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Bra & Panties

byEnglish Bob©

“You know, you’ll get into trouble going around like that!”

“What do you mean, trouble?”

Ray Denton looked at his wife; a smile played around his thin lips. Perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Leanne more than made up for this in the looks department. A striking brunette, her dark, sultry eyes peered back at him from under thick, luxuriant lashes that gave her whole face a hint of mystery. It was as if you could never quite work out what she was thinking which, Ray had to concede, usually wasn’t all that much. Her slim, athletic body was only partly obscured by the matching lace underwear that she habitually wore.

“I mean dressed like that – if you can call it dressed. What if someone were to call?” Ray asked.

“But it’s always so lovely and warm in the house. And besides, you’re the one that’s always saying I’ve got a nice body. Don’t you like me showing it off?”

Ray had to admit that his young wife had a point. The thrill that he got when other men leered at her, sometimes quite overtly, in the street was always priceless. He never felt any jealousy, never any anger. Ray had always felt that her beauty was there to be shared.

But Ray’s earlier thoughts played on his mind. What if there was an unexpected caller to the house? Would Leanne answer the door in her underwear? Would she welcome the stares that her flimsy attire would inevitably produce? And, more to the point, would she take things any further? These feelings continued to haunt Ray as he settled in front of the wide mahogany counter of his favourite bar later that evening.

“You’re kidding me!” John Mason said disbelievingly.

Ray looked sideways from his barstool and fixed his friend and long-term drinking partner with a solemn stare.

“No, seriously. That’s all she ever seems to wear.”

“Jeez, man. I’ve seen your wife. She’s a real looker. Sorry, but just thinking about her in her underwear is giving me a hard-on!”

“That’s okay.” Ray replied turning back to his beer and taking a sip. “I like that other men look. It’s just that….”


Ray took a deep gulp of his drink. Even though John was his closest friend he could hardly believe he was about to confess his most secret desire.

“Well…It’s just that I’d quite like to see Leanne take things…er…you know, a little bit further?”

“What, you mean with another man?” John blurted.

Ray nodded silently. All of a sudden there seemed to be an atmosphere between the two friends. Ray wondered if he had said too much and looked sheepishly at his drinking partner. John’s features seemed frozen for a moment; a blank and almost vacant expression. But slowly his face began to change. His lips curled into a wide smile and a twinkle appeared in his eyes.

“Well, if you’re looking for volunteers,” he laughed, “I’m your guy!”

Ray thought for several moments. John was a good bit younger than him. Unmarried and with quite a reputation with the opposite sex, women seemed to adore his boyish good looks. A fleeting vision of John and Leanne naked and writhing on the floor suddenly flashed into Ray’s mind and he had to shift slightly on his seat as an immediate erection formed beneath his jeans. He smiled inwardly. The idea was perfect, he thought. He looked directly into his friend’s eyes so there would be no misunderstanding.

“Come on then.” He said calmly. “Let’s do it now.”

John looked back at his buddy. “You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Never been more.” Ray stated emphatically. “Come on, drink up.”

As the two men entered the house, Leanne Denton was sitting watching TV. Her shoulder length brown hair cascaded like fine silken strands about her bare shoulders. The brown and cream lace bra held her full breasts high on her chest and the matching high-cut panties barely obscured her carefully trimmed mound. She loved to feel desirable and knew that she always succeeded in this venture.

“Is that you, Ray?” She called out from her seat.

“Who else were you expecting?” her husbands voice came back.

“Oh er…nobody really…I…just…”

“I’m only kidding with you,” Ray laughed as he and John entered the lounge. “Actually I’ve brought a friend back. You remember John?”

Leanne quickly noticed the way that John was ogling her. She was well used to the looks that she got from men while she was out but this time it merely reminded her of her state of undress.

“Perhaps I should go and put some more clothes on?” She asked her husband.

“Oh, I wouldn’t bother too much.” Ray replied. He was trying very hard to keep his voice casual sounding when in fact his heart was racing so fast he feared he might almost collapse. “I’m sure John has seen a woman in her bra and panties before! What about a drink everyone?”

As both John and Leanne nodded their agreement, Ray disappeared into the kitchen. He had absolutely no intention of fixing the drinks immediately; he just wanted to keep out of the way for a few minutes while John worked his charm.

Ray kept as quiet as possible as he peered around the kitchen door to look at his friend and his wife. John was standing next to Leanne and was laying on the charm with a shovel. Ray could see that his friend was having trouble keeping his eyes from straying between Leanne’s ample cleavage and her long, slender legs as the charisma poured out. John seemed to be doing well, Ray thought. He knew that he would – few women could resist him. Quickly Ray filled three glasses with scotch and re-entered the lounge.

“Is that right?” Leanne asked densely as her husband approached. “John say’s that it would be better for my complexion if I was to walk around naked under the house lights. Then I wouldn’t get tan-lines over my tits.”

Ray sighed deeply and looked over at his grinning friend. He could hardly believe his wife had fallen for such a ridiculous line. But he realised quickly that John had the door open for him. If he wanted to he could just walk straight through it.

“Of course.” He said. “I’m sure I read something about that recently.

“Well, if you’re sure?” Leanne replied slowly.

“Very sure!” Ray exclaimed. He was desperately trying to keep his excitement in check. “And besides, there’s only one thing better than a beautiful woman in sexy underwear and that’s a beautiful woman OUT of her sexy underwear!”

“Absolutely right!” John agreed eagerly. “Come on, Leanne. Take it all off!”

“Oh, you boys!” Leanne exclaimed as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra-strap. “You’re always thinking about me!”

Both men watched as Leanne’s full breasts swung into view. John gasped when he saw how hard her nipples already were and how her breathing made her whole chest seem to heave. Leanne saw him looking and clearly felt she had to explain.

“Sorry, John. My nipples always seem to be like this. It’s as if I’m always horny!”

“Erm….no need to apologise,” John croaked. He was shocked at how distant and hollow his voice sounded. “What about the…er...panties as well?”

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Leanne chirped happily. She slapped the palm of her hand against her forehead causing her breasts to bounce up and down. “Silly me!”

As his now naked wife stepped out of the last vestiges of her clothing and stood before both men in the centre of the room, Ray watched his friends’ reaction. John seemed to be having trouble breathing as his eyes stared directly at Leanne’s pussy. Ray smiled. This was going better than he had expected but he wanted more. He wanted to realise his earlier vision of his wife and best friend having sex.

Suddenly, Leanne seemed to have an unexpected attack of conscience. Her hands dropped to cover her nether regions, covering her private area.

“Oh no.” She squealed. “I have those tan lines over my….”

“Over your pussy?” John asked in a strangled croak.

“Yes. From where I’ve been walking around in panties, I suppose.”

Suddenly John produced a tube of lip-salve from his pocket.

“What’s that?” Leanne asked.

John and Ray exchanged a knowing grin.

“This is special stuff.” John exclaimed. “It can help get rid of those tan-lines!”

“Oh! Can I borrow some please?”

Again John looked over at Ray as if asking for his consent. Ray nodded silently.

“Better if I put it on for you. It can be tricky. Okay?”

“Um…well, I suppose that would be alright. Ray?”

Ray smiled back at his wife and nodded his agreement eagerly. This was exactly what he had hoped would happen.

“Sure, honey. Sit back in the chair and let John apply the cream. Maybe it will help.”

With an accepting smile, Leanne sat back in the chair and slowly spread her long, sexy legs. John glanced at his friend one last time to make sure that he was happy. Ray’s grin immediately told John what he wanted to know and brandishing the useless tube of lip-salve crawled over and kneeled in between Leanne’s open legs. He could feel the heat from her pussy and smell her heady scent as he began to smooth the cream around her mound.

“I think it’s working.” John said. “But we need a little moisture to help.”

This time John didn’t wait for any form of confirmation but ducked his head down between Leanne’s trembling thighs. He heard the lovely brunette squeal with delight as his tongue lapped gently around her vagina and then shudder violently as he licked directly at her clit.

“Oh, don’t stop. Please!” Leanne wailed as her back arched.

As Ray looked on happily he watched his young wife writhe in orgasm. Her back was so deeply arched her breasts thrust forward like a pair of missiles. Her toes curled up and her legs trembled as the climax washed over her lithe body in wave after wave of unadulterated pleasure.

“Oh my God! I couldn’t help it.” She cried. “Your tongue…I just had to…oh God.”

“That’s good, baby.” Ray said in short gasping breaths. “But now that John has helped you, maybe you should return the favour? You know how you like to suck cock!”

“That would be wonderful, Leanne.” John murmured as he arose from between her still shaking legs. “Would you like my cock in your mouth?”

Ray was pleased that all thoughts of tan-lines and cream now seemed to have been forgotten. His wife was as hot as she’d ever been, he guessed. Now it was time to turn up that heat.

Switching positions, Ray watched his wife smile sexily and push John back into the seat. She kneeled at his feet and began to undo the buttons of his shirt one by one. John was watching; hands at his side while Leanne worked and Ray saw him shiver slightly as the garment finally fell to the ground. Leanne’s hands quickly found his belt buckle and with trembling fingers slid the leather apart, ran down the zipper and helped John to push the pants down around his ankles.

Ray couldn’t help but look. His friends’ cock was hard and throbbing. Not huge but well proportioned and supported by a pair of tight looking balls. He saw his wife’s eyes light up and a crooked grin spread over her face as she stroked the length.

John moaned out loud as Leanne teased and caressed the hot flesh of his penis. Her fingers cupped his balls lightly. He watched the top of her head drop downwards, could feel her breath on his shaft. And then a wonderful warm feeling enveloped him.

Leanne hummed lightly as her lips closed around the thick head of John’s tool. She knew that her husband was watching and hoped that he was having as good a time as she was. She adored the taste of hard cock in her mouth and she could feel him swell and strain as she took the solid meat deeper into her mouth and began to suck.

Ray’s own pants were now around his ankles and he was masturbating slowly as he watched his sweet wife suck on another man’s cock. His breathing was laboured and he had had to stop and control himself several times over the last few minutes to stop from shooting his cum all over the carpet.

“Having a good time, honey?” He asked as he gripped his tool tightly again.

Leanne’s reply was lost in a series of muffled grunts as John held her head and pushed her down further onto his raging erection. His hands groped her breasts roughly, pinching and twisting the nipples until they were swollen and throbbing.

“You want John to fuck you now, baby?” Ray asked unnecessarily. He knew it was an obvious question – even for Leanne – but he wanted to hear her say the words.

“Yes..yes…” Leanne gasped as she let John’s prick spring out of her mouth.

“You sure?” Her husband teased.

“Yes…I want you …want you to fuck me…fuck my pussy…fuck my cunt!”

No sooner were the words out of Leanne’s mouth than John had picked her up, dropped her onto the sofa and, unceremoniously, flipped her over onto her back.

Leanne made no protest as her husband’s best friend forced her legs up on to his shoulders and roughly spread her open. She could feel her warm, moist vagina opening to accept him. She knew her husband was watching – she had seen him stroking his cock as she sucked John – but she didn’t care. She wanted to be filled. Wanted it badly. She held her breath and waited to be penetrated.

Leanne didn’t have long to wait. With a lewd grunt, John pushed the entire length of his penis deep into her hot, wet hole. Leanne’s previous orgasm had lubricated her copiously and his tool slammed in time after time with little resistance. She felt sensuously warm – almost velvet like – and John rammed himself into her with frenzied abandon.

Leanne could feel herself climbing towards yet another climax. Her hand slithered down between her legs. Touching her clit she was faintly surprised at how hard it was. The little bud quivered and throbbed as her finger stroked it. She felt her legs go weak and held her breath. Every time John slammed his cock into her brought her closer and closer. She was nearly there. Just one more and………


“I’m going to be right behind you baby!” “John grunted as he felt her warm sex fluid oozing over his rampaging weapon.

Ray was close too. His cock throbbed in his hand and he too held his breath for a second. Letting it out in one long gasp he tried to speak.

“Do it..on…her…tits…”

This idea seemed more than acceptable to John and Leanne wasn’t about to protest either. Switching position again, Leanne kneeled down on the floor while John stood over her. His erection swung menacingly above her.

“Come on Ray,” John cried as he began to massage his shaft. “You get in on the action as well. We’ll both cover her tits!”

As Ray joined his friend on Leanne’s other side, both men started jerking off frantically. Leanne’s face was pointing upwards, her dark, sensual eyes looking at each cock in turn as they started to swell and twitch.

“Yes….yes…yes…” She breathed in anticipation.

Ray was first to erupt - but only just – his good friend was only a mere second or so behind him. A cascade of thick, sticky sperm flew through the air and splashed directly onto Leanne’s heaving breasts. Her fingers rubbed the viscous fluid in as the men spurted over her. She murmuring all the time about how good semen was for her skin.

Eventually, the sexual threesome, exhausted from such frantic excess, all lay back on the carpet and basked in their post-orgasm satisfaction.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed?” John quipped as he looked over at Leanne’s naked body. He was stunned that he could already feel the beginnings of a new erection stirring.

“No way! I don’t want to get any more tan lines! I don’t think I’ll ever get dressed again. Just spend my whole life naked,” she laughed, “wouldn’t that be fun?”

Both men burst out laughing as well.

“Well, you’ll certainly see a lot more of me then!” John grinned

“And probably the rest of the drinkers at the bar as well.” Ray chipped in.

Leanne thought for a moment and then smiled. She loved the way that men thought of her as dim-witted, it made it so easy for her to manipulate them. The thought of all her husband’s friends taking turns to eat her pussy had her almost dripping again.

“Well, if it helps my skin then I suppose it will be okay!” She said demurely.

The End

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