Bobbi's Birthday Bash


That took only a few more seconds. "OH!" she cried, and it seemed as though every muscle in her body spasmed at once.

After her orgasm, Bobbi totally relaxed, but Frank continued driving his cock in and out of her ass. With my fingers, I collected as much of her pussy juices as I could and carefully pulled my hand out from under her, being careful not to wipe them off on the sheet. It was not because I wanted to avoid being messy, but because I didn't want to waste what I knew to be more of the delicious treat I had relished a few minutes earlier. As I licked Bobbi's nectar off my fingers, I saw Frank's buttocks clench and heard him give a great, happy sigh, and I knew he had also climaxed. He slowed down, but didn't stop, until he had squirted at least two more shots of cum into his condom.

The very happy man and woman lay in a pile for a few minutes, catching their breaths and resting, until Frank slowly backed off, pulling his cock from Bobbi's ass and backing away from her. She rolled over onto her back and lay facing us, a blissful smile on her face.

"Well, this is a fine kettle of fish, you guys. Not only is my pussy sore, but now my ass is too. I don't think I can do any more fucking, George, unless you give me some f your special therapy." I knew what she wanted was for me to eat her pussy again, and I was more than willing to do it, especially since I knew I would start with a great pool of her delicious juices.

Before I could move into position to start, Steve volunteered: "I'm the guy who made your pussy sore, so I should be the one to treat it."

Bobbi looked at me and I nodded my head. "Okay, Steve, you're right," she told him. "Let's see what your mouth can do." She snuggled her head in her pillow and spread her legs while the tall, young man approached on his knees and leaned forward.

Although I rather envy his youth and virility and the size of his cock, I mentor Steve when he asks and I consider it proper to do so. I was the one who started him eating pussy, and his sister was a major part of his instruction too, because the first beneficiary of his tongue was located at the apex of her legs. That happened in my house, shortly before their relationship entered its current phase. When Bobbi raised her legs, he ducked under them, wrapped his arms around her thighs, and leaned forward until his face was just inches from the object of his adoration. One of the things I taught him was to take his time, and enjoy every aspect of what he was doing, starting with the visual, and Steve has always done that part first.

"Mmmmm, you really smell good, he told her and, a few seconds later he added: "and you taste even better." After that, he didn't say anything, and I can't blame him. It's hard to talk and eat a pussy at the same time, and most of the men I know, including myself, would far rather do the latter, especially such a delightfully plump, juicy one as Bobbi's.

Certainly that was Steve's preference. He enthusiastically buried his face in her gorgeous crotch and was silent, except for the soft lapping noises of his tongue relishing the place where it feels and tastes and smells so good to lick. She loved it at least as much and, a few minutes after the young man started eating her, Bobbi was writhing in pleasure on the bed, and cooing happily. "Yes! Yes! Like that!" she urged him on, with her voice and with the movements of her body under Steve's face.

He didn't really need much urging, because Steve loves eating pussy almost as much as he loves fucking it. As a protégé of mine, he usually follows the same pattern as I do, and I knew he was just starting to stroke Bobbi's clit hood with his tongue. She certainly knew it too, and her pussy was already fucking up into his face.

I saw Steve move his head slightly, and I knew that he had brought his mouth back below the area that was supposedly in need of tongue therapy. First, he would devour all the fresh nectar, and this would be followed by licking upward on Bobbi's other pussy lips. Besides being tremendous fun for the persons involved, it really is therapeutic. Personally, I have relieved the soreness from dozens of pussies and more than a few asses by doing exactly what Steve was doing. Animal mothers are aware of it, but saliva may be the most underrated wonder drug in the world for humans.

Besides benefitting from the therapy, Bobbi was getting tremendous pleasure from what Steve's tongue was doing for her. As they continued, her body pitched and rolled from side to side on the mattress and her head tossed back and forth on her pillow. Her moans were louder and were ending in whimpers. Even as we watched, Bobbi's legs started thrusting out and back over Steve's shoulders. I knew she was close to cumming, and so did Steve and everybody else, because she was loudly telling us.

"Oh, God, yes! That feels so good, Steve! Make me cum," she implored him.

He would, eventually, but Steve knows enough to take a long time, and bring the woman slowly to her orgasm. It's more fun for her and more fun for him that way, besides the fact that he gets to feast on even more of her pussy juices. All I could see was the back of his head, with Bobbi's legs draped across his shoulders and thrusting back and forth, but it looked as if he was licking and probing around her delectable pink love hole. After a couple more minutes of that, I saw him move his head slightly upward, and it looked as if he had just taken Bobbi's engorged clit into his mouth.

She confirmed it. "Yes! Yes! Suck my clit," she cried. There was no need to ask Steve, because he knew what to do and how to do it, and a minute later, Bobbi started cumming.

This time it was Steve's head that was held prisoner between Bobbi's thighs and his face that was jammed against her pussy. Although he is considerably bigger than I, Steve was thrown around as much as I had been, while the lady bounced up and down on her ass and swung her legs from side to side. For as long as Bobbi was cumming, she let us know how great it was, and how much she loved the way Steve was eating her pussy. I wasn't jealous, because she had said the same things about me.

When she climaxed, Bobbi's whole body spasmed, her back arched and she rammed her pussy for a climactic time into the face of the man who had brought her to that state. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed on the bed, smiling, with her eyes closed, her arms sprawled out at her sides and her legs dangling over Steve's shoulders. As I had taught him, he devoured all the nectar from Bobbi's crotch, thighs, belly, pussy lips and everywhere else except inside her pink love hole. He left it there, because she would be fucking again in a few minutes, and the liquid would be needed to serve its natural function of lubrication.

A few seconds after Steve backed away, Bobbi opened her eyes, and her smile got even better. "That was great, Steve." My pussy is all better now, and my ass feels good too. You know what that means, don't you?" As she asked that rhetorical question, Bobbi's smile became lewder, and her eyes went to Sam and Aaron, who were kneeling on the bed, patiently waiting their next turns, their cocks hard and pointing at the woman who would soon be entertaining them.

If they hadn't known, Bobbi soon let them know. The birthday girl moved aside and gave directions as to what she wanted next. "Aaron, you lie on your back here, and Sam, I want your big black cock in my ass." Both men smiled, happy to follow such pleasurable directions.

With Aaron lying on his back, Bobbi knelt, straddling his legs while she rolled the condom onto his stiff cock. With that ready, she moved into position so her pussy was right above the latex-covered erection he was holding in place for her. From the thought of what she was about to continue doing, juices were already trickling down her thighs or dripping onto the waiting cock. Holding her pussy lips apart, Bobbi slowly lowered her body until the tip pressed against the source of those fragrant juices. Aaron rubbed his cock in the wetness to spread the lubrication, and Bobbi lowered herself farther, sighing happily when she felt the head wedge into her pussy. She smiled at everybody, especially Sam, who was holding the bottle of Aqualube and waiting for Bobbi's ass to be ready for it and for him.

Her pussy was wet enough that it didn't take very long. Once the head of Aaron's cock was inside her, Bobbi paused before lowering her body a bit more, taking almost two inches of his shaft inside her. The both murmured a duet of joy and, a few seconds later, they did an encore, as more of the hard shaft was made welcome. Bobbi twisted her hips back and forth over Aaron, before moving even lower, taking the rest of his cock inside her pussy. She stayed in that position for almost a minute, letting the well-trained muscles in her front love channel massage the cock that was filling it so well, before leaning forward and stretching out her legs beside Aaron's, and lying on top of him.

As she reached back to spread the cheeks of her ass, Bobbi turned to face the man who had been biding his time until she was ready. "Okay, Sam. Grease me up good and fill me with that big hard cock," she told the waiting man. He moved forward, lubricant in hand, knelt between her legs and twisted off the bottle cap.

Sam placed the neck against the hole he was preparing and turned it in his hands to make a slight penetration. He squeezed the bottle and Bobbi murmured happily as she felt the Aqualube gush into her ass. She was even more pleased, and let us know it, when Sam's finger followed, spreading the lubricant evenly inside her ass. Because her pussy was filled so well, squeezing her other pleasure hole almost shut, he used plenty of it, even covering the whole puckered area on the outside. With Bobbi's ass ready, he coated his cock with the Aqualube and handed the bottle back to me. She was still holding her cheeks apart, so he moved in closer, pried open the rosebud that was waiting for him, and pressed the tip of his cock against it.

"Yeah, that's it. Right there," Bobbi urged him, and moved her hands in closer to help him hold open her tiny hole.

Sam knew what he was doing, and he rubbed the tip of his cock against the lubricant that was covering his target. With a firm push, the head wedged into the tight hole where it was so badly wanted. When he felt her muscles squeezing him, Sam drew his breath in sharply between his teeth. Bobbi also let us know how much pleasure she was already getting from the cock that was impaling her pussy and the one being driven into her ass.

"Ooooo, that's it. Give me all of it now."

He would, but not all at once. Sam gave another thrust, and almost another inch of his cock squeezed into Bobbi's ass. Once again, she urged him to give her the whole thing, and once again he complied by driving in a fraction of its length. Her whole body was already writhing on top of Aaron from the intense pleasure she was getting from both men.

It kept getting better, as Sam continued the series of short, firm thrusts until his entire cock was imbedded in Bobbi's ass. She could feel his legs against her cheeks, and knew it was in as far as it would go. The three of them lay like that for over a minute, as she relished what their cocks were doing for her, and they enjoyed the tightness of her ass and pussy. I've been in that position often enough, at least the one the guys were in, that I knew how they were able to feel waves of joy washing over their bodies.

But, of course, it got better yet. Sam was the first to start moving, and he slowly pulled his cock most of the way out, paused briefly, and started driving it back in. When she felt it surging back into her ass, Bobbi fucked back to meet it and Aaron, when he felt the others moving, pulled his cock most of the way from her pussy. When her body and Sam's came together again, they both moaned at how incredibly good it felt, and he started withdrawing again for another stroke. At the same time, Aaron plunged his cock back into Bobbi's pussy, and she fucked down to meet him, until their pubic areas met, spattering her juices all over both of them.

They continued like that for a long time, all three of them moving in unison, while their moans and sighs and gasps of total pleasure formed an erotic trio. Aaron was flat on his back, his legs together, and his hands on Bobbi's plump hips, so he could guide her as she moved back and forth, impaling her pussy on his cock. Sam crouched over her, his feet next to Aaron's legs and his hands holding their partner's shoulders, helping her fuck back to meet his thrusts into her ass. Bobbi's legs were spread more widely than anybody else's, and she had her hands on the mattress on either side of Aaron, so she could push against the bed to move around. All three of them continued their slow movements, moaning and sighing and whimpering from the exquisite pleasure they were sharing. The rest of us watched the pile moving erotically, and awaited our next turns with Bobbi's ass or mouth or pussy.

Her weight had been supported by her arms but, as the double fucking continued, Bobbi became less and less stable, and her orgasm drew nearer. She knew it, and told the two men of her needs. "Fuck me faster, you guys. Really make me cum!"

They were more than happy to do it, because they could feel their climaxes approaching too. The movements of the trio became faster, but remained synchronized. "Yes! Yes! Like that," the woman in the middle of the sandwich urged them.

"Like that" was how they did it. Her arms flailed at her sides and, in rhythm with the thrusts of the cocks plunging into her pleasure holes, Bobbi's legs kicked like those of a swimming frog. Her body thrashed and churned between the two men almost falling off Aaron, but they kept her firmly in place. She seemed to have almost no control over her movements, having given herself completely over to the pleasure of the moment.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes, I'm cumming," Bobbi joyfully crooned.

Her movements became even wilder and less controlled, and Aaron and Sam pounded their cocks into her harder and faster than ever. For as long as she was cumming, Bobbi babbled incoherently. Her body gave an abrupt spasm, as all her muscles clenched, and she climaxed, followed by lying quietly between the two men, who continued fucking her just as fast and just as deeply.

I think Sam was the next to cum, and I saw his buttocks clench, as he spurted cum into his condom. He continued fucking Bobbi's ass, and I know he ejaculated at least one more time before he finally stopped. Aaron also climaxed, but I couldn't see just when. After everybody was through cumming, they all lay in a happy pile, while the rest of us thought expectantly of what we would do next.

Bobbi knew what she wanted. "That was terrific, both you guys. All you guys," she exclaimed. "I'm starting to get a little tired, but I sure don't want to stop. Can we rest a bit and get some lunch from Room Service, though? I'll be ready to go for a long time afterwards."

The two men who had just given her the great double penetration certainly had no objection to that idea. Sam slowly pulled his cock from her ass and rolled over to lie on his back near the side of the bed. Bobbi pulled her pussy off Aaron's cock and rolled off him to the other side. The man who had been the bottom slice of bread in the sandwich stayed where he was, his cock softening and flopping against his leg. Steve and Frank and I had no objections either. We knew there was a lot of good, hot sex ahead of us that afternoon, and we could resume after a bit to eat.

I had anticipated stopping for lunch, and had arranged to have a small birthday cake with seven candles prepared for us. After everybody read the lunch menu and decided what they wanted, I placed our orders, instructing Room Service to ring the doorbell and I would come out into the hallway to sign for the food. I even put on my clothes so I wouldn't shock anybody.

We weren't being secretive about what we were doing, and there was nothing illegal about it, but I wanted to be a bit circumspect about our activities. Besides that, if the server was a woman, she might want to join us, and this was Bobbi's birthday party, and we were there for her. After all, it isn't every day that such a sexy woman celebrates her seventh leap-year birthday.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Bobbi and the rest of us had. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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