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When he lifted his head away from her sex, she yelled, "No!" and thrashed around even wilder than before.

He grabbed her hips from underneath and dove in to suck on her clit. She screamed sharply and then settled down to just hunching her hips. Her hips would shake and shiver each time his tongue touched her clit. She was still coming like there was no tomorrow.

Finally, when her hips were down to a quiver, he raised his head and released his grip. Her ass slowly settled back to the edge of the seat and when it did, she relaxed and sighed deeply. Her eyes were shut tightly and she was breathing rapidly with a big smile on her face.


Jackson pulled the limousine to a stop in the alley and shut off the motor. When he turned in the seat, Jake handed him some rolled up bills. Without looking at them, Jackson stuck them in his top pocket and nodded.

"If you can pick us up when I call later this evening, I'll double that," Jake told him.

"I'll take the car home with me so it won't be a problem but it might take me an hour or so," Jackson replied.

"No problem. I'll keep that in mind when I call," Jake said as he turned in the seat and took something out of his briefcase.

Turning to Jessica, he snapped a narrow chrome collar around her neck. To the ring on the front of it he attached a silver leash. "Now, you are ready to make your debut," he whispered softly with a smile.

Jessica shivered and whimpered softly. She was totally nude except for her cuffs, heels, and dark thigh high stockings. Her clothes were in Jake's briefcase. He had made her undress completely after he released her earlier. She had still been groggy and disoriented from her orgasm.

Now, she told him he was crazy if he thought she would get out of the car dressed this way. He reminded her of the cameras and put the one from the car in his briefcase as well. Jessica shivered at the thought of what was on that tape.

She didn't remember all of that last orgasm but she knew she had been totally out of control and ready and willing for anything and everything. Jake had played her body like musician played a delicate instrument. He had rung her out.

He told her not to worry, that she was dressed perfectly for this club and that it was very discreet. It was also a very, very exclusive, members only club so everyone there would be into the same things they were. After that, he helped her clean herself up and allowed her to redo her makeup and hair.

Now she was trembling as he got out of the car and gave the leash a gentle tug. With a quick last look at Jackson, she slid across the seat and slowly exited the car. The air was cold on her naked body and her nipples hardened to the point they hurt.

Jake used a keycard on a plain metal door and then opened it. Warm air wafted out of the dim hallway inside. Jake closed the car door and stepped inside the entrance. Jessica remained where she was. Jake had told her to only move when he tugged on the leash, that the leash was her guide as what to do and when.

She wanted to run inside badly and when the car pulled away, she almost panicked. Here she was naked, standing in an alley in the middle of downtown where anyone passing by could see her. She shivered from more than the cold as heat flashed into her sex.

Jake gave a tug on the leash; she walked the few feet to the door, and stepped inside, her heart pounding with fear and excitement. Jake closed the door, stepped behind her, and clipped the wrist cuffs together. With that done, he headed off down the hall and she followed keeping a little slack in the leash.

They came to a window and Jake knocked. When it opened, Jake passed over her purse and his briefcase. The guy took the items and handed Jake a stub along with a clipboard. Jake handed him a credit card as he signed the sheet of paper on the clipboard.

Extending it out to Jessica he said, "Here, sign this." And then he laughed and added, "Oh yeah, you can't can you. I'll sign for you."

He wrote for a moment and then held it up for her to read. It had his name and the word "member" after it and then it had her name with the word "slut" printed after it.

She gave a loud gasp and started to say something but Jake cut her off. "That is your official title and don't forget it. I am your master and you are my pet," he said softly but with an iron edge to his voice.

"And while I'm at it, remember, you can get spanked anytime and anyplace in here. I am the master and you are the submissive, that's another thing for you to remember. I won't abide an unruly sub."

Jessica was stunned. She had heard these words and basically knew what they meant but they didn't apply to her. She was her own person and nobody's slave. "I'm not your slave!" she hissed at him in a harsh voice.

Jake's hand blurred as he caught the leash up short by her neck. He pulled her toward him until her face was only inches from his. "I said nothing about a slave. You are a submissive. You love taking orders and directions and giving yourself up to me and my pleasure for your own pleasure."

He kissed her lightly on the lips and dropped the loop of the leash. As he turned to sign the credit card form, Jessica's mind flashed back to the first of the day and it ran like wildfire as she reviewed it based on what he just said.

She was startled to find he was right, that she had given all control over to him. Sure, she had tried from time to time to break away, and, yes, he had blackmailed her, but even so.... Her mind shied away from the thought that she had gone along with everything and that she had liked all of it.

In fact, she liked it more than anything that. It explained a lot about herself that she never fully understood. She was aggressive and forceful at work but passive in bed. She had always thought she was weird in that respect. The thought that she was submissive by nature was unsettling though.

A tug on the leash snapped her away from things she didn't really want to admit and she followed Jake through a second door and into the dimly lit club.


It wasn't a big place and it wasn't crowded. There was a small bar in the far right hand corner and a small dance floor on the left wall. Open fronted U-shaped booths with low tables lined the walls and the center of the room was dominated by a raised round platform. The platform slowly turned. There was equipment and such, the likes of which Jessica had never seen in real life.

All of the women were naked except for a woman in leather pants and an open leather jacket. She had on a see-through blouse under the jacket. What had caught Jessica's eye were the two naked young men sitting one on each side of her. Both were beautiful, with sculptured muscles and hard dicks standing up against their bellies.

A tug on Jessica's leash drew her attention back to Jake. He was smiling at her. "I see you've notice our hostess. I'll have to introduce you later; she likes women almost as much as she likes her boy toys. Just be careful, she'd eat you up in a heartbeat. Unless you'd like that, of course."

Jessica shivered at the thought as her eyes returned to the lady in leather. She was quite beautiful and her body was stunning. The leather pants seemed to be spray-painted on, molding and highlight her thighs and calves more than just covering them. The gauzy top under the jacket showcased her large firm breasts.

Jake chuckled as Jessica licked her lips unconsciously and gave the leash a gentle tug as he headed for the center of the room and the raised platform. He took a seat on a wide padded bench and pulled on the leash until Jessica was kneeling on the softly carpeted floor at his knee. He took a moment to unclip her cuffs and then had her sit down to curl her feet up next to her beautiful ass and to drape one arm over his thigh near his knee.

"This is your position when we are together. It is the basic position you will get in unless told otherwise. You may touch my leg only. Do not touch yourself at all. That is, unless I tell you to do so and then you will do exactly as I say and when I say."

Jessica saw that the other couples on the stage were seated the same way. "Are they all masters and subs?" she asked in a shy whisper and then wondered why she was feeling that way.

"Yes, they are. Even out host and her two boy toys. You may look around discreetly but no staring, it's even ruder here than it normally is, especially for a sub. A master or mistress on the other hand is free to look as he or she may. Although staring at another master can be dangerous unless he or she are showing off they're prized possession or invite it."

A naked waitress in a French maid's cap arrived to take their drink order. She was short and cute, a cascade of long, blonde hair only allowed brief glimpses of her pert breasts. Her sex was only inches away from Jessica's eyes. Jessica could see the dusting of fine, blonde hair covering it. She licked her lips again and never realized it.

Jake gave the waitress the order and as she left, he whispered to Jessica, "If you keep looking at women, and licking your lips, someone is gong to take you up on your offer."

Jessica's eyes had been on the blonde's ass as she walked away. Her head snapped around to Jake and she protested, "I've never.... I couldn't.... I wouldn't.... I...." The grin on Jake's face made her drop her eyes. She was protesting too much, she realized.

"You'd be surprised what you could and would do under certain circumstances. As for never, I believe that, but you've thought about it, haven't you?"

Jessica nodded slowly and then whispered, "I did once in college but was scared to death by it. Being branded a lesbian wouldn't have been fun and anyway, I was drunk and horny as hell. So was she for that matter. I don't know if she even remembered it later when she sobered up."

"She remembered, believe me, especially if she started it. She probably wasn't as drunk as she seemed to be. You were a freshman, if I don't miss my guess and if you were, you were had in more ways than one."

"I was a freshman alright and you're probably right about being used. I got approached by at least a dozen other girls over the next few weeks. I turned down all of them of course but...." Jessica paused for a second and then added, "There were a couple that I later regretted turning down. I even still fantasize about one of them."

Jake's hand caressed her hair and then rubbed her neck. "If you ever see anyone who reminds you of her, point her out, and I'll see what I can arrange with her master," he said to gauge her reaction.

Jessica wondered if she could or would if presented with the situation. Jake's hand moved off her shoulder and down across her upper chest to cup and gently squeeze her left breast. She bit her lip and looked around to see if anyone was watching.

A sub across the room quickly turned her head and whispered to her master. Jessica moaned when he glanced her way and watched Jake caressing her breast. Her shoulders went back as she pressed the breast forward. She felt a surge in her pussy as she covertly watched the couple looking at her.

"Is your pussy getting wet?" Jake asked her softly.

Jessica tilted her head back a little and then nodded. "I like being watched. Jackson's eyes were driving me crazy in the car. Now these strangers are watching and it excites me in a strange way."

"You are an exhibitionist in that case. I had always thought you might be from the way you dressed all slick and tailored but always completely covered. They are usually the ones that want to show it all off but are afraid to. They fear rejection or ridicule more than public outrage. They know if they ever start then they will be hooked on the thrill."

Jessica was thinking about what he said when he pinched and rolled her nipple. She moaned deeply and leaned her head back father to rest on the seat. Jake now had access to her whole chest and fondled both her breasts randomly, pausing every so often to pinch a hard, sensitive nipple. She moaned each time he did.

By the time Jake's hand left her breasts, she was breathing raggedly. She had been watching the couple across the way and then the waitress had shown back up with the drinks. Once again her blond muff was only a little ways away. On impulse, Jessica lifted her head and took a quick lick up one of the puffy outer lips.

The blonde grinned down at her. "Oh, yeah, my favorite type of tip."

"She can do better than that," Jake said looking at Jessica with a frown. "I didn't giver permission to do that but she's still in training so put your foot up on the seat and give her a chance to do it right. You'll be her second pussy ever."

"Neat," the waitress replied as she did as she was told. Her pussy slowly settled toward Jessica's face.

Jessica whimpered softly but she wasn't sure if it was fear or passion. Jake and the waitress were both smiling at her encouragingly. She could see the couple across the way looking in her direction. Licking a pussy while being drunk when she was young and in college was one thing but now and in public to boot, was something else completely.

The word "public" hung in her brain and became "pub lick." Jessica started to giggle but the waitress's pussy touched her lips. The giggle came out as a loud groan and she buried her tongue in the sweet, wet opening to the waitress's sex. Memories of a similar flavor shot across her mind and she groaned again.

The waitress made a soft sound of pleasure and rocked her hips. "She sure isn't shy, is she?" the waitress said to Jake.

"It doesn't look that way," was his reply.

After a moment or two the waitress straightened and stepped back. With a shiver, she whispered, "Oh yes, baby girl, a little of that tongue of yours goes a long way. Anymore and I'd be coming my brains out." She paused and blew out a soft breath. "And the management frowns on that."

Jessica had her eyes closed and she was licking her lips provocatively as if she were trying to get the last little taste off them. With a deep sigh, she whispered a few seconds later, "Maybe you could come back on your lunch break or something."

The waitress looked at Jake and replied, "That would be up to your master but I'd love to if it's alright with him."

Jake grinned. "If the service is good enough, then you should be tipped, or is that licked, well."

"Talk about your job incentives," the waitress said with a wink as she turned to leave.

Jessica sighed and watched her walk away, her eyes glued to the cute little butt just above eyelevel. She licked her lips and looked up at Jake. "Why did I do that?" she asked softly. "I'm not complaining you understand, I'm as wet as hell and equally as horny, but I can't believe I did that on impulse."

"Some part of your brain realizes just how free you are now and your body reacted. You must have enjoyed that time with another girl more than you knew. Maybe it was just a horny reaction to a pretty pussy in your face. You are the only one who can say for sure. Avenues are opening to you you've never fully explored or even allowed yourself to think about."

With a giggle Jessica said, "You've got that last part right. Since that kiss in my office, this day has been like no other in my life. I've had more and stronger orgasms than I ever had before and I haven't even been fucked."

"Fucking is over-rated in some ways. The mind is the largest sex organ by far. Once it's freed then the sky is the limit. Consider this the ultimate foreplay and then think about what it will be like when you truly are fucked. Remember what I told you about removing that butt plug. I might just do it right here in front of everyone."

Jessica's eyes got big at that last part. Jake laughed gently and stroked her hair. "That'll be later and by then you'll be more than ready, believe me. You'll most likely be begging for me to fuck your ass."

Wanting to protest, Jessica opened her mouth and then quickly closed it. Yesterday she would have told him he was crazy but after today she didn't dare. Today she was sure he would do something to her to make her do just that even though she had no idea what "that" could be.

She shivered at the thought of everyone here watching her getting fucked in the ass. She squeezed her thighs together but the way she was sitting she had no leverage and it was not satisfying at all. Her free hand had been on her ankle but now it moved across her thigh and started between her legs.

She jerked her hand away and put it back on her ankle as she remembered what Jake had said about not touching herself unless told to do so. She rocked her hips from side to side and whimpered softly. She was suddenly twice as horny as she had been a few minutes before.

"You were almost a bad girl," she heard Jake say softly. "But you caught yourself just in time, otherwise I'd be spanking you right now."

Jessica squirmed at the thought of being draped over Jake's knees, her sex, and that red heart exposed to all the eyes in the place. She would go off like a rocket the first time his hand touched her ass and the spanking would just drive her higher, she realized. Her hand started to move again and she had to force it back to her ankle.

"A spanking is sounding better all the time, isn't it? Just like getting fucked in the ass is also. You thought about touching yourself so I would spank you," he whispered.

Jessica moaned softly and nodded, he was in her head in a big way she realized and shivered heavily. She shifted her hips and felt her pussy lips rub together slickly. There was an itchy, antsy feeling deep inside her pelvis that she had never felt before. She rocked her hips and that only made it worse.

"The brain is a strong stimulant in small doses and you're getting more than a small dose today. Right now you're getting it with no physical contact to connect it with, so it's pooling up and building, waiting for a trigger," Jake whispered and then he caressed her hair and the back of her shoulders.

"Just relax and let it build, the release will be spectacular. Remember when I ate your sweet little pussy in the car and how that orgasm felt." Jake paused for effect and then went on. "Then double it and it might be close."

Jessica shivered and whimpered softly. "That would kill me."

"No, I don't think so. You'll live through it and a lot more just like it in the future. You've held it in for so long and so hard that you're like a spring under tension. My job as your master is to release that tension in the most pleasurable of ways. I've watched you over the last year, and especially all day today, so I've learned more than you realize. I'll use that and my past experience to our best advantage."

"I.... We.... Uh...." Jessica stammered as she searched for what she wanted to say. Finally it came out as a question. "What about after tonight, what does the future hold? You talk as if there is a long one in front of us as a couple."

"That decision will be up to you. Tomorrow at work you will be my boss as usual. By the time you leave work is when you'll need to figure out what you want. You will either go home alone or with me. If you go home alone, then it's over for good. If you go home with me, you'll take your clothes off at the door and never wear any again in our house unless we have company."

"What about love?" Jessica asked in a whisper that was almost inaudible.

"I do love you and I have since we first met. Being around you has shown me who and what you are. How good a woman you are. You've filled my mind so much that it's been hard to even be around you without telling you."

Jessica took a shuddery breath and shivered long and hard, causing goose bumps. She couldn't believe her ears. Then she swallowed hard. What would she say if he asked her the same question? She didn't have an answer right at the moment but she figured she would before tomorrow afternoon.

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