Boss's Hostile Takeover of My Wife

byGeorge VI©

Jack made her stand up. As Carol balanced on wobbly legs, Jack unclasped her skirt. I could hear him pulling her zipper down, and he dropped it down to her feet. Carol now stood completely naked except for a pearl necklace, dangling earrings, and her wedding ring. "Isn't she sexy? Neil, you're a lucky man!"

As the other men agreed, I wasn't feeling so lucky, having my wife made a sex toy for these powerful older men. But she did look sexy, with her long legs on display and big naked tits sloping out.

Jack and the others requested poses from Carol, and she reluctantly obliged; thrusting her chest out and letting her tits sway loose; putting one hand on her hip and one out like a game show model displaying a gift; turning around and displaying her butt, "Betty Grable style," as Dick put it; putting her hands on her hips and thrusting her pelvis out; turning her back and bending at the waist; lifting her own breasts and presenting them.

All of us men sat and admired the tall busty naked woman and her nude poses for a handful of older men in her own living room. And then Jack told Carol to get on her knees between Dick's legs.

Carol did as instructed with little hesitation. She looked down at the fat dick on Dick, and after a moment of pause and a defeated expression on her face, put her lips on the head. She bobbed her head up and down, working slowly on his shaft, her mouth stretched wide around it. Dick smiled down at my wife, moaning. Her brown hair hung down on his thighs, and her butt stuck out as she knelt before the older man.

Jack ordered me to get another round of drinks. When I returned with the drinks, Dick was holding Carol's head, and telling her, "Yeah, faster, faster. Suck hit hard. But watch the teeth." Lee was still sitting next to Dick, stroking his cock. He grabbed Carol's right hand, and made her jerk him off as she sucked on Dick's cock.

Then Dick said, "Okay, Sweetheart, climb up here on my lap." Carol stopped sucking, as Dick patted his lap, indicating where he wanted Carol to sit. "Straddle this," he said, pointing to his cock.

Carol climbed up onto the older man's lap, facing him, with her legs wrapped around his legs. I could see her spread her own pussy lips, and slide them down over Dick's cock. She slid all the way down, and settled onto the man's lap, straddling him.

Dick started humping up into my wife's pussy. The tall woman's tits were right in his face, and Dick grabbed both of them, kneading them, and sucking on her still-long nipples. "BRRRRR!" He said, as he burrowed his face deep into her cleavage, giving the other three men a laugh at my wife's expense.

The rest of us watched Carol's butt jiggle as she thrust her hips in and out, with Dick's cock sliding in and out of view.

Then Dick sat back, moving his hands down Carol's sides, to her bare ass. The man that had upset me earlier by groping my wife's butt under her skirt now had free access to her completely bare ass. And he took advantage by squeezing her cheeks and sliding his palms all over the two half-globes.

Carol seemed out of tears, as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, humping rapidly, her big tits bobbling in Dick's face. Lee reached over and grabbed her right tit and squeezed it hard. He also grabbed her right hand and placed it on his cock again. Dick reached over and grabbed his refilled glass of vodka, and downed it as he fucked my wife.

Dick placed his hands on Carol's hips, and humped her faster and faster. The sweating old man was turning read, and Carol's face was also flushed as she grit her teeth.

Dick chuckled and wheezed as Carol panted loudly.

Carol gyrated her hips back and forth. Her thighs jiggled as she clenched them around the chubby older man. "Huh, Huh," she grunted. A bead of sweat dripped off her nose. She was really working it.

I noticed that Carol had stopped stroking Lee's cock, and was just hanging on to it. She threw her head around and shuddered, and with a few more "HuuuWoooos!" seemed to be having her own orgasm.

"She's cumming," Jack commented, and the others chuckled.

Dick then grunted, "Okay, Sweetheart, here it comes!' He thrust up into her hard and slow, before leaning back and resting. Carol completed her orgasm, and fell forward onto his shoulder.

Carol lifted her left leg and rose off of Dick's lap and cock. She stood wobbly for a moment, before Lee said, "Now me, baby. Suck mine."

Carol let out a mild whimper, but fell back onto her knees between Lee's legs. She dropped her head down and sucked Lee's cock. Attempting to get comfortable, Carol stuck her butt up into the air and arched her back. I could see her pussy between her butt cheeks, her pubic hair matted, cum dripping down her thighs.

Dick stood up, so drunk now that he was staggering, as he stepped out of his pants and underwear. He looked down at Carol on her knees as she sucked Lee's cock. Dick straddled her torso, and sat on her back. Carol tried to hold him up, as the drunk yelled, "Ride 'em cowboy!" He spanked her butt. Carol let go of the cock in her mouth and tried to crawl away, with the drunken bottomless man on her bare back. Her tits hung down and shook. Carol was a big strong woman, but Dick was no lightweight. Carol crawled to the middle of the room as the drunken man teetered on her back and spanked her. "YeeHaaa!'

Then the drunken Dick fell off of Carol, dragging her down, and then both fell on their sides onto the carpet.

Carol came up weeping, and Dick came up laughing. Lee rose up and helped Carol to her feet. At first I thought he was just being chivalrous. But then he made her sit on the end of our coffee table. "Lay back," he ordered.

Carol laid back on our coffee table, with her legs dangling off the edge. Lee dropped his pants off, and straddled Carol's chest. Lee laid his dick between her two big breasts, and squeezed them together, around his cock. "Hold your tits there like this," he instructed.

Carol held her tits together as ordered, as Lee slid his cock in and out of her cleavage. I could see his dick head disappear and reappear on her chest. He humped rapidly. Carol would never allow me to do this to her, thinking it too degrading. So the heavy Chinese dude was fucking virgin tit.

Carol looked down with wide eyes at the cock between her tits, inches below her chin. The other three men laughed at the site.

Lee then climbed off of Carol, and knelt on the carpet at the end of the coffee table, between Carol's legs. He made her scoot her butt down to the table's edge, and he spread her legs and aimed his cock at her pink pussy. We worked his hardon between her lips, and began fucking her. He then lifted her right leg up, and threw her calf over his shoulder. He then threw her left leg up and over his shoulder. Carol's long legs were up in the air, dangling over Lee's back as he thrust deep into her pussy.

Carol's head was facing up, her eyes looking up at Lee leering above her, still wearing his black-rimmed glasses. Her big tits were bobbling up and down with a mind of their own, as Carol's torso was bounced one way and her tits went the opposite. They wiggled like slow-motion waves on her chest.

Dick staggered to his feet and collapsed back onto the love seat. "Hey Neil, get me another drink," he ordered. Jack told me just to bring everybody another round, and I went to the kitchen to make drinks.

When I returned to the living room, Lee was still fucking my wife on the coffee table. But now Peter was thrusting his cock into her mouth as she turned her head towards him. And Dick and Jack stood on each side of her, and Carol was giving each of them a hand job.

I sat back and watched my nude wife take on four cocks, fucking one, sucking another, and jerking off two more. Her body gyrated all over. Jack, Peter, and Dick were all reaching in to grope her bobbling tits. Her thighs shook as Lee slapped into her, making sounds that echoed off the walls. Carol was emitting, "MMMMPHHHH!" through the cock in her mouth, and all four men were chuckling and moaning.

"Hey, how about some D.P.?" asked Jack. I didn't know what he meant. But Lee agreed, and quickly pulled out of Carol's pussy before he even came. The four men pulled Carol up off the coffee table. Lee replaced her, lying on his back. Carol was then lowered on top of him, straddling the man on the coffee table.

Carol's pussy slid back down onto Lee's cock. As soon as the two of them got into a rhythm, Jack stood behind Carol, and pushed her down onto Lee's chest. Jack then aimed his cock at Carol's asshole and he started to work it in.

"OHHHHH!" "NOOOO!" moaned Carol.

Jack just said, "Shhh," and continued working his large cock into her puckered asshole, sliding it in, inch by inch.

Each new thrust provoked a grunt from Carol, until Jack was all the way in. Lee was still fucking her pussy as Carol lay on top of him, and Jack leaned over Carol.

Peter then stabbed at Carol's face with his cock, and made her turn her head and take the unit between her lips. Carol now had cocks in her ass, pussy and mouth. And then the drunken Dick moved in and made Carol give him a hand job.

Carol had already been emitting noises the she doesn't normally make during sex, but now she made grunting noises like nothing I'd ever heard her make before. They were very unladylike, very guttural, even with the cock in her mouth to muffle them.

Somehow the four men and one woman got into some sort of rhythm, with the two men fucking her pussy and asshole moving Carol's body in one direction, and the cock in her mouth moving her head sideways, and the jerking of the fourth cock moving her hand, arm, and upper torso in another direction.

All four men were grunting and moaning, as Carol grunted. The fucking, sucking, and jerking continued on for what seemed to me to be forever. All but Lee had already had orgasms tonight.

Finally I heard Lee say, "I'm about to cum."

Jack replied, "So am I."

Carol continued to be thrown around as she was spiked by multiple cocks.

Peter was the first to cum, filling up Carol's mouth with jism. She choked, but kept her lips clenched, until her mouth overflowed and spunk dribbled out. Peter pulled back, and his final spurts flung jism on Carol's chin, nose, and neck.

Surprisingly, the drunk Dick came next, releasing cum into Carol's hand, the goo oozing between her fingers and covering her wedding ring.

Then Carol's mouth was free to grunt and chortle loudly. "URRGGGHHHH!" "GRRRGHHHH!"


Carol's upper body thrashed while her butt cheeks rippled and shook as she got fucked by the cocks in her ass and pussy.

Lee came next, letting out a moan. But he was trapped where he was until Jack was finished.

And then Carol came next, wailing loud enough that I was afraid the neighbors might hear her. "OHHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWW!" She collapsed down onto Lee's chest, panting.

It didn't take Jack long to cum, and I saw him pull his cock out of Carol's asshole, and dribble jism all over her ass and back.

Carol couldn't or wouldn't get up, panting and crying on top of Lee on the coffee table. Finally the trapped Lee forced her to stand up long enough for her to collapse onto the carpet.

I was sent for more drinks. By the time I returned, Peter had Carol on her feet. He grabbed his drink from me, as well as Carol's glass of wine. He then followed my naked wife's jiggling butt cheeks as she crossed the living room and headed to the stairs.

"Where are they going?" I asked Jack.

"Oh, they just thought they'd be more comfortable in a bed," Jack replied.

Jack, Lee, Dick, and I sat in the living room drinking, as my wife led Peter our dinner guest to our master bedroom. Soon I could hear the bed frame squeaking, and Carol moaning loudly.

When Peter was done with her, he came downstairs alone. And until nearly dawn, one by one, and later in twos and threes and fours, the men took turns making trips up to my bedroom to fuck and do whatever else they wanted with my wife.



Carol had barely recovered from her pains and soreness from our "dinner", when I got called into Jack's office.

"Neil," he said. "I'm going out of town for a quick twenty-four hour business trip tomorrow night."

My first thought was relief that he wouldn't be around to use my wife for the next several days. It was hell for both of us, wondering when he was going to call again and abuse Carol.

"And I want you to come with me," he followed.


My heart sank when he replied, "Well, you and Carol. I know the two of you have been under a great deal of stress with your son's health. And I thought you could use a day in a warm climate. Relax. Get some sun. I just have one meeting and have to schmooze a couple of people. We'll catch a red eye flight tomorrow night, and return late the next night. So make plans for a babysitter for two nights."

Jack grabbed a folder on his desk. "Here are your tickets and boarding passes." He handed me a packet of two round trip tickets, and with that I was dismissed.

"Oh," said Jack, as I was about to exit his office. "Make sure that Carol wears a skirt on the flight."

That one last command told me to expect Jack to bother Carol some more. Carol cried when I told her.

We arrived at the airport the next evening for our late night flight. Jack was waiting outside the gate. The wait at the gate was uneventful as Jack made calls on his cell phone. He did gander at Carol's legs in her casual skirt.

Once we boarded, we headed into business class about midway down, and I saw Jack stow his carryon bag and grab a window seat. Sure enough, Carol and I were in the same row, same side. I tried to get in the middle seat, but Jack pushed me back, and motioned for Carol to sit next to him, and I was stuck next to her in the aisle seat. Damn!

We had all stowed our coats, but Jack immediately requested a blanket. As soon as everybody was seated and we were taxiing, Jack put his left hand on Carol's bare right leg below her skirt hem just above her knee. Shit! This flight was going to really suck!

It's highly unlikely that anybody, even the flight attendants that looked at our tickets, knew that Carol was my wife. And the way that Jack was chatting with her and caressing her leg, it appeared that HE was Carol's husband.

Soon after liftoff, Jack spread his blanket over his and Carol's legs. Then he leaned over and kissed Carol. Not as sloppy as the previous times, more like a husband and wife kiss; perhaps longer and a little more passionate. Then I could see Jack's hand under the blanket, snaking up Carol's thigh. He appeared to caress her bare thigh for a bit, then move it up further. He whispered to Carol, and she spread her legs wide, her left knee hitting mine. Jack casually played with my wife's pussy on the plane, while chatting with her and looking out his window, but he paid no mind to me or anybody else.

I wondered if he was just touching her crotch over her panties, or if he was getting under the panties to her pussy. My question was answered when Jack pulled his hand out from the blanket, showed me his middle finger, and said, "Nice and wet."

Then Jack whispered to Carol, and she slid her hands down to her sides at her hips, and fumbled quite a while under the blanket, gyrating her hips, and lifted her butt up off the seat, her eyes darting around the cabin. When she sat back down, I could see her pulling her panties down to her knees. Carol looked around the cabin before tugging her panties down her calves, kicking off her shoes, and dropping her panties on the cabin floor. She quickly picked up the garment before anybody else had a chance to see them. She tried to discreetly offer the panties to Jack. But Jack handed them to me. I took the wet garment, and stuffed it in Carol's purse. I looked around to see if anybody else had noticed Carol removing her panties. There were two older businessmen across the aisle from us. They were looking our way. I wondered if they saw anything.

The plane leveled off, and many passengers turned off their lights and settled in for the long late flight, with a movie showing on the overhead screens, a smattering of reading lights on, and flight attendants serving drinks at either end of the plane. Being in the middle of the plane, most passengers who used the restrooms went either front or back, and there was limited traffic on the aisle. But there was some, including flight attendants.

Jack turned his body towards Carol, and laid his head on her shoulder, as if he were going to nap. But he slid his right hand under the blanket, and Carol spread her legs apart wide. Jack was clearly playing with her bare pussy.

Carol stared straight ahead, a sad expression on her face, allowing a man to play with her pussy on a public flight. I looked at my watch. About three more hours until we landed.

Jack felt Carol's pussy, occasionally jostling her and causing her to squirm. A couple of times the blanket slipped, and I could see Carol's bare left thigh with her skirt hiked way up high, and Jack's hand on her crotch.

Jack occasionally made out with Carol, as the two men across the aisle watched him.

Many minutes of fondling later, Jack whispered to Carol, and she pulled the blanket up to her shoulders. Up slid Jack's right hand under the blanket, over her chest, until it clearly found her right tit. I watched him fondle her breast over her top and bra. He moved from left breast to right, kneading and caressing, as Carol tried to scrunch lower in her seat.

Later, I watched Jack slide his hand back down, and appear to reach inside of Carol's shirt at her waist. The hand slid up again, and as the blanket slipped a little I spotted his hand fumbling at her bra. My guess is that he was sliding the bra up over Carol's tits. I appeared to be correct when I saw the garment bunched up on Carol's chest, bulging through her top. Jack now had better access to Carol's large breasts, as they were loose under her top. Jack fondled Carol's breasts this way for a long time, as Carol's eyes darted around, likely praying that nobody else noticed what she was letting Jack do. But the two businessmen across the aisle were watching. And I'd swear that the older woman flight attendant gave a double take and a dirty look when she walked by.

Jack reached under the blanket with both hands, and I'd swear that I heard his zipper coming down. He took Carol's right hand, and placed it under the blanket. Now Carol was giving Jack a hand job under the blanket while Jack alternately played with her breasts and her pussy, and getting in a few wet kisses.

As noisy as the plane was, I caught the occasional "schika schika," noise of Jack's fingers slurping through Carol's wet pussy, three feet from my head. And I could see her hand going up and down on Jack's hard cock under the tented blanket. The two businessmen probably could, too.

Jack leaned over Carol and said to me, "Neil, keep an eye out for a bit. Tap on Carol if the flight attendants walk by."

At first I didn't understand. But when Jack whispered to Carol, and she lowered her head onto Jack's lap, I started to get the picture. As Jack sat straight up, he lifted the blanket. I caught a glimpse of his familiar stiff cock as Carol slid her head under the blanket. Her face was half-covered by the blanket as she sucked Jack's cock.

Carol bobbed her head up and down slowly, as I watched the aisle for flight attendants. The two businessmen were watching, but they seemed too entertained with the show to report the incident to anybody.

It seemed like hours went by as my wife gave my boss a blowjob on the crowded flight. If anybody else knew what was going on in the seats behind or in front of us, I couldn't tell, but it's possible that somebody was suspicious. Jack sat with a satisfied grin on his face, his right hand on Carol's head, and his left hand back under the blanket on her pussy.

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