandy would have laughed at the impatient way he struggled with the lounge room door if his tongue wasn't in her mouth. She fumbled behind her, and gripping the door knob, twisted and pushed. They stumbled through the door and almost fell. She slipped, and her foot landed on the floor as she grasped at his shoulders for balance. He didn't break the kiss, simply pushed her up against the wall, his body pressed tightly against her.

One large hand tangled in her wet mane while the other tugged her bra cup beneath her covered breast. Not to be outdone, she dragged his t-shirt over his head. His hot seeking mouth closed over an exposed nipple, and lightening shot between her thighs. Mandy moaned, her fingers glorying in the warm, solid feel of his chest and shoulders beneath her hands.

Mandy gasped as he lifted her, her hands clutching at his shoulders. They stumbled over the rug. She felt the brush of something at the back of her knees before she was tumbled backwards onto the oversized L-shaped sofa. Aiden quickly followed, his body pinning hers to the dark blue cushions.

She gazed down at his head as his mouth found and sucked on her nipples. His other hand was pushing down beneath the band of her shorts. She moaned as a finger intruded between her damp lips, rubbing her melting flesh. It felt so good to have him touch her there. She had only imagined it a zillions times. Her hands ran down over his back to slide under his shorts to mold his arse. He nipped her nipple in response, a thick ridge rubbing against her thigh.

She probably should be embarrassed at Aiden finding out how wet he made her, but she couldn't drag up the effort as she spread her legs for his exploring hand. When his finger pushed inside her, she gasped, her eyes widening at the intensity of feeling. As many times as she had rubbed herself to a solitary orgasm, she had never put her finger or anything else in there.

"Aiden," she cried as his finger plugged her while he sucked on her nipples, beyond caring she was making out with her uncle and knowing it was wrong. If only the boys in her class could see her now, she thought with a gasp of laughter. Or maybe not.

His hand drew hers between them, pressing it flat against him. Her hand shaped him, amazed at the size and feel of him. He was hot even though the his thin sweat pants. She loosened the draw string and pushed her hand down his pants, wanting to feel him without the barrier of his clothes. He groaned as her fingers wrapped around him, his lips sucking on the side of her neck. She was so close, her body arching of the lounge.

The sound of the door bell was a shock. They both froze. Then Aiden was pulling back from her, climbing off of her. Mandy didn't know if she could move.

The bell peeled again.

Aiden turned his back to her, running a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry."

She rose on one elbow, her other hand drawing up her bra straps and covering her breasts. She didn't know quite where to look.

"I'll get it. You might want to get some clothes on." With that, Aiden left.

He was the first guy she let touch her there, and all he could say was "I'm sorry" and "get some clothes on"? Mandy decided right then her uncle was a bog head.


"He is sooo hot. I bet his dick is pony sized."

"Get over it," Mandy snapped. "Is that all you think about? If Aiden wanted to fuck you, he would have by now."

"Geez, was bug crawled up your cherry hole?" Paula muttered, throwing a malteaser at her. Mandy stuck her tongue out.

"So, this is where all the action is at." Both Paula and Mandy sat up from where they sprawled on the sofa. Mandy didn't know about Paula, but heat crawled up her cheeks. Just how much had Aiden heard?

"Hi," Paula said, all smiles and tits.

Paula and Mandy were camped out in the lounge watching DVDs. Not exciting for a Saturday night, but Mandy know they both secretly hoped to catch a glimpse of Aiden. Her parents were at a friend's BBQ, and Mandy didn't expect them home until the early hours.

Now seeing Aiden's eyes flicker over her legs, it didn't feel so stupid taking an hour deciding on white shorts and a long grey and black singlet and a thin yellow belt.

"I'm off to the pub with Jason." Then he left. Mandy slumped back down on the cushions, and it must have been several minutes before her heart settled. Between her thighs tingled as she remembered the feel of his finger there. She hoped it was a gay male pub.


Mandy rolled over onto her back, kicking off the sheets. She was hot, her flesh prickly and heated. Down the hall was Aidan's room, and she wondered if he was back from the pub. She lay there, staring into darkness, hating the feeling that she liked someone so badly, and they probably didn't notice you existed. Was this how some of the guys she dated felt? Well it sucked smelly toes. Her feet drummed on the bed.

A soft click, and her bedside lamp cast light in a small circle around the bed. "What?" Mandy rubbed her eyes from the brightness, pushing up onto one elbow. "Who's there?"


"Aidan? What are you doing in my room?" And long had he been watching her? A strange fluttery sensation invaded her belly, and she had to firmly remind herself he was a pig jerk for stopping when she was about to come. "Is this about what happened this morning?"

Mandy couldn't really see him, because he was sitting on her desk chair behind the glare of her lamp. Feeling at all sorts of disadvantage, she sat up and slid her feet over the side of the bed, presenting him with her back as she tried to get her traitorous body under control.

"Partly. And partly what I want to happen now."

Mandy's eyes widenened. "W-what is it you want to happen now?"

"I want you naked and coming all over me."

A wheezing cough left Mandy as she forgot how to breathe. He didn't regret this morning?

"You're always so vague," she finally managed, and Aiden chuckled.

"I take that's not a no?"

"No," she mumbled.

The bed shifted, and then his hands were in her hair, gently pulling the band free so that the thick waves spilled down over her back. Her scalp tingled, her nipples tightening.

"Could you turn the lamp off?" After a moment, he shifted, and then they were in blessed darkness. She could make out the shapes of things in her room, but she didn't know if it was because she could see them or knew where they were.

Then her mind turned to the knowledge Aiden was in her room, in the dark, kneeling on the bed behind her. And they were about to do things she had never done before. She tensed.

"I promise not to bite," he told her as he pressed a kiss just beneath her jaw. His hands slid around her waist and under her loose t-shirt. "Although I might make an exception for these." She gasped when he tweaked her nipples.

"Not helping," she told him, feeling incredibly nervous and uncertain and at the same time melting where his finger had been that morning.

He tugged her shirt up, and she lifted her arms as he lifted it over her head. Then she was sitting in her panties and nothing else

"Stand up," he told her. She did, and his hand on her hips turned her around to face him in the darkness. Then he was before her, incredibly close, and peeling her knickers down her legs.

Oh god, they were really going to do this. She had heard that it was supposed to hurt, that it was better for guys then girls. She stepped out of her panties when they hit her ankles.

She felt his warm hands slid up the outside of her thighs, then around to grab her bum. He pulled her up against him, her tight nipples pushing against his bare chest and he was kissing her, and she was kissing him back. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, up on tip-toes, her body leaning against his.

She rubbed against him, a mixture of disappointment and relief at finding him wearing what felt like soft cotton boxers. But he wasn't soft where he pressed against her belly, and her knees felt shaky. What would it feel like to have him he put that in her? Her body clenched.

When his hand delved down between her cheeks, she murmured against his mouth as his fingers skated along her dampness.

"You're so wet for me. I can't believe you're still a virgin," he told her. She stiffened in his arms. "No, I like it," he reassured her, his finger easing up inside her. "More than like it." She clung to him, grinding herself against his hips as he stroked deep.

Somehow he had pulled her down onto the bed, him beneath her, she straddling him and leaning over him as their mouths clung to each others. His thumbs were rubbing her clit and pink folds, pushing up inside her and stretching her, driving her mad with want. She wiggled on top of him, rubbing against his hard length, unable to remain still as he pushed her need to a point beyond thought.

His hand over her mouth muffled her cries as she came, her head thrown back, her hands fisting in the sheets. She collapsed against him, her cheek pressed against his chest, her body boneless on his.

His hands ran down her back, and she murmured a protest as he shifted, and she was sliding against him onto her side as he moved from beneath her.

Then he was on top of her, and she wrapped her legs around him. His hand between them guided the blunt head of him, probing her dewy heat. He wedged against her gate, then her tight flesh yielded, swallowing him as he pushed impossibly deep. She bit back a cry at the sharp pinch as he broke through her virginity. But the pain couldn't compare with the intensity of sensations of having him inside her. He slid in and out of her, the friction creating a lightening storm race along her burning flesh. They moved together, finding a rhythm, the awkwardness and pain soon disappearing. He was thrusting and rolling his hips on top of her, building a frenzy of need in her clutching channel.

"More. Harder," she urged, and he groaned against her neck. He slammed against her, making the bed jolt and her back arch. Her nails dug into his shoulders, trying to hold back her cries as her body opened itself fully to his fierce thrusts. Her body stretched to accommodate his thick length as he drive into her. When she came, it was powerful and heady, zinging from her toes to her fingers from the bursting fire between her thighs. She bit down on her hand to keep from screaming aloud lest her parents hear, moaning as his worked himself fiercely inside her, almost through her. On and on it went, her rippling pussy clinging to him.

When he came, it was jerky thrusts and a surprising gushing feel that made her tingle. "God. Mandy. What you do to me," he muttered as he slumped on top of her. His hand fisted in her hair, turning her face to his as his mouth found hers in a brief, passionate kiss.

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