Body Modification

byEd M.©

You had every guy beating his meat, or wanting to fucking you while you were being tattooed. She was young and a little pissed at me. Last time she was the "big hit" at the party, this time I was.

We spent the next several weeks laying around screwing our brains out. I was now the big turn on.Always being played with and being played with by anyone who wanted to. I tried to heal and as the days passed I became less sore. I had a slight infection in one of the tattoos and two of the piercing but they healed.

A little more ink to finish up, what was started, A few more piercing mostly in my ears. Time went pretty fast for me, it had been about eight months sense I had left home. Paul and I would go shopping once in a while but we did more drugs then we ate. My weight had dropped from 125lbs.down to the low 90s.

* * * Part Six: Jail

Paul and I were going to a Biker rally in Oregon when we got pulled over by the police. Paul had several pieces of crack, joints, and the little bottle of acid I so loved. We were arrested for possession of a dangerous drug.

During the booking a female guard had to do a physical search of me. when I was naked she looked at me with no reaction. I said what do ya think? She just did her search and asked a few questions. Then she told me to take off all my jewelry. I then stated that I have never had my jewelry off! The lady cop told me no one goes into the cell with personal belongings. She then tried to spread the 8 and 10 gauge CBR rings in my nipples. she could not do it! So she later came back with another female guard and with some pliers. They took all my piercing out, and placed them into a plastic bag which was sealed shut.

In jail for a few days the public defender made me a deal that if I pleaded guilty I would only get seven and one-half years probation, or sit with Paul and maybe get 32 years. I was allowed to talk to Paul once on the phone. He told me to take the plea bargain deal, he had two prior drug possession record. Before I could get out of jail I had to post a $25,000 bail. I was lucky I still had the $300,000 from the saving account hat my husband called his. After a few phone calls I reached Mike and told him where the money was. I also told him that the person I was with got busted. He sent the money, plus one dollar. He told me to that's all I get of "his" money.

While waiting for a little while in California for permission to leave state. Sue and I hooked up in a small apartment for a while, doing what ever for money. Mostly low cost dancing.

I still had my bag of my CBR rings and got together some money to have them placed bach in. The piercing guy had to re pierce several of the inner labia. The cost was due mostly from when they were removed. They had some scratches and gouges from the pliers the women guards used on them. They had to be replaced. With all my piercing I had 12 in my left ear. The small rose tattoo in my left ear didn't look right so I had a Diamond stub placed where the flower was. My right ear had 14 rings. Both breasts were still double pierced with 8 gauge CBRs. The belly had its three in a 10 gauge CBR. With Sue she enjoyed my 10 pussy piercing so much that we stretched four of the holes to take 2 gauge CBRs.

By the time my parole was reduced to probation, the courts allowed me to move back to Phoenix Az... Sue had left with an abusive gut that I wanted no part of.

* * * Part Seven: Back Home

Upon returning to phoenix my husband had a permanent live in. She had three kids and was a dull spoon just like he was. Real flat personality.

I took up a job in telemarketing. Mike my soon to be ex, had filed for divorce. He fought in court saying that all the money, house, and possessions were his, not mine. lucky the judge only wanted to hear that the marriage was broken and could not be fixed. He got the house and I got two thirds of the saving and investments. Still felling shaky most of the time I took some of the money and checked into a rehab place called the Meadows, In Wickenberg, Arizona. While there I would see people of very rich and famous in the same rehab program as me. Drugs and sexual addition. It gave me strength.

After five months feeling better about myself and back working I went to see a Doctor about my tattoos thinking about having them removed. The cost would be enormous and would never be completely gone. In fact he said some would look worse! I did have him remove the vines on my wrist. This way when dressed for work, You didn't see much the left wing of the bird on my back, that went to the base of my neck on the right side could be seen though.

One day while a very good looking man named Ed was talking to me during lunch, he asked me out. We dated for several weeks and I was scared that Ed would get turned off to me over my piercing and tattoos.

I went to a piercing shop here in town named, HTC. The lady at the front desk was really nice. I had most of the rings removed, and had barbells put in place.

I still had two set of rings in my nipples, but I decided to take out the back 8 gauge rings. Now I have only one set of ten gauge barbells in my nipples. One 10 gauge belly button ring. My clit ring was a small gold ring that I had silver soldered in place while in Calif. I will not remove it!

I had the pussy lips redone with barbells This is about the most down sizing I could Handle. To make this horrible long story short I am now 39 years old, clean and drug free for five years, married one year to Ed. Who is very good to me. Ed is a lover of corsets. he ordered three of them for me and asked if I would wear them, what I didn't know is that he wanted me to wear them all the time. I now have a waist that is down to about 19 to 191/2 inches depending on the corset. He holds me very tightly in his arms every night, all night long.

He never questioned why I have my body mods or what happened in the past. He will let me tell the story of what happened, when I am ready to tell it. Body mods still turn me on, and I get horny every time I get more or my waist goes down an inch!

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