Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #07


Staggering to stand, he stood to grab the horsewhip from the hook. Judge, jury, and executioner, his whip was what he used not only to dish out his punishment but also to inflict the pain on someone else that he obviously felt from living such a hard life. As if the whip was the only way that he could connect with his wife, he held the whip in his hand in readiness to whip her while drinking from his bottle again before sitting down on the ground again and leaning against a support beam to steady himself again.

"Please don't whip me again Hugo," she begged. "I beg you not to whip me Hugo. Please."

With her begging falling on deaf ears, as if he was alone in his room and masturbating to his incestuous thoughts of his wife with his son, he watched his son aggressively manhandle his mother before reaching his hand inside his pants. He pulled out his cock and stroked himself while watching Karl kiss, touch, caress, and feel his mother. Holding his cock in one hand and his horsewhip in the other, only putting down the horsewhip to pick up and drink from his bottle, Hugo fingered and stroked his cock while Karl felt and sucked his mother's big tits.

"No! Please, stop, Karl. You mustn't touch Mommy in a sexual way," she said showing her mortification for the sake of her husband not whipping her when she saw that Hugo was watching. "Please stop feeling my breasts and fingering my nipples. I'm so very embarrassed. I beg you," she said more for the sexual excitement of her husband than for the scolding of her son.

Then, standing again to unravel it, he whipped the horsewhip at the air and stopped when he spooked the horse and the horse jumped and kicked at his horse stall. Miles from nowhere, a father and his son had nothing else to do to entertain themselves but to drink and have incestuous sex with their women. A drunken father beating and whipping his wife and a horny, perverted son stripping and having his wicked and forbidden, sexual way with his mother was nothing uncommon on a lonely farm in German in 1860. Even though, no doubt, many men were either having incestuous sex or sexually fantasizing about incestuous sex, no one spoke about incestuous sex.

Who was to know or even care about this families' physical and incestuous abuse when their next neighbor was miles away and was probably doing the same dirty, nasty things to their womenfolk? Within the barn that housed an entire hangar of dark, dirty secrets and with no one around to see and to stop them if they did see what went on in the barn, who was there to complain that a husband shared his wife with his son and a son forced his mother to suck him? With little to do on a lonely, isolated farm when not working, once the men started drinking, best the women stay out of sight.

Typically pushing her back on a stack of fresh, fragrant hay, it was common for a brother to have wicked sex with his meekly and mildly struggling albeit willing and seductive sister in the privacy of the barn. Pretending she didn't want him while playing her sexy game of tickle and run, most times it was the sister that instigated their incestuous relationship by teasing her brother. With her hormones flying too and with nothing to occupy her time but for chores, the sister wanted her brother as much as he wanted her. With brothers too busy with chores, most times it was the bored sister who was the sexual predator and not the brother.

It was only when fathers discovered that their sons were having sex with their daughters that sisters blamed their brothers for raping them. Justifiably outraged that their innocent daughters were no longer virgins, it was then that fathers took up with their daughters where their sons left off with their sisters. Unless it was made public fodder for the sermon on Sunday's Mass, it was no one's business what happened in the barn. Thinking and caring more about their collection plate than about passing their moral judgments when it came to what their faithful parishioners did behind their closed doors, the Church didn't want to rile Christian households with undue restraints put upon their women by voicing their disapproval of men having incestuous sex with them.

Already controlling them enough with guilt and already twisted by the secret sexual interplay happening behind closed, rectory doors, incest was a fine, closeted line that even the church feared publically and politically crossing. Forget about the mass population as a whole, when even the royals worldwide were having incestuous sex and still arranging incestuous marriages between their cousins and brothers with sisters, the clergy would, no doubt, anger the members of the royals and the royal family by denouncing incestuous behavior. During a time before mass communication, women were unable to voice their outrage against violence and forced incestuous sex. If they didn't want a beating, they obeyed.

Living alone on a farm miles from nowhere and having little or no contact with anyone but their intermediate family, most women didn't know what was normal, sexual behavior and what was not. With nearly every household having incestuous sex, especially during those long, dark, cold winter nights, who was to stand against what was happening behind closed, bedroom doors? Rather than scream in the night for no one to hear and rather than fight a hopeless fight that they'd seldom win, women submitted to their fathers and brothers. So long as they didn't make them pregnant, it was only sex after all.

Instead, already controlled by guilt and shame, only whispered about, no one openly discussed incestuous sex for fear that others would think they were having it or were victims of it. Talked about in hushed, suspicious, drunken whispers at the bar, with so many men doing it and so many women succumbing to it, few people would even think it odd that a son had sex with his mother, that a father lusted over his daughter, and a brother wanted his sister sexually. Since the beginning of time, most men were already having sex with their sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, cousins, daughters, mothers-in-law, and sisters-in-law too. Rather, wishing it was them instead of him, being that Olga was such a tall, attractive, and shapely woman, those men with short, fat, and unattractive wives would find it jealously exciting to know that Karl was enjoying his mother in such a sexually forbidden way. Obviously enjoying the incestuous union between the two, Hugo so enjoyed watching Karl sexually satisfy his wife that he masturbated while watching his son with his mother.

Yet, just as Karl and Hugo would never tell anyone what happened in the privacy of their barn, none of their business, they didn't want to know what was happening in someone else's barn either. No doubt, undeniably, they just assumed what was happening on their farm was happening on every else's farm. No doubt, undeniably, they just assumed that it was okay for a son to have sex with his mother while his father watched and masturbated. Silently okay for a son to have sex with his mother, a father to have sex with his daughter, and a brother to have sex with his sister, God forbid the stranger who had sex with their women. The only thing that saved Rachel from the same incestuous fate as her mother was that she was born beautiful and would fetch her family a hefty, financial reward when marrying her to the right family.

"Don't worry, Mother, I'll be gentle," whispered Karl with a sick and sexually excited laugh after receiving the nod of permission from his father to sexually abuse his mother.

To be continued...

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