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Boardroom Blunder


Carrie's day at work was busy as always so she was cramming tasks together to try and get everything done on time. Her son was back in town and she wanted to get off work on time so they could spend some time together but naturally, things at work were not cooperating.

"Carrie, don't forget you've got to be at that meeting at three." her boss Ron reminded her.

"Shit, yeah thanks, I'll try and be there but I've got this report due before then."

"Finish it and go to the meeting." Ron repeated. He wasn't cutting Carrie any slack today. She went back to her computer and clamped her legs shut, she'd had to pee since lunch but hadn't had the time. She should just go in between the report and the meeting but that would make her late which in turn would mean she wouldn't get off on time. The meeting couldn't be more than an hour so she decided she would just hold it until that was done. She didn't have to go that bad yet.

Putting the finishing touches on her report and running it through spellchecker real quick she ran off to Roger's office to drop it off.

"Thanks Carrie, right on time this will really help out my proposal."

"No problem, don't forget you owe me."

"Dinner and a movie I know." he rolled his eyes smiling.

"And a good stiff dicking." she added cutting out of his office before he could respond. She flirted with him constantly while they worked knowing damn well they would never hook up. Roger was very married and while he and his wife were quite the kinky couple she doubted his wife would be all that crazy about the idea of her husband screwing some other chick, even one she knew very well like Carrie. Still, she had once told Roger that if he ever got the chance he'd be a fool to pass it up, she always assumed his wife only said that to make Carrie feel good though.

"I'm here, I'm here." Carrie announced walking into the meeting room. She opened her laptop and sat down ready to type the minutes for the group.

"Just on time too, we were starting to think you wouldn't make it."

If this meeting goes more than an hour I won't make it. She thought to herself clamping down on her bladder. She was worried that she might loose control in the middle of the room and piss on the floor her urge to pee was becoming painful. She had decided to wear a miniskirt and thong today because of the heat outside so if she did piss herself all of her urine would end up on the floor and she wouldn't be able to hide that she had an accident.

Naturally the meeting ran longer than an hour but got out real close to quitting time. Hoping sto grab her stuff and race to the bathroom she stopped off at Ron's office to let him know she was leaving.

"Sure I wanted to talk to you about the meeting real quick first."

"Ok." Carrie sighed and sat down in front of his desk. Her bladder was pulsing painfully against her thighs and she was having a hard time holding it back. She thought that she should just ask to use the bathroom first and then finish this up after relieving herself but she just wanted to get it done and out of the way so she sat on the edge of the chair and began telling him about what went on prior to the meeting itself.

Her decision to stay was now proving to be a huge mistake, she could feel her urine seeping from her as they talked about the day's work. All he really did was ask a few questions about this and that, questions she was able to answer quickly and after about ten minutes she could feel her pee seeping out again. Shifting uncomfortably in her seat helped her clamp back down but she feel the wetness spreading over he thong and up her ass crack.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm alright." she lied as a spurt of urine escaped her body. She squeezed her thighs together trying to keep any more piss from escaping but knew if she didn't get up and go now, she would never make it to the bathroom.

"Are you sure cause you look awful nervous about something." he pressed. Another spurt of urine into Carrie's thong made her shift again.

"No really, I'm ok." Once more urine began seeping from her bladder as she desperately tried to hold back the rush of hot piss threatening to break her open. She was seriously doubting that she would succeed.

"Ok well then tell me about what they talked about during the meeting and we'll call this a day." he stood up and looked out the window with his back to her giving her a quick second to look down between her legs. Her thong was visibly soaked and a small amount of pee had dribbled onto the chair, she tried to soak it up with what little dry underwear she had left and told her boss about what went on in the meeting. Her bladder stopped seeping and another spurt of pee shot out of her. Looking down she could see some of her piss flow down her thong when another spurt of urine shot out, a growing pool was in between her legs now and she couldn't stop it. Unable to move her eyes she watched as spurt after spurt of pee soaked her thong and rolled down onto the chair. The spurts came one after the other and she couldn't stop them until finally a full on stream broke loose and she watched her piss form a large pool on the edge of the chair which fell off onto the floor making an audible splattering sound.

"What the hell is that?"

"Me waiting too long." Her stream of pee had grown in strength and was spraying right through the thong as if it wasn't even there, arcing over the edge and loudly hittine the hard floor. The sound of Carrie's pissing was all that could be heard in the office as neither her nor her boss said anything, he walked around to the front of the desk and stood wide mouthed watching her piss herself. She hadn't bothered trying to hold back anymore, she had already made this much of a mess, why try to clamp down and hurt herself? Piss was not only spraying from her thong but also flowing underneath it as well, soaking her ass crack, the back of her skirt and pooling in the small indentation normally reserved for someone's ass before falling off the back of the chair onto the floor in a second series of rivulets rapidly spreading across the linoleum. Completely humiliated by her lack of judgment she could only sit there and wait for her urine to stop flowing, it took a few minutes in complete silence but she was finally able to stop.

Carrie stood up, straightened her skirt as best she could and stared at the floor where she had just left a huge puddle. "I'm going...to get a mop. To clean this up." she said quietly.

"You do that." he answered obviously very upset. Carrie's thong and skirt were totally soaked through to the point she was dripping on the floor as she walked along hurriedly to the cleaning gear closet. She got a few strange looks from some of her coworkers but no one said anything. She made it back to her boss' office to find Roger there by himself.

"Hi, what are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to Ron but he wasn't here, by the looks of your clothes and this puddle of piss on the floor I assume you had a small accident?" he asked concerned.

"Small? Hardly, look at the size of that." She was noticing the pool for the first time, rivulets of her piss had run the length of the floor forming smaller pools all over the office floor.

"What happened?" Roger asked as she wrung out the mop.

"I was trying to get all my work done before I left, I've had to pee since lunch but was trying to hold it and well, didn't make it."

"You know, you really should take off those wet clothes." Roger leaned against the desk while Carrie got the mop rinsed out.

"Oh yeah sure and stand here bottomless? I don't have a change of clothes Roger."

"Sure stand here bottomless." the response wasn't what Carrie was expecting. She turned to look at Roger and saw that he was dead serious, the thought of mopping up her pee not wearing anything from the waist down started to make her pussy wet with horny excitement. Standing up the mop in the bucket she pulled her skirt down to her ankles and stepped out of it, then bending over the desk with her chest flat against it she slid her thong down over her ass and allowed it to fall to the floor. Remaining bent over while she stepped out of her thong she wiggled her bare ass for Roger to enjoy, he gave it a playful slap and then ordered her to clean up her mess.

The tops of her thighs had chafed against each other when she was walking to the cleaning closet but now slid back and forth lubricated by her leaking pussy juice. Wordlessly she cleaned up the piss and put the mop aside. After wringing out her thong and skirt she started to put them back on until Roger stopped her.

"No don't, its quitting time just walk out like that." he took both items of clothing from her.

"Roger, you don't actually expect me to walk to my car bare assed do you?"

"Yes I do." he replied smiling wickedly.

Carrie looked at him scowling with a smile tugging at one corner of her mouth. She had already humiliated herself by pissing on her boss' floor and now she had to walk to her car half exposed to the office and anyone else in the building that happened to look. Despite the humiliation the thought made her pussy even wetter so she took her laptop and stuffed it into her briefcase, grabbed her purse and walked out the door holding one hand over her crotch and her briefcase over her ass.

Roger did his best to run interference for her but a couple of people noticed something was up and gave the two strange stares. Carrie simply walked as quickly as she could to the elevator and went straight to the corner to keep her ass hidden from other passengers. She held her briefcase over her crotch to hide that part of her from view and Roger sidled in beside her as the doors closed. Only a couple of other people were in the car at the moment and neither of them seemed to notice that Carrie was naked from the waist down.

"What are you doing following me?" Carrie whispered to Roger.

"Just making sure you make it to your car unmolested. The streets are a dangerous place for a half naked woman."

"Your concern is total bullshit, I guess I'm just going to have to wait till we get to the car to find out what you really want." They rode the elevator down to the sub basement silently not wanting to discuss anything that would certainly be overheard in the crowded elevator. Carrie waited until the last person got out and it was just her and Roger, once the doors closed she punched the button for the garage level that her car was on and waited for the doors to open again. Once they did she walked out trying to hide her nakedness as she walked through the empty lot. There were hardly any cars and what few there were could be seen driving up the ramp to the exit, no other passer-by could be seen. Roger followed her until they got to her car and then took her by the hips guiding her to the trunk. His crotch pressed against her bare ass when he bent her over.

"I'll bet you didn't know my wife likes to piss her clothes for me, gets me all hot and bothered." Carrie could hear him unzip his fly and pull out his cock and she braced herself against the trunk to be fucked from behind.

"Roger, you're married!" she protested as he started playing with her clit, the motions made her close her eyes and moan in pleasure.

"I know and I'm sure she does too." He pressed his cock up to the opening of her cunt letting her juices flow onto the tip lubricating it enough to enter her and then mvoing one of his fingers inside her cunt fucking her.

"We shouldn't do this." she protested again hoping he would fuck her anyway. For a minute he didn't say anything and only slid the tip of his fingers back and forth over her folds opening them up, her pussy glistened in the light and Carrie held her breath waiting to be violated from behind. She enjoyed feeling exposed and vulnerable and also thinking that she was being raped even though she wasn't. Feeling emotions she had never encountered before she couldn't contain her horny excitement waiting for Roger to fuck her over the trunk of her car.

"I'm going to fuck you doggie style and you're going to like it you hear?" he placed one hand over each hip and slowly pushed his cock inside of her until he was as far in as he could be.

"No." she whimpered in mock protest her breathing heavy. "No don't."

"Shut up and take it you little slut." he pumped his cock into her pussy a few times and she moaned with ecstasy. Arching her head and back she pushed her hips against his with every stroke trying to match his rythum, he gained speed quickly pounding her cunt with his hips and slapping her clit with his balls. The pleasure of fucking a married man in the middle of everywhere was more than Carrie could take and she began screaming out not caring if anyone heard her. Her body thrashed and bucked and she bit her lip as she came, Roger came inside her filling her pussy with his hot come trying not to be bucked off. It took some time but the two lovers finally stopped and Carrie lay on the trunk of her car spent. Roger simply put himself back in his pants and walked back towards his car leaving Carrie exposed and used. She smiled.

"Bastard, use me then loose me eh? Damn I hope we do this again soon." Carrie pulled a towel out of her gym bag and sat on it in the driver seat of her car using it to keep all her bodily fluids off the upholstery. Sitting with one leg on the driver's side and the other draped over the center she spread her pussy open just enough to allow Roger's come to seep out onto the towel. She thought about how she had just been humiliated, forced upon by a married man and left exposed out in public and became horny again. Why did that excite me so much? I've never been this kind of woman. Before wiping herself off she called her son and asked him to meet her at her car with a pair of shorts, he said he would and sounded a little confused but didn't ask why, she hung up and drove home wondering how she was going to explain this.

Her son Justin was waiting in the parking stall with a pair of her shorts in hand, she pulled up and got out of the car holding the towel around her bottom. She gave him a quick hug and spilled the whole story to him about pissing herself and getting fucked in the parking garage.

"By the way, you didn't sniff any of my panties did you?" she asked him deadly serious.

"Mom, why would I do a thing like that?" he asked her as they walked into the apartment.

"I don't know honey, maybe because you confessed to me last year that you want to sleep with me?" They entered her apartment and she hugged him again as she said that and felt him hunch over at the reminder. "Or maybe because ever since you got here you've been watching me shower?"

"How did you know?" he asked jaw hanging open.

"Come on Justin you really think I leave the bathroom door open on accident?" she asked smiling broadly.

"Why do you do this to me mom?" he asked chuckling.

"Because you busted cerfew and went to a party I told you not to go to, consider this part of your punishment."

"If watching you bathe is punishment I'll have to break more rules." he laughed.

"Don't even think about it. I have to wash myself up before we have dinner so set the table please sweetie?"

"No problem mom, but I'm still going to watch you shower." he walked into the kitchen and started to assemble the place settings. Carrie was already undressed completely and walked through the corner of the living room holding a bath towel in her hand giving Justin a full view of her naked body, he watched intently.

"You better not cause the table won't be set when I get out." she shut the bathroom door this time and turned on the water hanging up her towel while she waited for it warm up to her liking. She and Justin had joked for over a year about sleeping together since she had caught him drunk at a forbidden party. Not realizing it was her he had grabbed her tits and told her in front of all his friends that he wanted to fuck her. She dropped the bomb on him and dragged him home sealing him inside the house for a week for punishment. At the time she had been totally embarrassed by the thought of her son finding her sexually attractive but since then she had come to realize what a sexy young man he had grown up to be and began to wonder if sleeping with him would really be so bad.

Soaping herself in the hot shower water she tried not to glance at the bathroom mirror knowing she wouldn't catch Justin watching her with the door closed. She had never believed he had been serious until this last visit, the first time she took a shower with him home she had accidentally left the door open cause she was used to living alone. Half way through the shower she spotted Justin in the mirror watching her and just kept on bathing pretending she hadn't noticed. For whatever reason he really seemed to be enjoying the show and ever since she made a note to leave the door open so he could watch, the idea of her very son wanting her that way made her wet enough to masturbate.

Finishing the quick shower she toweled off and walked back into the living room bypassing her bedroom and instead walking naked into the kitchen. She was still so full of horny desire she would have pounced on Justin right then and there if she felt he would be ok with it. After her actions this afternoon she decided to stop pussy-footing around and find out for sure if her son really wanted her.

"You already put everything in the oven?" she asked surprised.

"Yeah mom, didn't want to wait I'm hungry." he paused for a second gazing at his naked mother who returned his look of desire.

"Thank you, I'm going to get dressed I'll be right back." she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, one of his hands wrapped around her back and slid down brushing the edge of her round firm ass. Wow, he does really want me. She thought to herself.

Trying to decide what to wear was difficult she wanted to turn him on but not look like she was and still look decent at the same time. She finally decided on an argyle sweater that hugged her curves and a pair of slacks that did the same, she forgo the bra and panties hoping not to cream her crotch so bad she left another wet spot. Looking at herself in the mirror she started to have second thoughts. She looked hot, very hot and she was about to walk into the living room and seduce her own son. It was starting to sound more and more crazy with every second but she couldn't deny her passions, she wanted her son she just didn't know what to do about it. Sighing, she gave up on the thought of seduction, Maybe I'll just find out if really wants to and leave it at that, he'll be grossed out by me anyway. She walked out of her bedroom and entered the kitchen to check the timer, they had about ten minutes until the food was ready.

"Hope you like the food I picked out." she announced moving over to the couch where he was sitting watching tv.

"Yeah, I noticed you made my favorite."

"Well, store bought some of it but I didn't think you would mind." she sat down next to him watching some reality show. "What's this? Survivor the moon?" the screen was almost completely dark and she had a hard time making out any of the members of the show.

"Nah, its some rip-off called Castaways. Pretty much the same though."

"This is why I don't watch tv anymore, what ever happened to good old sitcoms?"

"They got boring and went away." he laughed. "Not enough of you old fogeys left to watch them anymore."

"Watch it you." she playfully chucked him on the shoulder. "I'm still young enough to kick your ass."

"Promises, promises." he chided.

"Oh yeah I forgot your girlfriend beats you a lot doesn't she. Ok I won't kick your ass." she sat with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Now thats cruel." he responded. She stuck her tongue out at him and turned back to the television. They sat in silence for the next few minutes save for the occasional groan from Carrie or snicker from Justin until the timer went off telling them dinner was done. Watching tv had started to get Carrie's mind back out of the gutter and she began to feel really foolish, her nipples could plainly be seen poking through the sweater making her feel self-consious. She set the table hoping Justin wouldn't notice before they would flatten out and she could act normal again, instead of like a horny amazonian Goddess.

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