tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBound to Cum and Cum Again

Bound to Cum and Cum Again


Bound to cum and cum again.

I was tied spread eagle on the bed; I had been allowed to cum, but only after three hours of being teased to near climax and then stopping just short of climax. I can't take it that long, but I did not have a choice. After I climaxed she did not stop, she kept trying to milk my limp penis.

"I promised you that I would make you come harder and last longer than you have ever done before and then I will make you repeat it all over again." Sharon was having fun playing with me and watching me try to escape from her playing, continuing far after I was spent and done. "You had no mercy on me when you were teasing me; I have no mercy on you now. I don't intend to let your climax end my playing; I want to see how wild you get when I refuse to stop after you have ejaculated for me. Just because you are done does not mean I am done!" It was the longest night of my life.

* * * * *

Sharon had told me to be prepared for a special "treat"; it was our six month anniversary. I am not a big one for anniversaries until they become annual events, but she was extra special. In the six months we had been going together I learned she was a truly unique woman and we had a wonderful relationship. The sex was wonderful, she liked sex as much as any man did, and she made no effort to hide it from me. She was very inventive when it came to new ways to enjoy each other. She was extra special because she had become a wonderful companion and my best friend. On a Saturday morning she would wake me with kisses and hugs, milk me dry, lead me into the shower, feed me breakfast, and then climb on the back of my motorcycle while we both indulged in our second favorite sport, riding a motorcycle. Sharon made me understand why Harley-Davidson did not design a smooth running engine; the vibration served a very useful purpose! Now we know why motorcycle riders have such big grins on their faces.

A day on the motorcycle became an eight hour marathon session of teasing and tantalizing. Sharon would reach around in front of me and tease my penis while we rode the winding roads and twisted trails in the high Rocky Mountains above Denver. She would work her breasts against my back, whispering in my ear that her nipples were swelling. She would pull my shirt up in back and rub her nipples and breasts on my bare back while we rode, running her hand under my shirt and playing with my nipples. She could make a day trip through the pines and aspen trees a sexual adventure as she would describe in detail what she planned to do to me when we got home. Our rule was that she could not do anything while we were in the "twisties", riding in corners while being distracted could become painful, even though we practiced "safe riding" with layers of "skid proof" leather. She looked good in leather, kind of tough and kind of tender, it was a good style for her. Her favorite speed was 3,000 rpm, where the vibrations from the motorcycle would maximize the vibrations in the leather passenger seat. I like 3,000 rpm because it was about 65 mph and in the twisty stretches, downshifting to 3,000 rpm gave me lots of power to come out of the corners. But she loved it for the vibration! She would be in a constant state of arousal for a whole day. By the time we arrived at our destination, she was ready to have sex, then unpack the motorcycle and have another round. She liked intercourse, but her real love was giving me hand jobs, making them linger while she teased and tantalized me, playing for a long time before allowing me to climax, getting revenge on me for the hours of teasing she had endured on the motorcycle. She also loved giving and receiving oral sex, especially after a long day of being turned on by the motorcycle vibrations. I once tried to do a photo-shop picture of me with a motorcycle seat where my tongue should be, it seemed appropriate.

I arrived at her place early Friday evening; she had warned me that it was going to be a very long night. First she was going to cook a special meal and then she had a special dessert planned "that would last the whole evening, and maybe more." When I rang the bell, she opened the door immediately. She was naked except for a short frilly apron and a stirring spoon in one hand. She greeted me with a long, lingering hug, standing on tiptoe, giving me kisses that were like butterflies all over my face and neck.

"Come in and close the door before the neighbors get a free show. Leave your clothes on the chair in the hallway. Tonight this is a clothing free zone." She was fumbling with my belt buckle while she tried to hang on to the mixing spoon.

"I hope you turned up the heat in the apartment, that is a cute little apron you are almost wearing!" I reached down and helped her with the buckle and the button on the pants. "Do I get an apron too?" This was an unusual treat for me; she did not usually undress until the lights were low.

She was very tiny, not quite 5' tall, and not even 100 pounds, her figure was perfectly proportioned. Her small breasts stood up straight without any sagging and were a great show place for her delightful nipples. She had small areolas, the nipples themselves were longer than usual, sticking out even when relaxed, standing out almost an inch when she was aroused. Her stomach was flat, and she kept her pussy hair nicely trimmed, just long enough so there was no stubble, not so long that it got wrapped in my tongue or caught in my teeth. For a fifty year old lady, she was sexy.

"Dinner is almost ready, you don't need an apron, it's too late for you to cook, just strip, sit down at the table and get ready for the first course of a seven course evening."

She sat me down at the table. She had already poured two glasses of wine, and had a nice salad at our places. Her dinette set was ideal for dining in the buff, the table was all glass, and sitting across from each other became a sensual exercise providing an unobstructed view of each other, except for her apron. We chatted and teased while we ate our salad and sipped wine. She made a production of slowly eating a cherry tomato, taking several minutes to work it between her lips before it finally disappeared. I had just gulped mine down, now I felt bad about hurrying, I had missed a chance to be sensual.

"It would be fun to drink the wine from your navel, or does that require a special bottle of "naval" wine?" I was trying to keep up with her constant stream of suggestive comments. It is hard to be horny, watch a beautiful naked lady sitting across an all glass table from you and still think clearly.

"I may have a banana for dessert, maybe I will swirl it around, add some cream and make it into a banana daiquiri, what do you intend to have for dessert?" she shot back at me.

"I think I will just add some cream to your dessert," was the best I could do.

"That is why I never let you cook; I could never trust what you might put in the cream sauce. Now its time for the evening appetizer." She came back with a steaming plate of steaming spaghetti with a heaping of sauce and meatballs on top. It looked like a picture from a cook book.

We made a series of jokes about meat balls and red marinara sauce being dribbled down our fronts. We both become serious about getting through dinner and on to the real main course. We stacked the dishes in the sink, it's a wonder we did not break several, we kept trying to tickle and feel each other as we worked in the kitchen. I kept my hands busy while her hands were full and she was trying to lean into the refrigerator. It was a lesson on how to make a simple task into a long, slow, fun process. By 7:00 we were through and we turned off the lights in the kitchen.

"I have something different planned for you this evening, come with me." She took me by the hand and led me into the guest bedroom. It was a small room and to keep everything in perspective, it was furnished with a standard double bed, rather than the king sized bed she had in her main bedroom. The bed had a colonial style headboard and foot board with large corner posts and vertical spindles in between. Fastened to each corner of the bed was a pair of handcuffs with the cuffs laid out, open, inviting one of us to close them on arms and legs. Whose arms and legs was the question?

"Climb up on the bed and get comfortable, its time that you had a long, slow evening." She still had the frilly, tiny apron on.

"You mean that you want me tied down? I was hoping I would tie you down. Women can last longer than men; it would be wasted on me. After being teased for an hour over dinner, I am ready to come right now. You will tie me up, and then untie me in minutes!"

"You don't know what tease is! Last weekend when we went on that long motorcycle ride, you deliberately kept the speed at 3,000 rpm for the entire 6 hours that we were riding. You kept me wound up all day before we stopped for the evening. Then you made me wait until we had dinner before we went to the motel. You brought me to a wonderful climax, but you made me wait all day for it. I figure I owe you about 6 hours of teasing for that day alone. Then you did the same thing on Sunday, keeping me wound up the whole time. If I count the days we rode for hours with you keeping the engine speed at the optimum speed to arouse me, I probably owe you 100 hours of teasing. I can't get it all in tonight, but I can give you several hours of playing, teasing and sensual delights. So get up on the bed and spread your arms and legs."

She had me secured in minutes. The bed and hand cuffs fit me pretty well, I am 6' 2" tall, slender, I pretty well fill up a standard bed; the cuffs on my feet had me spread so wide that I was totally exposed, and totally aroused. She left me stretched out on the bed and went into the kitchen. When she returned she had a tray full of dessert.

"I am going to tease you all night long. I am going to turn your penis into a dessert tray and make it into a sundae topping dispenser. I have different flavors of syrup and ice cream toppings; I am going to eat your flavored penis for dessert." She produced a reservoir tip condom and then she poked several holes in the very tip. "I plan to fill the end of the condom with syrup; I have put several tiny holes in the end so I can suck out the flavoring. You can provide the cream for the dessert, but not right now, I plan on sucking a lot of topping out before I get the main course. I plan to wait for at least 3 hours before I let you climax."

"My penis will fall off if you try and play that long with me, take a little pity, this is our first time to try this, try a little less time and work our way up."

"Just relax and let it happen, it's a little late for you to be telling me what to do, I don't see you being in charge right now. You will like what you are about to experience, just wait and see. The condom will give me plenty of dessert without bringing you to your dessert course."

She began playing with my nipples, tweaking them and keeping them hard while she teased my penis. She would barely touch my penis, just enough to make it twitch, then she would pull on a nipple, she stroked and pulled on my balls, moving up to clinch her hand around my penis base, squeezing it to make the head swell. She took her finger and thumb and slowly but firmly stroked from the base of my penis to the top, squeezing and milking my pre-cum. One of her favorite tricks was to milk me of my pre-cum very slowly. She tired of that, crawled up on the bed, straddled me and pulled the tray up beside her. She poured some flavoring into the condom and proceeded to pull it on me. With her head on my stomach she began to slowly suck on the tip of my penis. After a few minutes of trying different ways of sucking she settled into sucking and playing with my penis tip.

"This is working great, the holes allow just enough flavor to escape that it tastes good, a teaspoon full of strawberry syrup will last for a long time. Once this idea gets out, women all over America will become cock hungry maniacs. Not only is teasing and sucking on you fun, but it tastes good as well. Right now its only strawberries, before the evening is over it may turn into strawberries and cream." She returned to work on my penis.

She was working slowly with her mouth, adding to the sensation was her other hand, her thumb and first finger were clinched tightly around the base of my penis to hold the condom on while her extra fingers from that hand were stroking my balls. She was adding to the sensation on my penis by slowly stroking up and down the shaft with her other hand. I was driven to heights I did not know I had. I would have been wiggling franticly, if I could move at all. The syrup was like a current of ocean tides moving around my penis tip as she worked the condom full of syrup around my head. Her lips were moving around my penis ridge and she was pulling her lips up and down over the ridge, using her tongue on the tip of my penis and sucking at the same time. She was moving slowly, teasingly and driving me absolutely nuts. She would suddenly pull on one of my nipples, only to return to playing with my penis and testicles. She would stop as she felt me tense up, allow me to relax for a moment, and then begin again. She knew that she could play with my testicles and nipples during the pauses to keep me aroused and hard, without bringing me any closer to a climax. During her pauses, my balls became the center of her attention. After either an eternity or what was probably only ½ an hour, she came up for air.

"That concludes the strawberry course, it does need some cream with it, but since I have no intention of letting you climax yet, there will not be any cream any time soon. I think I will try another flavor, how about a chocolate mousse?" She rolled the condom off and quickly refilled it with syrup. She slid off the bed for a few minutes and returned with a shoe string.

"I need a way to hold the condom on, it keeps trying to slip off when I suck on the end, I think I can tie it on and free up one hand to play a little more." She slid the condom on, then tied the shoe string in a loop around the base of my penis, over the condom, and then took another loop around my testicles and pulled it snug.

"Now I can suck as hard as I want and the condom won't fall off. Let me know if that is too tight." She began sucking again, this time on the chocolate filling. After a couple of minutes she came up for air. "It takes a lot more suction to get the chocolate out, it is thicker, and I bet you enjoy it more."

"Boy, do I, the feeling is really unbelievable. I am going to mix some cream in there shortly if you keep playing and sucking like that." I was bucking my hips, trying to twist and turn, attempting to speed up her action any way I could. Her free hand was pulling on my testicles, slowly rolling them and tugging on them, enhancing the sensual experience. Slowly and erotically she teased me, watching me so that as soon as I started to get close she could stop. She cheated; she stroked her breasts along my leg, up my thigh, up my chest and stopped with her nipples just short of my mouth. She even teased my lips with her nipples, first one and then the other. Then she slid away.

"I think I will take a short break, you are getting too close, too soon." She loosened the shoe string, then she slid of the bed, heading for the kitchen, letting me relax.

I looked at the alarm clock, it had been over an hour, almost an hour and one half, and it seemed like a lifetime. I had been near climax for almost the entire time. She had taken me to almost climaxing, and then let me down only to take me back up again dozens of times. I did not think I could take much more.

She came back, she had a small bowl of ice cream, and it was plain what her next game was.

"You can't use ice cream on me. My penis will freeze to death. If my penis catches a cold it will suffer from post-nasal drip. You wouldn't want that would you?"

"Your penis drips anyway, every time I play with it I milk it, slowly squeeze the drips out of it. It's fun to just slowly milk the pre-cum out of you. The cold ice cream should keep you from cumming too soon. I don't know how you can deny me a good dessert when you keep crying that you want your dessert. After I have finished my dessert you can have yours." She was laughing at me and my discomfort.

I was not physically uncomfortable. My legs were cuffed to the foot board of the bed, spread so wide that I could not even move my hips. It was more sensual than un-comfortable, she had total access to my genitals, and there was nothing I could do about it. What I really felt was the need to climax; I had an overwhelming need to release. Being tightly tied down only enhanced the sensuality and made me feel more vulnerable and more conscious of how much control she had. I had no control over whether or not I ejaculated; I would come only when she decided I should and no sooner. My penis did not belong to me, I could feel its sensation, but it was not mine to control. She had control, and she was using it.

"When you untied the shoe string around the base of my penis, my balls sighed a big sigh of relief. It is a wild sensation, having my penis played with, my balls tied tight and your hands stroking and fondling them, and you sucking on my penis tip, all at the same time. I am glad that you went slowly; otherwise I would be done already. I don't want to be done soon, it feels so powerful that I don't want it to end, but I sure want to ejaculate. Can you bring me to a climax now?"

She did not reply, she just teased me by waving her nipples just out of reach of my mouth. She straddled me, placing her pussy right against my chin, but not letting me touch it.

"You are really confused, you want to cum, but you don't want it to end. You want me to play, but not very long because it feels too strong for you to be able to stand it any more. It's a good thing you are not in charge here. I am!" She was laughing again.

She filled the end of the condom with butterscotch topping and then with ice cream. Then she slipped it over my partly relaxed penis.

"With your penis partly relaxed, I have more room in the condom for ice cream and topping. I will suck the ice cream out to make room for your penis to swell." She was having too much fun at my expense.

She tightened up the shoe string she was using to keep the condom on. She tied it differently this time; she made a tight circle around the base of my balls and my penis, tied that snug, and then made a loop around the base of my penis and over the condom to hold it on. Then she made another loop around my balls only, pulling them out from my body.

"The ice cream on the tip of my penis makes it slightly numb from the cold, it will probably keep me from coming quite as fast, but your sucking sure warms it up. The two sensations are wonderful." I was already moaning from the intensity of her attention.

"I hope I did not tie the shoe string too tight, I only want it to be snug. I don't want you to hurt; I just want to keep all your moving parts at attention. Your balls are more fun to play with when they can't escape inside or run away, this way I know they are paying attention. Your balls are sticking out, your nut sack is tight and I can play with them easier." She was enjoying her handiwork. She was gently teasing my testicles with her fingers, alternatively stroking them and pulling on them.

Resting her head on my stomach, she continued sucking on my penis, stroking the shaft and playing tug-of-war with my testicles. The sensation was slowly increasing as my penis became harder. She was playing me like an orchestra. It was terribly erotic, I was so in need of a climax, I could get close, then she would notice the change in my penis, the change in my balls, the change in my breathing and she would stop for several minutes. It could be morning already; she was keeping me so close to the edge that time no longer meant anything. I was focused on how close could I get to my climax. She was caressing slowly, just enough movement to keep me hard and keep me near the point of climax, not enough motion to bring me over the top.

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