tagRomanceBrad & 'Tanaya Ch. 08

Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 08


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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Tanaya sat cross legged on her bed waiting for Brad to come to bed, he was turning all the lights out and double checking to make sure everything was close to hand for work tomorrow.

She looked up as she heard his footsteps approaching the doorway and watched as he walked into the room.

"Not in bed yet?" Brad asked with a smile as he saw her sitting in the middle of the bed. He was feeling pretty mellow after two sessions of sex that evening; there had been the one in the kitchen after 'Tanaya's impromptu lap dance/ strip tease act then another later in the bathroom when she had joined him in the shower.

"I think it's time I had a serious talk with you," 'Tanaya said levelly.

Brad raised his eyebrows at the tone of her voice but made himself comfortable sitting back against the headboard of the bed.

"Is it about you having worked as either an exotic dancer or a stripper?" Brad asked with a half grin.

"The dance was a bit of a give away I suppose," 'Tanaya said then took a deep breath and continued, "I worked in a strip joint when I was thirteen. I stripped, pole danced, gave lap dances and I even went into one of the backrooms with guys who liked little girls."

Brad looked away for several moments; there had been no note of apology in her voice, just a flat matter of fact tone.

"Well I can't really be mad at you about it, you were little more than a kid. I suppose you had to survive somehow. But I am a bit pissed that you HAD to do it, it couldn't have been easy." Brad said slightly tense.

"It beat starving," 'Tanaya said softly as she remembered that time in her life, "and it's not as if I am going to do it while I'm with you. Except for private entertainment."

Brad glanced her way at the teasing tone of her voice. He could see the vulnerability in her face as she watched him waiting to see if he had any further reaction to what she had to say.

"I did get arrested twice when I was with Robby for prostitution but the charges were dropped both times,"

"I take it you've had all the tests done for STD's, Hep's and Aids," Brad said tightly.

"Yes back when I miscarried and then later on as routine to rule it out." 'Tanaya said quietly.

"Well I type of worked out you weren't a virgin before I slept with you the first time," Brad said flatly.

'Tanaya sat watching him waiting to see how he felt about what she had revealed.

"Well the past is in the past and it's the present that matters," Brad said finally.

"Yes it is," 'Tanaya agreed.

"Just so you know, I don't share my women with other guys." Brad said as he reached for her.

'Tanaya went into his arms eagerly; she cuddled up to his chest as he settled her against him and lifted her head eagerly when she felt his breath brush her cheek.

His lips were reassuringly familiar as he kissed her gently. She pressed her body against his as much as she could and reached down between them to stroke his semi hard cock through his track pants.

"Haven't you had enough today?" Brad asked when her hand quickly roused him for a third time.

"I can't get enough of you," 'Tanaya said as she worked her way down his chest and over his flat hard abs. She pushed his track pants low on his hips and freed his rigid cock; she gazed at it for several seconds before lowering her head and kissing the slit of his cock lightly.

Brad took a deep breath and gently pulled her away when she went to slip her lips around the head of his cock.

"As much as I agree with the thought I have to work tomorrow and then we get Nicky for several hours so I do need to get some sleep tonight because after the two times earlier I could go for a good length of time before I cum." Brad told her seriously.

'Tanaya looked away as she retreated to her side of the bed.

"Hey, just because we aren't making love doesn't I don't want to hold you." Brad said as he reached for her.

'Tanaya went into his arms eagerly and snuggled into his hard body as he folded his arms around her gently. She pressed a quick kiss to his shoulder then turned her head to rest her cheek against the spot where she had kissed. She couldn't ever remember feeling the way about someone the way she did about Brad, not even Brent who she had loved deeply. Had what she told him coloured the way he felt about her?

"Any idea's on what we can do with Nicky tomorrow evening?" Brad asked, "Maybe take him to the park so he can go on the swings or the sandpit?"

"He'd love that, notice how he likes being pushed on the swings? Nice and high no sissy stuff for the boy," 'Tanaya said with what sounded like a proud chuckle to Brad.

"Definitely not scared of heights," Brad laughed softly. He felt 'Tanaya stir in his arms as she moved to get more comfortable.

"And we can have a picnic on the back lawn. The cooked chook I got today, salad and fruit salad for Nicky." 'Tanaya volunteered.

"Brent and Matty would probably like to come over, I know Matty loves to get down on the floor and let Nicky wrestle with him." Brad said.

He nuzzled against 'Tanaya's hair and sighed softly in contentment.

"Are you going to turn out the light or are we going to sleep with it on?" 'Tanaya asked when Brad was silent for several minutes.

Brad yawned and got off the bed reluctantly, he had nearly been asleep but knew if he didn't turn the light out then 'Tanaya would get up to do it and he had been so comfortable with her in his arms.

He hurried back to bed pausing long enough to remove his track pants before slipping beneath the covers, he smiled to himself as he felt 'Tanaya cuddle up against his chest once more as he wrapped both arms around her.

* * * * *

Brad watched Nicky holding onto the lounge as he turned his head to look at 'Tanaya and giggle as she popped her head around the corner of the door playing peek-a-boo.

Matty and Brent were enjoying an after dinner beer as they sat in the lounge room watching Nicky play. Nicky stood near Matty as he watched 'Tanaya, when she disappeared again he frowned.

"'Nay! 'Nay!" Nicky demanded.

"Boo!" 'Tanaya said popping her head into the room again.

Nicky began giggling and let go of the lounge, he took several steps and then realised he wasn't holding onto anything. He sat down with a plop and began crawling towards 'Tanaya eagerly.

"Nay! Nay!" Nicky called excitedly.

"Nicky, Nicky, Nicky!" 'Tanaya called to him and moved forward to pick him up.

Nicky put his arms around her neck and pulled her close to plant a sloppy open mouthed kiss on her cheek in the same manner he did with his mother and grandmother.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," Nicky murmured fondly as 'Tanaya cuddled him close.

Nicky liked this woman who his Daddy cuddled often, not only did she smell nice she always had nice things for his Daddy to share with him.

"What are you doing Nicky?" Brad asked with a smile.

"Daddaddaddad," Nicky said slurring it into one word as he wriggled to get down. As soon as he was on the floor he crawled over to Brad and pulled himself up using Brad's track pants as hand holds.

"Wasn't Janey supposed to be back by now?" Brent asked quietly.

"She's out with the boyfriend," Brad said in explanation with a dark frown.

"Just means the longer you have Nicky," Matty said as he watched Brad lift Nicky up into his arms.

Nicky sighed and rested his head on his father's chest before rubbing his face on Brad's shirt tiredly.

Brad began patting his back gently like Janey had shown him and soon he felt Nicky relax against him and he felt heavier in his arms. Brad turned so 'Tanaya could see Nicky's face and nodded towards the child with an inquiring look.

"He's asleep," 'Tanaya said quietly, "put him in on our bed."

Brad followed 'Tanaya into her room and carefully put his son in the middle of the bed. Nicky stirred slightly and whimpered but 'Tanaya put a light blanket over him and rubbed his back gently, soon Nicky was asleep once again. Quietly they left the room tip toeing out to the lounge room.

"Well I might head home, catch you pair tomorrow." Brent said as Brad and 'Tanaya came back into the room.

"Yeah, me too." Matty said getting to his feet.

"Okay, tomorrow. We leave at six agreed?" 'Tanaya asked.

"Sure thing," both Matty and Brent said in unison.

'Tanaya listened to the two men as they walked to the front door with Brad, they were talking quietly among themselves, she sat down on the end of the lounge thankfully.

"Looks like Nicky's got you worn out," Brad said softly as he came back into the room.

"He is full on isn't he," 'Tanaya said with a smile.

Brad chuckled softly as he sat beside her and put an arm along the back of the lounge behind her, he leant close and dropped a quick kiss on her lips before leaning back against the lounge with a sigh.

"You're not to tired I hope," Brad whispered near her ear as he lent close.

'Tanaya laughed softly and turned her face up to his; he took the hint and kissed her deeply.

'Tanaya sighed against his mouth as he finally lifted his head; his eyes were dark with arousal and his breathing heavy.

"Having Nicky here has one major drawback," Brad said huskily.

"No, having to wait around not knowing exactly when the front doorbell will ring is the drawback," 'Tanaya murmured against his lips as she leant close to feather kisses across his lips and jaw.

Brad groaned as he returned her kisses, he cupped one breast through her top, rubbing his thumb back and forth over the hard nub of her nipple.

"Damn I hope Janey hurries up," Brad groaned against her throat.

"It'll be worth waiting for no matter how long she takes," 'Tanaya promised huskily. She shifted to straddle Brad's legs, kneeling on the lounge astride him.

Brad ran his hands up her back and pulled her close for a deep kiss; his tongue thrust into her mouth causing her to moan softly and press herself against him. He cupped her arse with one hand and slid the other up to the back of her neck to hold her head steady as he kissed her deeply.

When Brad eventually stopped kissing and touching her 'Tanaya slipped from his lap and took several steps away from him shakily.

"I might go make us a cup of coffee," 'Tanaya said huskily.

Brad shifted and adjusted the tightness at his groin as he watched 'Tanaya walk into the kitchen; he knew that when she returned with their coffees the drinks would be put aside and forgotten while they kissed once again. He shifted uncomfortably as he imagined exactly what he would do to her once she returned; a wicked grin curved his lips into a smile and he stretched his arms above his head.

The doorbell rang loudly startling him out of his thoughts and he got to his feet quickly.

"I'll get it," he called to 'Tanaya as he headed for the hallway.

He opened the front door to see Janey and Adam standing outside, Adam nodded and Janey sent him a slightly embarrassed look.

"Sorry about being so late but we lost track of time," Adam said calmly.

"It was no trouble, in fact Nicky not long went to sleep." Brad said matching the other man's tone.

Adam walked past him and into the house, Janey followed silently and Brad noticed her tussled hair and wrinkled skirt as she walked by.

When he reached the door to the bedroom he saw Adam picking Nicky up while Janey gathered up the diaper bag and his soft toys.

As Janey turned around Brad noticed the faint love bite on her neck and realised that Adam had obviously stopped somewhere on their way from the restaurant and had sex with Janey in the car. Not only was her hair untidy and her skirt wrinkled but also her top was buttoned up unevenly.

Adam saw him looking at Janey and caught his eye with a smirk, clearly the bastard wanted him to know that he'd had sex with Janey Brad realised.

Adam walked past him to get out the door and Brad glanced back towards Janey as she looked around the room.

"I think I got all Nicky's toys and clothes," Janey said as she licked her lips nervously.

Brad realised she had had a few drinks as he looked into her eyes. He gave a slight nod and stepped aside as she headed for the doorway.

"Guess we'll see you Wednesday," 'Tanaya said as Janey came out of the bedroom.

"Why would you expect to see me Wednesday?" Janey asked confused as she looked at 'Tanaya.

"At Ren's appeal, did you forget about it? I thought you'd have to go." 'Tanaya said quietly.

A nerve jumped beneath Janey's right eye and she turned away quickly, "Yeah, I had forgotten about it tonight." She said faintly.

Brad walked followed her to the front door and watched as she made her way to the car where Adam was closing the back door; he spoke softly to Janey and Brad heard her tense tone but not what she said.

Both Adam and Janey got into the car; clearly something was said before Adam started the car and took off abruptly spinning the wheels and spraying gravel behind them.

Brad went back inside shutting the door behind him and headed for the bedroom where he was sure 'Tanaya would be waiting.

'Tanaya was sitting on the bed in a very sexy green lace teddy when Brad walked into the room; he paused for a few seconds to take in the sight before him before turning out the light and heading for the bed.

"I hope that thing is easy to get off, I'd hate to ruin it," Brad growled huskily as he shed his clothes as he moved towards the bed.

"Oh you'll find it very easy to take off," 'Tanaya almost purred as she felt the bed dip beneath his weight as he sat down to pull his track pants off his feet.

Brad turned to stretch out on the bed and reach for 'Tanaya, he felt her roll closer to him and press close eagerly. He found her lips with his and thrust his tongue into her mouth as she suckled at it eagerly.

'Tanaya pushed against Brad's shoulders until he rolled onto his back and then she pulled away from him; swung around to face his feet and straddled him so that her hips where over his head and shoulders and she was looking down at his rigid cock.

"Want a sixty-niner do you?" Brad asked with in a husky tone before lifting his head to lick the inside of her upper thigh.

'Tanaya groaned and reached down between her legs to undo the snap fastenings of her teddy and expose her wet pussy to his lips and tongue before turning her attention back to his cock.

Brad opened the petals of her woman's mound and took a deep breath enjoying the sweet heady smell of her arousal for a second before lifting his head to lick at the moisture hidden within her folds.

'Tanaya found it hard to concentrate as she circled the head of Brad's hard cock with her tongue before trying to engulf it in her mouth; the sensations caused by his mouth and tongue on her pussy kept distracting her.

She felt his lips close over her clit as he sucked it strongly, she gasped and tried to hold her hips still as his tongue thrust into her passage.

'Tanaya lifted her head and pulled away from Brad to turn around and straddle him, her hips above the hard shaft that jutted up from his groin. She leant down and kissed him on the mouth; her body rubbing against his erotically as she sighed and moved in imitation of the ancient rhythm of sex.

She felt his hands skim up her back to her shoulder blades before tracing down over her spine lightly. A groan worked its way up from deep within her as she ground her hips against his; she felt him sliding within her wet folds and moved to catch more of the feeling.

His hands clasped the tops of her hips and she allowed him to lift her slightly so that the head of his cock brushed against her entrance. She shuddered as pleasure washed through her from the teasing contact and moved her hips impatiently.

"Do it now!" 'Tanaya demanded huskily and nipped his earlobe with her teeth.

"Not just yet, wait a little longer," Brad groaned worried he'd hurt her.

'Tanaya took matters into her own hands as she impaled herself on his rigid cock; she gasped as he slid deeply into her body and she held still for a few seconds.

"You'll be the death of me yet woman!" Brad gasped as he forced himself to hold still. The tight walls of her passage gripped his cock making the blood rush to his head and pound in his ears.

'Tanaya began to move slowly; grinding her hips in circles against his. She smiled as she heard Brad gasp and tense beneath her as he held still letting her set the pace. She leant forward and was rewarded when Brad reached up to cup her breasts, she leant further forward until she could kiss him and traced the outline of his lips lightly for several seconds before kissing him hard.

Brad groaned against her lips and began to move slowly, he felt 'Tanaya moan softly against his mouth and then she was moving with him in a slow steady rhythm. He could feel her pussy trying to pull him deeper with each downward stroke; her inner muscles gripping him tightly as she moved.

'Tanaya felt the familiar tightening building in her lower stomach and switched to grinding her hips against his once again to try to prolong her pleasure but Brad's hands gripped her hips and kept her moving in long slow thrusts.

'Tanaya pulled away from his kiss and sat up straighter and began to bounce up and down faster; she heard Brad grunt softly beneath her as he matched her pace and then she felt the slight swelling of his cock that signalled he was close to cumming as well.

Brad gasped her hips tighter as their rhythm sped up, he was tempted to roll her beneath him and pound into her but 'Tanaya seemed happy to be on top this time. He felt the tightening in his scrotum coil tighter and fuller then it flowed up his cock in a tingling flood. He gasped and pulled her hips down against him hard; dimly he heard 'Tanaya cry out as her pussy seemed to tighten around him in waves, milking his cock.

'Tanaya collapsed against Brad's chest panting softly; she could hear his heart racing in his chest and it seemed to keep time with her own. She lay where she had fallen for several minutes before Brad eased them apart and laid her beside him on the bed. He carefully pulled a sheet up over them and cradled her against him as he closed his eyes.

"I swear, it keeps getting better each time," 'Tanaya whispered softly.

Brad made a soft sound of agreement in his throat as he rolled towards her and gathered her closer.

'Tanaya heard when his breathing changed to the steady rhythm of sleep and turned away so her back was to him; he gathered her close even in his sleep and she smiled as she closed her eyes and waited for sleep.

* * * * *

Brad looked around the inside of the building that was attached to the visiting area of the prison; it was odd to be entering it from the visitors door and he felt uncomfortable as he nodded to one of the guards he knew.

"Surprised to see you here again Stanton, I would have thought you would come here even to visit." Jeffery's said with a smirk.

Brad gave him a dry smile and then headed out into the area where 'Tanaya, Brent and Matty had disappeared ahead of him.

Brad paused on the top step as he looked around the visiting area; the others were standing in a group over by one of the picnic tables and as they moved Brad saw Ren shaking Brent's hand. He saw 'Tanaya say something and nod in his direction and then Ren turned towards him.

'Tanaya gave Ren a quick hug as he stopped in front of her.

'It's good to see youse," Ren said as he shook hands with Matty and then Brent.

"There's someone else here to see you," 'Tanaya said with a nod towards the visitors building.

Ren turned towards the building curiously; he was surprised to see Brad standing on the top step watching him guardedly.

Was this what their friendship had come to, them acting more like mere acquaintances instead of best friends? Their friendship destroyed by a stroke of fate?

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