tagBDSMBound and Pegged

Bound and Pegged


My jaw and gums begin to ache from the thick ballgag filling my mouth. Every little movement I make is transferred to all different parts of my body; naked, bound tightly with coarse rope. Wrists lashed behind the small of my back, tied to my waist, the ropes running down to my crotch, binding my veined, straining penis and balls. I am standing feet together, slightly crouched, as my package is pulled back between my legs, and fastened there by my knees and ankles being bound together, dick fully erect but pointed at the floor, balls below my exposed asshole.

The pain swells like a tide of blood, my ears roar, veins throb. The room is cold, and her heels clip-clipping along the hard floor are like pinpricks to my ears. She approaches from behind, runs a gloved hand over my left buttock, and faces me. I daren't look her in the eye, even as she firmly takes my jaw to plant the most delicious tender kiss on my lower lip. Black leather catsuit-clad, blonde hair flowing, this shining goddess reaches behind my head to unfasten the ballgag, allowing me to wet my upper lip and flex my jaw, spit drooling down my chin.

She leans in to lick the wetness from my face; her perfume poses a deadly challenge to my already limited ability to keep balanced in this position. She collects my spit in her hand, reaches down to her crotch, and slathers the sticky saliva over her thick, black rubber strap-on. Her hands on my shoulders, she guides me down onto my knees, pulsating dick and balls given a small relief with the change in position. I am level with this huge dripping prick, when she takes the back of my head, and pulls me in.

I take the round head of the cock in my sore mouth, wrapping my lips around it, and running my tongue beneath it, willing to generate as much spit as I can. She begins to slowly pump her lips, fucking me in the mouth, back and forth to a depth of about four inches. For a few minutes this goes on, and I have to stop and gasp for breath a couple of times, while my whole lower face becomes wet and sticky with spit, and I try to coat and lube her dick as well as I can, as I could guess where it was destined to go. Before long, she thrusts hard and deep, forcing all seven inches of rubber cock into my throat, and I retch loudly. Again, spit and phlegm pour down my chin and chest, I suck it up again and spit it out along the length of the strap-on.

My knees cry out in pain, grinding on the cold hard floor. Again, and I manage to hold the length in, head brushing the back of my throat, before I gag again, stringy strands of saliva swinging between the tip and my lips. Satisfied, my goddess bends down to plant her luscious lips on mine, kissing, sucking, collecting moisture. Moving around behind me, she retrieves the ballgag and forced my jaws painfully open once again, and I'm sure she fastens it tighter than before. A hand at the back of my head pushes me forward, forehead touching the floor, bare ass in the air.

I shiver violently as my tight hole is caresses by a dripping wet tongue. Around in circles, feeling every little crinkle of flesh, pushing violently against my hole, before moving down to the tip of my cock to run a wet tongue-tip up the shaft and over my balls, up to my anus again; it is almost intolerable, and I moan loudly, knees creaking on the floor. An eternity passes in the space of just a minute, when a hand is placed on my hip, and I feel a much larger, more blunt, object swirling around my asshole. The pressure increases, my muscles slowly and painfully concede, before the wet head plops into my butt.

I'm not quite prepared for the sheer size of it, and I gasp through the ballgag. Slowly and steadily, she pumps the dick in my ass, while a hand gently tickles the underside of my shaft. My breathing deepens, as I move gently back and forth to her rhythm. Deeper, deeper she fucks me, and I am overwhelmed by a strange feeling of completeness, of fullness, as eventually the whole length disappears inside me. The moulded veins ripple over my anal muscle, massaging my prostate. My head swims. A firm, controlling, gloved hand wraps its fingers around my throbbing cock, and gently pumps it up and down, just an inch of movement, as the thick dildo thrusts quicker and quicker, along its entire length, head to balls.

Translucent black and white squares flash in my vision, the roar in my ears reaches a zenith, and I cry loudly, muffled by the ball, strong hand gripping the head of my penis, throbbing violently, pumping wads of hot cum into her collecting palm, dildo buried fully in my ass. I struggle not to pass out, as it takes a full minute for me to empty and my breathing to subside. I moan as the length of her dick withdraws with a 'shloop', my anus hot and wet. Another minute. I am barely aware of her removing the gag, collecting my cum in her own mouth. I deign to look into her gorgeous green eyes, lovingly they gaze back. She practically has a halo; although my vision is slightly blurred from the dizziness anyway. She leans in to kiss. My tongue extends, and she fills my mouth with my own sticky cum. It's sour, and I don't like it, but obediently I take it all, and gratefully swallow.

My eyes open again. Her expression has changed. Her hand is drawn back...then white. All white, then flashing black stripes, and ringing! Deafening ringing! But I could just make out a distant, echoing voice...


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