tagAnalBoning of Wendy

Boning of Wendy


Think about the wildest sex you've ever had. The most passionate, hot, steamy, and fantastic time you can remember. That is what I am about to relate to you. Normally I'm a pretty classy guy. I go for girls who are the same, I like to play it safe. I want someone I can be with and respect. Someone who can build a mutual trust.

I very rarely go for slam pigs, but Wendy was an exception.

We met at a party and I was introduced to her through a friend. We began to talk casually, with her asking about me, and me doing likewise. Nothing sexual or flirty, just small talk. I have been gifted with a gilded tongue, so it came easy.

Our talk soon changed to relationships. She mentioned she had a boyfriend, but that she'd never cheat on him. Something clicked in my mind, a simple thought, like 'yes you would.' I couldn't help but wonder why she would mention that unless she was already thinking of cheating. It's not like I had shown affection towards her, or done anything for that matter that I considered flirty.

I still wasn't sure how I felt about her, having just met her, and knowing she seemed like kind of a floozy. After all, she was wearing a super-tight black top, almost like a meshy thing, that I could basically see through, and could tell she was wearing a black bra. Which, by the way, contained a magnificent pair of titties. I had her pegged at about a D cup, which looked really big on her since she was pretty skinny anyway. Not anorexic model skinny, but almost in that range. I was guessing she weighed about 120 lbs, and at about 5'5" she looked very good at that weight. My impression of her being a dimwitted dicksucker was also aided by the fact she was bleached-blonde with bright blue eyes. In essence, she was your typical bimbo, but not so air-headed that she couldn't keep up a decent conversation.

Soon after mentioning her boyfriend and how she'd never cheat on him, I ask how she feels about him. Is she in love? She says no, he's not the one, but she does care for him. Interesting. I ask why is she with him if she doesn't love him, but get a round about answer. I suspect she is using him for whatever reason, and leave it at that.

As she keeps talking about her cat, or whatever she was going on about, one of us drops a pretzel on the floor. I joke about eating it, the old 5 sec rule, and she laughs and makes a joke about being forced to eat of the floor, like something about a dominatrix. We just about that, and I realize maybe she's into all kinds of kinky stuff. At this point I'm kind of intrigued, imagining all the nasty things she would want to do. Out of the blue, as we're joking about forced eating random foods, she laughs and goes, 'yeah, either eat that....or eat this,' and motions down to her pussy. ––

I think, oh my God, what kind of woman is this? What a filthy whore! I've only been talking to her for five minutes and she's talking about pussy eating. I bet she gets fucked by 3 different guys a week the way she acts. She's obviously a flirt and loves to get off on teasing people.

Playing it cool, I tell her, 'well, in that case I'll eat neither and go to bed.' She laughs and I can't help but notice her interest peaking as she looks me over with her eyes. I can't decide if I am repulsed by her, or turned on. 'Excuse me, I'm going to go have a cigarette,' I tell her. I get up and leave, and not a minute later Wendy follows me outside. She asks me for a light when she gets outside, and I oblige her. As I raise my lighter to her mouth, she touches the back of my hand, as if to steady the lighter. A good excuse to touch me, really, and at this point I know I can have her if I want.

As I said, I'm pretty classy. I don't go for girls that seem to sleep around a lot. I don't go for over-aggressive girls who likely have a drinking problem and after they have 2-3 drinks they drop their panties for whoever is near. Wendy fit into that category. At this point I still planned to kind of ignore her and mingle with other people at the party.

Of course, the next thing I know we're in the woods not far way, drawn there by a bonfire the host was having. As we sit around the fire she flirts with me some more, and we discuss mutual interests, including music. She then says she's a little tipsy and hopes she won't fall into the fire. 'Will you put me out if I do?' She asks. I tell her, 'If it's looks bad then yes, I suppose I'd cover you in my coat,' and she goes, 'Or you could pee on me.'

There was a brief awkward pause. For once, I didn't even know how to respond to her. I had never had a woman ask that of me before, not even in a joking manner. I finally replied, 'okay, open your mouth.' And she did and we laughed. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to actually pee on a girl. Let alone have her drink it. Wendy was into some depraved stuff. And, despite my normal tendencies, I was getting turned on by it.

We got up to smoke another cigarette, and headed back to the house. She then out her head right against my stomach as we stood outside smoking and said 'mmm, this would make a good pillow.' I felt my dick move. She wanted to fuck, and she wanted it bad. I had to take this filthy slut for all I was worth.

Leaning down to her ear, I decided to make a bold move. I whispered to her in my best sexy-voice, 'I know you have a boyfriend, but I want you to go into the bathroom, take off your panties, and write your phone number on them and then give them to me.'

She looked up and smiled coyly and said, 'you're so naughty. I love that. I'll be right back'

Astonished by the result, I could not believe she was proceeding to the bathroom to write me her number on her panties! This had to be the single hottest getting of a girl's phone number in the history of the world.

As she walked off I blurted out, 'I'll be in to check on you in a minute.' She smiled and said okay. The next minute or so felt like the longest of my life, like sitting through a boring lecture. I probably only counted to 30 or so and then found myself opening the bathroom door.

Wendy was in there and her panties were on the counter. They were red and lacy. A thong. Fucking hot. She was trying to write on them with a pen, which wasn't going too well....panties weren't really designed for that. I put my hand on hers and on the panties and stood over her. She looked up and I pulled her into me. We started making out furiously.

Within seconds she reached down to grab my cock. It was aching to be stroked. She obliged, rubbing it hard through my pants. 'oh my,' she said as she felt it, with a look of surprise going across her face. 'you're fucking huge.' I shudder in pleasure as she continued to feel me and reached to one of her tits and squeezed it. It was so big and firm, I squeezed it harder and she moaned. She then unzipped my pants and pulled my aching dick out. 'Oh fuck, that's a big hard cock,' she exclaimed. I smiled and she started to smack it against the counter top playfully. 'That sounds so heavy,' she said as she listened to the smacking noise my dick made. She then took her panties and started to rub them all over my dick, getting precum all over them.

The sensation of the panties was amazing. 'fuck I want to cum bad,' I told her.

'Fill my panties,' she said with lust as she stroked me dick harder into them, 'and then you're going to recover and fill me, and you'd better please my pussy,' I burst. Again and again, I squirted into her panties. With what felt like the hugest orgasm I've ever had I groaned in excsasy as I unloaded 7 or 8 bursts into her soiled garment.

I took a moment to catch my breath and Wendy continued to stroke me. 'wow look at all the tasty cum,' she said as she admired my work. Fuck it, I thought, I'm going to use her like the slut she is. 'you're going to taste it all,' I told her. I then reached down and took her soiled, cum-filled panties and shoved them right into her mouth.

She murmured something intangible and I could tell she was enjoying the taste of my cum. I then ripped her top off and started to suck her tits. She leaned back and pressed them into me. I got hard again a minute later. I fucked those big tits hard for a few minutes while her panties were in her mouth. She looked down as she squeezed my cock between her tits. With her panties still in her mouth, she sucked on my head, gagging and choking as she did. All I could see was a hot mouth, sexy eyes, and 2 big tits wrapped around my cock. It looked amazing.

I needed that pussy now. Picking her up, I forcefully put her up on the counter and opened her legs wide. Her pussy was glistening. My dick was harder than I ever remember, and I jammed it right in her, no condom or anything. I felt that pussy stretch for me as I pushed it all the way to the balls. She moaned loudly, mouth full of panties. and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me into her. I sucked her tits some more as I pumped it all the way in and all the way out, again and again. Within minutes she came, her pussy juices going all over the counter and dripping down into the sink.

I took her off the counter and she spit her panties out into the sink. She then started to suck her pussy juice off my dick. 'Oh this tastes so good,' she moaned, 'I love this big fucking dick so much, making me cum so hard.' I had to have her from behind. I failed to mention she also had a pretty nice, round ass.

I bent her over the counter, pushed her face right down into the spot where her pussy had just soaked, and started to fuck her from behind. She moaned wildly and bucked back into me, eager to get every inch. 'You gonna cum again?' I panted, 'go ahead, cum for me, cum again you slut, cum for this cock.' She happily did, gyrating her hips as she orgasmed.

I stuck my thumb in her ass, using her pussy juice as lube. It felt nice and tight. She moaned and I fucked her just like that, feeling my dick rub up against my thumb. The tightness and pleasure was, in my mind, proof that God existed. She loved it, and within minutes was begging me, 'stick that fucking big dick right in my tight dirty ass. My ass wants that dick bad.'

I pushed into her tight hole slowly, until I was all the way in, and then slowly fucked that sweet ass, smacking it as I did. She begged for more. I fucked her ass harder, and faster, and grabbed her panties out of the sink as I did it. I then stretched them around her mouth and used them like a bridle to ride her.

I watched in the mirror as Wendy's eyes rolled back in her head while I fucked her like that. This was the type of depraved nasty sex she craved. I was using her body however I choose, and that's just what she wanted. I was rock hard and needed to take her like this as long as I could stand.

Mumbling into her panties, she begged me to stretch her ass out for her. I pumped in and our of her even harder til I was sure she'd never go #2 properly again. She reached back and grabbed my ass with both hands, and pulled me into her ass as much as she could. My balls slapped against her as I made sure she was nice and full. Our breathing was heavy and intense. If I hadn't just came a few minutes ago I would surely have done so now.

Yet luckily, I had, so I was getting even more satisfaction and able to last longer. When I finally pulled our of her ass she turned around and sucked my cock hard, telling me how good it tasted and how she was such an ass whore. I sat back on the toilet and let her suck my cock and balls for a few minutes, eager to get a break since my legs were getting wobbly.

'I can't wait to drain those balls,' she told me in between slurps and licks. A minute later she was working hard to do so, riding my cock as I sat on the toilet. While I fucked that pussy I shoved 2 fingers from each hand into her ass. She rode me even harder, with her big tits smacking into my face.

'You feel that pussy working for your cum?' she asked.

'Oh fuck yeah,' I told her.

'I want your cum in my pussy,' she yelled as she rode me harder and harder, 'I want it all, now. I don't even care if you get me pregnant. I need that cum now'

I couldn't resist any longer. This fucking slut had earned my cum for her pussy, even if I did accidentally knock her up. I had to give her what she wanted. 'Oh my fucking God, holy fuck,' I groaned as my dick erupted. I swear I filled her pussy for a whole minute.

After taking a minute to catch our breath, someone knocked on the bathroom door. I wasn't sure how long we'd been in there, or if they'd been waiting a long time, but I managed to blurt out, 'just a minute.' I started to get cleaned up, and prepared to part with Wendy. Then I realized I had to go to the bathroom bad.

As I went to the toilet and prepared to pee, Wendy stopped me. 'You're forgetting something, aren't you?' she asked.

'What?' I replied.

'Use my mouth,' she answered.

So I did. And it was great. I never saw her again, but heard through the grapevine she may have been pregnant with my child. Oh well.

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