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Bonnie's Birthday


My girlfriend and I had good sex, good sex regularly. We loved to use toys, blindfolds, bondage and role-play. Our favourite role play was when Bonnie used to imagine that she was being fucked by someone else. This only ever happened if she'd been drinking wine and she was as horny as hell. Her fantasy man was always the same, a mutual pal of ours called Steve. We had known Steve for years; he was a great guy and very good looking as well. Steve was a bit taller than me, about 6'5 and was in great shape. The other reason that Bonnie really fancied him was that he was black. Whenever we watched porn together, the films that always got Bonnie the most excited were the interracial ones. She loved watching the girl get fucked by a well-hung black guy. She would get extremely turned on and want to ride me whilst moaning that she was riding Steve. I didn't mind this as I knew it was a fantasy and Bonnie was the first to admit afterwards as we lay in each other's arms that that's what it was, a fantasy.

It was Bonnie's birthday in two days time and I had no idea what to get her, I had already brought her some jewellery but knew I wanted to give her something really special. It was then that I had my idea. We were having sex and Bonnie was giving me a blow job, she gives amazing head but never lets me cum in her mouth, sometimes if she's really turned on she'll let me shoot on her tits, but mostly always inside her. Bonnie has an amazing body, she is slim but with huge tits, 34DD, that is what drew me to her in the first place. I pulled out of her mouth and turned her over fucking her from behind, one of her favourite positions.

"What are you thinking about baby?" I asked whilst sliding in and out of her pussy.

"Nothing, just how good it feels," she moaned.

"Not even thinking about Steve?" I said.

There was a pause, a little moan and then, "maybe a bit."

"Tell me what you're thinking."

"I'm thinking about him slipping his big dick inside me now whilst you watch."

"Would you want me to watch then?"

"Desperately," she moaned, "I'd want you to see me being fucked by my fantasy man. Would want you to see my little pussy being stretched by his huge cock."

She moaned again and I slammed harder and harder, Bonnie moaned and then collapsed face down onto the bed, I shot my load deep inside her and then it was over.

As we lay there, I asked her again, "Why is it always Steve?"

"He's just so fit," she replied, "and I bet he's got a massive dick, he has in my fantasies anyway."

"What's your favourite fantasy?" I asked whilst touching her still sopping pussy.

"Ooh," she moaned, her clit still tingling, "Where he comes in and takes me roughly and you're watching me suck on his big dick, then he fucks me and you can see my orgasm building, he then withdraws and makes me suck him again before he bends me over and fucks me hard from behind." All the time Bonnie was speaking, I was teasing her clit and touching her big tits. My finger slipped inside her pussy, which was still quite tight despite the banging she'd just received. I flicked my fingers inside her and then in a second she'd cum again.

Bonnie's birthday. I gave her the necklace, which she loved and wore straight away, it was a sapphire stone that hung just above her ample cleavage and brought your gaze right into her greatest assets. Bonnie showered and was about to get changed, she emerged from the bathroom looking sexy and sat down on the bed with me. I kissed her once on the lips and told her that her fantasy was about to come true. She looked at me puzzled and I told her to put on her sexiest underwear and her black dress and to come downstairs where a glass of wine would be waiting. She still looked puzzled and now a bit confused but I said nothing else and left her to get ready.

The day before I had met Steve for lunch and once I'd plucked up the courage told him about Bonnie's fantasy. He was a bit shocked that he had been her 'fantasy' man all these years and agreed that if it wouldn't ruin our friendship he'd be up for anything. I told him he could do anything with her as long as he teased her but he wasn't allowed to come inside her that was the deal.

I went downstairs and poured myself a large glass of wine, this was it, no backing out now, the doorbell rang and I let Steve in, he was looking his normal handsome self and smelled fresh and clean. He was as excited and anxious as I was. I poured him a drink and we waited for Bonnie. Minutes later she came downstairs looking amazing. She had tied her hair back into a tight ponytail and her body in that tight dress looked to die for. She saw Steve and smiled, she was a little embarrassed I could tell but she tried not to show it. Bonnie swigged a large gulp of wine and said, "So we going for some food or something?"

"Oh no baby," I answered, "We have a treat for you. I've told Steve all about your fantasies and he wants to help them come true."

She stood there open mouthed, not sure whether to laugh or cry or slap me round the face. "What, all of them?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," I answered, "told him how you're desperate to see if he has a big dick as you imagined, that you're insatiable for sucking it, that you want me to watch you being fucked from behind and that you want him to squirt his load all over your fat tits." I had made the last bit up but Bonnie didn't bat an eyelid, I couldn't believe it, this was going to happen. We finished our drinks and went upstairs.

Bonnie and Steve kissed each other tentatively and then, fuelled by red wine and lust the kiss lingered for longer, a brief moan escaped Bonnie's lips. She looked over at me with a dirty look in her eye, "Are you sure about this baby?"

"Happy birthday," I replied. Steve didn't waste anytime on slipping Bonnie's tight dress over her head and looked at her fantastic body in amazement. She was wearing a see through push up bra and a minimal g-string. His big hands roamed all over her body and he forced her onto the bed. Kissing and feeling his way up her sexy figure. Bonnie was moaning more forcefully now and I thought she may come before he was even inside her. She removed her bra and her pert heavy boobs barely moved, Steve kissed them all over paying special attention to her large, erect nipples. Bonnie's hand strayed to Steve's groin and she felt the large bulge in his trousers. "Let me see it, please," she begged.

"All in good time," said Steve, "take off your knickers." Bonnie did so immediately. "Now give them to your boyfriend." Bonnie threw them at me and I could feel the dampness in them and the smell of her sex. "Now touch yourself," he commanded.

Bonnie slid her fingers over her clit and moaned with pleasure. "What do you want from me?" he teased.

"Your dick, your big dick, please I want it."


"In my mouth, in my tight pussy, pleeeassse!"

Steve undid his trousers and released his cock, it was huge, double the size of mine easily. It must have been 11" and thick, the head was the size of a small orange. Bonnie gasped when she saw it and crawled over the bed towards it. She instantly flicked her tongue out and licked the end. This was too much for me, I could feel myself getting closer to cumming and I'd not even touched myself. Bonnie slowly took the end of Steve's cock into her mouth. It only just fit in and her mouth was full. She was enjoying herself immensely and I could see the glistening mound if her pussy. She licked his long shaft up and down and now precum was emerging from Steve's cock. "Lie down," he said. Bonnie did so, her legs wide apart, almost begging for him to enter her. "Not yet," he said with a devilish grin. "Tell me why you wanted this cock so much and you can have it."

"I've fantasised about it for years," replied Bonnie, "I love John's but I have been desperate for you to fill me up, to feel a truly massive dick inside me. I've masturbated over you so many times. Please fuck me so John can watch me getting fucked properly please, I'll do anything." At these dirty words from my girlfriend's mouth I couldn't help myself, I came in my pants. It was incredible but I stayed hard as a rock, clearly it wanted more. Steve knelt on the bed and slipped his cock inside Bonnie's mouth again. With one hand he massaged her huge tits and the other slipped a finger into her sopping pussy. He slipped another finger in and began to fuck her quickly. His fingers slid in and out with ease due to Bonnie's excitement. She moaned loudly and then her body convulsed, she came. Bonnie looked up almost in shame at Steve, who simply smiled at her. He then positioned himself between her knees and entered her slowly, inch by inch. "Oh my life, he's massive John. I've never felt anything like it in my life." Steve had only got halfway in and was gently rhythmically fucking her. "Oh baby, this is amazing, are you watching me get fucked by this big dick?"

Steve pulled out and then rolled Bonnie over, her tight, pert ass was in the air and her face was pressed down into the pillow. Slowly, Steve entered her again.

"You're taking it all now you slut"

"Oh yes, yes."

Steve slid his massive dick into my girlfriend's tight pussy until his balls pressed up against her arse. She came again then, quickly and with a shudder.

"Please fuck me, please I need it." Steve began to pound faster and faster, Bonnie's face was screwed up into a mass of pleasure and pain that I had never seen before. Her huge tits swinging back and forth, she bit the pillow hard as another orgasm built up insider her. Just when I thought Steve was about to cum, he pulled out of her again, I looked at her normally tight little pussy and I could see deep insider her, Steve had stretched her like I never could. He turned her round and began wanking his dick over her tits, Bonnie was moaning like I've never heard before and as Steve shot his first load all over her chest, she quickly pulled his dick into her mouth and greedily sucked the rest from him. I stared in amazement, she had never done this to me before and she was sucking it down like it was the elixir of life.

Moments later, the two of them lay on the bed exhausted. Steve cleaned himself up, thanked me and left. Bonnie was still on the bed, a look of pure delight and satisfaction on her face.

"Happy birthday," I said and smiled.

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