tagMind ControlBrad, The Hypnotist Ch. 06

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 06


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Amy had me help her clean the house in preparation for her special day. She was nonstop and the tight t-shirt that she wore was plastered with perspiration, so much so that her nipples were clearly visible as they poked at the saturated material. I couldn’t help but watch, the sway of her breasts, the firmness of her legs that were exposed due to the fact that she was wearing rather short, shorts, her incredible overall sexiness and the fact that I wanted her, wanted her more than any time of my life, and I wanted her for myself. I guess I was staring too much because Amy stopped and looked directly into my eyes. She moved a hand between her legs and a finger snaked up inside the material of her shorts and it was obvious that she was fingering herself.

She exhaled deeply and without regret or remorse she purred, “Just think, honey, tomorrow Brad’s cock will be inside my pussy, fucking me.”

Suddenly her eyes popped opened and she quickly stripped off her shorts and panties.

“Dave, get over here, now,” she demanded.

I rushed to her side and let her guide my hand to her bald pussy. It was like we were first married again. I was lost in my wife’s nakedness, although she was never completely shaved before. I forgot all about Brad, all about what tomorrow would bring and only focused on my wife’s pussy, the pussy she was giving me to enjoy.

My wonderful thoughts came to a screeching halt when Amy asked, “Is my pussy okay? Will Brad like it? Do I need to shave again?”

My heart sank as I muttered, “you’re beautiful, baby, absolutely beautiful,” and my fingers played with her precious pussy.

“Make sure I’m completely smooth for him, please Dave.”

I knew what she meant and I brought my mouth to her mound. I let my tongue glide over the tender lips, letting my tongue slide out and taste her, slowly exploring her lips with my lips.

“Well?” questioned Amy.

“I’m not sure yet,” I replied as best I could without breaking the contact of mouth and pussy.

Moments later I heard Amy giggle and she brought her hand to the back of my head, holding it there against her when she said, “Poor Dave. I forgot how much you like to lick me.”

She pushed her hips against me and I covered her slit and let the essence of her pussy flow into my awaiting mouth.

I don’t know how long I spent kneeling between my wife’s legs, tasting her pussy but the shrill ring of the phone brought me back to reality. Luckily for me, Amy was close and I continued to lap the slick skin as she spoke. I figured that it was probably Brad and I didn’t want to stop what I was doing but Amy tugged my head back gently and said, “My dear pussy licking husband, your daughter needs you.”

I knew that my face was slick from her but I meekly spoke into the phone, “hello?”

Sue’s voice came in a rush, a rapid almost hysterical rush and I could barely understand what she was saying.

“Slow down, Sue, I can’t understand you.”

Sue was sobbing and I was only able to interpret a few words, “Bob.. argument.. ride home... he doesn’t love me.. pick me up... please..”

I turned to Amy and asked, “Who’s Bob?”

“Her boyfriend, silly”

“What happened to Ted?”

Amy smirked at me all the while she brazenly fingered her unfulfilled pussy and said, “Tom, not Ted, Tom was her last boyfriend. Bob’s her new boyfriend, You remember the varsity football quarterback, high school hero, the boy all the girls want.”

I shrugged, not being able to keep up with the current social events but I asked Sue what she wanted me to do.

“I want to come home now,” she cried, “please pick me up, daddy.”

“Okay, Sue, I’ll get there as quick as I can,” I promised her and quickly jotted down the directions.

I made myself presentable and hated to leave as I continued to stare at my beautiful wife as she spread her legs wide and plunged three fingers into her sloppy pussy. I knew I had to get my daughter but wondered if I would be the first man to return to my house and find such a sexy surprise.

I put the keys in the ignition, started the car and drove. Bob lived a few towns away and I wasn’t sure of the directions. Aware that I might get lost, wondering if my wife might have a visitor, troubled at the actions of my daughter earlier in the day and now the fact that my gas tank was perilously low caused me to become anxious. I continued to follow the somewhat confusing directions and guessed that I was close and therefore could wait until after I picked up Sue to find a gas station.

Finally, I found the correct street. I continued slowly and scanned the house address numbers when I saw what looked like a common streetwalker. The young lady was dressed in a really short, plaid, pleated skirt and thigh high’s. I think that’s what they are called. Black nylon type stocking that ended just above the knee. The contrast of her white thighs showing between her skirt and the blackness of her stockings made her look seductive. I must have been concentrating of her legs and didn’t realize that the young lady was my daughter, standing on the street, waiting for me.

I stopped and she scampered around the car, opened the door and plopped silently on the passenger’s seat.

I turned to look at her. She sat there, slumped in the seat and still hadn’t said a word. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her chest, her knees pressed together and her feet spread wide. I noticed that her hair was somewhat mussed up but to be honest I don’t know if that was the style or not. Her head was down and she looked like the typical, pouting teenager.

It wasn’t until I noticed the mascara laden tear that slowly made its way down her cheek that I realized how upset she was.

“What’s the matter, baby.” I said in my most fatherly voice.

Sue responded by shaking her head side to side and slouching further down in the seat. She sat there, sniffling and I did the first thing that came to mind. I placed my hand under the chin of her down turned head and lifted her head so that she was at least looking at me.

“Come on, Sue, you know that you can talk to me.”

The smallest of smiles greeted me and she unwrapped her arms that were hugging herself and reached for a tissue so that she could wipe her nose.

Finished, she dropped her arms by her side and I noticed that her blouse was opened. I tried to determine if it was ripped open. If it was then I would have a serious talk with Bob but I could see a button. They were all there but they were undone, all except the bottom one and the sides of my daughter’s lush breasts were visible.

Looking down at her, I could see this incredibly sexy girl, woman really, the skin between her breasts peeking out from the gaping blouse, as well as a fair amount of her firm legs exposed by the little pleated skirt that had now ridden up nearly around her waist.

I took her hand gently and said in a soft voice, “do you want to tell me what the problem is, Sue?”

She sniffled a few times but I finally her a weak voice say “Bob and I had an argument.”

“All couples have disagreements, honey.”

“He called me a slut.”

“What? Why?” I couldn’t understand why a boyfriend would do that until I heard her answer.

“I told him about this afternoon,” sobbed Sue

It was like amnesia had set into my brain, “what happened this afternoon?”

“I told him that I sucked that black boy’s cock,” explained Sue and she looked up at me for the first time.

“You told him that?”

She nodded in the affirmative.

“What did he say?”

The words seemed to come in gasping bursts, “he said that no respectable white girl would suck a.. a.. a.. black boy. He said that no girlfriend of his would let a black boy touch her. He was really mad, daddy.”

“I can understand why, Sue.”

“You can?”

Sue seemed to be thinking and unconsciously she slipped her hand inside her blouse and I could see that see was holding her breast, her fingers tweaking her nipples.”

“But daddy, you let mommy suck Brad’s cock and tomorrow he’s going to fuck her.”

“But Sue...”

I really didn’t know what I was going to say but Sue interrupted me anyway.”

“That’s all I want, Daddy. I can’t understand why Bob won’t let me suck black cock, it’s not like I’m cheating on him. I love Bob and I told him that.”

“But Honey, men get jealous..”

“You don’t ,” she shot back. “I explained to him that I would never let another boy have my pussy, that my pussy was his and only his but I needed to suck...” and she started crying.

I put my arm around my daughter to comfort her but wondered how in less than a week she had gone from a very sophisticated young lady, honor student, cheerleader who wouldn’t dare say an a bad word to this girl who couldn’t understand why her boyfriend wouldn’t let her suck black men.

Sue’s cheek was against my chest when she said, “I told him about tomorrow, daddy.”

“You what?”

“I told Bob that mom was going to fuck Brad and I told him how it was okay with you and how you were going to film it and how other people would be there and I invited him to come over and watch.”

I knew that this should bother me but my mind couldn’t figure out why and all I said was, “Is he coming?”

“He didn’t say, but I’ll call him later tonight after he calms down.”

Sue’s pulled her head up as I put both hands on the wheel. I looked at Sue one last time before pulling away from the curb and saw that although she was looking up, she was still slumped in the seat, still fondling her own breast and still sobbing.

I must have gotten lost in my thoughts as I did on the streets and decided to pull into a gas station. I needed gas and directions. As I stopped at the pump, I looked over at you. Your head still down again, your skirt still high up and the blouse was still tucked in but was open in a wide Vee from your belly button up. It’s a wonder your breasts just didn’t pop out.

I waited and finally the gas station door opened and a man approached the car. He was black, not surprising considering the turn of events in the last week. He was tall, I’d say about 6 foot 5 and old, maybe in his mid sixties. I knew that I should have just bolted but I was lost in thought.

“Whatz ya flava?” the old man said.

“Fill ‘er up, regular,” I replied.

“Yes ‘em” he said and placed the gas nozzle in its spot. He moved around to my side and began washing the window and it

was then that he noticed Sue. He quickly moved to her side. Who wouldn’t? A beautiful white girl obviously inattentive to what her clothing revealed was enough to get anyone’s attention.

It was then that Sue’s eyes popped opened and she blinked a few times trying to focus. She was greeted with the glaring image of a black man, showing his pearly whites as he cleaned and cleaned your window.

Immediately, her breathing quickened and she continued to massage her breast but she did so in such a manner that the material of her blouse was pushed aside and one of her breasts was bared for this old man.

Sue started to move her knees back and forth as she stared at the man. He looked down and I’m sure that he could see her panties, at least when her legs were opened. The hand inside her blouse moved faster and faster both of us could see that she were pulling at her nipple.

Sue stared directly at the man as she played with her womanly tits and her legs finally were motionless as she held her knees wide apart. My beautiful, young daughter was allowing this old, black man to drink in her nakedness and it seemed to excite her.

Something, deep in the recesses of my brain told me that it was okay.

The man came to her side, bent down so that his hands were on her door, stuck his head in the widow and said “Whatz a matta, little girl?”

She turned her head to look at him but said nothing.

He directed his next question to me but kept staring at my daughter’s chest, “Wife? girlfriend?”

“Daughter,” I explained and it was the first time that he actually looked at me.

“She be a handful?” he questioned and continued to stare.

I heard the gas nozzle shut off but we both watched Sue.

“Sometimes, deez young girls need special attention, ya know whats I mean?”

“I do know, but she needs something I don’t have.” I replied.

The old man laughed.

“Needs me ta check unda the hood, ma’am” as he stared directly at her hand held tit.

Something that I could never explain, something that I never would consider doing, at least a week ago, I did. I leaned over towards my sexually aroused daughter and grasped the side of her blouse and pulled it towards me. Both her breasts was bared for this man, nipples at attention and she sat there naked from the waist up

“Thank ya sir, Willie, do a good job of checkn” and with that he covered an entire breast with his black hand. Sue arched her back and offered him her chest as he moved from breast to breast, pulling at the nipples, squeezing one tit roughly, then the other.

Sue turned towards me and mouthed “thank you” as she squirmed under this old, black mans pawing.

Willie’s large black hand cupped Sue’s breast and he swirled his thumb over the nipple and Sue groaned.

“Nuttin wrong her, sir, she be one fine look’n white girl.”

He continued to paw at her tits and added, “tits must drive the boys crazy.”

“How ‘bout da engine, sir, see if we can get it to purr?”

He grinned at me and Sue looked at me land whispered, “please.”

I reached over again and tugged at the skirt. It quickly went higher on her waist because Sue had lifted her hips to aid me.

She lifted her hips again and I slipped off her skimpy panties. Once removed she spread her knees wide apart offered her tender, white cunt to this old, black stranger.

“That be one fine look’n engin, ma’am” and he placed his hand on her knee.

His hand moved up and down her smooth, firm thighs and said, “She be runnin a bit warm, sir”

Three sets of eyes watched as he moved up her thigh and touched her pussy.

Willie wasted no time and covered her pussy with his hand.

“Engin nice and primed, sir” he said as he let his long middle finger move inside.

Sue pushed up against him and he continued to move his finger in and out with her help. All of us could hear the squishing noise

as he finger fucked her precious hole.

“She be opened up good, mista, but I figger she been hasn’t used recently.”

He pulled out his finger, now sloppy from her juices and held it to her lips. Sue lurched forward greedily and sucked his digit clean.

Willie laughed and added, “that be a problem wit dez newa models, sir, day don’t git used enough. Diz fine pussy needs constant attention.

Willie again dipped his middle finger into her hungry pussy and held up his glistening finger and proclaimed, “I think she be bout a quart low, sir, she could use some of Willie’s special fluid.”

You turned and looked at me hungrily and I nodded. Willie grinned at my permission and opened Sue’s door. He moved inside the open door as Sue stared at his obvious arousal.

He moved closer and said “This be self service ma’am”

He stood and presented the front of his dirty work pants to her.

Her dainty fingers went to the belt and opened it, She quickly slid down the zipper and unbuttoned the button. Sue grabbed both sides of Willie’s work pants and tugged them down around his knees. His huge cock plopped out smacking Sue on the top of your head.

My daughter turned one last time to me, winked and quickly went back to this old man’s cock that burst out from his loins, bearing so much weight that gravity pulled down the head towards her mouth.

Sue wasted no time and lapped at the little drop of seminal fluid that had leaked from him. She cradled his balls with her right hand and stroked him tenderly with the left as she kissed and licked at this ebony treat.

Before long the head of his huge cock was in her mouth and he pumped his hips as he fucked her pretty face.

She had turned her head in the car so that her mouth was more accessible to his cock. Occasionally Sue pulled back and his cock, slippery from her mouth would hang in front of her face. Sue would hold up his mammoth cock and lick it’s entire length. My pretty daughter had her face buried in his groin and she lathed each of his bloated balls with her tongue.

Moving back, she licked all around the fat head of his cock. Nothing

else in the world mattered to her as her mouth helped him reach a powerful climax. Stream after stream of thick cum spewed from his cock. Sue tried to swallow but it was too much. It leaked around her mouth but she captured the overflow with open hands.

Sensing that Willie was done, Sue reluctantly pulled back for some air but he wasn’t finished. A thick stream shot from his cock and spattered her face. It started at her lips and cut a swath up her face

and into her hair. He grabbed his massive log and pumped one more thick rope of cum to explode onto her breasts.

He was finally spent but Sue wanted more. She lapped at the cum on her hands, much like a hungry kitten savoring the last drops of milk in a dish and then she hungrily scooped as much as you could from her breasts into her mouth and then returned his big, black, cockhead to her mouth for a thorough tongue cleaning.

Exhausted, Sue collapsed back into the seat and Willie hoisted his hefty manhood into his pants.

Willie stepped back and closed the door while my daughter sat there totally exposed. His head suddenly appeared in her open window and his hand made its way to her pussy. Sue kept her legs spread apart as his black finger again entered her pussy. After a while he pulled it out and held it up to show both of us how wet it was.

“I think she’s about full, now. Duz ya feel any betta?”

Sue smiled as she nodded her head in agreement.

“Mind ya manners and thank Willie, properly” he scolded Sue.

Sue moved towards the old man and pressed her lips to his. She kissed him hungrily and then leaned back against the seat.

“Thank you, sir,” she said and then slowly licked her lips.

He head was still int the window and said “Ya’ll come back when the little lady needs ‘nother fillup. You be proud of her, ya hear. She be one fine cock sucker.”

He walked around to the drivers side, looked at the pump and said, “That’ll be twenty.”

I started to turn around and look at the pump, knowing full well that my car never takes that much gas but Willie quickly explained.

“Ten for the gas, ten for the little lady’s fluid.”

I gave him a twenty and thanked him.

We drove home, and I thankfully noted that there were no strange cars in front of the house. I was also thankful that no one was around to notice my daughter entering the house with her breasts visible because of her opened blouse.

I entered the house and again was reminded how much my life had changed in the one short week. Amy, my precious Amy was standing in the kitchen, naked and not the least bit ashamed that she was still fingering herself.

Sue giggled when she saw her mom and said,”thinking about tomorrow?”

Amy answered with a soft moan and then noticed that her daughter’s blouse was open.

“What happened to you?”

When Sue started to relate all the details of the evening, Amy pushed me down and grabbed my hair and roughly moved my face to her pussy. I licked my wife’s pussy as she listened to Sue and I was hoping that Sue would leave nothing out. This would be the last evening that Amy’s pussy would be truly mine and I wanted to savor every delicious moment.

I didn’t hear what Sue said to Amy, I didn’t worry about a man coming to fuck my wife tomorrow, I wasn’t concerned that Sue had swallowed the cum of two strange, black men in one day, It seemed normal for my wife to be fingering Sue’s darling pussy as she listened to her story. At that moment, all I cared about was Amy’s cunt, I’d worry about tomorrow, later.

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