tagNonHumanBound by Pride Ch. 08

Bound by Pride Ch. 08


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.


New chapter, yay, the next one might not be as fast coming, as the last chapter of Bound by Pride it is a long one but the next story, Guarded Hearts, is just waiting to be edited so there shouldn't be too much of a delay.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, remember all feedback is welcome. Thaks goes to all the people who have sent feedback or messages and if I haven't gotten back to you I am sorry. Also big thanks goes out to my editor... again she has been neglecting her sleep to get this chapter out.

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Ghan watched Keira closely, he was trying to learn her habits, and how she thought so that when they got out into the real world he would be able to anticipate her actions. Keira glanced up from her book and glared as she didn't really like to be stared at. "I don't like to be stared at." She told him her temper flaring.

"I'm just trying to learn your habits, to be a good body guard." He explained although he had just learnt something vital, she had a temper and that could be both a good and bad thing in any situation.

She frowned, that seemed reasonable, "Well shouldn't you start with my scent first?" She asked.

He nodded, "I should but I didn't want to be too forward." He explained.

She shrugged and tilted her head aside to give him an unhampered view of her neck and throat. Everyone in the house knew her scent and had made a point to get to know her scent since she was a 'cub' and her protection was a priority with everyone who lived here. Cub was a term she hated; she was a teenager not a cub. He got up and walked over; putting his hands on the arm rests and leant in. He took a deep breath and froze as his blood heated and his wolf rushed forward, his eyes flashing to molten bronze. He pushed himself back and backed away from her quickly.

He shook his head and fled the room, Keira sniffed at her shirt but all she could smell was the peaches and cream scent of the body wash she used. She shrugged and lifted her book to go back to reading, Were were strange creatures at the best of times but she had learned long ago to stop analysing their actions. She just accepted that everyone around her was nuts.

Ghan raced into Amy's office and took a deep breath. "Amy we have a problem." He told her seriously.

She glanced up from her computer and sighed. "Okay what's the problem?"

He took a deep breath, "Keira is my mate..."

She took a deep calm breath as she thought. "Not for another seven years she isn't and you know that because you wrote the laws."

He watched her surprised for several moments. "You still want me to guard her even knowing that she will be my mate when she comes of age?" He demanded to know.

She gave him a knowing look. "Who better to protect her than the one who ultimately has the most to lose?"

He frowned, he hadn't thought of it that way.

She stood and approached him, "You have seven years to get to know her, some mates would kill for this, to know their mate fully before taking them."

He nodded, "I understand."

"Do you think you can do this?" She asked.

His brow furrowed as he thought about it carefully. His eyes turned to Amy, "I have no choice. Wolfgang is the only Alpha who would grant me a permanent home in his pack, who is powerful enough not to be threatened by me. I don't want to be alone any more."

She nodded, "The moment you don't think you can handle this tell me, it will not reflect badly on you, in fact it would be the opposite. I cannot keep this from Wolfgang but I know he will not hold this knowledge against your case to join our pack."

"Do I tell her?"

"I wouldn't, she's not ready for it." She told him.

"How will I explain running away like that?"

"Tell her I summoned you to give you the floor plans of her school." She made them appear in her hands and offered them to him. "Study them."

He bowed and left, he returned to the study where Keira was. "Sorry about running out on you, Amy summoned me and I want to give a good impression."

"Why?" She asked, not fooled but willing to play along, something had spooked him and it wasn't Amy.

He sighed and sat in the chair across from her. "I am not a true member of this pack, I am on trial. If I can get through that trial without mishap I will become a member."

She watched him for a moment. "Because you were an Alpha."

He wasn't surprised that she knew he had been an Alpha, she would have read Were and Other history volume One and Two at the request of her foster parents and more than likely she would have read something on pack and pride law. He nodded to her statement.

"And I am your trial." She concluded.

He nodded. "But think of it this way, I have more reason to keep you safe than anyone else."

She did have to concede that she wouldn't be able to fault his dedication when his place in the pack rested on it. She crossed her legs and turned her full attention to him. "So... what did Amy want."

He grinned, "Plans of your school." He rolled them out to start to study them.

She rolled her eyes, "I'm going to be the only person at school with a hired goon following them around."

He chuckled for a moment then went serious, "At least you will no longer be the target of the school bullies."

She frowned wondering how he had known that. Her school life had not been easy, a human adopted into a Were family she was the constant butt of teasing and physical abuse, all of which she had taken without uttering a word. She did not see the point in rising to their taunts, she ignored them, but it made her life at school lonely as there were no Were in her year; who would have accepted her without question. Sienna had done her best to take away her hurt, saying that children could be cruel but she couldn't do anything about the fact that she had no friends at school.

"How did you know?" She asked quietly.

"Sienna told me... I asked about your school friends, people who I would have to know about in order to protect you. She then explained everything." He rolled the map up and stood. "Come on." He took the book and marked the page. She got up and followed him, they passed his room where he dumped the map and took her to her room. "Change into loose clothing that won't inhibit your movements."

She frowned but went and changed into the clothes she usually wore when she went to gym class. She walked out of her room and to where he was waiting and held her hands out asking if this was okay. She noticed that he had ducked into his room and had changed while she had.

He paced around her and nodded, "it'll do. Let's go."

She followed him, "What are we doing."

"It's about time you started to learn to defend yourself," he told her as he walked her into the gym at the back of the manor.

"And what... you're going to teach me?"

He smiled, "Of course. The best kind of protection is self protection, and I am a master."


The day after they found out Darrel was on the run, Electra decided to steal Mayhem out of the house and away from Jesse's constant hovering. It wasn't hard to evade Jesse after she told them they were heading off for a snack, and he'd chosen not to follow them.

She pulled Mayhem into a side room and out through an invisible side door. Mayhem sighed after she took a deep breath, she needed this more than she knew than she'd realised.

"Better?" Electra asked as she took her hand and they walked off around the grounds.

"Yes, I never knew Jesse could be like that."

"He's just concerned about you that's all. He wants to keep you safe."

"I am safe." She growled gently.

Electra smiled, "Come on, let's go for a short run." Electra started to strip and Mayhem quickly followed.

Electra shifted and waited for Mayhem to join her. Electra was much more comfortable shifting, but Mayhem was quickly gaining her confidence. Mayhem stayed back from Electra, afraid to approach her, after the last time their beasts had met she was afraid of a repeat.

Electra approached her ears up her tail erect and wagging. Mayhem held still and let Electra smell her pressing her chest to Mayhem's and laying her head across Mayhem's shoulders next to her neck. A sign of trust as this position bared each other's throats, put them in what would have been a compromising position if they were not immortal, and chose to tear the other's throat out.

Mayhem rubbed her face against Electra's neck, Electra nipped at her shoulder and pulled away. Electra trotted off and Mayhem followed her. They came to a clearing not far from the house. Mayhem pounced and tackled Electra to the ground. She started to groom Electra, licking her neck, face and chest in long slow sweeps.

Electra managed to extricate herself from the pleasurable experience of having Mayhem's tongue stroking her fur and her warm breath against her skin. It took all her will power but they had come out to fool around in a completely different way, although her beast was all for the other type of fooling around. She bolted to keep from Mayhem knocking her down and taking up where she left off. Mayhem was after her quickly and trying to knock Electra's hind legs out from under her.

Mayhem was relentless in her goal, to have Electra beneath her and her tongue. After a good ten minute chase through the forest near their home she succeeded and managed to swat Electra's left hind leg out from under her, making her loose her footing and tumble to the ground. Mayhem skid to a halt over her as Electra rolled onto her back and shifted back into human form panting, a light sheen of sweat on her skin.

Mayhem shifted as well above her and settled her body on Electra's, feeling a shiver of pleasure race up her spine as she felt her breasts and pelvis press against Electra's. Electra's heart started to race and desire burned beneath her skin. Mayhem braced her weight on one arm and gently stroked Electra's side as her lips inched forward. Electra couldn't stand the suspense and jerked her head forward to kiss the younger woman above her.

Mayhem growled pleasantly as Electra's tongue parted her lips and slid like silk against her tongue. She then started to purr as Electra's arms stroked and kneaded her back, behind and thighs. Electra knew she shouldn't be doing this but she could no more stop than she could stop living. Mayhem was her mate, her soul mate, the one who made her beast sit up and take notice for the first time, the only one it would ever be interested in.

Mayhem let her body press a little more firmly to Electra's as her hand moved up a little and started to stroke the side of Electra's breast. Electra broke the kiss and groaned before pressing her face to Mayhem's neck. Mayhem groaned and arched her head back waiting for Electra's bite, expecting it, needing it.

"We shouldn't be doing this." Electra said softly much to Mayhem's disappointment.

"Why not?" Mayhem asked a little put out.

"Because you are only just physically recovering from your ordeal, you haven't even begun to come to terms with it emotionally." Electra explained she tried to ease Mayhem off her when she felt it, the impact of Mayhem's Alpha power. The power, which defined her nature and made her above normal Were. "May..." Electra complained as her will started to crumble beneath the onslaught.

"You are my mate." Mayhem stated pushing a little more of her will on the woman beneath her, she didn't ask if Electra felt it, she didn't have to, she knew that she felt the desire that coursed through her whenever they were close. What was confusing her was why Electra was fighting this; she just wanted her to admit it, to surrender to instincts and her beast.

"Yes." Electra agreed freely, Mayhem was not her Alpha, her influence although felt, could be circumvented if she chose.

"Then what is stopping us?" Mayhem asked as she leant down to kiss the woman beneath her.

Mayhem... Electra... get back in this house NOW. Amy's voice rang loudly in their minds.

Mayhem cursed all the rotten luck that Amy had chosen that moment to interrupt. We are just lazing around in a clearing near the manor. She complained.

Don't care get your butts back in here. Amy responded.

Mayhem sighed and pushed herself off Electra, "We will continue this later." She cautioned her then stood up and shifted. When she was turned away Electra shivered with fear and delight, she was also a little surprised that Mayhem was doing all the pushing while she was preaching to go-slow. She had been a free woman a lot longer than the younger woman had but Mayhem knew what she wanted and she was out to get it.

They shifted and Electra led the way back to where their clothes had been but they were gone. They walked into the house and glanced around. Amy was waiting with a stern look on her face. Electra's ears went down and her tail went between her legs.

"What were you two thinking, going off like that without telling anyone?" She said telling them off.

Electra whined as she dropped her body to the ground and crawled belly first along the floor and to her mother's feet.

Jesse was bugging us, we didn't go far. Mayhem explained.

Amy turned to Mayhem having followed her daughter's approach. "I don't care if Jesse was bothering you; until Darrell is caught we have to know where you are."

Sorry, we didn't think we would be alarming anyone; we didn't even go more than ten minutes from the manor. Electra said lifting her head off the ground to look up.

Amy sighed, "Okay I shouldn't have over reacted, by the way the limit is twenty minutes, after that you'll trigger the wards we got some Elementals to set up."

They walked off and returned to their room in order to get dressed. Mayhem kept shooting Electra looks of desire as Electra raced to get dressed and out the door. Mayhem followed her, only to see Electra holding Maddie's hand, and walking away to spend time with her fosterling. Mayhem felt a surge of jealousy towards the young girl who was taking Electra's attention away from her. She quickly brushed it aside as soon Maddie would be her fosterling as well.

Electra glanced back to make sure Mayhem wasn't stalking her before she turned to Maddie. "Thanks for that."

Maddie frowned, "Why did you want to get away from her, I thought you liked her?" She asked confusion clear in her voice.

"I do like her, a lot but she is pushing for something that I don't think she's ready for." Electra explained.

Maddie thought for a moment then glanced up, still wearing her visor so her eyes could not be seen, although Maddie's world was gradually getting brighter. "She's your mate." She concluded.

Electra nodded, "But like you she was in a really bad situation, she's not ready for this."

Maddie's frowned deepened, "Nathanael says that everyone heals differently, how do you know she isn't ready. Maybe it's you who isn't ready." She concluded.

Electra turned her and pulled Maddie into her arms. "Who is meant to be the parent in this relationship?" She teased the young woman in her arms.

"You are... it's just... I like Mayhem and I want you to be happy, cos if you're happy then I am." She said timidly.

Electra kissed her temple and pushed her on her way as she made her way into her mother's office. Her mother was on her couch with Temperance asleep on her chest. After telling, them off she had scooped Temperance up and taken her for a nap. Amy opened an eye to focus on her daughter for a moment before she closed her eyes.

What can I do for you? Amy asked silently.

I need to talk to someone. Electra told her.

About what? Amy queried as she stroked Temperance's back causing the little girl to purr. She liked her troublesome daughter like this, asleep and not up to mischief.


What about her? Amy asked trying not to probe too much and just let her daughter come out with it in her own time.

She's jumping me every chance she gets. Electra complained slightly.

Amy chuckled and opened her eyes. And what is wrong with that, weren't you telling me a little while ago that you wanted a mate, that you wanted something like what Tarval and Alanna have. She reminded her daughter.

But don't you think it is too soon, she hasn't been free for a month and she's throwing herself head long into a permanent relationship. Electra countered.

Maybe she needs that permanent relationship to recover, maybe she is following her beast, it was Alanna's beast that pushed her to recognise Tarval and take him. She may have seemed stable and happy before she and Tarval hooked up, she wasn't... I have never seen her as happy as she is now. Amy explained as she turned to her daughter, Sometimes, love can't be controlled or tamed or ignored. It will pain you if you try, what does your beast say?

Electra contemplated her mother's argument and question. She turned her mind inward and sought out her wolf. Her wolf stood before her calmly in the darkness of her mind, even though the she-wolf shook gently with nerves. What do you want to do? She asked her beast.

Her beast brought her back to the passion they had shared with Mayhem that day, she wanted that and she wanted more, she pictured them biting Mayhem and Mayhem biting back. Electra opened her eyes and turned to her mother.

Amy nodded, Go on, go and...

Maddie ran in, her emotions were trapped somewhere between excitement and fear and it showed in her jerky body language and the way she couldn't stand still.

"What's wrong Maddie?" Electra asked.

"Mayhem and Sage are fighting." She explained.

Amy growled gently which woke Temperance. "In the house?" She asked.

Maddie nodded. "In were form." She added.

Electra frowned, "Serious or play fighting."

Maddie thought for a moment, "They are using claws."

Amy cursed and slid Temperance onto the couch as gently as she could before racing to the door, Electra not far behind as Maddie lead the way. They skid to a halt when they found the fighting Weres, in the hallway not far from Keira's door. Amy turned to Maddie, "Go and make sure Keira stays in her room."

Maddie nodded and watched the fight for a moment looking for her moment to get through. Before she could make a move, Keira's door opened and she stepped out into the middle of the fight. As all the rooms were sound proof to Were standards she hadn't heard the two large cats fighting. Keira froze as she stepped into the path of two sets of paws, which were already arching through the air; too late, to step back or for the women to change their blows, she threw up her arms at the last moment trying to protect her body.

Keira gasped in shock as she looked at her bleeding arms, her gasp broke the fight up and had them back in human form in moments. Amy raced to Keira, tearing her shirt off to press to the bleeding wounds. Ghan was next to her, having followed Keira from her room, and was holding his own shirt to her other bleeding arm.

Both Mayhem and Sage looked on in ashamed horror at what they had done. Thais ran up followed closely by Wolfgang and Bastion.

Wolfgang levelled his best glare on the two naked women. "What is rule three of this house?" He demanded.

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