tagNonHumanBody Shifters: C.L.A.I.R.E. Ch. 03

Body Shifters: C.L.A.I.R.E. Ch. 03


"Cherry-Pie; with extra napkins." I breathed luridly into the receiver of my wireless phone as I paced back and forth through my lonely, sparse, and untidy apartment.

That was the code word for two prostitutes. I had to have an extra one this time. As long as you were content to never, ever be in the limelight, there were certain perks that came with working for an agency that didn't exist with billion- dollar budgets. The number that I dialed, the extension that I used, and a series of code-words could get me a great many luxuries through illicit back channels and covert cut-outs. That was how 'The Agency' operated, multiple layers of secrecy and misdirection with cover-stories, fall-guys, and 'clean-up crews'every step of the way.

I didn't know where the women would come from, didn't need to know; just as they would never be able to ferret out the identity of those hiring them. This was an opportunity that I had never availed myself of before; I had always maintained notions of higher motives, always tried to picture myself as a pure creature of reason and intellect that had risen above base animal needs. Until now.

Until I worked out a way to counter the alien super-hormone that was burning in my blood; I had to have an outlet for release. My penis had doubled in size in one month, and I could feel the weight of my balls; and it was growing difficult to remember what it felt like to actually have a limp dick.

Only elastic sweat-pants could be comfortable now, with my raging ten-inches of hardened manmeat thrusting boldly at all hours of the day and night. I had ripped my home computer out of the wall in disgust, internet porn had failed me; I just couldn't jack-off fast enough, couldn't get enough stimulation to REALLY cum. However much I tried, it always felt like I had much too much cum left over. And I'd tried a variety of hookers. So I had to up the ante.

Well, despite the painful distraction of my bull-cock pressing against my pants, I had still been able to get a little work done; and had forwarded some data, and recommendations for further experiments to the Review Board.

If I really delivered, if I continued to produce useful discoveries of practical application, then the unseen masters that controlled 'The Agency' would have no problem arranging multiple prostitutes every night sent to my address. It would continue to be set up through illicit channels of dark secrecy that I didn't need to understand.

I brooded for a few tense minutes. Suspecting that my report, and preliminary findings would be enough to satisfy the Board. I had of course, omitted any admission of sexual contact with the alien research subjects. But it was enough for an early report. I gripped my throbbing cock, knowing what I needed; but daring not to take that step. I would not allow the creatures; the shifters to touch me again. I had dubbed them Polymimeticus gynotrophia, and had to try and banish their memory, try not to think of them as women, tried not to remember the bliss of a blowjob from a woman who can grow three tongues on demand!

My hips bucked, and my ten-inches of steely cock throbbed as I grunted in frustration.


But that was the doorbell, and with alacrity that surprised even me, I leapt to open it.

The first was a shorter girl in skin-tight leopard skin spandex with a leather jacket over her upper body, but opened in the middle to reveal a Victoria's Secret push-up she was wearing as a top. Her hair was a neat, bright red chin- length bob that was probably a wig. She had sunglasses that changed color as the lighting shifted.

Her partner was a taller girl with a noticeably wide ass barely contained in blue vinyl short-shorts and nylons that exposed and enhanced her long svelte legs down to her red high-heels. She had a fishnet tanktop that covered a pink bikini that scantily covered her D-cup boobs. Her hair was dyed orange with black, horizontal stripes.

"The Lady or the Tiger; And I picked the ladies..." I breathed with a grin. The red-head paused as she stared pointedly at my gigantic cock tenting my sweat pants before speaking in a Brooklyn accent.

"What we was told was th- " I was on her, my lips pressed to hers and my hands down her skirt, with another hand on her partner's ass.


I didn't appreciate their clothes for long, but I was a man in conflict - I could not decide between the redhead's boobs ( close to a Double-D) Or the taller girl's ass (To make a rapper whistle.) I was new at this and not quite sure of the best way to handle two women at once.

Sprawling upon the couch, (too horny to bother dragging them to my bed) I battered my way into the taller gal's pussy while trying to bury my face in the chest of her red-headed partner.

But admittedly, it was rather awkward to pound one pussy, while trying to wallow in the cleavage of the next girl. The two whores yelped as I changed positions. The Taller one with the tiger-striped hair; I still wasn't done with her pussy, so I hugged her close to me, crushingly tight, so I could wrap my legs around her, thrust into the hot core between her thighs, and lock my legs in place around her ass. But this still left arm length for me to caress and grope her red-headed partner.

They were seasoned professionals, but I could tell that in spite of that, I was getting to them. I bottomed out Tiger-lady just shy of my maximum length, and I could see her eyes bulging, never before had she been filled so deeply, so completely.

"He's... huge... beyond huge... so hard! So deep!!" wailed the tall prostitute as my rod burrowed deeper, amidst slickening trails of girlcum. I grasped the redhead also, pinching, teasing, twisting nipples.

Soon enough, my pumping meat was so slickened, so aroused that it seemed as though my pelvis pumped into the panting whore of its own accord.

"Why don't I get up and dance for you, stud?" said the Brooklyn-accented pro with the red wig. And she did. She thrust, and teased, and began to slide off her bra-top bit by tantalizing bit. She was truly a pro - probably a stripper in her last gig. But when she bent over, began to wiggle and jiggle her ass at me, I seemed to lose control; a red haze of roaring lust descended over me; and I knew that even if my intellect wished it; my body was so aroused that I could not stop pumping, thrusting, rutting into the tiger-haired girl with the wide hips.

She must have felt it; my manmeat was so rigid, so inflamed, so powerful that the condom ruptured within her. But from the way she was shaking as my wayward thighs jack-hammered her moist womanhood; she could not muster up the will to resist any more than I could; we had both been captured by the furies of my alien-powered sex-drive.

While one stripper danced, I plowed the pussy of the other. I did not fuck until I reached climax; I kept blasting away at her stretched portal until the woman beneath me grew limp with exhaustion; I had lost track of how many times she had cum; my pelvis slick with female juices. I too had - and had been cumming. But something was wrong. I would cum, and get almost no relief; Dry heaves. Short Draws. Some strange element was missing. My exertions seemed to do very little to quench my manic hunger.

It was all too soon that the tiger-haired whore lay utterly limp; barely breathing, exhausted beyond tolerance. Disappointed, I arose, barely remembered to reapply an intact condom, and leapt upon her partner, who at the moment was staring in disbelief; as if she had never seen a male of my explosive potency.

I was on her, I was in her. I couldn't say how long it lasted; roaring, sweating, grunting I pummeled her loose womb like an excavator chipping away to release his greatest joy - in my case simple sexual release. I must have come, I must have spurted many times; yet my orgasms were so puny and abortive that they served more to tease me. The hooker was lost to herself, thrashing and gurgling as her pussy splashed my cock again with girlcum as a spine-tingling climax was torn from her yet again.

I speared her with my raging manhood until the other, taller hooker began to stir again. By now, red-head had gone limp- it was a wig; she had dull brown tightly-bound hair underneath. And so it was; I rotated between the two women as soon as one of them was rested enough to begin to twitch, then she would be impaled once again upon my insatiable tower of inflamed libido.

It was wrong, it was madness, it was more damnation than delight, but my erupting manhood was in control now. After an interminable length of creaky bedsprings, sweat-drenched sheets and ever-weaker moans from the tiger-girl, I resolved yet again to return to her partner; I had already ruptured three condoms in both women, so there was no purpose now in taking further precautions, but when my rampant, rigid ten-inches of run-away manhood turned back towards the naked whore trying to re-apply her red wig; she pulled a small, compact pistol on me.

"You...you're insane! You're some kinda monster!! Do you...*gasp* know how long you've been at it?" I was aware of daylight streaming in through the window but I couldn't be bothered; I was still not satisfied! I hadn't REALLY cum!

"I need a woman. I need to be inside you."

"You need...*pant* medical attention!!" Her grip on the pistol wavered. Death and Sex. Again, the razor's edge balance.

I leapt at her low, and came up within the reach of her arms, my hand gripping her wrist, and twisting the gun loose. My mouth enveloped hers, and I pressed her against the wall. I did not thrust into her again, instead I toyed and teased her naked nipples, brushed my rigid rod against her engorged clit, held her too tightly to allow her to run, while I slowly built up her arousal. The close struggle proceeded for several minutes until the hooker moaned, and I knew I had won. I speared her again, my meat as hard as ever; I wailed in primal heat as I felt the warm caress of her wet labial lips sliding past my member - for the umpteenth time. I took more time, savoring the feel of my steely shaft buried into her dripping womanhood; knowing that the whore would flee after this fucking. I thrust deep, resolving to get the most out of this sweat-stained copulation. Grunting, gripping her hips tightly, I tried to lock into my memory the feel of my iron-hard cock thrust so deep into the moist folds of her wet womanhood. I needed this! I needed more and more of this! Needed wet pussies to bottom-out inside of!

Each thrust, each rut was precious as I rocked the walls with the fury of our mating. All too soon, came the specter of exhaustion, however. Her orgasms were far weaker, and drier than they'd been during the night, and her stamina was declining rapidly; but this time; I experienced a similar problem.

I released her, and slid to all fours. I wasn't as young as I used to be; and found my exerted body far behind my cock in terms of staying power. Yet still I was hard; but my limbs refused to move; the marathon sex had drained me. But it had not drained my desire. The hooker crawled away. Her partner had long since fled my apartment in fear.

"I've never... said this before... to a John....but you... you're more Man than I can handle... don't know what kind of radioactive Viagra you're taking.... but I'm not enough... I don't think any Working Girl would be enough..."

"That's why....hired... two hookers...tonight..." Still too tired, could barely stand anymore, much less grasp the wayward woman.

"I don't think...*pant* the whole Bunny Ranch could satisfy you!" She crawled away, out the bedroom.

"NOOO! Still horny!" I gripped my turgid manmeat. It was amazing; my orgasms had been so weak that - that it was as if my body was producing sperm faster than I could cum! I was exhausted, but if anything this morning I felt hornier than the night before! "I need.... to penetrate....something soft, smooth, female..."

"You Dick! That's what you've been doing for ten hours straight!"

"Need you...need to be... inside your pussy..." I reached for her.

"No way... I don't know... what you need; but it ain't normal!" She was staggering out the door; I tried to follow.

"Pay you...double your fee..."

But they were gone. Both gone without taking any money period! (I suspect my secret masters will compensate them through secret channels.) Before drifting into a wearied slumber, I took a moment to reflect that I had just tackled a woman with a gun! At that moment, my need to penetrate something female had been greater than any sense of self-preservation! I snarled out loud as I gripped my throbbing ten-inches, squirming in torment from the ardent demands of the super-testosterone that was simmering in my loins.

There was a burning instinct that would cause me to risk anything....anything for the chance to inject my seed into a sleek, young female. But it hadn't been enough! Not nearly...

Was this to be my life? Screwing a different woman each night, non-stop fucking hour after hour until she fled in terror from the impossible demands of my alien-enhanced penis?

But I knew. I knew what I REALLY needed.


In case of severe breaches; my secured laboratory could of course, be sealed tight against virtually all intrusion or escape; but in addition, in the outer hallway there was a small screen and keyboard which, when fed the right combination of numbers, would activate.

This provided the researchers with a means of scouting out the lab first, in case of danger from an unusual specimen. I could check before walking into the room if whatever Area-51-reject I was experimenting on was lurking in hiding waiting to

pounce; or check on any other potential risks. But that's not what I saw.

The sensors said that all of my lovely little Polymimeticus girls remained in their enclosure. They were not starving, I had been able to calculate their DNA consumption rate and time their indirect feedings of my sperm to make sure they got what they needed - surviving yes, happy no.

Within the enclosure, I saw myself. Labcoat and all. Except that my coat was open, and a dick at least a foot long jutted fiercely. Clarice...or Clarissa...was gyrating herself upon a steel pole and raised wooden platform that I was quite sure had never been a part of the equipment inside their confinement.

"Shake it honey!" One of the Shifters boomed out in a perfect copy of my voice as the copy of my cock bobbed in the air. Probably Sara or Tara. Clarice gyrated her heart-shaped ass and spanked herself playfully as she waved it in my doppleganger's face.

"I think you can do better than that!" Now, a female voice was speaking from my lips; it sounded like Sara. "Human women need wide hips to convince men on a primal level of their fertility, I think you can really push the envelope!" Sara's voice said from my body.

"Alright, but stay in Character!" Clarice insisted as her ass plumped up with a shimmy, enlarging about three inches. Her hipbones seemed to widen as well as an afterthought, creating a flaring, perfect butterfly shape that aroused my deepest male urges.

"Oh Clarice, I'm so horny; I've just got to have you baby!" My clone grunted in my own voice again. 'He' grasped Clarice and hauled her off the stage, and began to penetrate her from behind right away. The freckled, dark-haired girl moaned and squealed in delight. But my clone soon disengaged; and morphed quickly back into the form of a naked Asian woman with coffee-colored skin, perky tits, and sleek legs.

"Why did you break it off?" Questioned Clarice.

"It's too frustrating!" Sara insisted. "It reminds me too much that the Master has rejected us!"

"That's not true!" Said another voice I couldn't place. The small wooden stage melted away into a pale, freckled mass that soon coalesced into Clarissa; Clarice's identical twin.

"He's just uncertain about the normal, natural increase in his manhood, but he'll come around! We just have to be sexier for him! We'll work it out; we can figure out how big our boobs need to be, and how wide our asses should be, and the best way to arouse him! He'll return, and he'll fuck us; you'll see!"

The metal pole began to widen, wiggle, and fill out into the shape of an Asian-Philipino teenage beauty contestant.

"And when he does, I'll get first crack at him!" Tara said.

"YOU?! NO WAY!!" argued Clarissa. "He LOVES to fuck me up the ass! Even more than my sister! He'll grab me, and moan, and impale me on his mighty shaft!"

"Hey wait a sec - " Clarice interrupted.

"Hah! He won't be able to!" Argued Tara as she licked her lips. "He's giving every last sperm cell to ME when I give him one of my spectacular blowjobs! I have it down to an art! It'll be hours before he has anything to shoot up your ass!"

It was time to put an end to this speculation. The outer barricade slid open at the touch of my handprint and I strode, sweat-pants tenting back into my lab again. The look on my face must have seemed savage, enraged to an onlooker. My need was so intense....

They all stopped conversation. Staring at me, recognizing the expression in my eyes, and realizing that there was a chance at more than just a cup of sperm in a sterile container. And then came the posturing. All of their breasts seemed to inflate almost instantly into perfect, handful D-cups; able to encompass my resting hand's grasp with ease. But Clarice (who had vowed that I would fuck her first) decided to up the ante. I saw her aureoles press forward towards me, as her breasts lengthened into more of a Double-D. But Sara must have noticed, and her tits soon expanded past that point, where they must have reached six inches from her chest at their widest point - reaching an E-cup.

But Clarissa, not to be outdone puffed herself up and outwards; her boobs widening more than lengthening, from the diameter of coffee-mugs, to the width of coasters, until her full, soft, jiggling mounds seemed as wide as party balloons. She pressed them into the glass with a sultry moan.

Unwilling to be left out, Tara gave a series of grunts, as her breasts bloomed to outrageous porno-proportions, she and her sister Sara eying each other, pushing their cup-size steadily upwards in a perverse game of one-upsmanship - or upswomanship, I wasn't sure. Soon, they were both the size of twin soccer balls and still inflating.

But Clarice had a clever plan. Kissing at me through the Plexiglas she began rubbing the area under her own E-cups, and in moments a new pair of supernumerary breasts emerged under the first; equal in size and double the sexy. She now had four to the others' two. And I could tell her nipples were engorged with milk. Clarice licked her lips lustily.

I stood before the door of the enclosure; the lust-haunting snarl on my face speaking volumes.

Sara seemed to be whispering what sounded like a prayer. "Pleaselethimfuckmefuckmefuckmedeeeep!" She bemoaned softly in supplication to an unseen higher power.

"M-Master." Clarice began. I stared at her outrageous bosom and panted. "You must believe that we will bring you only pleasure."

"We will obey you in all things!" Insisted Tara. Heh, try to get a human woman to express that sentiment!

I looked them each in the eye one by one. I had rationalized it to myself. They were willing to serve me, willing to obey, and I found myself less and less afraid of having a massive bull-cock with the sex-drive of an entire Football team. I used my handprint and security code to open the enclosure.


I grabbed Clarice first, my mammoth manmeat eager to plunder her womanly treasures. But I also decided to turn the tables on Sara, who had boasted about her incredible ability to give blowjobs.

Within the padded floor of the enclosure, I pushed Clarice and her four boobs to the ground, and she offered nothing but squeals of delight as I spread her legs and began to thrust. But Sara, I grasped up Sara and thrust my tongue into the folds of her hot pussy. Remembering to nibble and tease her hard clit as I thrust my tongue throughout the crevasse of her womanhood. At first, there was a tangy, faint, almost fishy taste; but Sara deliberately secreted some kind of sugary additive to give her Master a taste treat as I ate her out. Now it was her hand stroking my head, and her moans of delight, all the while I continued to thrust into the liquid joy of Clarice's pussy, while reaching down to tease, stroke and caress her vast bosom. I could slap one breast, and send the others careening and reverberating against each other in a move that had the slutty little shifter quivering in bliss as my Meat slammed her between the legs.

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