tagNonHumanBought Ch. 07

Bought Ch. 07


-A Heartless Place-

Darkness dwelled in one place deep in Union. It was a city to itself--of whores and thieves and killers. Only those looking for the cruelest of deeds found their way to Macara Villa.

Macara Villa's residents knew all the ugliness in the city. No, they were the ugliness. It was the only place where everything could be bought with a price, even dignity…even life.


It had been little over a week since Masters Khelman and Rhoeshard released their servants on their hunt. Most likely, it would take weeks more. Fey were hard to come by in Union and the surrounding area. Then, usually, they came heavily protected.

But, to have a lone, fey girl lost in the overpopulated city was a blessing and a curse. To find her meant you had to bribe far too many people. However, to find her meant a great deal of riches thanks to Khelman and Rhoe's business.

It was a dirty business that Areica hated associating herself with. One formed in death and blood. But, as a slave, she knew she didn't have a choice. If she ran, Etonae would kill her.

So, like the good little servant, she hunted using her best weapon: her body.

She rode the man beneath her hard and fast, hoping to have him off finish quickly. Unfortunately, he apparently wanted to show off some prowess. Most likely it had to do with the fact that Etonae sat in the darkened corner of the room.

Areica glanced over at Etonae as she moved roughly. He smirked at her as he took a long pull on his herbed cigarette. She was happy for the spicy scents that filled the room. It didn't completely mask the odors coming from the other man's folds of flesh, but it distracted her enough not to gag.

Hands on her hips turned her attention back to her task. Thick, sausage fingers grounded her body onto the equally as pudgy cock between her legs. He pounded into her, causing Areica to yelp, but not exactly in pleasure.

"Pay attention to me, wench!" he growled out as he forced her body to move on his, "You're MY payment!"

And she was. Joven gave them a few promising leads into finding the Fey girl in exchange for a bit of flesh.

Etonae could have easily extracted the information with his skills. However, he decided that they'd take the opportunity for Areica to hone her skills as a succubus. Of course, Etonae couldn't leave her to the challenge alone. Under the rouse of some sort of sexual fetish, he told the fat man that he wanted to watch. In reality, Etonae came only for protection of his partner and was just as disgusted as Areica.

She closed her eyes while she silently prayed that Joven would finish soon. Her thighs felt itchy from rubbing his dirty, sweaty skin. She dreaded to think about what would become of her most feminine parts after this horrific encounter.

Then she felt it. That trickle of energy shooting between joined bodies. It swelled and grew inside of her, traveling along her nerves. Her body ate at the rushing tingling moving through each part of her.

A feral growl passed her lips as she began taking more control of the movements being made. She looked down at him with a hungry smile, licking her soft lips as though she might take a bite out of his hide.

"Oh, that's it," Joven groaned, "you like it, don't you? Oooh, yessss."

Her eyes narrowed at him with anger. Before he could make another sound, spoiling her this for her, she covered his mouth roughly. He made a protesting sound at first, but once he looked into her eyes, he cowered back into his pillows. No doubt he saw glowing eyes glaring down at him as though he were prey.

A soft cricking sound caught her attention. Areica's blazing violet eyes turned toward the noise as she rode the man below her as though he were nothing. Etonae had leaned toward them, eyes focused on Areica's sweat-coated body with a clinical interest. He took another pull of his cigarette then blew out slowly, making rings of smoke with his lips.

He gave her the slightest of nods. She knew it meant to finish the job. Over the week, Etonae had one rule: finish what you start. Always follow through, he said. And she would.

Focusing her attention on her meal, she sneered down at the now whimpering meat. Areica smiled, but it wasn't a very kind one. Joven whimpered pathetically beneath her though pleasure still soared through his body. He was close. So deliciously close. His seed would burst inside of her and she'd drink it hungrily. Areica tightened her walls on his cock, trapping him deep within her.

Growling, she moved her hips in circles. Tight and fast while her body suckled on the man within her. She could feel his pulse throbbing in the veins of his ridged manhood. Areica reveled in the speed of it, knowing that fear fueled the heart's beat.

Closer he came; the more she fed on him. Energy spread through her more and more. Eager to feel more, she sped her movements. His whimpers continued to sound in his throat as she moved. Soon, his eyes rolled in the back of his head while it tilted back into the sack-like pillows. Two coughing grunts later, a wave of Joven filled Areica, both with seed and sexual energy.

She called out, feeling fullness and pleasure as he spilled. Joven spread from her center to every corner of her body, making her extra sensitive. But, no matter how wonderful it was, she was left hungry for more.

Joven could not provide. He passed out moments after finishing inside of her. The predator inside of her regretted not stealing all of his energy. He was, after all, useless. But that was only the predator.


The stern-but-questioning voice caught her attention. She turned her head, hissing slightly. Etonae stared back.

His face was emotionless, but his eyes blazed with unspoken questions and curiosities. And was that fear that skirted beneath the confusion?

"Come here." He said in a commanding voice.

She moved off the unmoving body and moved closer to Etonae. He stared up at her with a hardness in his eyes. Areica, even in her sex-hazed mind, realized he was trying to control her. The predator in her was too confident to be intimidated. That feral smile graced her lips as she watched him.

He placed an open palm against her leg. Slowly, he moved it upward with a gentle, sensual touch. Areica's smile faded slightly, only to be replaced by confusion. It only increased as his hands moved to her center, brushing the tiny nub between her legs.

Areica sucked in a breath as his finger grazed her womanhood. Her eyes widened, watching him with new interest. His eyes stayed the same, focused and determined. His fingers moved deeper into her until he reached her now slick and sticky opening.

When the first digit slipped into her heat she stopped breathing. As the second joined it, she shivered as her legs lost a little of their balance. Slowly the fingers slid in and out of her while Etonae's thumb brushed her pearl a little more than gently.

Her hips moved on their own, guiding fingers and thumbs to the right place. Soft panting moans sounded from her slightly parted lips. Soon the pants became low growls in her throat.

Pleasure, well-deserved and more than earned, took her over quickly. Those sure fingers found every spot to cause her body to sing. All the while, Etonae watched her with a blank face. This was work and not play for him. Even then, he vaguely enjoyed the sounds his partner made as he touched her.

Areica reached down, grabbing Etonae's arm with both of her hands. She held him tightly while the rest of her body tensed. His fingers continued to tease and stroke her as she kept him where she needed him—where she demanded him to be. Her body tensed as two panting gasps echoed through the room. Moist walled clenched tightly around the probing fingers as that final moment swept through her. Areica threw her head back as her body savored the feel of release. Her fingers bit into Etonae's arms as she gasped and moaned.

Etonae let out a long breath as she came.

"Feeling better?" He asked calmly as his fingers went still inside her, waiting for her to quiet.

When she looked at him, her eyes had lost their ferociousness. She was no longer a predator. The monster within relinquished its hold, at least for now.

Unable to find her voice, she nodded down to Etonae. He watched her a moment longer, then removed his now sleek fingers. Areica stood before him, wavering slightly. Noticing this, he guided her to his lap.

"You could have killed him." Etonae said, breaking a long silence.

"Yes. I felt his life dancing within me…but I don't have the heart to pull it out of him."

Etonae raised his brows. "You should have. He was worthless."

Areica frowned at him. Unable to hide her disgust, she turned her face from him. In this state she had a natural aversion to killing…However, when the creature of sex woke in her, she did not know if she would always be able to control the urge.

That spark of life felt so good within her. Energy danced with hers, spreading, swirling…but she couldn't take it all for herself. That was greedy and it was cruel. No one really deserved to die, did they?

Well, perhaps Master Rhoe. Areica banished the thought as quickly as possible. Killing him would have Master Khelman on her back. No matter what, Master Khelman would have to avenge his fallen disciple.

Etonae's voice pulled her from her thoughts. "Now that you are feeling better, you should get cleaned up."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. Playfully, he tossed it in Areica's face with a smile. Despite herself, she had to smile back. Quickly she picked the cloth from her face as Etonae stood them up.

As she cleaned herself off, Etonae gathered her things. He grimaced when he discovered that Joven had ripped some of her clothing. His power swelled in the room, causing Areica to gasp.

"What was one is now two. Come together once more." Etonae mumbled; the torn clothing mended. He turned to her with a cocky grin "Seems that I've been making you have those sounds all night."

Areica looked back at him, rolling her eyes.

"Oh, yes, definitely, Etonae." She responded sarcastically with a scowl.

His chuckle filled the room, warming her. Unable to keep up her scowling, Areica grinned. She walked over to Etonae and gathered her things.

"Thank you."

She raised a brow at him. "You can be a gentleman when you want to."

He looked thoughtful for a moment. After considering the statement, he began to laugh.

"Only when I want to. And that's not often. Debauchery is much more interesting."

Areica let out a single, barking laugh, then began dressing. Etonae watched almost too carefully as she did.

"Do you think Joven's information will pan out?"

"No, not at all, actually. It wasn't about the information as much as having you learn more about your power."

Areica sighed at that. "Well, now that the lesson is over, what are we to do?"

He smiled at her deviously. "The lesson is not over. You're going to focus and release the energy in the bar downstairs."

She gasped. Was he mad? She had no idea of what would happen to the innocent patrons.

As though reading her mind, Etonae continued. "These people are rather—how you say?—lower class scum. If my calculations are correct, it will only give them a little thrill. Even if not, they deserve it."

She remained silent as she continued to dress. Etonae could be so warm sometimes and that made it hard for her to remember that he had to be a ruthless bastard. She had to learn that as well, or perish. In the world she lived in now, there was no room for kindness. Not anymore.

"Ready to learn what you can do, lady?" Etonae asked

The truthful answer was, of course, no. Areica was far from ready to know the damage she could cause.

She cast a nervous glance at Joven's unconscious body. Fear welled in her chest causing her to force out every breath. It took everything in her to tear her eyes away and focus on Etonae. Not trusting her voice, she simply nodded in agreement with her partner, though she did not feel it…

Etonae gave her an approving look as he crossed his arms. He narrowed his eyes thoughtfully for a few moments before he spoke.

"I think this will be simple," he said then smirked, "if you let it. Close your eyes."

Hesitantly, she nodded. Slowly she closed her eyes, taking a few deep breaths as she did.

"Good. Now imagine everything in you pouring into a light," he tapped her stomach, "right here. Feel all of you well there."

It sounded so simple, but Areica's powers hung in every corner of her body instead of finding a single place. She felt pulled in every direction.

"I cannot." She whispered with a shuddering breath.

"That's because you are not focusing enough." Etonae snapped at her. "Try again."

She struggled. Her efforts doubled, she strained. But, slowly, in her mind's eye, she forced the light into being. The orb hung at the center of her being, growing as she poured more and more in.

"Yes, Areica, that's it. I can feel your light…your magic…" He sounded proud. "Now, hold onto that a little longer. Carry it with you as you move down the stairs. Then let it burst over the crowd."

"Wh-what do I do after?" she questioned nervously

"You'll know what to do, Areica. Follow your instincts."

Worried that looking at her partner would cause her to lose what little nerve she had, Areica left the room without a glance at Etonae. Each step down the hallway was heavier than the last. She focused on the path before her even though men leered at her and women gave her haughty stares. And, as much as she hated to admit it, this was a lesson she had to learn.

Dense smoke filled the stairway to the bar. Brash laughter…the heady scents…All of it hit her like a slap. The orb of light in her mind trembled with the realization she'd have to do this. She had to. She had to know.

As she reached the end of the stairs, a rough hand grabbed her by the arm. Shocked, Areica looked up into the face of a burly man. His beard was wet with ale. His breath smelled of old and new drink. He smiled at her with black and yellow teeth, caked with meat and bread.

"Hello, little one, all done with Joven and his tiny cock? Wanna a real man to give you a real thrill?" he licked his lips as he pulled her close

Areica could feel the swell of his manhood behind his dirty pants. Her energy blazed in her mind. Food. Precious energy. All she had to do was take it.

He wrapped his hands around her waist, forcing her too close to his filthy rags. Quickly, he swooped down, pressing his mouth too firmly against hers. To make it worse, his tongue slipped between her lips deep enough to gag her.

And her energy burst.

It tensed her back, blasting the man first until he knocked back. His energy responded in kind. He tensed far worse than her as her power flowed through every inch of him, giving him pleasure too close to pain.

As he froze in his spot, the energy jumped to the nearest person, filling her with the same agonizing delight. Then it moved to the next. And the next. And the next. Soon, the entire bar was frozen, yelling, moaning, bursting.

Areica felt herself stretched too far. Her spirit moved through so many bodies. She could feel all their delight. She could taste their growing agony. When she could no longer handle the feel of the strangers, the energy snapped back to her body. All of her senses were overwhelmed. Their life forces poured into her at once.

Pleasure. Pleasure as though she'd never known it. Her entire body pulsed with it. . It danced around her, forcing her to shake violently. It closed her throat so she couldn't breathe. The pleasure held onto her tightly, bringing her over and over and over until she teetered on the very edge of sanity.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when the pleasure let her go. Areica came back to herself on the ground, writhing on the floor. Her throat felt raw, but that couldn't stop the low groans in her throat. Unabashedly, her hand moved between her legs. She was so sensitive there that pain surged through her, causing her to call out. For some reason, she found it funny. Giggles bubbled in her chest until they reached her dry lips. No matter how much she tried, she couldn't stop them.

"Ahem…" Etonae's voice caught her attention

She looked over to him, still unable to contain herself. Tears had begun trickling from her eyes, causing her eyes to blur. However, she could make out his smug, arrogant face as he leaned against the nearest wall.

He didn't say anything. He just gestured to the room.

Areica swallowed her laughter enough to look around the room properly. The sight killed her joviality completely.

Every person in the room had collapsed, frozen with a look mixed of pleasure and pain. Her breath caught. Soon, her stomach twirled with sickness.

"I…I…." Her lip trembled as she attempted to speak. "What have I done?"

She didn't have to look at Etonae to see his grin. She heard it in his voice as he answered her.

"You filled them with pleasure, Areica. You filled them with pleasure until their pathetic bodies couldn't handle any more, but not so much that you killed them. I have to say, that's an impressive skill you have there."

She shot him a heated look. How could he be amused at this? What she had done was horribly cruel. No one deserved what she had done. No one. Accept…

Etonae smiled at Areica's recognition.

"Keep this secret, lady. Someday, you'll have to use this magic of yours on those who deserve nothing less."

If she could do this to a room of people, what could she do to a single man? The thought ran through her mind like wildfire. This could free her from Rhoeshard easily. A slow smile spread on her lips. Oh, yes. She would be free.

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