tagMatureBored Blond and Banged Ch. 02

Bored Blond and Banged Ch. 02


I spent the whole weekend thinking about my Friday meeting with Garfy, I managed to log on to the website a couple of quick times and peep a glance at adverts and apparently I had a couple of "winks" what ever they were? I had made another decision in my head on Saturday night just as my hubby started rubbing my pussy for a brief 30seconds until he felt a little moisture and then he rolled on top of me. I did my wifely duty and let him have his ways, his kissing slobbering at my neck as he pushed into me and then just as soon as it had started it had finished with a couple of grunts and groans, he kissed me on the lips smiled and rolled over to his side of the bed. The decision I had made was to make my own advert and see what happened.

Sunday was a daze as I tried to fine tune my advert in my head, I finalised my advert on Sunday evening and posted it, it read: I'm a 44 year old bored lady in need of some fun, my profile and pics have my looks and details. I know how to have a good time just need some one to have it with! Would love to meet a heavy cummer as I love the stuff. Age and colour aren't important, looks and size and more so (hey you've got to do it for me as well)

If you reply please send a pic of everything you've got. Can't accom just yet but don't mind outside meets if necessary.

I re-read it and checked it and then clicked post, it came back saying my advert was live. I was so excited by the thought and hope of replies from men who wanted to enjoy me and my body that I couldn't concentrate on anything that night and made my excuses and went to bed early and pretended to be asleep by the time Ken came to bed.

I waited for Ken to leave before shooting out of bed in the morning and turning the computer on and waiting impatiently for it to boot up, I logged in and saw it said 7 messages waiting for me. 2 of them I discounted immediately because I just did not fancy the looks of them, 3 of them gave me standard stock replies which I would look at a later date, another was from Garfy which left me with the last one, a 21 year old black guy from town, he was definitely a very handsome looking guy with his close shaven head and his message to me was just what I wanted so I replied back to him.

"Hi, thanks for your message I like the sound of what you would like to do with me I've never been with a black guy before but would love to start with you! When can we meet?" and hit send. I went and got showered and had some breakfast, every now and then checking to see if I had a reply. A reply came back from him giving me his address, "I ready wen u r let me now if u comin round 2 enjoy this! He added another picture of his cock and it looked very, very impressive. I sent a reply saying I would be there in the hour.

I went for a strapless pinstripe bra with a little red trim on top and matching French knickers, a little red trim on the leg holes. I adjusted my bra until I was happy at the shape it gave my big tits, two big full domes leaving a teasing valley in the middle. I picked out an ivory coloured loose fitting camisole top and dropped it over my head, I straightened out the 2 straps on either side, my top rose at the front as it hung from my tits, showing off my smooth stomach. I turned and looked at my bum in the French knickers in the mirror and ran my hands over the smooth material. All in all I was very pleased with my body and the way I looked, I still just couldn't figure out why my hubby showed so little interest in me. For the bottom half of me I went for a pair of dark chequered shorts, after wriggling into them I sat on the edge of the bed and put a pair of black ankle boots on and zipped them up. I stood back in front of the mirror and pouted my lips as I studied my blonde hair, making sure it hadn't been ruffled by my changing, it still looked ok hanging down shoulder length with a slight natural curl to it.

I jumped in the car and set off, it was before the lunch hour and traffic was relatively light, I drove through town to a typical housing estate. The type of estate where there are shopping trolleys on the side streets, a few kids hanging out at a bus stop, and a maze of alley ways to get lost in. I stopped outside a block of flats and checked the address, I was now a little unsure of my surroundings but there was no going back now. How could I, I would only be disappointed, plus he may have a very nice flat. I parked round the back and got out and walked into the block of flats, a strange smell, a sweet smell that could become sickly after a while entered my nostrils. I pressed the relevant button for the lift "Oooh top floor" I said to myself. Ding and the doors opened, two guys stepped out and I moved out thier way trying not to make eye contact, I saw their heads turn as I walked into the lift and looked at the buttons and pressed for the 5th floor. The doors closed and I took and deep breathe and puffed out my cheeks.

I found door 59 and knocked on it using the cheap brass knocker in the center of the door, I could hear movement inside through the thin door, a chain slid and then the door opened. I was greeted by a toned bare chested black man, I recognised him from the photo, he was about 6ft tall, he had a close shaved head and short stubble, his chest was hair free and very well toned, he stood with one hand on top of the door his biceps well defined, the stomach muscles arrowing down to his groin area, his blue and white checked board shorts hanging low and with nothing on his feet as he stood on a cream coloured carpet. "Wow........... I mean hey, I'm from" I started to say before he cut me short.

"I no 'oo you ar' damn yo is fitta than dan da pic yo sen" He said in the local abbreviated lingo. He pushed the door open further turned his back and walked down a narrow short passage way, past two doors on the right until it opened up into his living room, it was sparse to say the least, there was a TV against the far right hand corner and a two seater sofa angled opposite it a small stool next to it with an ash tray on it, two games Xbox controllers on the floor and a scattering of games under the TV. There was a door in the near left hand corner which I guessed was for the kitchen (if it had one) and that was pretty much it.

"Yo wan dis?" he said turning round with his hand on his crotch grabbing a handful of cock.

"Nothing like straight to the point but I've...I've never had a black cock before and I just"

"Well 'ere it iz" He said pulling down the front of his shorts and fishing out his cock, he flopped it out over the hem of his shorts. It hung down and looked meaty and soft, it's helmet a softer shade of brown than the rest of his cock, I took 3 steps towards him so I was close against his firm body, my left hand going down to his cock, my mouth going up to his and kissing him, his lips parting and his tongue darting into my mouth, he kissed me deep and long, his long tongue playing with mine, he tasted ashy but I soon forgot that when I started wanking his thick cock gently back and forth.

He held me tight against his body, one hand going up my back under my camisole top and the other squeezing my arse hard through my shorts. The hand on my back went up until it hit the clasp of my bra which he expertly in one swift hand movement un did the clasp and brought his hands back out. He stepped back from me and put both his hands on my tits and squeezed them hard "Dey ar fuking mass!" He said and pulled at the bottom of my camisole, clumsily pulling it off over my head, my bra falling to the floor as it did. His strong hands touched my naked tits and pinched at my nipples, he slapped one gently with his hand and I let out a little giggle as he did. His cock had grown to its full extent as he had played with my tits.

"Well I suppose I'd better taste my first black cock then?"

He backed away and dropped his shorts to the floor, his cock was very impressive indeed it was a good 8" long, he was clean shaven down there as well which made it look all the more impressive, his balls were big and tight. He sat down on the sofa with his legs spread one hand gently stroking his cock, I walked over and sunk to my knees in front of him, he took his hand away and I replaced it with mine, my white fingers clasping around his dark black cock it felt fat and warm, my fingers just reaching round his cock. I moved my head towards his helmet my lips parting and I tasted my first ever black cock, surprisingly it tasted the same as every other cock, but it tasted good and manly, my lips enveloped his cock and it slid further in my mouth. I pulled it out my spit making his cock shine blacker, I spat on it and rubbed it in, he grabbed my hair by the back of my head and pulled me up to him, we kissed again and he then pushed my head back down onto his cock, I eagerly started sucking on it again, my mouth twisting and curling up and down his cock, slurping and sucking noises happening at the corner of my mouth. Flicking his swollen helmet with my tongue and then taking it back down into my mouth.

He grabbed my head again but pulled his cock out the way and pushed my mouth down to his balls, I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls, taking one in my mouth, "furder roun" He said shifting in his seat, I licked the bit in between his balls and anus, my tongue flicking his bum hole now and then, it tasted musty and thick but seemed to do the trick as he moaned. "Tak dem showts off an sho me da puss" I stood up wiping some spit from the corner of my mouth and started unbuttoning my shorts, he gently wanked his cock as they dropped to the floor, I kicked them off my shoes and kept them on, he leant forward his hand going between my legs and pushing hard against my pussy through my French knickers, he pushed the material into my pussy a bit and I let out a little moan, I stepped closer putting one foot on the sofa next to him. He slid a finger inside my knickers and rubbed against my pussy lips, a finger just parting them slightly, I stepped back and took my French knickers off and then climbed on the sofa standing over him leaning on the back of the sofa.

His hands went up the back of my legs and to my bum and pulled my pussy to his mouth, I felt his warm breath against my naked pussy and then felt his long tongue against me and then he started licking and flicking my pussy and clit with his tongue fast and furious, I pushed against his mouth, his hands dug hard into my bum pulling me in still. My legs started shaking as he brought me closer and closer to cumming, he sensed this and his tongue dived deeper and went into overdrive, he slid his hand back and pushed a thumb into my pussy, his fingers pushing against my bum hole. I then came hard on his mouth, grinding my pussy against it, my legs nearly buckling, my screams and moans echoing around the empty room. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" was all I could manage to say.

He slid out under me and stood up behind me, I looked back over my shoulder as he used one hand to pull my arse cheeks further apart his other guiding his cock towards my pussy "Oh please fuck me with that" I said to him, his cock nudged at my pussy lips and they parted easily as his big black cock slipped easily inside me, I gasped as it filled me up, he pulled fully out and walked around the sofa until he was in front of me, his black cock covered in my sticky cum. He pushed my head down to his cock and I eagerly licked and cleaned his cock of my cum, enjoying the taste of it. He went back behind me and this time once he was inside didn't take it back out but began to fuck me hard, his hands on my hips, my arse slapping and echoing in the room as he pounded into me, my tits jiggling up and down, he reached forward and pinched a nipple.

It was hot in his tiny flat and our bodies glistened with sweat as we fucked, he pulled out and sat back on the sofa and pulled me down so I was sitting on his cock facing him, my hands on the back of the sofa still as I bounced up and down, my sweaty tits slapping him in the face, he reached up and grabbed both of them, licking and sucking each one in turn. "Oooooooooh itz time" he said lifting me off "Ge on de floowr"

I knelt on the floor between his legs, he leant forward and wanked his cock, the head of his cock on the tip of my lips, jerking up and down and then my mouth filled with a heavy shot of warm sticky cum, he let out a loud roar and another shot spread across my cheek and another into my mouth. He pulled back and let out another roar, this time he shot up into the air and it landed on my head and another. another roar and another stream this time striking my chin and dripping down between my tits, I then watched his white cum ooze out of his black cock I moved forward and licked it for him, sucking down his cock as well tasting my juices and his cum. he took control of his cock and used it to scoop the cum on my face into my mouth.

I looked up at him "I've just realised I don't even know your name?"

"I tell yo whit ass wen I'm nex tappin it, coz yo iz want n mo" he replied "yo beta go, mi girl will b bak soo"

"WHAT!?" I said looking up at him; I hurriedly got dressed as he lit a cigarette and exhaled the first drag. His cock was still rock solid as he sat there without a care in the world. "You're fucking right though" I said pointing at him "I will be back for more of that" I kissed two fingers and pushed them against his head and left hurriedly. Pushing past the same 2 guys I had seen on the way in, as the door of the lift closed I heard "Yo man was dat her"

"Cheeky fucker" I thought, but I want more of that!

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by Anonymous

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by kg501st12/15/17

the guys writing turned me off.Why couldn't you just have him talk normally?

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