tagBDSMBobby's Playtime

Bobby's Playtime


They had just gotten to the motel room. He had been working all day and decided that a shower would be nice before they had fun and game time. He turned on the water, tested the temp. and stripped off his clothes before climbing in the shower and closing the curtain. He was thinking about how soon he was going to be finished with this shower and sucking on her sweet pussy. He figured that she had the candles lit by now, lotion out where they could easily reach it and a variety of dildos and vibrators laid lout on the night table. He reached down to soap his cock and of course had a rock solid hard on. He rubbed and stroked for a few seconds just thinking about plunging that cock into her pussy. His dick pushing through that red fur, parting those big pussy lips and fucking her till she screamed.

Her had a smile on his face and his hand on his cock as the shower curtain opened and she got in the shower with him. Her breasts pressed against him and he could feel the hard pink nipples standing like soldiers pressing into his chest. He suckled one nipple in his mouth and rolled the other with two fingers, pinching and nipping just a little bit at each breast.

"Hey", she said "that hurts too much, now you are going to have to pay the price. You must be my slave for the next 30 minutes". You may not cum, if you do, I will punish you with the hairbrush in my purse" "For the next 30 minutes, Bobby darlin' you are my sex slave."

She got out of the shower telling him to stay inside. After she got out she turned off the hot water until only icy cold water fell like raindrops on his skin. She walked back into the bedroom and returned with a small dildo and a big hairbrush.

"Look at you, your nice hard-on is all gone" she said. "I want to see it standing proud" "You will address me as Mistress and only speak when I give you permission to do so" If you try to get away, or overcome me with your strength, you will be punished double, do you understand slave?"

"Yes" he answered weakly, already caught up in the fantasy world they were about to embark on.

She took the hairbrush and gave him two smart stings on the ass. "That was your first mistake", she laughed, "how do you address me?'

"Yes, mistress" he answered. The spanks of the hairbrush had caused his cock to stiffen a bit. She instructed him to masturbate while she continued soft smacks of the hairbrush on his ass, sometimes missing on purpose stinging softly against his balls.

She turned the shower off and adjusted the tap water until it was warm and soothing. She allowed him to get out of the tub and lay face down on the carpeted bathroom floor. Gently she used warm washcloths to sooth his reddened ass skin.

"Does that feel good slave?" she asked softly.

"Oh yes mistress" he replied.

"Very good then we will leave these warm washcloths on your ass for a few minutes, but while they do their wonder I'll have to have my glass of ice water and allow you to suck on my toes"

"Oh thank you mistress"

She got her glass of water down on the closed toilet seat and presented her feet to his mouth. Gently he took one toe at a time in his mouth and sucked it the way he would have if it had been a tiny clit. Licking around each toenail, running his tongue along the whole arch of her foot, going back to sucking the toes again.

"Enough" she said, as she picked the washcloths off his ass. The warm water had done an excellent job soothing the strokes from the hairbrush until only a slight pink tinge was still showing on his ass.

She got up and filled her water glass again and drank. The warm water was still running in the bathtub as she had never bothered to turn it off. She put the dildo under the warm water and soaped it until it was slick. She filled her water glass yet again. She instructed him to back up to her doggie style. She reached underneath him and stroked his cock and balls. She could feel them throbbing in her hands. She knew he craved release, but now was not the time. She stopped fondling him and moved her hands back to his ass. She parted his ass cheeks with her left hand and slowly inch by inch inserted the dildo with her right hand.

He groaned, tears of pleasure/pain dripping down his face. His ass arching back to take more and more of the dildo inside of him. His cock felt like it was going to burst open it was so full of cum, but yet he restrained himself, knowing that the games had just begun.

She pulled the dildo from his ass, watching as his sweet little asshole returned to its normal size. She got a 4th glass of water and began to drink again. He watched her throat as she swallowed wishing it was his cum flowing down inside of her and not cold water.

"Suck my titties slave" she commanded.

His head went to her breasts sucking and licking.

"Now climb back in the bathtub" she said.

"Yes mistress" he replied

"You have been a very good slave today you know and you should be rewarded," she stated.

"If my mistress is pleased then I am rewarded" he said.

She got into the tub with him, standing over his face and shoulders. She squatted down as low as she could and opened her pussy lips with her fingers.

"Look at the inside of me" she said, "I'm going to give my little slave what his heart desires" "Watch little slave and feel what you have wanted all along." She reached back and started stroking his cock while letting go a golden stream of pee at his face and shoulders. He warmth of her pee and the touch of her hand on his cock was too much. He felt his organ swell and then surge with cum that shot up her back while her pee ran down his face.

"Now slave, eat me, till you can taste my cum and piss in your mouth, do it now!" she screamed, her own orgasm as close as the touch of his tongue.

He buried his face in her wet pussy, licking all the juices that came from inside of her, savoring the taste of her piss flavored cum. She was wild above him, bucking in his face, as orgasm after orgasm filled her. He licked every drop clean. He got up, turned the shower back to warm and they bathed quickly together, not wanting to waste time.

"Now slave," he said it's my turn and these are the rules...

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