tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBoy Rape by Marie

Boy Rape by Marie


Marie sipped on her sex-on-the-beach and sighed as she saw another scrub eyeballing her and making his way to her corner of the bar. She already knew what he would say and what he wanted, and really, hadn't men in general taken enough from her? She slept every night with a pistol beneath her pillow just in case her ex didn't obey his restraining order. She'd finally built up enough courage to go out with the girls to this new club, only to have them stand her up. So here she was, sitting alone in this strange place with men coming at her like lions picking off a weak gazelle seperated from its herd.

They all wanted her to "dance." And by dance they meant grabbing her by the hip bones and squeezing their dicks into her backside so hard that she couldn't move. In truth Marie loved to dance. She knew how to salsa and tengo and practiced "jazzercise" and pilates every week. Her body was small and agile and she moved with ease and grace to nearly any kind of music. She loved to release stress by becoming one with the beats and rhythms, and the occasional dance partner that didn't try to dry hump her on the floor. She had spent all week looking forward to dancing with her girlfriends...picking out a perfect red dress that made her feel beautiful, and let her move with ease.

Unforunately there would be no dancing for her tonight...only horny men looking for an easy lay. Now after politely turning down drinks, bad pickup lines and dance invitations from five or six fairly drunk (and unattractive) men, another approached...just when she was about to gather her things and call a cab. As she watched him stumble toward her with a stupid grin on his face, a wave of rage washed over her. She had never felt so angry in her entire life. She decided then and there that this man would pay for them all.

She smiled politely at him as he talked her up, asking the usual questions and looking her up and down like she was a fresh piece of rump roast. He was a little tipsy (she could smell the alcohol on his breath) but not completely drunk. She marveled at his courage to talk to her at all. She was a beautiful, intelligent woman, and he was a short, chubby man with an average face and a bad haircut. He wore cheap cologne and dirty shoes. He wasn't very smart either. Why in the world did he think he had a shot in hell with her? She decided to give him that shot in hell. Afterall, he'd probably been turned down by so many other girls.

"No I don't want another drink," Marie said smiling as she answered him, "But, how would you feel about coming over to my place?"

His smile grew broader. "Naw naw baby. Come over to my place! I got a hummer outside, baby."

Marie fought back the urge to laugh in his face. If he did have a hummer it was a rental. She almost felt sorry for this desperate man. Almost.

"No," Marie said, politely but firmly, "I have to get up early tomorrow. It's my place or nothing. And we'll take a cab."

He looked surprised, but shrugged and nodded his head.

He was practically giddy as they got in the cab. Marie told the driver where she lived, as the sweaty man beside her ran his hands all over her legs and waist and kissed her neck hungrily. Marie made no move back, but let him have his way. He whispered Spanish love words into her ear and she smiled softly.

At her house she instructed him to take his shoes off at the door and meet her upstairs. He rushed upstairs and joined her on the bed, shoving his tongue into her mouth and almost making her gag. She could feel that he was already hard and he ran his hands beneath her dress and moaned into her neck when he found her breasts.

Tearing off her dress he devoured her breasts one by one, licking and sucking on one tiny pale brown nipple while fondling her opposite 36C breast. Even though Marie wasn't attracted to him, her body couldn't deny the good feelings he produced and she felt herself getting wet and letting out an involuntary moan.

With her nipples hardening, the stranger moved down, licking and kissng her stomach and finally consuming her freshly waxed pussy. He licked and nibbled at her clit while thrusting two of his short chubby fingers inside of her. Marie felt herself getting more and more turned on, and his short fingers were only teasing her. As he ate her out, she grabbed a condom out of her nightstand drawer and jerked his head up.

"I need you inside of me NOW!" she gasped. The man's eyes were glazed over with lust as he grabbed the condom from her and quickly slid it down his (what Marie guessed to be) 6 or 7 inch dick. He quickly mounted her shoving himself inside of her and grunting. Marie was lost in her animal-like lust and wanted to be on top to control her own pleasure. The missionary position did nothing for her.

"Roll over," she whispered as he pounded away at her tight pussy. But he just grunted, ignoring her. He was inside of her now, and only interested in using her as he would use his right hand.

"Roll over!" she said louder, becoming more irritated.

"Shh be quiet bitch, let me do my thing," he breathed into her shoulder as he roughly fucked her.

The old wave of rage washed over Marie. As he pounded her cunt, she slid her hand beneath her pillow and felt the cool metal of her loaded pistol.

"I said roll the fuck over," Marie growled through clenched teeth, burying the barrel into his sweaty forehead.

It took a moment for the stranger to realize what was happening to him.

"WHAT THE FUCK? ARE YOU FUCKIN CRAZY, BITCH?!" he yelled, wild eyed and backing off the bed.

Marie sat up, pointing the gun at him with fire in her eyes. "Lay on your fucking back. I didn't say get off the bed. And if you lose your hard-on I'll shoot you in your ugly fucking head. We're doing this my way."

The stranger shakily did what he was told and laid on his back. Marie got up slowly, taking the sash from her dress and blindfolding him with it.

She then mounted his cock that he was stroking in hot pursuit of staying hard. Marie smiled wickedly. "What a loser," she thought to herself, and she slid onto him.

Marie started fucking his dick, sighing in pleasure as she held the gun to his head with one hand, and balanced herself with the other.

"And don't even think about cumming yet," Marie ordered as she bounced up and down on his throbbing cock, fucking him...using him.

Even though he was blindfolded, Marie could tell that he was fighting back tears.

"Please don't shoot me," he whined, "I have a wife! I have a child!"

A new anger overcame Marie. So he was a cheater like her ex. She dug her long nails into his neck, making him yelp.

"So does your wife know that you go to clubs to pick up other girls?" Marie snarled, digging her nails more deeply into his neck and scratching him. He was crying now. His mouth twisted and tears bled through his blindfold.

"I asked you a fucking question!" Marie yelled smacking him hard across his face with her gun, and riding him harder. Watching this man, who respresented all bad men to her, suffer was going to make her cum like she never had before. She used his cock to probe her deepest places, to pleasure herself the way a man never could on his own.

The slap with the gun left a gash on his cheek and it bled, trickling down his sweaty face. Marie rubbed her hand in it and smeared the blood all across his face and into his hair.

"Good luck explaining this to your wife," she laughed, then moaned,

"Oh God I'm so close...Play with my clit, and suck my tits."

This time there was no hesitation. The stranger stroked her clit in little circles, just the way she liked it. He found her hard little nipples and sucked them as hard as he could.

Marie rode him faster and harder, bobbing up and down on his thick cock, her ass cheeks bouncing, but she managed to keep a firm grip on the gun buried so hard into the stranger's head that it would leave a little ring when she was done with him.

"Fuck me!" she screamed, and thrust her hips into his as hard as she could. With the combination of his fingers on her clit and his cock deep inside of her wet, wet pussy, she felt an inward explosion of bliss and screamed as her orgasm spasmed through her body. The stranger grunted and came quickly after she did.

After 30 seconds pause, Marie got up, snatched the blindfold off the man and told him to get out. He jumped off the bed, and quickly began to pull on his pants.

"I didn't say get dressed, bitch," Marie growled, grabbing his pants from him, "I said get the fuck out."

With that he ran naked down the stairs and out the front door. Marie tossed his clothes outside for him and closed the door.

Marie changed the sheets on her bed and put her pistol away in a drawer. For the first time in a long time, she was not worried about her ex, or any other man trying to hurt her.

She took a long bubble bath to wash the stranger's smell from her. She went to sleep for the first time in months with no fears or worries, no anger or resentment in her mind.

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