tagMind ControlBrad, The Hypnotist Ch. 03

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 03


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Two days and my whole life has changed. What started as a normal April school vacation for my wife Amy and I has turned into a nightmare. A nightmare for me, anyway. In the past two days, I have done more harm to our relationship than I could ever dream possible. I was never aware of any sexual problems between us, nor any dissatisfaction from Amy so how could I watch as she accepted a black man’s cock into her mouth? A cock that I helped put there? A cock that I helped climax?

Now, I was poised to let him have my precious daughter, Sue. As far as I knew, Sue was a virgin. Oh, I know she has had boyfriends but she has always seemed so responsible that I’m sure she is pure, pure sexually at least. I assumed she has kissed boys. maybe even let them clumsily touch her breasts but that would be it. My daughter would never let a boy do anything else but just yesterday I said it was okay if Brad, this black man, could hypnotized her. This is the same man that hypnotized me and my wife and he somehow got my wife to be fixated on his cock and me accepting if not encouraging it.

I knew that if he did the same thing to Sue that she would also become obsessed with him. I was frightened, scared out of my mind but my cock was as hard as a rock. What kind of a father was I?

Sunday was finally here and Amy busied herself around the house, getting it ready as if some noble guest were arriving. She hummed as she cleaned with the energy of a much younger woman and it evident that she was anticipating this evening’s activities. Did my wife realize what this black man, Brad really wanted? How could she agree to such a thing? How could I?

As it got closer to evening, Amy showered. She actually called me into the bathroom and asked me to towel her dry. I was rock hard is seconds as she stepped out of the tub and stood before me naked. Handing me the towel, she briefly kissed me and said that I should pat her dry so as to keep her skin silky smooth for Brad. I started at her shoulders and very gently touched the warm towel to her skin. Amy moaned as I moved about her body and it was only when I cupped her beautiful breast to dry that she said something.

“I love it when Brad sucks my tits, honey.”

I slowly lowered my head so as to taste her pert nipple when she stopped me and said, “Not now, honey, they’re all nice and clean so let’s save them for Brad.”

That felt like a knife through my heart. My wife saving herself for another man but I obeyed and continued to dry her.

Amy raised one foot and placed it on the side of the tub. This allowed me access to her thigh which I promptly dried.

I was mesmerized as I moved the towel to her pussy and applied pressure. She was so beautiful and I wanted her so very much but Amy broke my concentration when she said, “I can’t believe how wet I am just thinking about Brad.”

She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to my feet. Amy pressed her lips to mine and kissed me passionately.

“Honey, Brad’s going to ask you for my pussy, will you let him have it?”

I had fully expected some day to have a young man ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage but I never imagined that some black man would ever ask to use my wife’s pussy.

Amy kissed me again then leaned back and in a pouty, sexy voice asked, “Please, Dave, can Brad use my pussy?”

“Is that what you want, baby?”

“Yes, I want his big, black cock inside me....”

Then she kissed me.

“Fucking me.....”

Kiss, kiss.

“I want you to help him put his cock in me...”

Another kiss.

“Please, baby...”

A long, tongue touching kiss followed and I looked into my wife’s eyes and only saw passion. A passion that made me jealous, a passion that would eventually shatter my world.

“Please” she begged as she rubbed her breasts against me.


“I wish,” she added, “but tonight he wants to test Sue.”

I started to say, “Are you sure that you want him.... ”

But Amy cut me off and said, “He just wants to see her plus he won’t let me...”

“Let you what?” I demanded.

“He said he would never let me suck his cock again if I didn’t agree,” and she went to her room.

Here’s where I am. My wife just asked me to let a black man fuck her and she just admitted that she was giving this man our daughter so she could continue sucking his cock. My muddled, confused brain should have protested vehemently but the after effects of hypnosis and my own hard dick made my decision for me. I went to prepare the meal for this evening.

Sue still wasn’t home and I was wishing that for some reason she would stay over a friends house. I was nearly finished with the meal when the bell rang. I went to answer and sure enough, there stood Brad, grinning at me like I was a fool.

“I don’t want to have to ring the bell again, Dave. You got my keys?”

I fished in my pocket and gave this black giant four sets of my house keys as he had demanded.

“Good man. You never know when the urge will come for a good blow job. By the way, where is your beautiful cock sucking wife?’

Amy had just entered the room and heard Brad’s comment.

“Now Brad, be kind,” she said.

“When are you going to tell this idiot?”

“Tell me what?”

“Brad, not now,” begged Amy.

“Now or I leave. He’s got to know now,” demanded Brad.

I looked from Amy to Brad and back. Amy went to Brad’s side, put one arm around his waist and the other hand on the bulge in the front of his pants and just looked at me as if I were a stranger.

Brad’s arm went over her sweatshirt covered shoulder and draped down so that he captured her breast in his big hand.

“I’m sorry,” whispered Amy and looked up at Brad as she rubbed his growing erection.

“Look Dave,” Brad started, “You and Amy came to my show and well let me say that I had never met Amy before but when I saw her I just knew that I had to have her.”

“As part of the act, I hypnotized the both of you, at least I tried. I couldn’t hypnotize Amy, some people you just can’t put under and Amy’s one of those people. It worked somewhat with you but I could tell it wasn’t a strong trance and that you were open to suggestions only. Amy was kind enough to play along and let people think she was under my control.”

“This can’t be true,” I thought as Brad stopped to kiss my wife.

“Anyway,” Brad continued, “during the act I kept whispering to this beautiful creature about what I’d like to do to her. I started slowly, though. First I asked if her hypnotized husband would mind if I gave his beautiful wife a kiss. When she said she didn’t know, I tried for more and the more receptive I found her. She’s a hot little lady, Dave, certainly got my cock’s attention.”

Amy gave Brad’s cock a squeeze through his pants and said “you’re so kind.”

“I had to finish up the act so I asked Amy if we could see just how far you would let us go and I was shocked that she agreed. She called the theater the next day and left her address and well Dave the rest is history.”

“Amy.... why?” was all I could say.

“I don’t know why. I’ve never cheated, never even considered it but that night was full of sexual tension for me and I just decided to go with it. For the first time in my life, I took a chance. Now all I can think about is Brad’s cock. I love you dearly, Dave but I need his cock.”

Amy had Brad’s zipper down, his cock out as she pumped him. I could see a small drop of liquid on the end of his cock as she fisted him.

“What about Sue?” I asked.

“You know I love Sue more than anything. It will be okay. Brad said that he will not force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. He seems to think that the women in your live are all black cock lovers. I know I am. Besides, if I don’t let him try then Brad won’t let me have his cock.”

“No, Amy. Please don’t do this. How could you?”

“How could I?” she responded angrily.

“How could you?”

“You’re the one who gave me to Brad. You put his hands on me. You put my hand on his cock. You put his cock in my mouth. You even helped me make him cum in my mouth.”

She suddenly stopped her tirade and bent at the waist. She licked the head of his black cock and cleaned it of the small sample of cum.

“You almost agreed to let him fuck me. I wanted his cock inside me yesterday but Brad resisted, urging me to get your permission. This morning you never answered me but I know you will help put his big, black cock inside me. Won’t you?”

Thankfully, at that moment, Sue drove her car into the driveway.

Dreadfully, Sue came home and I had to face new problems.

Brad tucked away his huge organ before Sue came into the house but I was sure that she would notice the obvious bulge in his pants.

Amy and Brad had disengaged and Amy hugged her daughter.

“Sue, this is Brad. Brad is our guest for this evening and he’s actually a celebrity. He has his own show down town. He’s a hypnotist and puts on quite a act.”

Sue, always very respectful replied, “I could have used you a few minutes ago when my very stubborn boyfriend....”

She didn’t finish but extended her hand to shake Brads.

Brad’s hand devoured Sue’s and he eyed her as she stood before him. She wore a simple sweatshirt with a zippered front and a short skirt that showed her slim, well defined legs. She had that air of youth and the naivete of a young woman.

We adjourned to the dining room where I served dinner. Brad, Amy and Sue were quite content to converse among themselves, completely ignoring me. Dinner finished, I cleaned the table as Sue suggested that they retire to the other room where it was more comfortable to sit.

I could hear their banter and laughs as I finished my duties. Upon entering the room, I noticed that Sue sat between Amy and Brad, so I sat opposite them.

Brad sat on Sue’s right and was turned so that he faced her. Amy mirrored Brad on the other side as she also was turned towards her daughter.

“So, you really want to try?” asked my wife.

I knew what she was talking about but didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

“Sure, it will be fun, giggled Sue.

If only she knew.

Brad went into his routine, and at this moment I really hated him. I knew what he wanted to do but felt powerless. I just knew my Sue would resist.

“You are getting sleepy... Your eyes are getting heavy.,” he babbled and I knew it wasn’t working.

My daughter must be tired of this bull shit because she closed her eyes for a moment. Well it was longer than a moment and Brad leaned way over her and kissed my wife.

“Sue, can you hear me?” he asked.

She nodded in the affirmative.

“When you awake, you will feel refreshed. You will be relaxed and totally honest and not be afraid of the truth. I will ask you some questions and you will not hesitate to answer, okay?”

Sue nodded in the affirmative.

Brad counted down to one and snapped his fingers.

Sue’s eyes popped open.

“How do you feel, Sue?”

“Great, just great,” she answered.

Brad asked a few preliminary question, you know like, what did you have to eat? Did you go out with your boyfriend?” What was his name? etc, etc, etc.

Finally, Brad got bolder.

“Did Bob kiss you tonight?”

Bob’s her boyfriend and Sue replied that they had gone to the kid’s favorite parking spot.

“Once we were there, Bob kissed me.”

“Did you kiss him back?”

“Yes, I like Bob very much,” Sue said with confidence.

Brad pressed on, “did he try to touch you?”



“My chest,” Sue answered quickly.

“You mean, your breasts, Sue, Bob tried to touch your breasts.”

“Yes, he touched my breasts.”

“Did you let him?”

“Bob likes to feel my breasts, so I let him.”

“Sue, we know Bob likes it, do you. Do you like it when he touches your tits?”

It was noticeable that Sue’s breathing was getting heavier and she said, “It’s nice, yes, I like it.”

“Say you like it when he touches your tits.”

“I like having his hands on my tits,” said Sue in a soft voice.

Brad turned a little more towards my daughter, reached out with his right hand and placed it on her breast, her left breast, my daughter’s left breast.

“Like this, Sue, did he touch you like this?”

He slowly massaged her tit as Sue squirmed a little and nodded yes.

“Has anyone else ever touched your tits, Sue?”

“Yes. I was at a party and probably had a little too much to drink when some boy, I don’t even know who he was, started to feel me as we danced.”

“Did you try to stop him,” inquired Brad in a slow, soft voice as he continued to knead Sues, chest.

“No,” admitted Sue.

“Anyone else?”

“A teacher.”

Both Amy and I sat up straight when we heard this.

“A teacher at the same school where your mother teaches?”

“Yes,” confessed Sue.

“You let him?”

“My math grade sucked and I asked Mr. Davis what I could do to get a higher grade and he just grabbed me. I like him. He touched me for about three minutes and I left. My grade went up two letters but I’m not proud of myself.”

“Back to tonight, Sue. Did Bob try to pull down this zipper?”


Brad’s fingers went to the zipper on the front of her sweatshirt and tugged it slowly down.

“You let Bob open this,” asked Brad as he opened the material.

Sue nodded.

With the zipper completely open, Brad motioned to Amy and they each grabbed a sleeve and pulled the sweatshirt off. She sat their naked above the waist except her bra.

Brad let out a soft whistle and said “Very nice, Sue, I can understand why Bob likes them. “

“Maybe your mom will help you off with that bra.”

Amy leaned towards her daughter and reached for the clasp in the front of her bra. Using two hands she unsnapped the bra and slid it off her body. Brad, Amy and I looked at my daughter. Her breasts were magnificent. Pear shaped, seeming to rise up and point in opposite directions and topped by two of the puffiest nipples I had ever seen. I hate to admit it but I got an instant erection gawking at my daughter’s naked tits.

Brad looked at Amy and said, “put my hand on her tit.”

Amy quickly grabbed his hand and placed it on her daughter’s nakedness, rubbing his hand as it rubbed Sue’s flesh.

“Your tits are very much like your mothers, big, firm, enough to make any man want them. Have you seen your mother’s tits?”

Sue shook her head no and looked at her mom.

“Go ahead, Amy, show her. Sue wants to see what her tits will look like at your age.”

Amy quickly tossed off her own sweatshirt and sat naked from the waist up. Her proud breasts bursting proudly from her chest, defying age and boasting pointed, erect nipples.

“See Sue, your mom has very nice tits. I don’t want her to wear a bra encase I’m in the mood to suck them. You like?”

Sue stared at her mothers breasts and nodded.

“Tell her, Sue.”

“I like your tits mom. I hope mine look as good at your age.”

Brad looks at me and asks, “did you nurse?”

Amy softly said “yes.”

“When you were a baby, Sue, you use to suck your mother’s tit. Right now I’d like to suck your sweet tit, okay?”

Sue just whispered a barely audible, “okay.”

Brad looked Amy and she understood what to do next.

Amy turned her daughter so that she was sitting on the couch but facing Brad. She could push back and lean on her mom’s right shoulder. Amy pulled her daughter’s long hair back so that it was behind her and then reached around with her left hand and placed it under Sue’s ample breast. She raised it as if an offering to Brad. Amy kissed her daughter’s cheek as she squeezed her tit so that the nipple was accessible to Brad’s mouth.

He leaned over and with an open mouth let his thick tongue make wet swirls around the high school girl’s womanly tit. Brad soon sucked the flesh into his mouth as mom caressed and kneaded her tit. Brad moved his head slightly and captured Amy’s tits, sucking it for a while before going back to Sue’s tit.

Brad knew he had more to explore so he sat up and asked Sue if she liked that.

Sue readily said, “yes” and then turned her head and kissed her mother full on the lips.

“Why did you do that, Sue?” inquired Brad.

Sue stared at her mother and in a hoarse, shallow voice said, “I don’t know. I just felt good, really, really good.”

Brad went back to interviewing my near naked daughter and I just sat there as his hand went to her bare thigh. During the movements of the past few minutes, Sue’s skirt was bunched around her tiny waist. Her powder blue panties were visible as she sat there and she was not the least bit concerned that her legs were spread wide.

Brad’s hand was on the inside of her bare thigh and Sue leaned back into her mother. They both watched Brad’s dark hand as it massaged her and Amy was still fondling Sue’s breast.

“Has your boyfriend ever touched you here, Sue?”

She nodded yes and Brad’s fingers went higher.

“Here, baby?”

Again she nodded yes.

“Spread your legs a little more, Sue.” Brad’s voice was demanding yet gentle, kind of intoxicating, difficult to resist.

Sue spread her legs slightly and even more when her mother’s hand went to the other thigh and softly pulled her leg away from the other, exposing her panty clad pussy to this black man.

When Sue clutched her mother’s hand I thought she was finally resisting but she returned the hand to her breast, holding it there as she kissed her mother.

Now Brad’s fingers were on her mound, tracing the outline of her pussy when Sue acted without any cues and raised her hips. With Brad on one side, Amy on the other and they slowly eased down her panties, exposing my daughter’s hairless pussy.

“”Very nice, Sue. Do you shave your pussy?”

Sue nodded yes as she bit her bottom lip as Brad’s finger slide into her pussy.


“I don’t know,” said Sue as she slouched down more and thus gave Brad more access.

“Yes you do. Does it feel nice up against your pretty panties?”

“UUmm,” groaned Sue in obvious agreement.

“You like to think about forgetting your panties and accidentally showing you teachers your pussy, don’t you Sue?”

Another groan as Brad’s finger worked its way in and out.

“You dream that all the boys can see you pretty pussy, right Sue?”

“Oh, yes,” moaned Sue.

“But you’re too shy to act out those fantasies, aren’t you, baby?”

“Yes,” Sue groaned in a barely audible whisper.

“Do you like the way Brad makes your pretty pussy feel?

When Sue didn’t answer, Brad pulled his finger out of her and put his hand motionless on her thigh.

Sue’s eyes popped open and she frantically grabbed his hand and brought it back between her legs, back to her pussy.

Brad complied by sliding a finger inside her and again asked if she liked it.

“I love it,” said Sue as she lifted her hips to meet the probing finger.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Sue shook her head no.

Brad’s questioning stopped as he looked at me and winked. It was more of a ‘what are you going to do about it’ wink and I knew I had lost both my wife and my daughter.

Hid finger never stopped moving in and out of my daughter when he resumed his questioning.

“Have you ever seen your boyfriend’s cock?”


“Have you ever touched it?”


“Is it big?”

“Yes, really big,” replied Sue almost gloating.

“Do you want to see my cock?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Sue stuttered.

Brad stood and moved a small step closer to Amy.

“Your sweet daughter wants to see my black cock, Amy, why don’t you show her.”

Amy finally released Sue’s tit and she immediately set about the task of unbuckling his belt, sliding down his pants so that he could kick them off. He stood before them in his boxer briefs and Amy turned to Sue and smiled as she lowered his briefs. Brad’s cock exploded out of his shorts. It was so hard and so long that It sprang out and up and slapped against his stomach before bobbing slower and slower until it stood out magnificently, pointing directly at Amy.

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