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body language


if i'm playing with my hair
i'm trying to get your attention
there are other signals of flirtation
that i'm gonna mention
if i spread my legs
it's an invitation to come in
on your knees eating my pussy
is where you can begin
if you say something funny
and i throw my head back and laugh
that means i'm up for sex
and my body you can have
if i'm shaking my leg that means
i'm waiting for you to make a move
my signals are not always overt
but they still are very smooth
if i'm tapping my fingers
that means you're moving too slow
i'm horny and i'm ready
and i need a dick to blow
if i bat my eye lashes
that means i think you're cute
and i won't stop until we fuck
'cause i'll be in hot pursuit
if i'm rubbing my shoulders
that means i want you to
all my signals mean one thing
i want to fuck you
if i'm smiling a lot
that means i want to kiss
are you paying attention
are you getting all of this
if my hands are by my sides
that means i want a hug
i want to be in your arms
where i feel safe and snug
if i can't sit still in my seat
that means i'm anxious for some action
and fucking is the only thing
that will bring me satisfaction

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