The world was splintered into sects and factions. The Daemon and the Vampires held a steady truce built on necessity, and of admiration. Both species were ruthless killers, powerful and dark . . . most importantly, dangerous.

What humans that remained either had one of two lives. Either they served as cattle for the Vampire, or they lived under the watchful care of the Fey–the world's faeries and elves. The Fey were well learned, high magical people, bent on the bettering of their own. However, most had become xenophobic over the generations and held little regard for anyone else.

Though, the Fey kept to their own, they hated the daemon and the vampire and wanted to purge their kind from existence. Likewise, the daemon and vampire hated the Fey, believing them weak. A silent–and often, dangerous and brutal–war waged between the groups. The humans were caught in the middle simply wanting to free the ones that lived as food . . . even though some wanted as such.


Before the evening "meal" a man came to the door. A tall man, at least 6'1" with shoulder length wavy blonde hair and penetrating green eyes, and skin so pale it looked like milk. This man had business to discuss with the lord of the home. E'fuone escorted him inside to her father's presence, passing Areica along the way. The man stared long and hard at the tattered half-daemon girl for a moment, before going into the meeting room.

An hour or so passed and the man reemerged. Areica and Effy's father called for Effy, who quickly went inside to talk to her father. Not long after, she emerged with a smug smile on her face.

"Pack your things, what little you have . . . It seems you've been bought." Effy said to her younger sister who sat on the floor stoking the fire pit. Areica was watching the strange man walk by as she poked at the flames so she barely heard her sister. When it hit her though . . .

"WHAT?!" Areica exclaimed

"You heard me. Finally we can be rid of you, you disgrace . . . Father sold you to the vampire. Finally I can be without shame." Effy said with a voice as smug as the look on her face

Effy smiled contentedly at the girl, who was nearly in tears. Areica was the product of secondary relationship of their father–with a human no less. Generally, the daemon kind mated only with other daemons, but once E'fuone's mother, a proud daemon priestess, died in victorious battle, her father became rather bored and lonely. He took up with a lowly, worthless, peasant human barely even presentable enough for vampire fodder. Areica was the pathetic product . . . and Effy hated her very existence.

"How . . . could father . . .?"

"You are of little use to us, half breed." Effy said with distaste, "Maybe being fodder for the vampires will give you something to do, eh? Now, get your stuff. Let's not keep your new lord waiting!"

Effy laughed then skipped off to Areica's little cubby hole, grabbing her things. Areica continued to sit on the dirty floor, since she wasn't good enough to touch the furniture, being a half-breed. In the household, she was less than nothing. Areica wasn't even sure how this turn of events even surprised her.

A few moments later, Effy returned with a small sack, tossing it to her younger sister, who was in shock.

"There, that's all of it. Good bye!"

The tall, dark woman stood Areica up and shoved her into the arms of her new master.

As he towered over Areica, Rhoeshard looked down at the pretty little half daemon girl with a toothy grin. Immediately, the girl noticed the sharpened incisors. The sight made her blood boil with anger.

"Don't worry, girl, I know this will be much fun. You'll learn to love me . . . I assure you." He ran a cold finger down her cheek.

Areica's violet eyes glowed at him as she hissed, moving her face away. He smiled into her sweet, pointy, humanish face. She was beautiful, without a doubt with finely defined features–a slightly sharp nose, high cheek bones, and a sweetly oval face. Her coal black hair curled wildly down her back, but also cupped her face in the front. Once he fixed her up, she'd be exquisite.

"Aww . . . sweeting . . . " he grabbed her face roughly, "You have fire, I like that. It's been a long time since I've been warm."

He grabbed her things, then her arm, and dragged her from her family home. Oh, she screamed out in anger, fighting him kicking and screaming, but he was stronger for the most part.

A shame really, for her foolish father. She was definitely worth more than a half bag of coin . . . Of course, he'd be taking triple that out of her in many ways. The thought made him tingle with excitement. How lucky had he been to find this diamond in the rough?

"Let me go!!" she yelled out

Rhoeshard held her tighter. Areica yelped in pain. She thought for sure her skin would bruise. He smirked down at her.

"Now why would I do a thing like that? I get what I pay for..".

"Damnit . . . then bed me and let me go!" she struggled, but he continued to hold on tight.

"My dear, I bought you for more than a sex pet for an evening." "Then what?!"

"Sex pet until I kill you . . . "

She froze. The vampire laughed at her. It was a cold and dark sound. Then he yanked her into his carriage.

"I have more uses for you than sex. I can get that much at a whore house. There will be other plans for you, m'dear."

She shivered at the way the pale man said that. There wasn't much she could offer a vampire, honestly. Most of her skills were domestic, besides the ones she had in the bed. Even then, she only had a rudimentary knowledge at best. Her kind drained energy thanks to sexual intercourse to gain energy since food only gave so much. Her father and Effy never allowed her to partake in the evening meals except what little she could leech off preparing their treat with petting. As for the final touch, the part that gave the most pleasure as well as the most energy hadn't been an option for her. A man had never touched her that way.

Areica noticed the way her master watched the length of her neck. He watched closely with a hunger that made her weep inwardly, though, as a true daemon would, she didn't show that kind of fear.

"I thought daemon didn't taste good to you people." She said quietly, narrowing her eyes

He smiled. It was true. Daemons had a nasty after taste in their blood. At least most. Some could be as sweet as blooded wine. It was just a matter of figuring out whom. Something told him that this delicious little minx would taste fantastic.

"You don't . . . usually. But sometimes, it can be fun."

He licked his lips at her, which forced her back into her seat further as though trying to flee. Rhoeshard laughed cruelly again, then patted the back of the coach, signaling for the driver to take off. The girl squealed quietly as they began to move.

"Well, say goodbye to your old home . . . If you should see it again, it will be on business terms." He said in a whimsical tone.

The girl said nothing about that. Instead, she watched him with growing animalistic eyes. Uh oh, he'd trapped the beauty in his carriage.

"How can you be afraid of me? Our kinds have been allies for generations."

He looked down her body. The dress she wore was obviously a ratty hand- me-down. Most unbecoming of such a precious little halfling. His hands reached down to the hem of the dress, which he pushed upward. Areica tried to move his hands away, but he snarled at her, causing her to stop her resistance.

"That's a good girl. Now . . . let me show you how fun it can be to work for me." He roughly parted her legs, giving one of her smooth, deep brown inner thighs a long stroke. She shivered, but he knew it wasn't from pleasure or lust . . . just of fear. So be it. It would make the experience all the more pleasurable.

One of his sharp nails sliced into her thigh, then the other. Not a large cut . . . just enough for what he intended to do. She yelped in pain. This made him smile.

"Oooh, that's perfect . . . " he cooed as he worked his magic, calling the blood down her body to the new openings in her legs

It felt like all her blood was rushing to the area between her legs. To her surprise, she felt very hot and very wet, even though she desperately didn't want to be. But she had no choice . . . her body was reacting in the way that he wanted.

She arched and moaned while her new master just watched and laughed. There was another quick burst of blood rushing, which made her ball her hand into a fist and slammed it down on her seat. Her heart raced wildly as did her breath. And she was beginning to feel quite dizzy because of it. The last one was all she needed to be sent into pleasurable spasms. Areica cried out and whimpered as she felt the wet walls of her womanhood quiver, longing to be filled inside . . . wanting something to close around and massage.

Her master gently licked the cuts on her now extremely sensitive skin. It was like electricity jolted as his mouth met her flesh. When she jumped, he laughed again.

"Beautiful . . . would you like another?" he asked with a deep, seducing tone.

Areica kept her eyes on his, lust and contempt intermingling. For now, Rhoeshard decided to ignore the contempt. At least for now.

He went back to work, taking one of the cuts into his mouth and sucking. A sharp pain shot through Areica. When she yelped, Rhoeshard closed his eyes and savored the pain in her tone while he took deep whiffs of her musky sent. The entire carriage was filled with it. Oh, the joyful trinket he'd bought this night.

Rhoeshard pushed her undergarments away, exposing the hot heat so very close to his head. It was scrumptious looking . . . The slightly opened folds glistened at him and the sweet little bud of her flower was plump–ready for the taking. He brought one of his fingers to it, giving it gentle touch. Areica arched against him, wanting more. But when he looked up at her, he could tell how much she hated herself for the reaction. This only fueled his desire to continue.

The long, cold finger traced down the slit of her. Quickly his finger coated in her sweet juices, but he knew that it wouldn't be as sweet as the blood in his mouth. Oh, she tasted so good . . . like nothing he'd ever tasted before. He had to reward her for this wonderful treat. And he did, slipping that long finger deep inside.

To his surprise, the deep inner length of her was tight. Ready, potentially willing despite its owner, but tight as though never touched. She yelped again in pain, and that only proved his suspicions.

He pulled his mouth away, grinning up at her with blooded teeth. Trails of her sweet blood stained the sides of his lips and down his chin.

"Can this be so, my pet?" he asked in awe as he continued to move the finger in and out of her with slightly wet sounds, "Has this place never been touched?"

His finger massaged the inner walls of the virginal orifice vigorously. Areica looked as though she might just cry as he did, but he could also feel the trembles of pleasure within her . . . especially as his thumb began massaging her glistening button.

"I will not waste this here, methinks . . . But I will give you this much for now."

He moved his finger up and inserted another one. The fullness inside almost made Areica scream. Rhoeshard found a spot inside of her that forced her legs open as wide as they could possibly go. Again, her inner walls spasmed, but this time she felt her insides sucking on his fingers, drawing them further into her abyss. She ripped into the velvet upholstery of the carriage as a deep, aching moan escaped her mouth.

Rhoeshard stayed with her until she became "peaceful." Her breathing slowed and the delightful contractions around his fingers subsided. When he left her, she cowered back in her seat, bringing her knees up to her chest, looking at him fearfully and angry.

He looked at his little thing . . . all angry and afraid with her post-orgasmic flushed face. It was simply delicious, in Rhoe's opinion.

"Wasn't that swell, pet?" he licked his fingers, getting a hint of her virgin's blood. He closed his eyes and moaned pleasurably. "Just when I thought you couldn't taste any better." She still had a feral look in her eyes, so he just kept talking, "Feel lucky what I've done for you. It's my own personal trick that I've been perfecting. It had been some time since I'd been able to . . . experiment, so to speak."

She sneered at Rhoe, who simply smiled.

"Now, now. No need to be angered. I did that for your pleasure as well as mine. Obviously, if I am willing to give you such pleasures, I mean you no harm."

Rhoe could tell she obviously didn't trust him at the moment. That was fine, for now . . . but someday he'd show her how opposite that was.

"Where ARE my manners . . .?! My name is Rhoeshard. You can call me Master Rhoe. You are now in my service as well as my sire's, Master Khelman."

She sneered at him again.

"Go to the bowels of Hell, 'Master' Rhoe . . . " she said sarcastically

She squeezed her legs to her body even more, protectively. Master Rhoe sat back in his seat, watching her smugly. He shook his head. His brilliant blonde hair shook with him.

"I can see you are going to be such fun, pet. More fun than I ever thought possible."

(to be continued)

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