tagBDSMBound and Confused

Bound and Confused


It is not until you hear the click of the handcuff on your wrist that you stop to really think about what you are doing, but by then it is too late. You are totally naked, your legs spread wide apart and tied to the bed frame and your hands are both cuffed above your head to the headboard. You are blindfolded and can't see anything at all and for good measure there is a pillow under your bottom so your hips are projected upward leaving your freshly shaved pussy exposed and ready to be taken.

The ropes on your ankles are tight and you know they won't come loose and the blindfold is held in place very securely and you know you can't remove it without help. The key to the handcuffs is on the dresser next to your bed but it may as well be a million miles away for all the chance you have of reaching it and getting yourself out of this predicament. You are totally exposed and vulnerable and the strangest thing to you right now is that you have done this to yourself.

You tied the ropes first and then managed to click the handcuffs shut on your wrists. You opened the windows and shades in your room before tying yourself up and you left your front door unlocked. You did it all because He told you to do it.

You so want to please him this time because you still remember the look of disappointment in his eyes from the last time he visited. He told you to be naked and wet and waiting for him at the door but at the last second you got a little scared or shy and put on a robe before opening the door to him. You want to submit totally to him but sometimes your mind just rebels. you don't know why. But the look on his face as he stepped into the house silently was enough to make you regret your decision instantly.

He took you by the hair and walked you quickly to the kitchen and told you to pick out a wooden spoon. You selected a thick and long one, hoping it would please him. Unsmiling, he took it and ordered you naked which you quickly complied with your eyes cast down. He sat on one of your kitchen chairs and quickly bent you over his lap. You grabbed the chair legs as the spankings began. Pleasurable at first but then starting to sting and ending with you squirming to avoid the blows. The tears were running down your face at the end but you knew your pussy was really wet and had probably dripped onto his lap with your excitement.

You knew if his hand would just rub your pussy a little you could climax but you knew that probably wouldn't happen now this time. Still your excitement was almost too much to contain when he finished the spankings and let his hand softly caress your ass and told you how pretty you looked and how he wished you had obeyed him. Your hips moved forward of their own accord trying to rub yourself on his legs, wanting some contact but he stood up and put you quickly on your knees in front of him. Taking his hardening cock out he thrust it into your mouth and holding the back of your head he fucked your mouth and throat hard, over and over until finally he came, leaving a large load all over your face. He quickly zipped up and walked out the door without a word to you.

Days passed and you were despondent, thinking that maybe you displeased him so much that he wouldn't come back. You couldn't bear the thought of not worshipping his hard long cock again with your mouth. Of never again having his cock slamming into your cunt or your ass with his hands entwined in your hair pulling you back onto his stiff pole. Of never having him hold you afterwards and stroke your soft skin with his strong hands.

When you were frantic with worry he finally sent you an email. It simply contained the instructions that put you in the current situation. The rope was easy to find but you had to search to find the handcuffs and a good blindfold, finally venturing into a sex shop downtown to find them. You hoped you had done everything right. He had said to be ready like this by noon so by quarter to twelve you were blindfolded and restrained to your bed with your pussy thrust upward for him. He never said what time he would come by or what he was planning to do to you but you were so ready for his touch and his cock you would have done anything.

But now you have time to think. With your eyes blinded your other senses become heightened. You can feel the sun shining through the open window on your skin. Every once in awhile a breeze caresses your skin and causes your nipples to stiffen. You hear sounds from outside. Although nobody usually comes near your window you now think of how visible you would be to someone walking by. They would see you in this situation and your predicament would be immediately obvious to them....and with the front door left unlocked who knows what could happen.

You hear cars drive by and dogs barking, birds chirping in the trees, people walking by and talking on the street and neighbors voices in their yards. A lawn mower roars a few houses away and you smell the scent of fresh cut grass on the breeze. The excitement of your situation and the thought of his arrival and what he will do to you begins to fade as time drags on. You have no idea how long you've been here but you know it is long enough for your arms and legs to begin to ache and the wetness and tingling in your pussy begin to fade.

But now you think, "what if his punishment for last time is to just get me to tie myself up like this and leave me". What if he is never coming by? Would he be that mean? You think maybe he could be if he was pushed. Your mind runs through the possibility. How would you get out? You tied the ropes really well around your ankles and there is no way you can reach the key for the cuffs. You think you might be able to work the blindfold off if you really, really try but what would that get you? If you screamed loud enough and long enough someone would probably come but there is no way you want your neighbors to find you like this. Nobody knows this side of you and you want it to stay that way.

Your mom is coming by tomorrow but you REALLY don't want her finding you like this. You run through your appointments and suddenly remember the man you called about checking your air conditioning system before summer really gets going. That was tomorrow wasn't it? Oh god that wasn't today was it? You're pretty sure it is tomorrow but now you're not sure. He is bonded and you arranged for him to just come into the house if you're not home so that could be bad if you got the day wrong. You're just so bad with dates sometimes, and the way he looked at you last time...

You force yourself to relax. He will be here. He always comes by when he tells you he will. You love him for that. He is just so straight-laced, professional, punctual, trustworthy, intelligent, and all the things you want to be in your 'real' life. But it is his other side that thrills you. You don't think he would want to give you up either. He loves to dominate you. You can see it in his eyes. You want to do anything for him. It just feels so good to be used by him.

The thought of him pinning your arms behind your back at the wrist with his large, strong hand and fucking your begging cunt while slapping your ass until it is red with the other hand has you aroused now. You can feel your pussy is wet now and when a soft breeze makes your nipples harden again you feel the jolt run all the way to your clit. You can tell you are just soaked down below now and you get even wetter thinking how easily he could just slide his long cock into you right now. You buttocks clench as you fuck the air thinking of him. You are sometimes amazed at just how much you lose control thinking of his cock.

You are busy thinking your sexy thoughts, thrusting your hips, wishing you could put your hand between your legs, even though he told you not to touch yourself without permission, when the doorbell rings. Would he ring the bell? He hasn't since the first time he visited. And he knows the door is open. Why would he ring the bell? It rings again and you feel yourself shrink inside. He wouldn't do that. A loud knock on the door now and you frantically pull on your bindings. It's no use. Another knock and you hold still begging whoever it is to go away silently in your mind.

Nothing for a while but the sound of your heart beating crazily in your ears. Wait, is that the sound of the doorknob turning? Maybe, probably, you just don't know. It sounds like the door is opening but maybe not. It was done quietly if it was done. you realize the door to your bedroom is wide open and the door to the basement and the air conditioner controls are right outside the room. If it is the air-conditioning guy there is no way he isn't going to see you like this. Were those footsteps? That was definitely a creak of a floorboard! There must be someone here! Do you call out to him or just stay quiet and hope for the best. You choose to stay silent for now.

You think you sense the presence of someone in the room with you. You imagine him silently standing in the doorway. His eyes taking in the scene before him. Your breasts pushed upwards and out by virtue of your forced arm position. Your hipbones prominent because of the pillow under your ass pushing your hips upward. Your pussy completely exposed, gaping open somewhat due to how far your legs are forced apart. You can almost feel his eyes between your legs examining the delicate petals of your flower, swollen and dewy with your desire. You know that your excitement is visible to him and getting more so with each minute that he waits. You just want to be filled now. You even surprise yourself a little when you huskily whisper, "Touch me, please just touch me." But with the words from your lips the spell seems broken. You begin to believe you have spoken to an empty room and you whimper in frustration.

Is he ever going to come to you? Is he standing there right now with a smile on his face? Is someone else watching you? You start to really regret putting yourself into this situation when you feel a wetness on your left nipple but then it is gone. Did someone just lick your nipple? Are you hallucinating with desire? But it must be true because your nipple is cold in the slight breeze now and almost painfully hard.

You've almost given it up as a dream when you feel a longer lick on the other nipple and then a quick pinch. "Is that you? Please talk to me." You say, but get no reply in return. You strain to hear something, anything but hear nothing other than the ambient sounds of the neighborhood. After what seems like another eternity suddenly your nipple is sucked between warm, wet lips and the other is pinched hard. you groan with desire and thrust your chest forward, craving more contact. The sucking and pinching continue and it feels so good but you want, need more. You squirm from side to side hoping to get more of your body touched but the contact ceases instead and you are left to beg him to touch you more.

You whimper softly, "touch me, please, do whatever you want just touch me more, fuck me, give me your cock". Gradually though your breathing comes back down to normal and you start to feel more frustration than desire and even a little anger. How can he be this patient? You know you must be looking really good like this. How come he can control himself but all you want is to be fucked? You think you've always been like this and curse your body for betraying you. Just a little touch or even the right kind of glance and you just want a big cock sliding into your wet pussy. You mind races with these thoughts as you wait and wait.

But then, ohhhhh, a finger slides slowly downward from your stomach over your shaved mons and between the swollen lips of your pussy. As it brushes against your clit you moan loudly and your body vibrates with need. You are soaked and sensitive and you know you could come so easily right now if the finger will just linger. But as quickly as it touches you, the contact ceases and you are left valiantly trying to fuck the air, your hips pushing forward and your buttocks clenching. You hear a low chuckle and freeze.

You've never heard him laugh like that before. Your confusion mounts as your mental image keeps switching from him to the repairman and back again. A whimper of frustration escapes your lips. You just want to be touched and licked and fucked right now. Your body needs it but your mind rebels at the thought of giving yourself up completely to just anyone. You swear you can sense him waiting for you, just waiting for a sign. Your pulsing pussy wins and you say, "Touch me, oh please just touch me, rub my pussy, make me come, fuck me, use me." You are surprised at the tears of frustration and desire leaking from your eyes but you have never wanted to be fucked so badly and have never felt so confused by your desires.

The finger comes back. Right on your clit, pressing down hard and rubbing bringing your desire to a peak. Another finger slowly slides inside of you and a low moan escapes from you, a sound you've never made before coming from the depths of your desire. The tension in your pussy mounts as you get closer and closer. It's coming soon, you can feel it rising up inside of you. Your breathing starts to come in short gasps now interspersed with grunts. Oh, this orgasm is going to be so good. You are going to go completely crazy and lose control.

But just as you start to clench your ass cheeks and raise yourself up the contact is broken and the finger that has been fucking you withdrawn from your wet cunt. "Nooooo", you moan loudly, "Don't stop now just a little more, I want to cum, please let me cum." But your begging has no effect.

Suddenly, while raising your hips off the pillow to involuntarily fuck the air you feel the finger touch your clit again, but it is gone when you let yourself back down. You raise your hips again and the finger is still there and then gone when you let yourself down. You see his game now. If you are going to get off you are going to have to work for it. You arch your back and push your hips up holding yourself up as long as you can rubbing your wet cunt against the stationary finger for as long as you can before having to let yourself down. It feels so good you keep doing it even though it seems like you have to reach a little higher each time.

Even though you know you should feel humiliated having your base desires exposed so wantonly, you don't care right now. All your being is concentrated in that one little spot between your legs as you get closer and closer with each thrust of your hips. Your entire being becomes a funnel of sensations. You feel the wetness of your pussy against the hardness of the finger, the warmth of the skin on yours, you smell your juices and your mild sweat, you smell perfume and hear soft giggles. Your mind is exploding with sensations and it seems like there are lights dancing in front of your blinded eyes as you fuck the finger frantically.

Closer and closer you get, your breath coming in shorts gasps. The waves are coming, you feel them coming closer and closer until finally they wash over you and your body goes crazy. Your hips are bucking and your body twisting as you feel your pussy clenching and unclenching, the moans of your powerful orgasm drowning all else out. It seems to go on and on, your muscles clenched and then relaxed until finally the feeling starts to ebb enough for you to have coherent thoughts once again.

"What the fuck!!!", you think finally, "Perfume?? Giggling??" It's gone now but you swear you didn't imagine it. What the hell is going on? You instinctively try to cover yourself up but quickly realize your exposure is total and unchangeable. Did he bring a woman with him? Was that even him? Oh my god, was that a woman's finger you were fucking? You've never been with a woman but you know he has talked about it before.

Your mind pictures a woman touching you with him watching and smiling. Or maybe not him at all. Or maybe a whole crowd of people silently watching your humiliating gyrations trying to get yourself off. You speak to the room trying to get him to answer and tell you what is going on but, as expected by now, you get no answer. The time seems to stretch out again and you wonder if he (she? they?) left. Your arms and legs ache now and you wonder just how long you've been here like this and how long you will be left in this exposed, vulnerable position...

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WOW! This story REALLY got to me! I envy her!

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