tagErotic CouplingsBoulevard of Broken Dreams

Boulevard of Broken Dreams


[Late 2007 -- The Pacific Northwest]

Harp the bartender walked over to me. "Del, I heard a good one yesterday," he said. "How do you get virgin wool?"

"I don't know, Harp," I said.

Harp replied, "From ugly sheep."

I groaned. "Bad, Harp," I said. "Slow day today. Only one other person here."

"She's a regular," he said. "She looks down to me, man. Gets drunk on screwdrivers every damn night."

"She's not bad-looking," I said. "Don't know what her real hair color is, but peroxide-blonde looks good on her."

"She's gotta be in her late 40's," Harp responded. "I don't know, man. Del, I know you like 'em older, but..."

"How about a refill on the quinine water?" I asked. "Also, why is it $4.75 for it? Just make it an even $5, it'd be easier." I forked over a fin and Harp rolled a quarter at me.

The quarter rolled off the table and started to roll across the floor. I bent down to get it -- the luckiest movement of my life.

From my angle, I could see under the table of the blonde woman. She had a sharp knife blade resting against her wrist, and was clearly about to slash. I shot over to her like a bat out of hell and dived under the table, smashing the knife out of her hand before she could inflict a fatal wound.

I sprang to my feet and in the same motion scooped up the woman in my strong arms. Dragging her outside, I pinned her against a wall and looked her straight in the eye. "What the hell was that?!" I yelled at her, more scared than angry. "You can't kill yourself! You must have something to live for!"

"Who the hell are you?" she gasped. "Anyway, I have no reason to live. I'm a total loser. I have no family, my ex-husband is long gone, and all I do is drink away my sorrows. It's time to end it -- let me go!"

"I'm Del," I replied. "Who are you?"

"People once called me Bambi," sobbed the woman. "That was long ago... when I had a life."

"Bambi," I said, "come home with me. Things can't be that bad."

At my house, I got Bambi calmed down. She told me she was once a policewoman back East, but someone had tried to frame her for a crime, and soon afterwards she divorced her husband. Her life had been in a slowly accelerating downward spiral ever since. She was now a drunken bum, broken down by life.

"How similar to me," I said. "I once had a wife and a son. I loved them more than anything. Bad luck that my wife wanted to live up here -- some scumbag of a dealer turned her on to crystal meth shortly afterwards. She wigged out on a combination of booze and meth one day when I was working and killed herself -- and my son."

The dealer who sold the meth was put away for manslaughter and died in prison, but it hadn't helped. I had never touched alcohol again, but my life for 2 years hadn't been the same. "So," I told Bambi, "we're like two peas in a pod. If I can get by, so can you. Incidentally, I was telling Harp how hot you were right before... you know."

Bambi looked at me with surprise. "You think I'm attractive?"

I pulled her body against mine and kissed her on the lips -- hard. When I broke for air, I replied, "Yep, I do."

"Really?" she asked. "You can't possibly think that. I'm a broken-down drunk who lives in a flophouse. I stopped caring about myself years ago. I use peroxide on my hair to keep it blonde, but that's only out of habit. How can I be attractive?"

I ran my hand down her face in a gentle caress. "You are attractive, Bambi," I said, "and are the best thing that's happened to me since my dreams got left shattered by the meth dealer. The one good thing was that he had $5 million in cash from his illicit activities and I got $2 million of it in a civil suit, so money isn't an issue. I thought that I'd be lonely for the rest of my life, but you may be the cure."

Bambi pulled me into a tight embrace. "Unbelievable," she whispered. "I thought I was sworn off of men for life, but..."

I escorted her to the bedroom. "No more talk," I told her. "Let's not be lonely for tonight anyway."

We quickly disrobed and lay naked on the bed. I moved my lips towards hers and she pulled me against her. Our lips locked and her tongue probed savagely into my mouth. Her arms locked around me as she swirled her tongue all around. I responded in kind, finally breaking the kiss when I ran out of air.

I laid her on her back and kissed her neck, moving downwards with my tongue and caressing her flanks with my hands. Continuing my path, I licked around the top of her breasts. Lifting them upwards, my tongue circled the base before slowly climbing towards her nipples.

I finally reached the top and flickered my tongue rapidly over the tip of her nipple, rolling her other one between my fingers. She began to moan gently. I switched my tongue to her other nipple for similar treatment, then latched on and began to suckle.

She reached down and clamped my head to her breasts. Her moans were increasing in intensity. I switched again and suckled her other nipple hard, reaching my hand down to tease the skin on her belly with my fingertips.

Breaking away, I began to do her legs, starting from the bottom and moving upwards. My fingertips' feathery touch and my tongue action were getting her very hot, as her legs spread apart for me. Her knees were very sensitive. My teasing caused her to gasp with pleasure.

I moved up to her inner thighs, continuing to warm her up. I licked where her legs joined her trunk, slowly making my way up her mound towards her lower lips. By this time she was very heated. "Don't tease me," she gasped. "Finish me off."

I opened up her lower lips and slid my tongue down into her. I quickly located her swollen clit and circled it a few times. This pushed her over the edge. She flooded me with her honey, clamping her legs tightly around my head.

Finally she started to come down. "My turn to warm you up," she giggled. Her hands ran over my chest, followed by her tongue. Biting gently on my nipples made me squirm with pleasure. She thought this was funny, as she continued it for several minutes.

Finally moving away from my chest, she briefly ran her hands up and down my legs. That was followed by her tongue, which made me squirm even more. By the time she finished, my rod was sticking straight up in the air and my balls felt like they had liquid steel in them.

A quick squeeze of my balls by her hand made me even hotter. "Wow," she said. "You're more than ready. " She positioned herself above me and then slowly lowered her hot pussy downward, impaling herself. She moved gently up and down, squeezing with her muscles in an effort to milk my dick.

She pinned me down on the bed with her hands and began to increase the pace. Within a few minutes she was riding me very hard and very fast, thrashing up and down on my swollen organ. "Oh, my!" she squealed. "I'm... gonna... cum!"

She slammed up and down a few more times before her body began to quiver with pleasure. She unleashed a flood of her love-juice as she clamped her legs in place around my hips. The sensation was too much for me and I shot my massive load deep inside of her. She squealed with delight and collapsed on top of me.

A few minutes later, she disentangled her body from mine and lay next to me. "I can't believe how good that felt," she said.

"A reason to live," I grinned at her. "Why don't you move your stuff in here and we can do this every night?"

"Why not?" she smiled. "I've got nothing better to do with my life."

[2 months later]

"What's that book you're reading?" Bambi asked me.

I had just checked it out of the library. I showed her the book. "Just got it today," I said. Bambi leaned in for a closer look and blanched.

"Oh, no," she moaned. "Of all the books..."

"Don't worry," I said. "I already knew. And I don't care... it's all in the past. I care about who you are now... namely, MINE." I pulled her down and kissed her.

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