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I entered the cubicle of the public toilet in my favorite pick up park closing the door behind me, not locking it though. I turned, pushed my shorts down far enough to free my dick and started too play with my hard exited dick when I sensed a movement behind me! Before I could turn a powerful hand clamped it self over my mouth and another grabbed my right wrist and pulled it with ease behind my back! I felt a large body move in close and almost immediately I felt something thick and hard as an iron bar rubbing against the cheeks of my arse which I had already fully exposed.

' Keep quiet and you'll come out of this okay, maybe even enjoy it. Understand?' Why did he think I was here?

The quiet, harsh voice left no room for argument and the pressure on my wrist let me know that this man got get what he wanted very easily, it was up to me how hard it would be on me! I managed to nod and the hand on my mouth slid down and the muscular arm moved across the front of my neck and shoulders and tugged me back a step. My arm was released and the other hand moved down my side and came to rest on my buttock, the fingers began to knead and grope, hard! The other hand began to wander down as well until it brushed against my dick! I gasped. I was rock hard, almost painfully so! There was a soft chuckle from behind me.

" I was right about you, you little boyslut. Knew you'd like it, like to be fucked good and hard!" His mouth was only inches from my left ear and I could feel the stubble against my skin. The hand left my aching cock and moved round behind me, joining the other in feeling my buttcheeks, one hand came to rest on the crack of my arse and a large finger began to push between the cheeks. I reached round behind me and started to spread my arsecheeks. I felt like I was in some kind of trance, all I knew was that I wanted to be fucked, fucked hard! I wanted him to use me, the feeling was incredible! I wanted to be his boyslut, wanted him to take me with no regard for my comfort or pleasure.

"That's right slut, spread those cheeks" he hissed into my ear. With a hard thrust his thick finger entered my horny hole. I gasped out loud with a mixture of the physical pain caused by the dry penetration and pleasure from the rush of filthy images and emotions my mind was filling with. Again the quiet chuckle; "Nice tight little arse, you've got nice cheeks boy. I'm going to enjoy making you my little fuck slave! Now lean forward put your hands against the wall. Good fuckslave! Now that we're getting on so well, why don't you tell me what you really want?"

I licked my lips, my mouth had gone so dry " I want it" I whispered

"Not good enough fucktoy!" came the reply. Behind me I could hear him removing his jacket, and as he placed it on the floor I saw his hand remove something from one of the pockets.

"Now tell me boy what you want me to do to that nice pert arse?"

"Ppplease ..." I stammered, my dick seemed even harder, my head was swimming "please fuck me! Please I want you to fuck my arse!" My voice grew stronger as I grew more desperate to meet my fate at his hands. The finger was back in my hole, I had hardly noticed it enter, then I felt a second finger, then a third, the left hand holding my cheeks open. My legs almost buckled.

"Carry on with what you were saying boy"

" Oh god" I moaned "Please fuck me with your big cock, I need you to fuck me, use me, rape my arse! I'm just your little fuckslave, you can do anything. Please, please FUCK me!"

I was completely desperate now, the pain of his thrusting fingers was gone now and I needed more, I couldn't believe how much more I actually wanted! I love myself for being a willing fuckslave!

I heard the sound of a zipper and moaned with lust, pushing my arse back to meet his thrusting hand. He stepped closer, placing one hand on my back and pushing my T-shirt up. Then a hand came round in front of my face.

"Put this on now!" he ordered, it was a chain, dangling from it was a small glass bottle. I slipped the chain round my neck, his hands forced me further down, bent over the bottle swung beneath my face.

"Now get ready boyslut!" he took hold of my waist and then I felt the incredible sensation of his soft/hard cockhead against my cheeks. I moaned as I realised it must be huge! Several inches longer and thicker than mine! It was slick, he must have applied some kind of lube, he ran the head up and down my arsecrack, I tried to push back but his hands held me in place.

"Take a deep breath boy, here it comes!" I did as he said and almost immediately my head started to spin as the fumes from the bottle hit me, my knees almost gave way but again his hands held me. At the same time I heard a loud grunt and the breath left my lungs as his hips jerked forwards and drove his huge cock hilt deep into my arse. He pulled back and then thrust again even harder this time. I could scarcely breathe let alone speak as he fucked into me, my own cock twitched and pulsed as it drooled precum. I was pushed hard against the wall as he continued his assault upon my gay boy arse. He did everything I had begged for, hoped for. His thrusts were fast and brutally hard, he was using me purely for his pleasure and I was loving it!

Within minutes of his initial thrust my cock started spewing come but it made no difference to him he continued pumping me like sex doll. My head was still spinning from the fumes and the aftermath of my come, but I could hear him breathing obscenities in my ear, slapping my arse cheeks as he spoke.

"Fuck you little slag, make you my boypussy. Rent you out, get you gangfucked, raped by fags, you'll be swimming in spunk. Teach you to be nice little cocksucker! You'd fucking love that wouldn't you, eh? drink gallons of spunk!"

I tried to tell him I would do anything he told me no matter how filthy but I could only gasp and moan in pleasure and pain. My cock was starting to get hard again as he pounded into me. His hands came round in front under my T-shirt and the fingers latched onto my nipples, pulling, squeezing. Harder and harder as the thrusts of his mighty cock came ever faster and deeper. I was struggling to stay on my feet as he rammed into, forced up onto my toes as he fucked into me. he paused for a second, drew his huge dick out, I whimpered, begged him to keep going , my cock twitching again. I started to reach for my dick.

"Leave it, you're here for my pleasure, not yours" My hand snatched away from my dick.

"On your knees slaveboy, grab the bowl" I did as told and felt him crouch behind me, again with one powerful thrust he was in me again, I could feel his pubes against my skin as he started fucking again. If anything it was more intense than before, I loved the feel of his shaft as it battered into me. He never seemed to miss a stroke or slow down. Grabbing my arms he held both my wrists behind my back in one strong hand, his other hand grasped the hair at the back of my head. Then he really started to fuck me!!

I couldn't believe it, I was in heaven being effectively raped, despite being a willing participant , I was moaning, gasping, begging for more, to be used like a little queer slut. This was what seemed to make it for me, the idea that I had no control whatsoever, he could use me as he wished, give me to whoever he wanted and I would accept it all!

His fucking seemed to go on forever, fast and brutal, and I was in ecstasy. Eventually his thrusts slowed and I heard a fierce grunt from him and felt a pulse run up the length of his beautiful shaft. Then he was coming, spurt after spurt of creamy spunk was shooting into my bowels. The thought alone finished me and I started coming again. He continued to pump me as his cock spewed it's load. Finally with a long groan he pulled out of my punished arse and released his grip on me. I slumped on the floor, whimpering in pleasure. I heard himself zipping up and putting on his jacket, then

"I'll see you again boy. There's a place and time in your bag, be there or you'll regret it, understand slut!" He pushed me with his boot. I nodded but couldn't find the wherewithal to speak.

"Good boy, don't be late now!".....

Two weeks later I was in the city, wandering around in a pair of tight jeans, T-shirt, trainers and denim jacket. In the jacket pocket was a much creased and folded piece of paper, my hand on it as I walked. My pulse was racing and I was covered in a sheen of sweat as I headed to my destination, I was having trouble trying not to pant as I walked, telling myself to calm down. Since that day I had been unable to think straight, I had been wanking every chance I got, but it wasn't enough, I had used my big dildo and fucked myself sore with it, but it still wasn't enough. I needed more and he knew what I needed.

I headed straight for the toilets, the station was quiet, it was late, almost midnight. I walked in early, heading for the centre cubicle as instructed, it was occupied! I forced myself to be patient, I paced the floor getting puzzled stares from the few men who used the urinals. Then I heard the flush and saw the door to my cubicle open. I darted forward.

Out stepped a huge black guy, he must have been almost 6'6'', he looked like a bouncer, black bomber jacket over a black T-shirt, smart black trousers. His head was shaved. He smirked as I made for the vacated cubicle,

"What's up, something special about this one?" he asked surveying the row of empty cubicles. I blushed as I hurried past him, turned and locked the door, the last thing I saw was him flick his tongue over his lips as he watched me.

I saw that there was indeed something special about the cubicle, holes in both walls at about waist height, easily large enough for someone to reach through, let alone look through. my cock became even harder. I hung my jacket on the back of the door and then my T-shirt and jeans, my trainers left on the floor. I was left in only the items of clothing that had been written on the piece of paper, a pair of women's' silk panties and stockings!

The panties were stretched tight over my throbbing prick. The stockings fitted me rather well, due to my slender build and the feeling of silk against my skin was turning me on, but not as much as the thoughts of what was about to happen.

I remained standing as I had been told, time seemed to drag to a standstill, but then I heard footsteps approaching! My breathing quickened, the steps entered the cubicle to my left. Silence. I stared forwards straining to hear any noise from next door. Then came that quiet, evil chuckle,

"Good little fuckslave, are those panties nice and tight?"

"Yessir" I breathed

"Oh that's good, face away from me, get on your knees back against the wall. Now!"

I knelt as told knees wide apart, I felt his hands come under the partition wall, stroking over my silk covered arse, cock and balls and down onto my thighs.

"Put your hands behind you down here."

I felt cold metal against my wrists and then, SNAP! Loud in the silence. My god I was Handcuffed! My cock twitched violently.

"Turn round, stay on your knees", I did so to find I was staring straight at the most incredible sight. He had pushed his prick through the hole in the wall, it stood erect and throbbing, at least 10'' and massively thick! I noticed a tight leather ring right at the base of his shaft, and stared enraptured at the pulsing blue vein running up it. He was circumcised and I stared at the beautiful swollen head of his dick, almost mesmerised.

"I think you can guess what I want, right you faggot slut!?"

Slowly I leaned forward and flicked my tongue over the bulbous tip, relishing the slightly salty taste of him, inhaling the musky odour.

"Yesss, that's right lick it, all the way down and all the way up, now round the head. That's good , very good. You learn fast cockslave. Now take the head in your mouth."

Again I did as I was told instantly, stretching my jaws wide to accomodate him, as he entered my mouth I flicked my tongue lightly over the knob, then pressed the tip into the tiny hole. I was rewarded with a groan and a shudder. I couldn't get enough, I wanted all of this lovely organ down my throat as it had been up inside me, I wanted him to spray his jism into my belly, over my lips, into my face. I was beginning to get off just imagining this. Slowly he began to rock his hips, fucking his cock deeper and deeper into my waiting mouth.

At first I gagged as he started to thrust, but soon I managed to relax my throat and gobble more of his succulent meat. he started to move faster, harder, then he was fucking my face in earnest. Long, hard strokes, reaching right to the back of my throat, precum was leaking out and I swallowed the juice as quickly as I could, hungry for more. I was going wild imagining the scene, imagining it getting even more sordid. Pictures whirled through my mind.

Then he stopped, his cock left my straining mouth with an audible pop as I struggled to hold onto it. I moaned softly in disappointment.

"Get up, turn around."

As I turned his hand grabbed the cuffs and I was pulled against the wall of the cubicle, another SNAP, something was clipped to the cuffs. A rough hand slipped into my taut panties, fingering my arsecrack, oiling it up.

"Yeah that's right slut you're about to get yours, hard and fast, just the way you love it!"

He forced two fingers up my butt, I moaned again, then started as I saw movement in the other cubicle. Part of me almost died with the thought that I had been observed acting like some sort of depraved sex slave, but the other part wanted this, wanted more filth, to be a slave, act like a cock hugry slut. And that part was in control.

My panties were rolled down to expose my buttcheeks but still constrained my cock which was rock solid. A third finger pushed into my now well oiled hole.

"Bend forward fuckboy, right down! That's it, good toy! You really do want to be shagged don't you, fucking gagging for it!"

The thought occured to me that he probably already knew we had an audience, had wanted there to be, after all he was fully in control here. The only person out of control was me! I decided to put on a show for our mystery guest.

"YES, I want, I NEED your cock. Fuck it up my pert boy arse, bugger me you perverted bastard! You know you want to use me, FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

He hauled back on the cuffs at the same time as he rammed his shaft into my greased hole, his belly slapping into my cheeks. I gave out a mixed yell of pleasure/gasp of pain at the roughness of his entry. He began fucking me, HARD! Balls slapping against me, he pulled almost all the way out before hammering back into me, using the cuffs to pull me back to meet his thrusts (not that I was going to try and escape the delicious pain/pleasure he was giving me)

Once more I was whimpering, moaning and almost sobbing with therush of emotions and sensations as he took me violently, my eyes were screwed tightly shut as the images of our coupling flooded my imagination.

Then a new voice; "That's wild man, really fucking wild." Deep, throaty voice from the other adjacent cubicle " You really love cock little boy?"

I nodded vigourously and started to answer but before I could, someone answered for me.

"He certainly loves cock, he's just a little cock slave, more the merrier. Why don't you give him a try?" He never lost pace or power on his thrust as he spoke, in fact if anything he fucked harder. "Boyslut you be nice to our guest and have a taste of his nice dick, understand.? And while we're at it unlock the door in case anyone else wants to join in!"

I was too far gone to refuse and reached out and pulled the latch of the door open, now anyone could just push the door open to watch my sex show!

I faced forward and opened my eyes, swaying before me was an enormous, semi-hard , ebony cock, even bigger than the dick buggering me with such force at that moment. It had to be the bouncer guy! I was in some kind of fantasy world! With no hesitation I reached with my tongue and began to lick this black monster for all I was worth. I couln't believe it as it swelled even more under my ministrations, the thing was incredible! The taste alone was enough to make me cream into my panties.

"Hold that mouth steady pretty boy, I'm goin to fuck it!"

With that he slowly slipped the head past my lips, my jaw ached as I stretched for him, still being fucked with abandon from behind. Then he started to fuck it in and they were playing piggy-in-the-middle. I grunted with joy as I was savaged from both ends, practically suspended on a spit consisting of two huge poles of manmeat. My legs were on fire as I was forced onto my toes, my wrists were chafed and my jaw was in agony but I was delirious with pleasure. I had already shot 2 loads but they were still fucking me like the cock hungry slut I knew I was.

A cool breeze on my side told me someone had opened the door but I had neither the ability or the inclination to see who, impaled as I was on these two rods.

"Yeah, suck that black cock you bitch, take it all in, all the way. Christ! Look at that arse! Yes fuck the bitch raw!"

I could hear the words and they seemed too spur my two cock masters on to even more furious fucking. I could also hear a strange whirring noise and clicks, the flashes of light caused me to realise someone was taking photographs! This was the last straw, my mind was completely awash with lurid images of my young body being displayed so lewdly for other peoples pleasure that I almost collapsed.

At that moment my mouth was deserted and I felt the first hot blasts of cock cream spray into my face, coating my cheeks, lips and forehead in a lovely spunk glaze.

"Oh Yess! Right on the face, yeah cover him!"

I felt yet more spunk rain down on my back and shoulders and realised that there was more than one person outside the cubicle. Yet still my first master fucked into me, plunging into me fiercely, then with a shout he pulled out and exploded over my arsecheeks!

As I collapsed to the floor I saw a tall blonde man in his early 20s, wearing a suit, standing in the doorway, camera in one hand, erect cock in the other. Behind him was an evil looking guy, all black hair and biker's leathers. The cameraman started to advance, finger still clicking away on the button as cock started to spew another load all over me! As he backed out of the cubicle the biker strode in, grabbed my ankle and dragged me out into the middle of the floor. I saw that the main door to the toilets was locked and outside most of the station lights appeared to be off. The other cubicles opened, my master walked over, wiping himself clean with some paper

"Think we'll keep you tonight boyslut, maybe whore you out a little, or maybe let you get raped up at the common. What do you say fucktoy?"

"Do what you want with me, please I need more?" I was practically writhing on the floor, already desperate for more cock, as much as I could get. The bouncer laughed " Christ you really picked a goodun this time!"

"Yes I did, slut come here!" I crawled towards him, he reached down and tore the spunk filled panties from me and then used them to wipe my face clean. A bag was dropped in front of me.

"Put on the clothes in the bag fucktoy!"

In the bag I found another pair of panties, almost see through black silk, a pair of incredibly tight leather shorts which moulded to my pert arse framing the cheeks perfectly, a sort of silk slip top and a black velvet choker.

"What a little slut, he's going to get fucked sore tonight looking like that!"

"That's the idea. Let's take him into town, I've got an idea what we can do with our little cock hungry boyslut here!"

I couldn't see where we were headed as I was in the back of that van which was dark with no windows, the floor was padded as were the walls and at that moment I was on my knees in front of the biker, my head buried in his sweaty crotch as he pumped his sizeable dick roughly into my mouth. I was gobbling for all I was worth, desperate for more of his salty spunk to coat my tonsils.

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