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Borderline Ch. 06


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I closed my eyes, my body trembling as I waited for him to enter me and was pleasantly surprised to feel his lips on the back of my neck, warm and soft. It sent a shiver through me, especially when he sucked on my earlobe, one thick finger circling my pulsing hole, spreading the gel around and warming the slick skin. I shivered as his hot breath caressed my ear, his hot skin against my back.

"You want me?"

"Yes." I whispered, pushing back against his hand. His finger kept circling but every once in a while, it slid over my opening and made me moan with want. He kept me on the edge for so long that when his finger finally breached me, I gasped loudly, my entire body vibrating beneath him. It was such a sensual feeling that I just sighed, knowing that this encounter would be indelibly etched in my mind. One finger was joined by a second, then a third and more lube to ease the fourth in. The pain was immediate, then fleeting, replaced by a burning heat that begged to be doused with his cum.

"Think you can take me?"

"Yes. Just go slow and use a lot of lube."

I shivered as he applied more cold lube to my hole and ass crack, then lay still, waiting for him. His body covered me and he gave me a warm embrace as his cock slid into my crack. His weight and the bulbous head of his cock felt so good and I found myself sighing again. He bent and started kissing the back of my neck, whispering my name as he rubbed the head of his cock against my hole. He shifted his weight and I felt the head butting my hole and I opened my legs, trembling again as he guided himself into me, pressing my sphincter open.

The pain was so bad that I howled into the pillow, breathless with pain that overwhelmed me and made me question what had ever made me think that I could take his massively thick cock in my recently untried hole. It had been nearly six months since my last tryst, if you want to call it that and Simon had been a sloppy top. He had no sooner pressed himself inside me than he came, leaving the filled condom half-in and half-out of my ass. I, on the other hand, had reamed him like the pony I thought myself to be and enjoyed every single minute.

Chris stopped, wondering why I had suddenly gone tense. "Paul?"

I took a deep breath and bore down, relaxing the muscles as much as I could and lifted my hips up, grimacing when the head finally popped in. All at once, the urge to cum ran through me, as shocking as a splash of ice cold water and I shivered as he scraped my prostate. My groan must have convinced him that I was all right and more lube slicked my crack as he pressed deeper.

"Tell me if it hurts."

"It hurts." I looked over my shoulder at the look on Chris's face and broke out into laughter, nearly pushing him out of my ass. After a few moments, his look of horror melted into a lusty smile. "Just keep pushing and go slow."

He nodded and hissed as he sank farther into my body, making me shiver again and again as his girth brought me both unbelievable pain and undeniable pleasure. It seemed like forever before I felt his sweet weight on my back, his hot, sweaty skin rubbing against mine and we both sighed, our breathing staggered. He rotated his hips and a sweet burst of pleasure raced through me.


"That's not my name." Chris whispered, softly.

"Chris." His name slid off my tongue like a prayer and he flexed his back, pulling out of me, then slowly, agonizingly sliding back in. We both shuddered, especially when I tightened my ass muscles around his meat.

"I never thought ... " I wasn't sure if his words were meant for my ears but the emotion laced in them made me shiver again. "Oh, Paul ... "

He started moving against me and I began to experience the most delicious skin-on-skin friction in my life. Not only the rubbing of his erect nipples against my back but his penis sawing into my already raw hole. Each stroke made me feel more alive than I had in weeks and I couldn't help but move with him, reaching back and trying to grab his ass to encourage him to push in deeper. No one was more surprised that I was when he completely pulled out of me, leaving me empty and tingling all over.

"This isn't going to work."

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