tagBDSMBound in a Hotel Room Ch. 01

Bound in a Hotel Room Ch. 01


[I jumped at the sound of the door slamming, as I didn't hear the click of the lock releasing...]

Earlier, He called me as I was on the way to His hotel. He had to leave for work training, but I was to be there when He got back both for lunch and when work was over. He called me up and told me precisely what was to be told to the hotel receptionist in order to get the key to His room.

I stepped into the lobby area, wearing a fairly professional outfit so the receptionist would view me no more than a co-worker of His, and carrying a trendy leather bag with the requested Items he wanted. I double-checked the room number, and after a few minutes of mind-less chatting with the receptionist, I was entering His room.

It was a simple single queen-sized bed room with hardly anything more than a chair, TV and TV stand, and then of course the bedroom commodities. I still couldn't believe this was happening and in the back of my mind it was a trick; but the suit case on the floor and toothbrush on the sink confirmed otherwise.

I placed my bag beside His and sat on the bed, unsure of what to do while waiting. I checked the clock: 10:58 am. I had no idea when his lunch break would be and I wanted to be ready when He arrived. His words echoed in my mind from the brief phone call earlier "When I arrive, you best be naked. You're best bet is the bed as you will be uncomfortable the rest of your time with me." I slid out of my hells and started sliding down my pantyhose. I lifted off the silky white v-cut and slid down my black pleated skirt, folding both neatly on the chair. Lastly, I removed my white lace cups and the matching boy-shorts, placing them atop my other clothing.

11:01. I wish that would've taken longer. I grabbed a book from my bag and decided to read it until He arrived, which also didn't take long.

I jumped at the sound of the door slamming, as I didn't hear the click of the lock releasing. Down in front of me was the book which was used as a pillow instead of its intended use. I looked around, forgetting how I even awoke in the first place until His tall presence at the foot of the bed startled me. There He was, tall, sincere, dark, with a strong appearance...and there I was naked, small, vulnerable, and speechless on his bed.

"Hello, little one," He finally broke the silence.

"Hello, Sir," I replied, trying to hold back a scream of excitement.

"I see you've followed orders so far, but have you brought what I wanted?"

"Yes Sir, they're in my bag." I point to my leather bag.

While He turned to go get it, I quickly tossed my book aside, and took a glimpse in the mirror. My hair was a mess: what used to be a tight neat bun was now a loose mess with strands flying out everywhere. But I quickly went back to watching Him as He named off what He was taking out.

"... Rope...clothespins...digital camera...ahh, and you did bring the plug. I didn't think you'd bring it." My face blushed crimson, as he looked at me when He said these words. They scattered the floor around His feet now, but he ignored them and approached the bed.

"Come here, slave, off the bed."

I hurried off as I was told and stood in front of him. His eyes drifted from my eyes to my ankles, slower than ever as if he were examining every cell. Then He went behind me. I felt the tip of His finger draw a line ever so gently down the spine of my back, to the beginning of my butt crack, and then a sharp smack on my left cheek. From the shock, my toes raised and I let out a squeak. Suddenly, I felt His finger tips squeezing into my breasts, pulling me against His body. I could feel a bulge fighting His slacks against my bum, and He whispered in my ear, which caused me to tingle in every known and unknown part of my body, "Very nice."

I let out my breath that I apparently held when He grasped my chest.

"Now it's time for something I brought," He continued as He released my breasts. A black cloth appeared out of no where and blinded my sight, but His body was still pressed against mine. His hand went to the bend between my neck and shoulder and pushed downwards as He said firmly, "Down." I slowly lowered myself to my knees, feeling his fingers seep between the spaces in my loose hair. I could feel His hand was coming from the side now, as He was moving to the front of my body. He gripped my hair tight, my head tilting upwards.

I could hear his other hand unzipping his slacks and taking them off single handedly. Occasionally the hand in my hair would tug one way he'd slightly move, but I kept my place. Soon, I felt what I knew to be His cock against my lips. I parted my lips and felt His cock slowly enter my mouth. As it entered, I allowed my tongue to explore every inch I received. It rolled around His thick member over and over. A moan of pleasure escaped His lips and my hair was pulled taunt through His fingers. He went in until He felt me gag, in which instinctively I drew my face away. He ordered through actions to stay when he pulled my face forward. I panicked slightly, my eyes watered, but soon His cock was withdrawing...but only to re-enter.

He started pumping back and forth into my face. I let one of my hands feel up to His cock, and began stroking what wasn't being thrust into my mouth. My tongue continued to lapse like crazy, and the better it felt to Him, the harder He pulled my hair. Suddenly I felt His finger tips tweak my right nipple. He rolled it in His fingers first, giving me tingles down to my excited pussy lips, and then a tight pinch, making me moan on His cock and my juices flow more below.

"Oh, that's right, slut, you like that." He smiled at me.

I "mmhmm"ed for him in acknowledgement and continued my work, his fingers now pinching my nipples more often now.

"Reach down and check how much you're enjoying this, slave."

With my other hand, I reached between my slightly-spread thighs and felt my smooth-shaved mound. My clitoris was so slippery it felt like I had already came a million times.

"Are you wet, slave? Show me your fingers."

I raised my fingers into view, concentrating hard now on not being distracted. "Mmm... such a naughty slut. Finger yourself, 2 fingers." I returned my hand below, slipping 2 fingers inside and rubbing my clit with my thumb. It felt amazing, but apparently I let my own pleasure overcome His as I feel my head forced on His cock harder than ever. I struggled, but failed. I groaned from the gagging.

"Don't stop. Keep your fingers going."

My mind went from one thing to the next. Finger. Suck. Breathe. Suck. Finger. Suddenly, I could feel His penis throb and twitch. He was ready. He pulled out, and ripping off the blind fold when he does, he exploded on my face. His hot sticky cum dripping from my forehead, down my eyelids, nose, to my cheek bones and over the edges of my lips. I kept my eyes closed, and listened for instructions. His footsteps moved away for a second, and then I heard the jingle of the power button from the camera.

My body stiffened and I became nervous and the thought of the camera made me wetter. I knelt patiently, my fingers still inside my pussy, my other resting behind my back. He snapped a few, and finally said, "You're such a good girly girl, aren't you? Go ahead and clean my cum off."

I knew what "cleaning" was to Him, and sure enough, I wiped off his hot milk with my fingers and licked it all off, my face still sticky afterwards.

"My, my, look how time flies when you're having fun. I have to go back to work. Go in the bathroom, rinse your face, and come back here right away. Hurry!" He ordered. I responded without words, submitting without question, and came back to Him. He had me lay on the bed on my stomach with my hands behind my back. He grabbed the rope I brought and began tying my wrists, then pulling the rope down and around front to give me a tight crotch rope. He bound my breasts, and brought the rope back around me and tied my wrists and ankles together in a hogtie. "Perfect." He smiled to himself in self-satisfaction. "Now I don't have to worry about you being naughty while I'm gone. I have another toy before I leave though." He goes back to His own bag and pulls out a red ball gag.

For the first time, I retorted. "Oh, please Sir, no. I'll be quiet I promise!"

"Now, now, open wide," he approached. My fearful eyes penetrate the gag, and finally I open up as He forces it inside my mouth. "There, now I know you'll be good as you have no choice. I'll be back at 5, and those ropes better stay tight." He kissed my forehead and I saw him grab the "Do Not Disturb" sign to put on the door (probably so the maids wouldn't come find me). The door shut softly, the lock clicked....and all was silent.

I rolled over to see the clock, feeling the crotch rope digging and my hard nipples brushing against the blanket. 1:03. It was going to be a long afternoon.

(to be continued)

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