Bored Ch. 2


Being bored and cooped up, I just couldn't take it anymore and went for a drive. Summers here can be maddening hot and this one was proving it to me in spades. 2 in the morning and it was still 95 degrees. I hadn't really been wearing all that much when I hoped in the car, just enough that if I got pulled over, I wouldn't get arrested. A light tank top and a pair of boxers, both of which I have had for a long time, so the elastic in the boxers is almost non-existent and the tank top is so stretched out that my nips nearly hang out if I'm not careful. Just this and I am still hot. The windows down and the wind playing with my shirt, began to annoy me so I looked in the mirror and saw that were no cars near, and took it off. It is a great feeling driving down the road with no shirt on, feeling the wind play across them, almost caressing, but with just enough roughness to make them hard as nails.

Before long I found myself to be kind of hungry and knowing no fast food places would be open at this hour, looked for a convenient store. I found one soon enough and hopped out of the car, forgetting for a moment that I didn't have my shirt on. I quickly grabbed it and slipped it on before going in the store. I opened the door and the cool air hit me pretty hard and at first I just stood there soaking it in.

"Nice isn't it?" I heard woman ask me from behind the counter. "Oh yeah!" is all I could say, still not moving. Pulling myself together I looked at the young girl and thought how hungry I was for something else as well. O-well, food, need food. I asked her where the sandwiches were and she came around the counter and led me down one aisle. She was wearing a lame store logo shirt but had a nice skirt on. It swayed a bit when she walked and I felt mesmerized slightly, looking up I noticed she was looking at me staring at her ass in one of those big mirrors they have hanging from the ceiling. I pretended not to see her smile as she reached for the door that had what I was after.

She held the door open for me while I looked around. I wondered if she was up to playing around some so I leaned forward with my legs still straight looking at one of the lower shelves. This caused my shirt to hang loosely and my boxers to slip down slightly showing the top of my ass to her. She was looking but still kept her distance. Hmmm, what would it take for her to move closer? I couldn't help but wonder if she were wearing any panties.....I wanted to know. How to get her to show me? What I wanted to do was to just turn to her and run my hands up those lovely thighs until I found out, but I still wanted to play and damn it, I was still hungry! I stood back up kind of fast which bunch my shirt on my tits, allowing my belly to show more. My boxers had slid down a tiny bit more and from behind, I know you could see my ass crack. I didn't adjust anything at all and went to the next cooler. She followed and I pretended to be thinking hard about my choices, tapping one foot on the floor, this was causing my boxers to drift ever so slowly down. I could now feel the cool air drifting down my ass. Still trying to decide and still trying to figure out how to get a look up her skirt, I asked her where the chips were. She walked passed me to the back wall of the store......the chips were on a high shelf....

I reached for a bag letting my shirt rise with my arm and also giving her a clear view of my right tit. Doing this also tightend my belly up and caused my boxers to lip down even more. I glimpsed down quickly and could almost see the top of my well trimmed bush, actually it's not a bush at all, more like a thin line of hair, leading a person to where my bald pussy was waiting. I love the feel of my skin after I shave it. I caught her looking at my boxers and when she saw me looking she quickly turned her head and told me to wait, that she had a step ladder. I lowered my arms and watched hurry off for the ladder. This was it, I just had to be low enough to be looking up while she was on it. She returned and placed it in front of me. I bent down and was making like my shoe needed tightened and she climbed on the ladder as I did. I couldn't see very well, not a very high ladder, I had to get her to lift one leg a little higher..."can you get me that other bag please, I don't really like BBQue."

"Sure thing" she replied and as she reached for it she raised one beautiful leg to the highest step and I got a clear view of a very bald pussy.

I couldn't help but stare, it looked so good, I wanted to bury my face in her and never come up for air. So entranced I didn't notice her looking at me. She was just standing there letting me look. I was drifting fast when she turned slowly and gave me the view from the front....completely bald, not a single hair in the area. I tore my eyes away and looked at her face smiling back at me with a very sexy grin.

I stood up and pulled her to me and kissed that lovely mouth and didn't refuse, in fact she ran her hands over my ass pushing the boxers over the hump and letting them fall to the floor. She caressed my ass and reached in front and played with my slit at the same time. I was getting so wet that she was dipping a finger into me and starting to play with my ass hole when car lights flooded the store for a moment. We quickly broke free of each other and she pulled me behind the counter and pushed my under the counter top with one swoop. I hadn't noticed until now that my boxers were on the floor still. I tapped her on the leg and she glimpsed down to me pointing at my bare puss and she ran around the counter and grabbed them just as a young guy came in the store.

She didn't hand them back to me when she got back she instead shoved them in a drawer next to me. The counter was high so it came to her midriff and I was going to play and see if she could keep a straight face for this guy. When he came to the counter, I started running my hands up her thigh, I pulled her closer to me and lifted the hem of her skirt a little and flicked her clit. She jumped a little and tried to pull back but I was not letting go. Realizing this she pulled a drawer open just over my head a bit and that gave me room to lean in and kiss her baldness lightly. She was squirming now, while the guy asked her for directions to someplace she clearly didn't know.

I thought he was leaving when another guy came into the store asking what up. When he looked at who he was talking to, he changed his tone and stepped over to the counter. Although I couldn't see his face I know he was looking her up and down pretty hard. I took the opportunity to tease her more. I pulled her as close as I could and made her spread her legs some, which she did with some resistance. When my tongue hit her clit she jumped and by the way the conversation abruptly stopped, the guys saw it. Wondering how far she would let me go I very lightly pulled her skirt down. I don't think she realized what I was trying to do until it was almost too late. She pulled back quickly and shut the drawer that was hiding my head so I had to pull back in as not to be seen. One guy left and the other was clearly trying to get her number.

She must have wanted to flirt with him as much as she did with me because she leaned down on the counter and I took the opportunity to pull her skirt down again. This time I was going to just hang on to the fabric while it was low and when she leaned up it would pull it down. I got a firm grip on her hem, being sure to not let her know it. When she leaned up it pulled down nearly all the way to where her hair should have been and she quickly grabbed it back up, explaining to the guy that she must have got it caught on a nail. He chuckled and thanked her for her time and left, she immediately bent down and pulled me toward her and kissed me wildly. She plunged a finger in me while doing this and I was just about to explode. I had to have her and I mean now!

Stupid customers, one came in just at that moment and she pulled back, wiped her lips and leaned up against the counter. This time she bunched the fabric of her skirt up so that her pussy was staring me in the face. This was too much. I slid a finger into her slit working it toward the back, she helped by changing her stance and opening her legs. I slipped my finger into her as deep as I could and played with her clit at the same time. I could tell it was taking all her stamina to keep from jerking around while waiting on the new customer. I wasn't about o make it easy for her and I quickly pulled out of her pussy and slipped it into her ass. Instead of clenching up, she pushed back slightly trying to get it deeper. I also slipped my thumb in her pussy again and was dipping her in both holes. The store had got 2 more customers before the last one left and so she still had to be as calm as possible. I could tell it was getting very difficult for her. I thought for a moment to give her a break and slid them out, as I started to she reached down and grabbed my arm to hold it still. She didn't let go until I pushed back into her. I worked her slow and steady and as deep as my fingers would reach from the angle I was at.

When they had left she bent back down and I could see her face was flushed and she was close to cumming. She grabbed the back of my head and locked her fingers in my hair. Pulling me to her she put my head in her tits. I began unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom up and had my hands under it trying topull at her bra. Yet another customer. Without thinking she quickly leaned up again with my hand back on her pussy. She didn't know that her shirt was unbuttoned all but 3 buttons which gave a good view of he belly. The guy who came in this time had to be young, maybe 18 or 19, by the sound of his voice. He kept stammering over his words, probably trying to look at her without her knowing. I saw her look down and fumble with her shirt and then looked forward again. She leaned in on the counter and I jammed my fingers back into both her holes at once. No hiding the jump that time. He asked if she was alright and she giggled and told him better than ok!

They were both silent for a moment and the she leaned forward a bit more and in a soft sultry voice she told him that she was being finger fucked by a half naked woman under the counter and if he wanted to see he had to be quick before someone else came in. She leaned back and turned slightly as he came around the counter and looked down at me with my hand up her skirt. She raised her skirt and let him see my fingers buried deep into her ass and pussy. "So you see, I'm doing very well right now" she said with an evil grin. I could see the fabric in his slacks began to tent and knew what he wanted. I pulled on his pant leg and made him come closer. I gently pulled at his zipper and his cock sprang free from them. I grabbed it with my free hand and began stroking it at the same rhythm as her.

Not paying attention another customer came through the door and I pulled them both to the counter this time not about to let either one go. He was actually shorter than she was so I had a great view of his cock and her pussy at the same time. Since I couldn't sink my teeth into her at the moment, I took him into my mouth and began sucking as hard as I could, within a few moments he was spraying cum down my throat. I heard the customer leave and he let out a long deep moan as the door closed. She pulled back and saw my lips rapped around him and she bent down and joined me. This was getting out of control, we had to lose this guy before he made someone nervous being behind the counter. I popped his nut out of my mouth and told them he better leave before someone called the cops on him and they both reluctantly agreed. I needed to get out of this hole, I was starting to get cramped up and I did still have to drive home.

Getting out I told her and she quickly turned and locked the door, hanging a sign up for a moment saying something about being in back. She dragged me to a small office and leaned me against the desk and started to lick my aching pussy. As she did so she put a finger in my ass and fucked me while sucking and biting my clit. I cam hard, trying not to scream but I think I did anyway. She sure knew how to work me and I wanted her to do it again and again. She stood up pulling my shirt off of me in the process. Kissing me with my cum in her mouth and rubbing my juices all over me. She ran her tongue all over me stopping and clinching my nipple in her teeth and pulling out far enough to hurt but not in a bad way. Before letting it go she flicked it with her tongue and I nearly came again. I love that!

I reached for my shirt and she held it behind her, "this is mine as a reminder of this time, as well as your shorts"......."what am I suppose to do? Walk out of here naked and drive home when the sun is coming up in rush hour traffic.".........."yes", she said with an absolute sexy look on her face, one of hunger, for me as she looked me up and down. "I want you again, you can't have these until that time, deal?"........I smiled back knowing that I would love to drive home naked in rush hour traffic...."deal!!"

She peeked around the door to see if anyone was there, I should have known by her smile there was, but she told me it was clear and I walked out right into view of two young guys looking in the door at me. They were just wanting in, but stepped back and watched me walk slowly to my truck. I took my time getting in as they came closer. One came over to me and asked me if I had a lighter, plainly wanting a better look, who am I to refuse. I leaned one leg out of the car as I reached over and pulled a lighter out of the glove box. I turned to see him and the other guy directly in my door way. I held out the lighter to him and he rested his hand on my thigh. The other guy lightly rubbed my arm and then got bold and started caressing my tits. The first guy ran his fingers up my thigh and started playing with my pussy.

I was being fondled by two guys in a parking lot and I was feeling so good I could barely hear them talking about how wet I was and how they wanted to fuck me and some other things I really didn't hear. All I knew is how good it felt to have them groping me like this. I pulled myself from oblivion and pushed there hands away and managed to close the door. I looked back at the girl in the store, she was standing in the door with her hand under her skirt watching us. I gave her a quick wave and started my truck. There were several cars pulling in or I might have been worried about her and the two guys but strength in numbers and all that.

I haven't made it back to her store yet, but plan to soon, I miss my boxers. Oh, and the drive home? That is something I will have to tell you about as well.

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