tagGroup SexBorderline Ch. 2

Borderline Ch. 2


"Tasty," she spoke getting off from giving Michael head in his car. They were in front of a gas station. Anyone who walked in or out could have seen it along the stop off Interstate 70. Above them was a sign -- one side saying "Welcome To Indiana, The Hoosier State" while the other side said "Welcome To Illinois, The Lincoln State."

She liked the fact that anyone could watch -- like the strawberry blonde girl had as Erica climaxed with Michael fucking her with the dildo. It was exciting, but the windows were quickly steaming up -- and seeing outside was even a challenge.

Not that she cared right now. She had something else on her mind.

"Okay, you tease. I want your cock sliding in me now," Erica moaned, pulling her hips up against Michael's waist. "It's about time I had some real sex," she purred, kissing his lips.

Outside the car, sprinkles began falling. Against the windshield, droplets smashed. Inside the gas station, people bought more candy. Headlights from passing cars on Interstate 70 lit up Michael's Grand Prix, giving him brief glances of Erica's soft white skin and her tight nipples, hard on her 34c breasts, her chest rising as she took his cock and slowly sank it into her passion.

His fingernails glided against her hips. Real sex? he thought. No, she was't? Was she?

"Erica? What do you mean, real sex?"

"MMMM... oh, God!" she groaned as his hardness lengthed into her body, impaling her on top of him. Her pussy was tight and she wrapped her arms around Michael's neck, kissing his neck. Her body felt new to her. Her skin was chilled, but inside she felt like she was burning. Her face was flushed again. God, I love this, Erica decided. I love the feeling. The tenderness. The hardness.

"Erica? Are you a virgin?" Michael asked.

She leaned back... pressing her hands against his chest ... her fingernails tapping his nipples. She rocked her body back, pulling herself on his cock, and back down on it.

"Not anymore, silly," Erica smiled. She knew too many of Michael's secrets. He had talked about how he could have sex forever if he was on body, and that's what she wanted. To have sex forever. And to be in control.

"What do you mean." He wanted to concentrate on the sex, but he wanted to know that she was just kidding. She was too sexual of a girl to have never had sex. She leaned forward again.

"I was a virgin until about 15 seconds ago."

He felt like a smuck.

"Is this alright? Are you alright? Did we go too far?"

That's why she liked him. He was concerned about her. Her other friends had nightmarish devirgining stories. Drunk at prom; drunk at a summer party; drunk at a frat house. That's not how she wanted to lose it. She wanted it to be with a friend; someone she cared about. Michael was the right guy.

"It's okay, babe," she said, impaling herself onto his heated cock faster, leaning back. Michael slowly ran his fingers between her legs, touching her -- massaging her clit. She pounded down on him as the rain fell harder. She took in all the sensations. On the radio, John Mellencamp's "Dance Naked" strummed away. How appropriate, she grinned. She bookmarked that thought -- Dance Naked was the song to which she lost her virginity.

"It didn't hurt?" he asked beneath her.

"Not too bad, no."

"But should it have hurt?" he looked confused. "Am I that pathetically small?" he smiled.

She grinded on him. "No. Your cock feels great. You broke my hymen when you brought me Woody The Dildo, hon. Well, I did -- about 10 minutes after you left my graduation party. I've had Woody nightly until I went to college. Now, you're my first real sex."

Their tongues tangled and she breathed quickly. She was getting close again. Oh God, she thought. She'd had multiple orgasms before -- with Woody -- and loved that. This was even better, feeling Michael's body under her, her breasts swaying on his chest. She went faster and felt one of his hands rubbing fast against her clit, while the other held the small of her back.

"Fuck,yeah. Oh, fuck yeah, baby," she moaned, her wetness soaking his cock, sweat and her sweat migrating to their waists and chests. She came for the first time with a man inside her.

He leaned back in extacy, and knew he was still far from cumming. He was always able to hold back in "pogo stick style" -- the girl on him. That's why he liked it. His fetish was watching women cum.

Vehicle lights pulled up in back of Michael's Grand Prix. Crap, he thought. We're busted. Someone called the police and now I'm going to miss my board-operater job at the radio station and I'm going to be charged with indecent exposure and lose my employment for missing a Saturday morning air-date. Oh well, this was worth it, he thought.

"Someone's here," Erica whispered.

"I see that."

She wondered if she was going to be in trouble. She didn't know why she would be. They were in a steamed-up car, it's not like everyone could see them inside fucking. Someone would have to be looking hard to see them now, isn't that some kind of legal defense? Fucking in a car isn't a crime -- not if people aren't looking. Anyway, anyone who looked in should be charged with being a damn voyuer if the sex offended them but they stared anyway.

The Jeep Cherokee from twelve minutes pulled back next to them. It was raining outside now. A door opened. Michael and Erica almost made an effort to cover up, but this car already knew what was going on in here. They were fucking. The four girls probably didn't believe it and came back for a confirmation.

"You're stupid," the couple heard coming from the vehicle.

"Have fun. I'll call later," a girl's voice broke through the noise of the engine and rainfall. "I'll be alright. I swear, she's a friend of mine," the voice remarked.

Erica looked at Michael.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know," he smiled.

A tapping came on the passenger's door. The other vehicle drove off. Erica cracked the door, Michael's cock still hard inside her as she basked in the afterglow of her climax. Rain dripped on her as the opened the door. The cool wind grazed her breasts and made them more sensitive. In itself, that almost made her cum again.

"Can I help you?" Erica asked. It was the strawberry blonde who had given them the condoms earlier. She was pretty in a gothic kind of way. She had dark eyes and thick lips that looked kissable -- even to Erica. She looked gothic, but was wearing a sundress. Confused goth-hippie chick. But that made her even more desireable, Erica thought. Damn, she thought, bi-thoughts again. When are those going to go away? Or are they?

"Can I get in? My friends just left me, and I'm getting a little wet out here."

What the hell, Erica decided. I'm only 18 once. She popped open the door and the girl got in, darting into the backseat where she propped herself in the middle part of the backseat, looking at the couple in the frontseat. Michael looked at her, puzzeled by the night. This was the last thing he expected to happen.

"This is fucking sexy," the girl said. "Usually I just look at porn on websites, but this is even better," she added.

"Do you know me?" Erica asked. "You told the car you knew me."

"No. I don't. I made that up, but I thought you wouldn't care, by the way you looked at me earlier. I think we might know each other before the sun rises. Can I touch you two?"

"Who are you?" Michael laughed. He felt he cock slip out of Erica's pussy, and he pressed it against E's clit. She moaned again.

"I'm Stephanie. I'm a student over at ISU. God. You've got a nice cock." Michael pressed it back into Erica, who was now against the passenger's seat -- enjoying missionary for the first time. Michael kissed Erica lovingly. He looked in her eyes. She licked her lips and moaned. "Oh, baby," Erica breathed.

"That's it. Fuck her," Stephanie said. Rainwater dripped from her hair and onto M and E. She touched her own body, bringing down the straps of her sundress and revealing her heavy breasts -- 38D -- as the couple in front did as she said. "Can I touch you two?" she asked again.

Erica spoke for them. "Yes. Touch us, babe." Hell, she thought again, you're only 18 once. Stephanie kissed Michael as Erica watched, seeing and feeling his cock within her depths and watching how erotic he kissed this girl he didn't know. This was just a roller coaster ride for him now. He didn't know what to expect, but he was going to enjoy every loop-de-loop and corkscrew of the night. He pulled Erica to him and filled her with his hardness, his balls touching the passenger's seat as he pressed into his friend.

Stephanie then kissed Erica, slowly at first. Erica looked at her dark eyes, and kissed back. So this is bi, she thought. It was an evening of firsts, at least one more first than she ever expected. She just wanted to fool around with a friend. She wanted a few orgasms -- and wasn't really sure she'd even have sex. Sex with Michael and now this other girl -- this was just a bonus.

Stephanie extended her fingers between the couple's legs, feeling the wetness of their juices.

"Jesus, that is fucking sexy," she said. Erica took one of Stephanie's breasts into her mouth. Michael looked at Erica, and took Stephanie's other nipple into his mouth, running his tongue against it.

Outside, they heard a little boy talk as he walked by -- apparently with his parent.

"Mommy, why is that car rocking?"

The mother did some quick thinking.

"It must have engine troubles, buddy. Come on. Let's get you a Snicker's."

The three laughed inside. "We've got engine trouble," Michael confirmed.

"I don't feel any engine trouble," Erica moaned.

"Mine is getting heated up," Stephanie added.

Erica looked at her. "How can we get it reved? Mine is in the red, your's should be too."

"Get back here," the ISU student spoke.

Erica got off of Michael's cock, the head a deep purple from the lovemaking, all of it slick with his new lover's juices. Erica jumped in the backseat to Stephanie's arms and the two kissed.

"I have to be a little more careful," Michael smiled. "Jumping around with hardon's is not recommended. That's why you don't see pole vaultists doing that." He manuevered in back and joined the two girls.

Stephanie looked at him. "Get the dildo," the girl said. Michael leaned back to the frontseat and found Woody The Dildo. Stephanie was now in control in the backseat, holding both Erica and Michael at their stomachs their asses on the backseats; Michael's cock still hard; Erica's legs spread. Stephanie liked the idea of controlling them.

And she had her weapons. A dildo and her own mouth.

"Kiss each other while I pleasure you two," Stephanie said.

"What?" Michael said. He was sometimes an idiot when it came to lust.

"Stop asking questions, my friend," Stephanie said. She engulfed his cock in her mouth, tasting the girl's passion wetness still slick on it. Stephanie looked up at him, and then looked at the girl as she looked down at her. Stephanie ran her tongue the length of the guy's hardness and looked at the girl in the dim light staring at her.

"I love sucking cock," she mumbled to Erica. "Fucking love it. I love making a guy cum in my mouth," Stephanie added, wrapping her lips back down Michael's cock. She massaged his balls lightly, then used her left hand to spread Erica's legs farther apart. Stephanie brought the dildo to her mouth, gave it one quick suck like she was giving it a blowjob and tasted the girl's juices on it as well -- and then she returned to Michael's cock while she pushed the passionlips of Erica apart -- pressing the fake dick inside her quickly.

"Oh, fuck!" Erica shouted. It was apparent the boy had been gentle with the girl, because just this one instant of penatration pushed the girl to the edge. Stephanie wondered what their names were, but decided that little piece of information could wait.

Stephanie was on her knees, sucking him off and fucking her with the dildo. She wasn't teasing the girl slowly, she was fucking her hard and fast. This wasn't a game to Stephanie, she wanted to see what she'd seen earlier, this sexy girl cum in this car at the border of Indiana and Illinois.

"Damn," Erica breathed. "God, fuck yeah. I'm close. Oh my god, I'm so close again." Sweat glided down her neck and breasts as Erica massaged her chest with her left hand and Michael's chest with her right.

Stephanie felt his cock swelling in her mouth. She loved that feeling -- it felt like power. His breathing was increasingly getting faster. It was a struggle for him as he stroked Stephanie's strawberry blonde hair back and kissed Erica as his lungs allowed him. What a night. What a strange night. He felt his body begin to brace.

"Oh, fuck. Oh God, I'm so close," he warned Stephanie.

"You going to cum, baby," Erica pleaded.

"Oh yeah, I'm so close. Goddamn I'm going to cum."

"I am too... oh, fuck!" Erica moaned for the -- how many times? So many, she decided. Her orgasm enveloped Woody The Dildo and Stephanie's fingers. She squealed in pleasure and stared at her lover, Michael. Then down to Stephanie -- the girl deep throated M.

"Cum in her mouth, Michael. She wants you to cum in her mouth." He looked down at Stephanie's eyes, wide. She picked up his name from what the girl said. She glided his cock out of her mouth for a second.

"Yes, Michael, cum in my fucking mouth," she said and instantly sucked him harder than she had been. Erica leaned down and kissed his chest and tried to kiss Stephanie, but she wasn't interested. She had what she wanted.

"OH GOD!" Michael screamed, his legs extended and cum sprang from his cock and into Stephanie's mouth. "OOOHH FUCK!" he yelled, thinking for sure people driving on the Interstate could hear his sounds of desire.

His cream filled Stephanie's mouth -- and she swallowed it all, gulping it down. She loved the taste. It usually gave her a tummy ache the next day, but that was a blowjob hangover and just a good breakfast could prevent that. She loved the taste, and she loved the power.

Stephanie looked up at him.

"Tasty," she smiled. She leaned up to the girl and kissed her again, sharing some of her lover's orgasm in her mouth. "Don'tcha think?"

"Yes, he is definitely tasty," Erica smiled.

"And who, exactly, are you?" Stephanie asked.

"I'm Erica. This is Michael, as you figured out."

"Nice to meet you two," Stephanie remarked, sitting up and between them. Michael was drunk in afterglow, and beads of sweat ran down Erica's breasts.

"Hey Disc Jockey," Erica smiled. "I don't think I've ever seen you speechless," she laughed, and she nuzzled at Stephanie's neck. She wasn't sure if she was bi, but she knew she was definitely curious.

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