tagErotic HorrorBorn Evil Ch. 03

Born Evil Ch. 03


Hi Hon! Remember me? This is the third cassette tape my cellmate has managed to sneak out of this hellhole I'm stuck in. If you want the whole story you're just going to have to find parts one and two and catch-up. Sorry, but my fans want me to get right to my story, not spending half this tape explaining stuff I've already told them. Don't worry though Hon, if you've got a taste for murder you'll fit right in.

Well let's see, the last time I told you about that slimy video store clerk I did. Umm, now that was hot. I get turned on just thinking about the wonderful, sexy things I did to that pathetic asshole. Oh how he wiggled around and begged for his miserable life. Sweet. Not to mention all of that blood. I practically was swimming in it by the time I was through with him. Umm.

Anyway after that night I couldn't see the point of staying in college any longer. I knew I would be pressing my luck if any more bodies turned up on campus and I didn't have any further interest in Freshman English Composition and that sort of thing. I had to support myself, however, and that was the problem. My parents paid my tuition and sent me enough cash to get by on but if I dropped out of school the well might run dry. I couldn't very well tell them what I had become. How I longed to control someone. To hurt them and then to take my pleasure by watching them slowly die. Daddy's little girl hadn't turned out the way they planned. Sorry.

My mind worked this problem all day long it seemed. When I was eating, when I was working out or running, even when I lay rubbing my breasts and clit as I remembered my "sweet" times with the girls and that video store clerk. A part of me was always looking for a way out of this stupid school and into a new life.

The answer, of course, was right in front of my nose. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it before but sometimes that's just the way it is. I smiled as the idea took form in my mind. It was so obvious wasn't it?

One of the girls on my dorm floor had a sleeping disorder and she had been prescribed some monster sleeping pills that she described as strong enough to knock out an elephant. That afternoon as she was at class I went into her room and stole four of those pills. She had always claimed that one was plenty so I figured that two of them would do the trick. Two pills apiece that is.

That afternoon I drove down to the local hardware store again and bought some more duct tape and a big fat garden hose. I already had gloves and a good sharp knife. Just ask that video store clerk I thought to myself laughing.

I cut off a piece of that hose about ten feet long and threw out the rest of it. I threw all my equipment into the trunk of the rental car that I had held onto for an extra week. What the hell, I wasn't paying for it. Time to gas up and go.

The town I had grown up in was a good three- hour drive from school. I knew my parents had wanted their daughter the hell out of the house and though three hours away wasn't that far, at least I wasn't under foot at home like I might have been had I chosen to go to the local community college. They had the money to pay for everything and I knew that to them it was money well spent. One final obligation to their strange, quiet little daughter and then I would be out of their lives forever. They could get on with the rest of their lives knowing that they had done "the right thing". Daddy could golf all day and Mommy could shop and drink with her friends at the club. Whatever.

It was dark when I reached home, just as I had planned. I knew their habits so well. It was cocktail hour and their routine never varied. I parked on the next street over from mine and took the alleyway into the backyard. I slipped my key into the lock and walked in.

To say that they were surprised to see me would not do their reaction justice. I told them that I was sorry that I hadn't called before coming but that I had a problem at school that I had to discuss with them. They were shocked and not too thrilled that I had dropped in. I could see the truth even though they did their best to hide it.

One of our lovely family traditions had always been "cocktail" hour. Every evening after dinner good old Mom and Dad would polish off three or four drinks. Guess who the friendly family bartender had been? That's right. They had thought that it was cute to have little old me make drinks for them and so they had taught me how to prepare the perfect drinks for them, Manhattans for Dad and Cosmopolitans for Mom. Every fucking night this went on.

By the time I got home on this particular night they were already on their second drink. Their curiosity had been aroused by my sudden appearance but I hemmed and hawed and generally delayed telling them much of anything. After what seemed an eternity of small talk their glasses finally were empty and I offered to make them another.

I stepped behind the small bar and removed the baggy from my pocket. Inside were the four capsules and I opened them and dumped the contents of two into each glass. Then I mixed the drinks, putting extra alcohol into each drink to mask the taste. I brought them out and handed them over hoping against hope that no unusual taste would be noticeable. I didn't need to worry. They were already half sloshed and never tasted a thing.

We sat down and made small talk and then when finally prodded by them I started telling them a fabricated story about the terrible time I was having at school and how I didn't know if I could continue going there. I dragged it out, all the time keeping my eyes on them for some sign that the pills were working.

It took about fifteen minutes but finally Mom started yawning and saying that she needed to go to bed. I begged her to stay, pleading that I had something important to tell her if she could just wait a few minutes longer. She nodded her assent but her eyes were closing.

I babbled on and on and soon Dad's head was nodding and his eyes were bleary. Mom's head was back against the chair support and she was just about asleep. Dad tried to get up but I urged him to hear me out and I continued rambling on and on.

Five minutes later they were both out cold where they sat. I walked over and pinched Mom's arm and got no response at all. Dad was snoring so loud that I considered whether or not the neighbors might hear him. Perfect!

I went out the back door and down the alley to where I had parked the car on the next street. Quickly I removed the shopping bag with the hose and duct tape and returned to the house. I found their car keys right on the counter where they always were.

I stepped out into the cooler air of the garage and turned on the light. Putting one end of the hose into the exhaust pipe I used the duct tape to crudely tape up the end of it and keep the hose in place. I ran the other end into the back window and taped it into place, closing up the small open section of the window. That ought to make it just about air- tight.

Returning to the loving room I looked at my parents sound asleep. I had no desire to hurt these people but the truth was that I had no more feelings for them than I would for an old piece of furniture that had outlived its usefulness and was now just in the way. They had something I wanted and that was all there was to say. Sorry about that.

I lifted my mother easily and carried her over my shoulder and out to the garage. I got her settled into the passenger seat of their Buick and fastened the seat belt. She was not that big and presented no problem. My father, however, would be another story.

I had to gently drag him most of the way to the car, being very careful to leave no telltale signs on either him or the floor. Then I had to wrestle him to a sitting position next to the car and then finally lift him into the drivers seat. Once again I was thankful for all those hours of working out in the school fitness center. Six months before I would never have managed it.

I reached across Dad and started the car. I reached back and put my hand in front of the open end of hose that I had run into the car and I could feel the exhaust fumes gushing out. It was working just as planned. I slammed the door shut.

After I was sure that they were dead I would come back and remove the hose and duct tape. The garage was pretty airtight and I planned to leave the car running. The fumes would fill the garage and whoever found them would find two known heavy drinkers with booze and sleeping pills in their systems, who had, unfortunately, been overcome by carbon dioxide fumes in their garage. Hey, shit happens.

I went back in the house and made a sandwich from some leftover turkey I found in the fridge. I turned on the tube and watched an old re-run of something or other. After about an hour I walked back out to the garage.

Everything was as before. I peered into the car and there was no doubt to me that they were gone. I opened the car doors and checked for pulses. Nothing. Ok, good.

I removed the hose and duct tape and rolled down the windows of the car so that the fumes that would soon be filling the garage could get inside. I double-checked to make sure that everything looked as you might expect to find it under the circumstances. Two elderly drunks doze off in their car and are overcome with fumes. Yeah, everything looked good.

Oh wait, one more thing. I lifted my father up far enough to slide his wallet out of his pants pocket and removed about one hundred and fifty dollars. I left some money in there to make it look good. He wouldn't be needing it any more and I needed gas money and stuff. Call it a down payment or whatever. I locked up behind me and slipped back out through the alley and into the rental car. All in all a good nights work.

I figured it might be a few days before anyone found them and I was right. It was three days later when the dean of students called me into his office with some "horrible" news for me. I played the role of stunned and heartbroken daughter wonderfully if I do say so myself, even managing a few tears on cue.

After a few moments of the dean's awkward attempts to comfort me, I "calmed down" enough for him to tell me that my parent's affairs including burial were being handled by my family estate lawyer. He gave me some information on a card telling me to contact the lawyer when I had returned home. After another awkward period I thanked him for his consideration and left.

I threw what clothes I wanted to keep into my car and left the school, never to return. Once away from campus I brightened up considerably, thinking about what I stood to inherit. Let's see, there were the house, the mutual funds and individual stocks, and whatever insurance policies there were. Anyway the lawyer would know about that stuff. As the only child I figured to get it all.

It took about two weeks to get the funeral and all that stuff taken care of and then the following Monday I had an appointment with the estate lawyer. Promptly at nine am I was ushered into a large office very tastefully decorated. Of course I had dressed conservatively for the occasion since I was still the grieving daughter.

I was taken back by the fact that the estate lawyer was an attractive redheaded woman in her early thirties I guessed. She wore an expensive suit, which unsuccessfully attempted to hide her fabulous figure. She was very attractive. Nice going Dad I thought to myself.

After expressing her condolences she gave me the bad news. It seems that good old Dad and Mom had left a good part of their money to various charities and whatnot. I was to receive the house, the proceeds of my father's life insurance policy and little else. The bulk of the estate I would never see.

I was stunned. Charities? I thought that charity began at home. Shit!

"I know how surprised you must be at all this. Many times the children are the last to know about their parent's estate plans. But remember, in cases like this I am also acting as your lawyer as well insofar as you are the only family of the deceased. Perhaps I can be of some service to you in this matter."

I was almost in tears at this point but what she had just said...how was I to take that? I looked up at her and what I saw in her eyes was not the impartial stare of the cold lawyer. I saw concern there and ...could it be...was that just the slightest trace of desire I saw there? Well there was one way to find out.

I crossed my legs slowly, letting my skirt ride up my thighs. Her eyes followed my legs and her tongue ever so quickly darted out to moisten her upper lip. If I hadn't been watching for some sigh I might have missed it. Well...

I turned on the tear ducts again. I was getting pretty good at this but I had had a lot of practice over the past couple of weeks. I put my head in my hands and she got up and came around the desk with a tissue for me. I let her wipe my eyes for me noticing how her breast brushed against the side of my face as she reached across me.

"Thank you," I managed. "Anything you can do for me would be most appreciated. I'm alone now and feeling a little lost. I don't know what to do."

"I've got an idea about how I might be able to help. Why don't you let me make you dinner tonight and we can talk about it then. I'm sure you don't feel like cooking and I bet you're tired of take-out. I've got my own place and I'd be happy to cook for both of us."

I bet you would, I thought. Her hand rested on top of mine and I made no attempt to pull it away. I looked up at her with my best impression of grateful.

"That would be nice. I could use a decent meal."

"Ok, that's settled." She wrote down her address and told me about seven o'clock would be good. "Meanwhile, I'll get to work and see what I can do. Till seven then."

As I left her office a short time later I was sure of three things. One, her eyes never left my ass as I walked out of her office. Two, I would use her to get what I could although I had no idea what that might be. And three, when I was certain that I had gotten everything I could from her, I was going to enjoy myself immensely when I killed her. And I knew I would kill her, slowly and painfully. She never saw the trace of a smile on my face as I left her building.

Promptly at seven I found myself outside her beautiful home. She lived on a winding canyon road with few neighbors in the area and none within a half- mile or so. How perfectly isolated I thought with a smile.

She answered the door and any doubts concerning her intentions were instantly removed. Gone was the business suit of earlier and replacing it was a pair of tight jeans and a skimpy halter- top, out of which her large breasts threatened to fall at any moment. She was quite attractive and I couldn't help but notice how her hips swayed seductively as she led the way into her home.

And what a home it was. Apparently business was good because the décor screamed money, from the new modern furniture to the grand piano in her living room to the expensive looking artwork on the walls. My god, I guessed I should have gone to law school.

She made us both drinks and herded us over to the living room to the leather couch. She bent forward as she placed her drink on the glass cocktail table and I swear I could see one of her nipples peek out. She noticed me looking and a smile on her face told me to look all I wanted.

"I just love the feeling of leather, don't you?" she asked as she slowly slid her hand over the back of the couch. "Especially on bare skin." She smiled at me.

"Yeah, it's nice I guess." I had to remember my role here, poor parentless daughter who needed to rely on the trusty family lawyer for help. Poor, poor pitiful me I chuckled to myself.

"Well, dinner is going to be awhile so why don't we take care of some business before pleasure." She smiled over at me. She arose and walked over to a table on the other side of the room, her hips moving sensually all the way. She was flaunting her body to me and I made sure she knew I was looking.

She picked up a folder and walked back over to me. She leaned down and handed it to me and her breasts were just inches from my face. She smiled and said, "I think you'll like this."

I opened the file and read what appeared to be a short version of the will she had read to me in her office. It was identical except for one thing. This will had no mention of any charities of any kind in it. All of my parent's assets were to go to the sole surviving heir. I looked up at her and I didn't have to try too hard to turn on the tears.

"How is this possible? I thought..."

"Your parents had just changed their will several weeks ago. Why I cannot say, that's a family matter that I was not privy to. However this new will was never filed officially to the proper legal authority. It was an oversight on the part of my staff but who could know that they would pass away so quickly and suddenly? Although I am legally obligated to file the updated will even after their deaths, I am of the opinion that perhaps it would be in the best interests of all if, how shall I put this, the older will remained in effect. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"

Of course I understood exactly what she meant. She was going to help me de-fraud the estate and steal the assets intended for charity. Fine with me Hon. But what did she want in return? Well I think I knew what was coming next.

"You understand that I am taking a rather large risk here? In certain quarters this would be looked on as a very serious breech of legal ethics. If you think about it I think you'll agree that serious risks deserve serious rewards. Don't you agree?"

"Of course, I'll be glad to pay you whatever.."

"Silly girl" She sat next to me on the couch. "Look around. Money is of no interest to me any longer. I have more than I could ever possibly spend." Her hand reached out and softly brushed my hair back from my forehead. "No, I had something else in mind."

She leaned forward and gently pressed her lips against mine. "Umm", she moaned.

"Oh I don't think, I ..."

"Shh now." Her lips became more insistent and her tongue slipped between my lips. Her hand dropped to my breast and found my nipple. It hardened instantly despite myself.

"Please don't, I'm not.."

"Come on baby, think about that money. Then think about these." She reached down and pulled her breasts out of that loose halter-top.

"See how hard my nipples are? Suck it sweetie. Take it in your mouth and suck it." She pushed her chest forward and her hard nipple went right into my mouth. "Ohh, that's it. That feels so good!"

I protested some more but she was having none of it. She became more and more aggressive and finally I gave up any pretense of fighting her. She had a beautiful body, soft, with curves in all the right places but I could tell that she wasn't in any physical condition to prevent me from doing anything I wanted to do to her. But this wasn't the time. This was her time and from behind the mask that I showed to her I smiled, eager to see how she would use it.

She paused only as she torn my clothes from my body as she saw the lean muscle that my long workouts had given me. If she had any thoughts that I could easily have pushed her away and controlled her, she never revealed them to me Her passion was too strong for caution.

"My lord you're beautiful! You must spend hours in the gym. Yet you're still so feminine. Ohh, I'm going to lick every inch of you."

And that she did. That long, wicked tongue of hers explored every opening of my body, delighting in probing and licking. I must say that she was an excellent lover. She brought me to orgasm several times with her fingers, tongue and finally a rather large strap-on that she used, alternating between my vagina and my asshole.

I admit it, it was fun and I took some pleasure from the experience but all the while a part of me was held back in reserve just watching. Nothing that she could dream up could ever come close to the pleasure that I was anticipating having when I finally took her. That was what I was waiting for. But now was not the time.

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