tagRomanceBrad & 'Tanaya Ch. 09

Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 09


Brad stood dumb struck for a few moments staring at the sheets of paper on the table, he recognised them as copies of police arrest and charge sheets. He realised with a sinking feeling that either Adam or Janey's brother had been digging in 'Tanaya's past; apparently somewhere back in her teenage years according to the age stated on one of the sheets.


He had seen no evidence of drugs or drug use in the time he had known 'Tanaya, hadn't even heard any whispers of drugs all the times he had heard about her before actually meeting her.

"Janey sit down and let's talk about this," Brad said trying to control the anger that was growing in him.

Janey glanced from him to 'Tanaya and took a step backwards as if she expected him to try to physically force her to do as he said.

"She is never to be near Nicky! Never!" Janey exploded forcefully.

"Janey..." Brad tried to control his anger as he tried to reason with her, he recognised that someone was clearly trying to make trouble between them.

"I WILL NOT HAVE THAT DRUG-DEALING WHORE NEAR MY SON!" Janey yelled with growing agitation.

" 'Tanaya isn't the problem here..." Brad began angrily.

"I am not having someone like HER near my child! And if you're going to be letting her near Nicky then..." Janey was nearly hysterical as she all but screamed at him.

"Stop right there!" Brad roared breaking into Janey's ranting; he turned his head towards 'Tanaya, " 'Tanaya, could you..."

"I won't let you have that...that...THAT SKANK NEAR MY SON!" Janey yelled close to hysterics.

"That is it!" Brad said tightly, "Get the hell out of this house! You will not come into 'Tanaya's home and start calling her names like that!" Brad ordered hotly.

Janey took several steps backwards at his tone, fear flashing across her face. She was trembling as she shook her head.

"I will do whatever necessary to protect my son from people like her!" Janey said defiantly despite her fear.

"GET THE HELL OUT NOW!" Brad yelled outraged as he took a step towards her one arm raised as he pointed towards the front door.

Janey took one look at Brad then turned and ran towards the front door; all the way she expected to hear him behind her but there was no sound of pursuit as she reached her brother's car where James was standing at the driver's door with a worried look on his face.

"Get me out of here!" Janey said as she got into the passenger seat and promptly dissolved into tears.

Inside the house Brad walked around the table to squat in front of 'Tanaya who was crying uncontrollably.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" He asked gently.

'Tanaya shook her head wildly and tried to pull her hands away from Brad as he took her hands in his but he refused to let go.

"I thought it was all locked away, in my past, over and done with! It's not supposed to be able to come back and haunt me like this!" 'Tanaya sobbed as she jumped to her feet finally pulling her hands free from his hold. She left the kitchen and hurried to her room leaving Brad to stare after her for a few moments before glancing at the papers on the table once more.

He hesitated only a moment before following after her and stopping in the doorway of the bedroom they had been sharing to stare at the scene before him.

'Tanaya was pulling his clothing out of her dresser and throwing them on the bed in an untidy mess as she cried, wiping her tears with the back of her hands now and then.

"What are you doing?" Brad asked with a sinking feeling.

"We're finished! Over! I won't cost you your son!" 'Tanaya managed then broke down crying so hard she was unable to pull anymore of his clothes from her dresser.

Brad felt a hard lump form in his chest as his heart felt like it stopped; the pain spread until it felt like it engulfed his chest and stomach.

"No 'Tanaya! No!" Brad begged, "Don't you see? It's not about you! It's not even about me! That bastard Adam want's Janey to himself! He want's her past gone!"

Brad tried to pull 'Tanaya into his arms but she refused to let him as she let herself fall into a heap by the side of the bed.

"I won't cost you your son!" She sobbed.

"If it's not over you it'll be over something else he stirs Janey up about! I can only hope either Janey wises up or sometime in the future Nicky wants to have something to do with me! But if I loose you I loose MY future, don't do that to me Darling. I love you, I don't think I could stand to loose you." Brad said desperately.

"How do you know I'm not what she claims?" 'Tanaya demanded tearfully.

"Your not a bad person, I just know it." Brad told her gently as he lowered himself to sit beside her and brushed her fringe back off her face.

"You can't be sure! You hardly know me! You don't know everything from my past!" She protested. " I was nearly sixteen when I was arrested for possession of drugs, they were Robby's but he made me carry them because he already had drug convictions and I was just a minor so I'D get off a lot lighter than him. They weren't my drugs and I never used drugs."

Brad closed his eyes as he tried to think what he could say to her to convince her that he knew that whatever was in her past was exactly that, in her past.

"I love you and I believe you." was all he could think to say.

'Tanaya was still in the bedroom while Brad had returned to the kitchen when Brent, Matty and Ren returned to the house nearly a quarter of an hour later.

The folder was still sitting on the kitchen table but with the papers tucked away inside of it unread; Brad didn't want to read it, he trusted 'Tanaya to be able to tell him what it was inside the folder.

"I'm going to put on some music, liven up the place." Matty announced oblivious to the strained atmosphere in the kitchen.

While he was in the lounge room at the stereo 'Tanaya came out of the bedroom to the kitchen door. Brent was the first one to notice her and was quick to spot the tear stained cheeks and red eyes.

"Something wrong 'Tanaya'?" Brent asked softly as he walked over to her.

'Tanaya shook her head silently but more tears started and Brent wrapped his arms around her as she buried her face in his shirtfront.

"What did you do to her?" Brent demanded accusingly as he glared at Brad.

"It's not Brad's fault," 'Tanaya sniffed as she managed to halt her tears when she felt Brent tense.

"We had a visit from a very upset Janey, seems someone has been feeding Janey a heap of stuff she has taken the wrong way and she now thinks 'Tanaya shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Nicky." Brad said quietly.

"Fucking stupid idiot!" Brent swore tightly and released 'Tanaya when she pushed away from him.

"I refuse to let her use me to stop letting Brad see Nicky so I've broken up with him." 'Tanaya said faintly.

"And I keep telling you you're not the cause, only a handy excuse Adam or her brother Robbie has used to get to her. There will be another excuse some where down the line if you must insist on this silly idea of breaking up with me and we loose what we have for no reason." Brad insisted.

"I won't be responsible for you not being able to see your son." 'Tanaya said tightly.

"So you're going to drive me crazy instead?" Brad demanded angrily.

"Hey, calm down now!" Ren said stepping in between the two of them, "We are supposed to be celebrating tonight. If you two are arguing then who ever gave that folder to Janey is getting what they want, for both of you to be miserable. And just a thought, if that folder contains police records then I believe it is illegal for anyone not a police officer to be shown them."

'Tanaya looked at Ren as the information got through to her, she walked over to the table and picked the folder up to quickly skim through the contents.

"There's stuff in here that I was told would be sealed in my juvenile record and not looked at as it would have no bearing on an adult conviction." 'Tanaya said as she glanced towards Ren startled.

"So who-ever gave that to Janey not only made it so she wouldn't let Brad see Nicky, not only broke you pair up but also invaded your privacy and made public some stuff I'm sure you believed was in the past and over and done with." Brent said flatly.

"You didn't piss anyone off did you?" Ren asked curiously.

'Tanaya and Brad glanced at each other as both of them remembered 'Tanaya mentioning Ren's appeal to Janey on Friday night. Was this what all this was about?

"Janey couldn't have had that information to long, she would have freaked out as soon as she read it. That's why she wasn't at the appeal today! She was too busy freaking out over this to remember the court was today!" Brad exclaimed and glanced towards Ren.

"And I told her about the appeal Friday night." 'Tanaya said aloud.

"Was lover-boy there?" Ren asked dryly.

"He was out at the car at the time but I don't doubt she had something to say to him because she didn't seem to know about the appeal but covered it up by saying she had forgotten about it." Brad said quietly with a quick glance at 'Tanaya.

"Just like Janey is always on edge here when he's with her but okay by herself or with James." Brent said with a shake of his head.

"What are you going to do about what's happened?" Matty asked worriedly.

"Well my son is getting christened on Sunday and I aim to be there, don't know about anyone else." Brad said tightly.

"You could ask Graeme Walsh what the law is on your records getting handed out like that," Ren said to 'Tanaya, " it borders on harassment in my books."

'Tanaya glanced towards Brad only to find him watching her; she looked away hurriedly. Had she thrown away the best thing to happen to her in a long time for nothing?

* * * * *

Brad sat back in the recliner and looked at his can of beer moodily; Brent and Matty had headed off to their flat leaving him, 'Tanaya and Ren in the lounge room but 'Tanaya had been quick to head off to her bedroom shutting the door with a pointed glare when he had tried to follow her to talk things over with her.

"You're pretty serious about 'Tanaya hey?" Ren asked quietly breaking into his thoughts.

Brad gave a slight start before nodding and glancing towards the door of her bedroom. "Yeah, I can see myself settling down with her. Not moving around, staying in the one place."

"So what's my Godson like? He a good kid?" Ren asked suddenly.

Brad smiled as he thought of Nicky. He was like a bright ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

"Nicky is full on. Lively, bright, he can say quite a few words. Even strings some words together to make sentences." Brad said proudly.

"So is he as ugly as you?" Ren asked in good-natured teasing.

"What do you mean ugly?" Brad asked with a laugh, " I'll have you know he's one good-looking boy. Got my facial features but eyes the same colour as Janey and definitely Janey's smile."

"He must be cute then," Ren allowed with a grin.

"I hope you're inferring you fancy Janey, not me." Brad said with a chuckle.

"No way, you're butt ugly!" Ren laughed, "I don't know how you managed to hook up with 'Tanaya."

"I got lucky." Brad said soberly.

"Yeah, that you did. She's one decent woman that one." Ren acknowledged.

"I got to find a way to fix this mess between us," Brad said tightly.

Just the thought of what was going on between them pained him greatly; he didn't want to contemplate how things would be for him if 'Tanaya persisted with her belief that breaking up with him would get him back to seeing Nicky. They both were realistic enough to know that Janey wouldn't bring Nicky here to the house with 'Tanaya about.

"Might be smart to give it a few days and see how things pan out," Ren advised.

"I don't know if I can, each moment there's trouble between us is killing me." Brad said hoarsely.

"And you're so mad about what's happened you want to punch someone in the face or kick their arse but you know it won't help matters any." Ren said quietly.

"Exactly!" Brad said bitterly.

"I think we both got the same problem Brad," Ren said after a few minutes silence.

"Yeah?" Brad asked sceptically.

"Lover-boy," Ren said with a narrow-eyed glance.

"Don't I know it." Brad said bitterly and glanced at Ren with a worried frown, "Don't tell me you're going to do something stupid like try to go see Janey."

"No, but I am going to the Christening Sunday." Ren said with a grin.

Brad smiled as he thought about how Janey would react, she probably wouldn't be able to stay away from Ren and if that was the case she would see the truth about 'Tanaya for herself.

"I guess I'd better let you get some sleep. Lucky bum that you are you have work in the morning." Ren said as he got to his feet.

"Yeah, 'night." Brad said faintly, he didn't relish being left alone with his thoughts.

"Catch you tomorrow." Ren acknowledged as he headed for the spare room.

* * * * *

'Tanaya watched Brad as he sat on the bottom step to the back yard; he had been quiet and withdrawn all the previous evening and now he was spending the morning staring out at the back yard instead of enjoying himself.

"You got your clothes ready for the christening tomorrow or would you like me to iron something for you?" 'Tanaya asked quietly.

"I've got everything ready but if you want to sit with me for a while I'd appreciate the company." Brad said softly.

'Tanaya moved down to stand beside him for a few seconds before sitting down; her foot was nearly healed now but was still tender.

Brad reached out and caught hold of one of her hands; she attempted to pull it from his grasp but he refused to let go.

"Don't make it any harder than it is all ready." 'Tanaya whispered softly.

"Don't make it any harder? It's damned impossible for me as it is!" Brad said angrily before getting to his feet and heading inside the house.

'Tanaya sighed unhappily and blinked back tears as she looked around the back yard; it seemed impossibly empty without Nicky playing there. How would her house seem as soon as Brad found another place to live?

The image of rooms empty of human company plagued her mind until she got to her feet and headed inside.

She found Brad in the kitchen making himself a cup of coffee; she sat down at the table and folded her hands in her lap to hide their shaking.

"I don't know how much longer I can take this situation between us," 'Tanaya said faintly.

"You want me to move out." Brad stated abruptly without turning to face her.

"That wouldn't change the fact that I actually hurt physically believe it or not," 'Tanaya said miserably.

"We don't have to break up! You're only being used as an excuse you're not the cause!" Brad protested as he turned to face her.

"I wish I could believe that," 'Tanaya said as tears welled in her eyes.

"Why is it you place so little value on yourself? You're the one who has done so much for Brent, Matty, Ren and myself and yet you're ready to abandon us all at the first sign of trouble?" Brad demanded angrily.

"I won't do anything that will cost you your son!" 'Tanaya said and then let out a harsh sob, "I know what it feels like to loose a child!"

"You're not going to cost me my son but you will cost me my sanity!" Brad said angrily as he stalked over to the table and hauled her to her feet angrily. He hesitated a moment before lowering his head to kiss her roughly and angrily.

'Tanaya froze for an instant then she was kissing him back, meeting each angry thrust of his tongue with one of her own until his anger abated leaving only desire in it's place.

When Brad finally raised his head he looked around the kitchen for a second before lifting her into his arms and heading for the bedroom hurriedly. He put her on the middle of the bed and stretched out beside her quickly before she could protest. He kissed her again, lowering one hand to cup a breast through her blouse.

'Tanaya reached up behind Brad's head and held him close as she kissed him back fiercely, she threaded her finger through his hair and arched close when he moved over her to thrust a thigh between hers.

Brad thrust his hips against the cradle of 'Tanaya's thighs, the layers of material between them annoying in his state of desperation. He groaned softly as he trailed his lips over her cheek and then worked his way down the side of her neck to her collarbone. He slid his hand down from her breast over her ribs and across to her hip to pull her more fully against him.

'Tanaya moaned as Brad moved rubbing the ridge of his arousal against the softness between her thighs; she gasped as his lips found a nipple and she arched back thrusting her breast towards his mouth.

"We got to many clothes on!" Brad muttered as he sat up and began to remove his clothes hurriedly.

'Tanaya sat up as well and quickly removed her clothes; she lay back down and watched as Brad turned back towards her and stretched out beside her once again.

Their separation had honed both their desires so that they explored each other's bodies hungrily, seeking out each sensitive area and giving it special attention.

'Tanaya groaned softly as Brad's lips grazed her navel and then moved ever lower until he reached the slickly wet folds between her thighs. The first touch of his tongue and lips left her gasping for breath even as he continued his assault.

Brad felt the hard bud that was her clit like a pebble in his mouth and he suckled as he probed her passage with one finger. She was slick with her own juices and his finger slid in easily as he began pumping his hand back and forth.

'Tanaya moaned and began moving her hips against his mouth and hands, she was unable to stop herself moving as pleasure built quickly beneath his touch.

Brad raised his head as 'Tanaya's moans escalated and the feel of her inner muscles warned him she was close to climax.

"Get on your knees I want to do it doggy style," Brad commanded huskily.

'Tanaya blinked at him dazedly for a second or two before rolling over onto her stomach and getting onto her hands and knees; she turned her head to peer back over her shoulder at Brad with a sexy pout but his gaze was fixed firmly on the globes of her well toned butt.

"Damn but you've got a hot arse!" Brad said almost reverently as he reached out to stroke the soft curves.

'Tanaya moaned softly at the contact and leant forward to rest her head on the mattress, positioning her legs apart so that Brad was sure to get a clear view of her wet pink slit from behind.

"Damn," Brad muttered again as he traced the curve of one side of her arse down to the top of her thigh before sliding his fingers across towards the shinning moisture that was on the inside of her thighs and higher still.

Brad watched as his fingers slid between her moist folds and into the gently gapping passage he found there; he felt 'Tanaya jerk and then push back against his hand as he began pumping his fingers in and out of her hole.

Unable to bear watching his fingers disappearing and then reappearing he turned his gaze to forwards to find her watching him over her shoulder. He saw the tip of her tongue appear and sweep across her bottom lip before disappearing once again.

Brad took hold of his rock hard cock and guided it to the moist slit between the soft round curves; slowly he pushed against her entrance and felt the wet flesh part giving way before the purple head of his cock.

"Oh shit!" 'Tanaya gasped as she felt herself being stretched to accommodate his large cock. The different position from usual allowed his cock to rub against places usually not stimulated and she groaned into the mattress with suppressed pleasure as he began to slowly pump into her; getting a little deeper with each successive stroke.

Brad leant forward over her crouched form; he reached beneath her body to fondle her breasts even as he continued to thrust into her strongly. He released one breast to run his hand down over her stomach and find her folds with his fingertips.

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